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  1. My son in law is being sent to Iran - well, the Persian Gulf
  2. I could not explain far-left liberals any better than this
  3. did you forget about Robert Byrd ALREADY
  4. Please help me understand this logic
  5. Whoever "Stray Cat" is this person hit it right on the head
  6. Did We Have An Election Already..... Wtf
  7. Why not just do it alerady.. you liberals know you want to
  8. Hold On... I Thought Tarp Was Going To Do This
  9. The Kaiser Family foundation is Non-partisian.. since when
  10. Obama's comment about putting the car in D
  11. Wow we need to tell all the business people and everyone
  12. Seriously - are we going to retain control of Congress?
  13. Hi DU!
  14. I hate to be a downer - I really do. But USA SUCKS USA SUCKS
  15. First world citizen's using the lion's share
  16. The Ask The Administrators forum is back
  17. Our elections are not Free or Fair
  18. But if course Lib's never ever use extreme propaganda.. everyone knows that
  19. Republicans Warped Logic
  20. Congressman Grayson a member of the DU?
  21. I nominate Kentuck as the biggest Idiot on DU
  22. Wow this single posting shows just how knowledgeable libs are on economics
  23. Whoopi and Joy Behar just walked off the show because of Bill O'Reilly...
  24. Is America broken beyond repair?
  25. Second earth will soon be needed, warns WWF
  26. My Wife Was Just A Victim of RW Anti-Obama Road Rage
  27. Students cooling on Obama, poll finds
  28. Richard Charnin: Proof that Obama Won by Much More than 9.5 Million Recorded Votes
  29. Is it scarying everyone else?
  30. Simple Reason Why the Main Stream Media Hates Progressives and Democrats
  31. So Bushco ignored the warnings about the Mumbai bombing
  32. Speedy has infiltrated DU
  33. Since when has "Media Matters" been a valid source to cite
  34. Great BELLY LAUGH
  35. One day they will get thier argument straight
  36. Another way to look at this
  37. Did you ever think !!!!!
  38. How did American politics cross over into insanity?
  39. Help, DU'ers! Only 2 hours to raise $400 to get me to Ohio to cover the elections!
  40. Full Frontal MSM Assault To Depress D Voters Now Under Way
  41. Lib's care so much about the poor and the middle class don't they ?
  42. DUmmy Alan Grayson is answering questions at the DUmp
  43. BUSHCO Orchestrated A Public Panic After 9/11 With Assistance of MSM That Led To War
  44. These STUPID JERKS have not figured out the O'donnell was right and they are wrong
  45. JP Morgan Chase is my new play toy.
  46. Violator Top DUmmies - The Moonbat Congressman from FL
  47. Gulf oil spill ...the dolphins are back.
  48. Kentuck even outdoes himself... at some point this will not be news
  49. NPR code of ethics.. I thought their only ethical standard was push liberal ideas
  50. Everyone lay off Juan Williams, he's written BOOKS about Civil Rights
  51. Fascist America
  52. I Really really wish some idiot would come to my front door with this SHIT
  53. Update: NPR exec says Juan Williams crossed the line before
  54. Maybe the problem is this idiot is not listening....
  55. They will really BELIEVE ANYTHING won't they
  56. Then why in the world is NPR and the liberals so strongly opposed to defunding
  57. The Bin Laden Family Just Gave Money to the GOP
  58. Best of / I want to thank my friends at DU
  59. DUmmies whine about paying for a flu shot.
  60. I guess Americans just don't give a damn about the wars anymore
  61. Do you really think you earned what you have?
  62. G.O.P. Is Poised to Seize the House, if Not the Senate
  63. Tuesday evening I'll be on a conference call with President Obama & AFL-CIO President
  64. Yeah Fox news is spreading FEAR
  65. I'm Dangerously Furious.
  66. I can definitely stand to lose FEINGOLD
  67. A young supporter peers over a barricade to listen to President Barack Obama
  68. Confrontation with a Reich-winger
  69. Media Matters: It's time to drop Fox.
  70. Time for a Wellstone thread!!!!!
  71. DUmmies slinging mud.
  72. DUmmies fight about legalizing pot.
  73. DailyKos/Newsweek Poll proves Rethugs lose Nov 2nd.
  74. DUmmy feels stupid for listening to DU.
  75. Fucking Republicans You All Suck
  76. I'm going to defend conservatives now
  77. Seriously, when the f*ck will Democrats fight back against the right wing hate machin
  78. My Suggestion: Arm Yourselves
  79. From the "YOU GOT BE KIDDING" catagory
  80. Are any DU'ers considering
  81. A Boot to the Head...from Michael Moore
  82. I'm sick of right-wing nuts everywhere.
  83. You will be drafted soon
  84. How great would it be to get rid of Kucinich
  85. Really are Americans prepared to elect someone like this in one word YES
  86. They still just do not get it
  87. My sister has seen the light.
  88. Wow another DU conversation that has me baffled beyond belief
  89. Girlfriend (Dem) voting for Whitman
  90. Conservative editor: WikiLeaks founder should have been murdered with radioactive...
  91. Hang on... A presidential administration actually *thwarted* a terror attack??1!1!!?!
  92. This rally is a LILY WHITE!
  93. SHOCKER! DUmmies act like children.
  94. Insanity Rally Flops, DUmmies blame Media
  95. My first verbal altercation with a Freeper....
  96. Well Tonights Trick or Treaters and the Fun I Had
  97. More DUnial
  98. We are less than 12 hours away from the most important midterms, are you fighting...
  99. So, it ends tomorrow...
  100. We've got an election on Tuesday, and it might not go so well.
  101. Worst Case: Republicans win 100 House seats and control 51 Senate Seats... what next?
  102. Will Pitt Watch
  103. MI GOP deeply offended. My question: Did anybody stomp on his head?
  104. DU poster speaks the truth about Cali, DUmmies attack.
  105. DUmmies might need to be put on suicide watch.
  106. DUmmies have to politicize EVERYTHING!
  107. More DUmmie violence and racism.
  108. From Ecstasy to Agony: DUmmy Election Meltdown - 2004 Version!!!
  109. Here We Go
  110. I did NOT remind my son to vote today.
  111. "Stick it Dems" Jukebox.
  112. Watching very early returns Barney Frank
  113. DU is imploding: I despise Republicans
  114. We Are Getting Fucking Teabagged!
  115. Grayson's gone. As far as I'm concerned, we just lost far beyond any number.
  116. goodby you all - I'm done - its embarrassing to be an american
  117. Thread to Honor DUer Alan Grayson.
  118. Taking tomorrow off
  119. Time For Obama To Act Like A Democrat!
  120. Half of Americans have to be the stupidest people in
  121. Alan Grayson for DNC chair!!!!
  122. I went to bed last night dispirited, but I wake this morning angry, very angry
  123. Progressive Math = Reality Challenged
  124. That explains a lot
  125. Mr POTUS, Please find a place for Alan Grayson...
  126. Hillary Clinton 2012
  127. That wasn't very much fun.
  128. A walk down memory lane: a recent walk through DU
  129. Margaret Monitors Election Day Angst
  130. *****announcement from franksolich*****
  131. San Francisco Council Votes to Ban "Happy Meal"
  132. We have been kneecapped.
  133. DUmmies rage about Slobbermann.
  134. Randi Rhodes Knocked Off-Air After Bomb Threat
  135. 30000 troops have killed themselves since the Afghan/Iraq war started..
  136. Good one from The DUngeon
  137. In hindsight, Grayson should have run for the Florida Senate seat
  138. I sent this to 2 local news channels and not even a reply
  139. I just emailed MSNBC.
  140. Should Keith Olbermann be Democratic Party Chairman?
  141. Looking over the voting figures in each District here in
  142. Be Careful What You Wish For By William Rivers Pitt
  143. Sign an online petition to bring KO back. DU this poll!!!
  144. Bouncyville
  145. OK, which one of you is this?
  146. Who is this idiot and where is his proof
  147. DUmmies have gone full blow delusional.
  148. NO!!!!, MSM, NO!!! You Will NOT Rehabilitate George W. Bush
  149. BBC presenter dropped because 'she was not young and pretty enough'
  150. Oh dear
  151. Hey Oprah you suck as an interviewer..... n/t
  152. Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) calling for prosecution of GW Bush for torture
  153. my nephew was very seriously injured in Afghanistan yesterday (IED)
  154. DU Has New Moderators!
  155. DU is infected.
  156. One of the most disgusting threads of the year
  157. OK, I'll say it: ARREST HIM!
  158. George BUSH CAN NOT have it BOTH ways!!!
  159. "We will not wait any longer for the Obama administration to act" ---
  160. I'm very sad to see that it's so difficult to stand by a Democratic president these d
  161. Pining away for ... Al Gore?
  162. My BIL has three kids in school...
  163. Seven weeks ago gas by me was $2.35 a gallon for regular, today it's $2.79
  164. Nancy Pelosi: 'We Don't Let Republicans Choose Our Leaders'-Gives Bush Tax Cut Compro
  165. I Just Called The White House, My Senators & Congressman To Tell Them......
  166. Workfare to be imposed in Britain
  167. The Public Isn't Happy About GOP Victory
  168. Why doesn't OUR President get respect?
  169. WTF - Bush was more open to the press
  170. Let's List the violent attacks by the Left Wingers
  171. Let's make DU a political party
  172. Someone Asked me Why I Hate my Country
  173. Palin's 'refudiate' named a Word of the Year
  174. BWAHAHAHAHAHAA!! DUmmies with a sense of humor
  175. Fox News just called him "Mister Obama"
  176. The Grim Truth
  177. An important announcement about the DU rules, and how we enforce them.
  178. Confess: Did you watch Palin's show last night?
  179. Obama is the PRESIDENT, yet he got less coverage than both W and Palin last week.
  180. DUmmie Sheep bleat brazenly.
  181. just realized that the Olbermann discredidation march is full steam ahead.
  182. Scalia suggests that MAYBE the XVII Amendment wasn't such a good idea; DUmp implodes
  183. U.S. House Democrats retain Pelosi as leader
  184. DUmmie's message to Willow Palin
  185. Hehehehe - 6-year-old shoots deer; DUmp melts down
  186. Oh dear. If there's ONE thing that DUmmies don't want messed with...
  187. Wis. man accused of shooting TV over Palin dance
  188. President Obama to award George H.W. Bush the Presidential Medal of Freedom
  189. BREAKING: International Arrest Warrant for Georg
  190. How many of you are dreading Thanksgiving with RW relatives?
  191. Mayor Of London Warns George W Bush-War Criminal: ...
  192. At A Business Today, I Turned Off 3 TV's - FOX Was On
  193. DUmmies realizes DU is bad for him.
  194. House Dems Press GOP To Abandon Their Federal Health Benefits
  195. DUmmy duplicity on parade
  196. THREE More Year .... of War ! -- White House Cancels July 2011 Pull Out Date
  197. DUmmies back to bookstore idiocy again
  198. DUmmies get their union fascism on ... on a church
  199. "I say let the U.S. economy collapse. Itís not serving us anyway."
  200. Hateful Days
  201. My Wife and I Walked Out Of A Movie Theater Today
  202. can anybody tell me what is wrong with this idiot's theory?
  203. It is amazing to me that people on DU can post the longest posts
  204. DUmmies argue about tanks.
  205. Republicans hand 5,000,000 unemployed their death sentences...
  206. DUmmies actually argue that US treats citizens worse then N. Korea
  207. Jobs and Murdoch Prepping iPad-only Daily Newspaper
  208. DUmmie wonders why so many TSA posts.
  209. what is left for them to boycott?
  210. DUmmie troofer discusses JFK
  211. DU'er mocks troofers
  212. DUmmies exhibit more PDS
  213. DUmmies want to impeach Reagan?
  214. Our country has been stolen from us. Our lives have been stolen from us.
  215. Obama is a Piece of Shit (down the memory hole)
  216. I really hate the phrase "American Exceptionalism"
  217. Official nomination thread for Top DUmmies of 2010
  218. Tom Delay threads!
  219. 1,000 rescued rats up for adoption in California
  220. Eferrari ramping up for Top DUmmie of 2010
  221. DUmmies cheer when Brits kill brown people.
  222. A bitter tomorrow...
  223. 78 Year old charge with threatening to KILL President Obama
  224. DUmmies and some more PDS
  225. ANOTHER Man Accused Of Threatening To Kill Obama
  226. Do you hate the Tea Party?
  227. Is anybody besides me, interested in a Palin-free zone on DU?
  228. I got to get this off my chest even if it gets me banned
  229. The A$$Wipe and His Tee-Shirt at Target
  230. So I found the question they cannot answer!
  231. Kid tries to kill liberals, DUmmies blame government.
  232. CalPeggy starts fight, needs DU to finish it for her
  233. Driving in Central Florida yesterday and I'm stopped at a red light behind a BIG ass
  234. Let's be clear. Palin is a troll, and that is all. They know it, and we don't.
  235. Here they go again....
  236. DUmmies exhibit more class envy
  237. Gold mine! This one has it ALL!
  238. Man oh man, that 9/11 thing sure worked out well.
  239. How can 37% of Americans be in favor of tax cuts for the wealthiest 2 percent among u
  240. I nailed a teabagger to the wall last night
  241. DU'er says Wikileaks wrong, DUmmies disagree
  242. DUmmies again show why politics is more important then simple human decency.
  243. Du'ers fight about Pvt Manning
  244. Truthers wonder why leaks don't show 9/11 was inside job.
  245. Peggy is sad!!!!
  246. I walked out of a store today because
  247. Mr. President, you've lost my respect. Youíve lost my admiration. Youíve lost my vote
  248. What could be better than Fitzmas? Well....
  249. I'm at the laundromat, they turned off FAUX ( to cheers) when I asked
  250. We need a Left Wing Militia