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  1. I think the #1 thing rich people REALLY DON'T GET
  2. Another mole.
  3. Wee Willie Pitt sleeps with the fishes!!!!
  4. Man oh man . . . . . positions are really hardened.
  5. Boycott Leinenkugel beer
  6. They are celebrating at the "Site that must not be named" today
  7. DUmmie preaches stupidity for street cred
  8. $kimmer : A quick word about expectations
  9. Barack Obama has finally seen the light but is it too late?
  10. ROONIE James Dio dead at 67
  11. 7-Year-Old Girl Killed in Detroit Police Raid
  12. Sorry for the dumb question (oil spill)
  13. DUmp 2nd Quarter Fundraiser - $kimmer is offering prizes now
  14. Example of why residents of the du lost their position on illegal immigration
  15. Spooked911 tackles chemtr... contrails.
  16. Raytheon caused 9/11 by burning opium?
  17. DUmmies fight about a word.
  18. Did you know carter was right?
  19. Nationalize ALL BP stations, property and refineries until they clean up the mess
  20. The BP Oil Spill disaster is NOT a 30 minute sitcom, and Government ain't our Fairy G
  21. DUmmies cheer for police killing 67 year old woman
  22. Gingersnap should LOVE this one!
  23. Nine-time deportee arrested for rape near Seattle
  24. There's a lurker in our midst
  25. The DUmp never dissapoints.
  26. Selfish moonbat is selfish
  27. The Black Teabagger -- he EXISTS!
  28. DUmmies and the BP Oil Blowout
  29. Healthcare paying dividends for my mother.
  30. BREAKING!! President Obama just admitted Peak Oil on national TV
  31. What are your suggestions for a better USA?
  32. Is the Republican party a weird cult?
  33. What is your average monthly residential KWH usage?
  34. DU off to another fractious holiday morning?
  35. my life has entered a whole new level of fucked up.
  36. DUmmies arguing about restricting 1st Amendment
  37. Placing the Blame as Students Are Buried in Debt
  38. I was looking at the History of Us on the History Channel...
  39. Something is seriously wrong in our society
  40. I'll bet Gawd is just tickled shitless about the BP disaster.
  41. censorship on DU
  42. cheney....Leaving No Tracks
  43. It's time for liberals, moderates and libertarians to agree: Crush social conservatis
  44. DUmmies begin another military bashfest.
  45. DUmmies piss on dead Veterans.
  46. Election 2000: was it a coup d'etat?
  47. Hello, I'm a Progressive Peace Activist
  48. Michelle Bachmann: "Why didn't Obama comandeer the coast guard boats?"
  49. A Silent Thread...
  50. Boycotting BP is for posers. Boycott gasoline.
  51. Protesters chain themselves at Santa Ana federal building to protest Arizona law
  52. former president george w. bu$h* admits to war crimes
  53. I could care less if all oil drilling ends.
  54. I am barely able to contain my rage when I watch that upside down, struggling pelican
  55. I am angry.
  56. DUmmies argue about Israel, spread lies.
  57. I would like to remind folks where many of our problems originated
  58. BREAKING: U.S. added 430,000 jobs in May; unemployment rate dips to 9.7%
  59. Empire State of Mind
  60. Progressive talk radio: third time's the charm?
  61. I will never listen to Elton again. I have admired him since 1970, and he is dead to
  62. Oil hits the beach at Gulf Shores, AL. My eyewitness report:
  63. DUmmies complain about Helen Thomas' resignation
  64. Poll question: Who are you angrier at? Elton John or Helen Thomas?
  65. Medical experiments part of CIA torture
  66. Standing Up for Helen Thomas - By Robert Parry
  67. I can`t hold this back any longer
  68. Did Sarah Palin Buy Herself a Couple of Luxury Items?
  69. I Come to Praise Helen Thomas, Not to Bury Her-by: William Rivers Pitt
  70. Are we sliding into a new Dark Ages?
  71. Moderator! Moderator?
  72. Who else is sick of the missing-white-girl stories already?
  73. Pretty much everything that is fucked up in the country is rooted in Republicanism.
  74. I hate my life. (guess who it is.....)
  75. I was watching Men in Black tonight and there was a clip of the Twin Towers...
  76. I am SO sad...cannot any longer "read"
  77. Let Me Tell You About Myself
  78. Obama pleads for $50 billion in state, local aid
  79. DUmmie on the radio???
  80. One of the most truly frightening photographs I have seen in my life
  81. Protesters swarm Arco station in S.F.
  82. Are you generally happy about things?
  83. Poll: Half say Dems 'too liberal'
  84. Rep Etheridge Flips Out on Video, Shoulda Kept Walking
  85. Obama pronounces Gulf seafood safe to eat
  86. Dick Cheney's Role in All of This
  87. The single entity most responsible for destabilizing the Earth’s climate
  88. Nader says reinstate Helen Thomas
  89. Jumping the shark: "Obama failed to act like a chief executive tonight"
  90. Why has the media so Politicized this Disaster, but didn't opt to Politicize 9/11?
  91. Helen Thomas to DU--thank you for the support!!
  92. Did I miss something? What is up with all the crap about Obama being "worst"?
  93. Gates, Buffett to megarich: Give 50% of your wealth away
  94. Obama Was Created by Our Failure to Impeach Bush
  95. More Progressive Radio Voices silenced
  96. AnArmyVeteran is sooooo trying to be funny..
  97. More drama from UP
  98. Scientist: Human race to be extinct within 100 years
  99. Please bear witness to this thread where Sir Magistrate defends Hugo Chavez
  100. My Exit from DU in protest:
  101. Do you think intelligence agencies monitor DU?
  102. Is there a conservative discussion board that allows liberals to freely join?
  103. DU's very important. However, there is something far more important.
  104. I like Obama
  105. 1.56 million homeless people in America
  106. $kimmer lays down some rule changes for the DUmmies
  107. You guys do realize the right accusing Obama of a shakedown is a racial dog whistle
  108. A vast majority of the chronically homeless are mentally ill
  109. So this lady I work with comes up to me...
  110. Will Pitt was banned for sending people death threats.
  111. "You Owe Everything You Are Today to the Democrats"
  112. I'd like to thank General Stanley McChrystal....He UNITED DU!!!!
  113. Your Republican Nightmare
  114. Yeah, That's What I Thought Skinner.....
  115. 2 weeks ago I gave up driving and donated my car to charity
  116. American Psychosis. What happens to a society that cannot distinguish
  117. It is even more depressing when an intelligent Pres. delivers pure propaganda
  118. very scary pictures
  119. Justices uphold releasing names of those signing statewide petitions
  120. Where the f*** is the media??????/How is it that Republicans still run the country?
  121. As a long term living in my moms basement hippie......
  122. So I Let A CEO Have It at The Store Tonight...
  123. But...but...but I thought obama was going to pull jobs out of his ass.
  124. When the hell will we take the damned FILIBUSTER away from the GOP!!!??
  125. Vegetarianism: I'm frequently disappointed by the attitude of so many DUers
  126. McCrystal Scandal Shows Us the Military No Longer Protects America - It Guards Empire
  127. My daughter's t-shirt at basketball camp.
  128. how you plan to help elected Dems and beat RePUKES this year
  129. Making good on my word: "I will post this every time Mr. Cheney gets sick"
  130. "the last cheerleader for a dying empire" BuzzFlash.com
  131. To add on to Swamp Rat's car discussion, what about us that CAN'T drive?
  132. 15,000 Progressive Activists in Detroit: Why No Media or Respect?
  133. My daughter was just offered a job
  134. 50,000,000 people are on food stamps. 1 in 5 families can't afford food.
  135. Longtime Sen. Byrd in hospital, seriously ill
  136. 42% of Americans consider themselves conservative, only 20% say they're liberal (Gall
  137. Sometimes you just have to look those stinkers straight in the eye..
  138. Robert Byrd joined the Ku Klux Klan at age 24
  139. Paul Krugman makes it official. We're in a depression
  140. Calls to ban brothels in Australia's 'Bible belt'
  141. petrochemical chicken nuggets & not lovin' it.
  142. How's this for an idea? Mandatory, universal $10.00 parking fee
  143. Skinner and admins, I don’t think your rule clarifications deal with the core problem
  144. This is WONDERFUL; Carter's Accomplishments as stated by a die-hard liberal
  145. Face it, folks...we lost in 2000 because our candidate was too conservative!
  146. This Is Worse Than Guantanamo"
  147. I was banned for life from the Miami Metrorail for taking photos
  148. Headlines from An Alternate Universe
  149. aliens DO live on this planet--they are called repukes
  150. Does Smart Equal Liberal?
  151. Salon: Gallagher's journey from a comedy hack to a hate-filled...
  152. The Flag Flying Teabagger on The Overpass Today..
  153. July 4th celebration on the 3rd?
  154. One Plastic Grocery Bag For One Dog Poop
  155. Obama announces $2 billion for solar power
  156. Did you know that you can be arrested for DUI, even if the Breathalyzer comes up .000
  157. Facism in the good ole US of A
  158. Excuse me for not feeling patriotic
  159. It must be comforting to the unemployed/homeless people
  160. This July 4th can we start a revolution
  161. Why I Celebrate the 4th of July
  162. 174 Passengers, Crew Rescued From Sinking Tour Boat in Boston Harbor
  163. Just joined the ACLU........$20 will do it
  164. Why I hate the Fourth of July.
  165. How much do you love the USA?
  166. Rough Roads for Dems In Middle Terms
  167. You know what? You DO have the money to move out of this country.
  168. The Full Fury of the New Feudal War, The Intended End State
  169. 'Put Away the Flags-We Need To Assert Allegiance To Human Race
  170. I went to the beach today to attend a wedding.
  171. "Yup, I'm a racist" t-shirts sold in Lexington, KY
  172. internet trails
  173. The poor are still spending ALL their money, the rich are still hoarding theirs
  174. Bored and unsupervised, five highly paid electricians scam SF
  175. DUmmies discuss MOH, compair Wallstreet to Taliban.
  176. The Dittohead at the party
  177. Speaking broadly and generally, are you pro or anti unions?
  178. The Limbaugh creature
  179. Slap Down at The Supermarket....Session Two
  180. Minor rant on police traffic stop
  181. Will the left be blamed if the Democrats lose seats?
  182. Is capitalism working?
  183. WOOT!! More UGP!!!
  184. Venezuelans oppose Chávez attempt to nationalize private food company
  185. East Haven Cop Shoots Dog In Front Of Children
  186. I could find it easy to support rioters if they destroyed the right things....
  187. Most states still use Republican-made electronic voting
  188. I'm adjusting to my new identity as a Radical Alternative Dem
  189. Waltzing at the Doomsday Ball - Capitalism is Dead, But We Still Dance With the Corps
  190. President Obama is in a pickle.
  191. Anger in Costa Rica over deal to ‘invite’ 46 US warships
  192. DUmmies bitch about "Fair".
  193. ThomWV pisses on the NG.
  194. Good Discussion On DU
  195. My car with the Obama sticker was repo'd.
  196. I found my wife sitting on the floor in the shower crying last night.
  197. Fellow Techies: Time to pull up stakes and leave this place for Canada
  198. DUmmie makes a whale out of oil.
  199. I Ate a Hippie
  200. Fox News analyst Andrew Napolitano says Bush and Cheney ‘should have been indicted.’
  201. There basically isn't a middle class here...It's like going into a Third World...
  202. On a scale of 1 (hell on earth) to 10 (these are the good old days),
  203. Breaking - Holder about to announce new Federal Charges
  204. Here's is what the teabaggers are doing. Sr citizens killing themselves.
  205. Here are my predictions
  206. On Cheney and "grave dancing" (warning: graphic)
  207. Last night, I learned first-hand how spineless and pathetic this country has become
  208. My Political Poem: Banal
  209. Holy Hell, I LOVE DU!
  210. What, we're not allowed to produce our own food now without getting raided?
  211. Is it just me, or is racism now becoming somewhat socially acceptable?
  212. How dumb do you have to be to vote for a Republican?
  213. Judge rules Stolen Valor Act unconstitutional
  214. What can one do when they owe more on the house than it's worth?
  215. My GAWD, I absolutely HATE Michigan republifucktards
  216. Why do Limbaugh, Beck and Palin want live in America?
  217. Biden doesn't see tea party as a racist group
  218. The oil spill is capped, the world didn't end
  219. •••• Democrats don't have the GUTS to make a LEFT WING tea party or express LEFT WING
  220. DUmmies ok with Genocide.
  221. So Glenn Beck's going blind, Rush went deaf, and Cheney's heart quit....
  222. A message for Helen Thomas.
  223. Andrew Breitbart appreciation thread...
  224. So, is Glen Beck now in charge of personnel at the White House?
  225. my kids are leaving the country in January, hopefully for good....
  226. So posts objecting to the use of dispersants are now moved to the 9/11 Forum?????
  227. Can I get a simple debunking of this "Climategate" nonsense?
  228. Is the Republican Party our ethical and possibly mortal enemy?
  229. So what exactly are these left wing smears when they say "both sides do it"?
  230. Pitt returns!!! Sorta...
  231. Cancer rate in Fallujah worse than Hiroshima
  232. DUmmies turn on Obama.
  233. It is up to me.
  234. Restore the Estate Tax!
  235. Let's give President Obama a super-majority in the Senate this November.
  236. Khmer Rouge prison chief gets 35 years for war crimes (first verdict for the U.N.-bac
  237. This is soo dumb but unfortunately DU does not let people speak
  238. What's with Elton: plays AZ concert, slams boycotting musicians
  239. I have this feeling of impending doom. Anyone else have that, too?
  240. It's getting to be about time to say this: You're either with us or you're against us
  241. Is anyone here reluctant to speak out in their area?
  242. Well, they found thirty three fucking billion for the president's war
  243. DU is anti-fur. Well.. anti-FURRY anyway (Furry PWNage)
  244. How would it affect our economy if all the 'guest workers' were sent home?
  245. Next time someone tells you there is a liberal media
  246. Yeah. DU is like that at times. This is a thread for someone special here
  247. why don't I come here more often?This is great!
  248. The party that produced the Neocons that attacked the U.S. on 9/11
  249. Assange: "National security is not my concern"
  250. Helen (Thomas), I'd like you to meet Howard (Dean): a dream lunch with two DU heroes