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  1. The Heroism of PFC Bradley Manning
  2. If you think that you live in the "Land of the Free" - you need to pull your head out
  3. Blarch likes the idea of killing homeless folks...
  4. I am ( a poem with a message)
  5. Satanicus(Blarch) waxes poetic about Obama
  6. DUmmies beat Satanicus(Blarch) like a red headed step child
  7. Satanicus(Blarch) gets on his knees and opens his mouth for Obama
  8. Satanicus(Blarch) tells bouncies as well.
  9. Fox moves to front row
  10. After 378 years, N.H. family farm goes up for sale
  11. Hurricane watchers get ready
  12. My 12-year-old daughter summed it up nicely.
  13. I've been thinking of leaving the DU...
  14. 'Dangerous Heat' Spreads Across Central U.S.
  15. Obama dissent????
  16. Well, the coup d’etat is over, and they won. (Chris Hedges)
  17. a quick way to shut down any moran who wants to undo the 14th Amendment:
  18. Caroline Giuliani ARRESTED: Rudy Giuliani's Daughter Caught Shoplifting
  19. Kerry Introduces Bill to Fight Viral Hepatitis
  20. •••CLIMATE CRISIS IS HERE - Gulf leak, crop fail in Russia, N. hemisphere, rocketing
  21. Huge March on Washington planned for October 2, 2010 demanding jobs and Ponies...
  22. The Helen Thomas Haters never stop, do they?
  23. NYT: What collapsing empire looks like...
  24. They will keep doing this and doing this and doing this and doing
  25. Japan has my sincere apology for dropping the bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima...
  26. Milwaukee blog poster nails Republicans
  27. A Muslim victim of 9/11: 'Build your mosque somewhere else'
  28. Homeless dying on streets, don't want help
  29. Newsweek: Have American Workers Had Enough? Employees are tired and disillusioned...
  30. Fidel Castro will be delivering an important speech today
  31. Pitt's Back!!!
  32. Are E.T's Protecting Earth from 2012 Doomsday Prediction?
  33. Yes, I'm not a scientist, and I'm not an environmental expert
  34. Pssssssssstttttttttt - has anyone told Rush that 89, 134 people
  35. US agency rules out health threat from oil dispersants
  36. DUmmies celebrate murdered doctors
  37. We're in a Recession Because the Rich Are Raking in an Absurd Portion of the Wealth
  38. The Ministry of Oil Defense
  39. Tired of voting for the bitches of white men?
  40. Scalia unhurt after he tripped outside restaurant
  41. I'm getting very afraid. Afraid for our Country.
  42. I have finally washed my hands off Obama.
  43. Wow... The Greatest Page Is A Veritable Gibbs-A-Palooza !!!
  44. in describing his comments as "unartful," Gibbs continues to own them....
  45. DUmmies slobber Michael Moore's knob.
  46. DU being sued by Righthaven for copyright infringement
  47. I support the WTC Mosque
  48. What is your situation?
  49. How DUmmies start their day...
  50. Expert Gulf conservationist admits he and others overreacted to Gulf oil spill..
  51. Gibbs, I am begging you to STFU
  52. "We are up against an empire which will not go quietly. They never do...
  53. Reverend Al: Dr. Laura's n word rant was "despicable," but using it 50 times in a rap
  54. I Want Corporations Out of My Business!
  55. Well Done DU!!!
  56. 40 Religious Leaders Denounce Sarah Palin and Fox’s Hate Speech
  57. Dear Mediamotherfuckers . . . . . .
  58. A Visit From My RW Relatives Last Night
  59. Introducing VIOLATOR - the new and improved DUmpDiver
  60. Everyone here is succumbing to a right-wing frame
  61. Why the crisis in Pakistan gets little coverage compared to Haiti
  62. We will keep the House. We will keep the Senate. Obama will be re-elected in 2012.
  63. Reid: Build mosque elsewhere - AP
  64. Who thinks liberals are being treated like 2nd class citizens by media?
  65. Gore calls for major protests on climate change inaction
  66. Place your bets: how many Blago-related posts will find their way onto GD?
  67. Skinners Cheap Ass Fund Raiser
  68. Another Un Real statement
  69. I saw RaginInMiami last night.
  70. I am exhausted with life and people, and quite frankly, I do sometimes wish that
  71. My business is dead. I'm broke. I lost my star. I can't donate to DU.
  72. Beck/Palin rally permit approved - 300,000 expected
  73. I really hate to say this, but tonight Howard Dean is full of shit.
  74. Faux Is Very Dangerous! Their Propaganda War On Islam Is Broadcast Unfiltered...
  75. Skinner whines about how hard it is being a dictator
  76. At Du There Is Disagreement Where
  77. Why I'm not donating to DU this time.
  78. Job interview - questions:
  79. All the way to the bank.
  80. Witnessing our government sell my land for the "crime" of growing pot
  81. People are poor because they have no land.
  82. WikiRape? How convenient.
  83. Know your BFEE: Spying on America Isn’t Just Business, It’s Tradition.
  84. Maybe the mistake was in telling people 9/11 had anything to do with Islam period.
  85. I would donate a piece of my art for a DU fundraiser.
  86. What Are The Ten Best Countries In The World?
  87. OK, my neighbor won't recycle. What to do?
  88. It pains me to say so, but the President I worked so hard to elect is a homophobe.
  89. Calling President Obama a Muslim is another way of calling him
  90. 9/11 happened under RETHUGs
  91. Really Dumb Question for All ya Ya'll
  92. Hate, Hate, and more Hate...
  93. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed how many, if not most of the protest signs..
  94. "Turn Off Fox"...Campaign to get Fox News turned off in stores, restaurants...
  95. So, what happened to the economic recovery we were supposed to get?
  96. Enviromentalists 'feel stabbed in the back' over 'dastardly move' by Obama admin.
  97. Mehlman isn't gay
  98. Bouncy AKA...So I ran into some Beckanites at the gas station...
  99. Thanks to Fox News, I had a great day today
  100. I encountered a Muslim woman in my local supermarket this morning.
  101. I stood at the cash register and cryed (30 year old memories came rushing back)
  102. Who is in control of the White House?
  103. Mother . . . . . . Fucker
  104. I ditched my mega-bank today and joined the CU.
  105. Either Beck Has Pulled A Fast One On His Followers Or On Us......
  106. This fucking shit pisses me off! Where the hell is OUR rally? Why
  107. OMG! Glenn Beck's Rally Is Driving The Left INSANE!!!!
  108. The DUmmies and Beck today
  109. While you are fighting mad about SS, could you remember the other SS fight...
  110. Hey DUmmies...the numbers dont lie
  111. We found a winner for worst bouncy of the year.
  112. Impressed by Beck's attendance? I got some pictures for you. . .
  113. Violator Part 2 - HEY DUMMIES! Meet "Margaret"
  114. I never believed this chem-trail thing, but today I
  115. The sinister side to the Beck rally's feel-good rhetoric.
  116. The consequences of Obamacare begin to sink in at the DUmp.
  117. Gaddafi: The EU should consider paying Libya "at least €5 billion a year" or "Europe
  118. Greenpeace 'boards Cairn platform' off Greenland
  119. I went to McDonald's to eat their garbage today. I hit the ceiling when I saw...
  120. I am running as a Republican
  121. DUmmy tries to promote Stephen Colbert rally to counter Beck, fails miserably
  122. I've finally reached the point where I can't listen to Malloy anymore!
  123. So I'm gassing up my car at Costco a few minutes ago...
  124. Alan Grayson: It's Us Versus the Billionaire
  125. Has Obama's voice become constricted?
  126. Ran into a couple Republicans in line at the cafeteria today
  127. Does anyone else miss the sharks?
  128. DU proves once again how racist they are.
  129. The DU ANGER INDEX 09/03/2010
  130. I took this picture the morning of Jan 21, 2009 and posted it here on DU the same day
  131. Can we actually save the world?
  132. DUmmie has drug induce epiphany
  134. any updates? Prosecution of Bush Six Back On
  135. DU Psych Profile - 09/06/2010
  136. Bouncy stories graduate to Democratic Party "literature"
  137. Another Ranting of a NUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  138. From The Dungeon, but funny
  139. Lanny Davis says if we lose Congress that Obama will be "liberated" from liberal base
  140. So now that the president and the party are lashing out at the GOP...
  141. Maybe we need to have a "Burn a Tea set day"
  142. I have now spent 4 days chatting with a Teabagger
  143. Suck It Up and Dig In
  144. Thanks to DU for Maintaining an Open Website
  145. Shall we pause to remember another September 11th...?
  146. Engineers of Empire
  147. Is it fair to call anti-Park51-mosque zealotry attempts at 'ethnic cleansing'?
  148. President Bush, on 9/11 : " But the day ended on a relatively humorous note..."
  149. Never Forget - Bush And Cheney Did Not Keep
  150. When the second plane hit, I knew ...
  151. Our house was robbed and ransacked yesterday. Some thoughts:
  152. 'Where is Bush?!!'
  153. On This 9/11 - We Are SO Lucky To Have THIS MAN As President
  154. Somebody didn't get their pony....
  155. Just ran out for a cigar, interesting conversation with owner of the store
  156. I am LIVID!!!
  157. Remembering Reagan
  158. Pray For My Family- My 38 Year Old Diabetic Aunt Just Passed Away B-Cuz She Couldn't
  159. Orrex cruisin for a tombstone.
  160. I am at Whole Foods Market right now! (part 2)
  161. The Rise of Nazism...
  162. They hate our government and they hate our elected officials.
  163. Bush's last budget (FY2009): $1.37T deficit... Obama's first budget (FY2010): $1.26T
  164. The Stink of Desperation: Why Republicans Lie.
  165. I was so ashamed and embarassed today....
  166. Hypocrisy: While We Condemn Quran Burnings, Drone Strikes Continue Unchecked
  167. Violator - The Daily DUmmy - 09/15/2010
  168. Violator - Top 5 Traitors for the last 5 days.
  169. If You Are Not Afraid, You Are Not Paying Attention
  170. (Cal Dem) State Sen. Roderick Wright indicted on charges of voter fraud and perjury
  171. Maine editor apologizes to readers for Ramadan story on 9/11
  172. Is capitalism worth saving?
  173. How much do you trust Tim Geithner ?
  174. How long before Palin gets jealous of O'Donnell?
  175. My name is not "Those People"
  176. Life on this Earth Just Changed - - The North Atlantic Current is Gone
  177. I am really tired...
  178. Only 9% of scientists call themselves conservative.
  179. Our next Democratic president should be a multi-generational Mexican-American...
  180. A tea partier just knocked on my door
  181. Bill Clinton working to Stay Healthy for Grandkids...Becomes a VEGAN!
  182. DU Pagans/Wiccans/witches, can I have a word?
  183. Helen Thomas receiving lifetime achievement award from CAIR
  184. Awww, Duers are scared and when they get scared they get mad. McCain should be asham
  185. I will kindly ask that the posting of election polls please stop
  186. "The company is closing in 18 months"
  187. Just had the pleasure of telling a car dealer, they didn't get the sale because ofFOX
  188. He's Baaaack - Any Guesses how much butt Pittster had to kiss to get reinstated?
  189. Al Franken gets choked up over DADT
  190. DU Psych Index - 09/23/2010
  191. Personal Message to DUers and all Americans
  192. Liberal blogger directly confronts David Axelrod
  193. US walks out on Ahmadinejad's UN speech
  194. A Chicago teacher and a teacher union organizer have homes raided by FBI.
  195. Any mention of the arrests of the Bell Ca. city officials at the DUmp?
  196. Rove Returns, With Team, Planning G.O.P. Offensive
  197. has this fire been in the news?
  198. I ring the bell, step back off the porch so I'm not crowding the door, and begin my..
  199. Cat Out of The Bag
  200. There's a reason we call them DUmmies
  201. Democrats may attack Rove in ads
  202. Ya wanna cure our "shitty" education system? Just one word is necessary:
  203. Thais Bust Traveler W. 90 Kg. Of Elephant Ivory - 2010 Bangkok Airport Seizures Near
  204. I just find this DU Practice to be the funniest thing i have ever seen
  205. We're going to re-open the Ask the Administrators forum next week.
  206. Please take the 2010 Democratic Underground Member Survey.
  207. Matt Taibbi has a new piece out in Rolling Stone. As Taibbi is a must-read...
  208. OH COME ON.... Is there anything Obama would'nt BS about
  209. Starvation at home...
  210. San Diego Homeless survey has chilling results
  211. Ship that was to be a homeless shelter is sunk.
  212. Darth Palin...
  213. MORE Homelessness....
  214. more people than glenn beck rally
  215. Huh? Scully says the 150 or so thousand people at the One Nation Rally
  216. A quick note to anyone who goes to bars, restaurants, etc.
  217. U.S. issues alert for Americans in Europe
  218. Village Voice: White America Has Lost It's Mind
  219. Just a thought on yesterday's One Nation Rally
  220. What Is This Du Ummy Smoking
  221. This message goes out to the Right-Wing website that is monitoring DU members
  222. "BIG ED" sites organizers estimates..... oh then you have to beleive the organizers
  223. Where the hell does a senator think he has this kind of power
  224. PLEASE PLEASE Make her irrelevant in NOV
  225. Another B.s. Story
  226. whats worse The president saying he visted 57 states or this
  227. Which is more of a JOKE
  228. I'm making enemies of my Democratic friends
  229. The Man Did NOT Forget To Pay The Fire Fee. He Deliberately Chose Not To.
  230. Obama: 'All Americans are safer' because of Medal of Honor winner's actions
  231. Where does it end? The country everyone "wants back" is gone. Where does it end?
  232. Larry David is a near-billionaire
  233. WOW another example of logic
  234. I swear DU can provide entertainment for me for hours
  235. All I Can Say Is " Wow" On This One
  236. 'Sexted' Photo leads to Bullying and Suicide of girl age 13
  237. Why Does The Dem Leadership Keep Scolding Their Base?
  238. Just Told My Co-Worker To STFU.....
  239. Okay, I'm about to do a test run. I can't just sit here anymore.
  240. My "Obamacare" Story
  241. This Video Says everything that needs to be said about socialism
  242. Personally i LOVE NEWS LIKE THIS
  243. you know what: I detest Obama as much as you detest Reagan
  244. LOL: Again OBAMA is such an ANGEL and so good hearted
  245. How much of a difference do you think the Internet makes between the 1994 and 2010 el
  246. government Work Programs WORKED WHAT !!!!!!!!!!!
  247. Obama Signs Bill Replacing ‘Mental Retardation’ With ‘Intellectual Disability’
  248. Banging Head Against Wall: They JUST DO NOT GET IT
  249. Could this idiot name one government agency that operates effectively
  250. When is armed rebellion a legitimate right of the people?