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  1. Master's in English: Will Mow Lawns
  2. Most of you, I see, still buy into the illusion of a democracy.
  3. Out of hope. I'm not seeing a way out for this country.
  4. This is very hard for me but Obama is now dead to me (metaphorically)
  5. Original message Bristol Palin strikes back at Keith Olbermann.....
  6. Is the American Dream Over?
  7. How do you keep hope alive?
  8. Every Democrat Needs To Read And Memorize This One Point
  9. I am boycotting Amazon. Support your independent bookstores!
  10. If an American military person with security clearances had passed
  11. Official voting thread for Top DUmmies of 2010
  12. Hey expats...what's a good country to relocate to?
  13. We're going to really need each other from now on.
  14. Grayson to be honored ..
  15. Sue them.
  16. I helped a homeless family yesterday
  17. "Obama caved; Social Security is next. Sucks to be us."
  18. I will say it, we HAVE a civil war
  19. DU is 100% bats**t crazy!
  20. Just a little trip down Memory Lane for the DUmmies
  21. Meanwhile, in the Land of Reality: Obama at 83% approval among liberal Democrats
  22. Is DU the enemy?
  23. Hugo Chavez is Assange's only hope.
  24. Poor,poor DUmmies...
  25. Sympathy for John Edwards
  26. It's December 7th sooooo...
  27. DUmmie implosion continues
  28. DUmmie of the Year contendor gets hypocritical
  29. Annie award nominee wants to change business
  30. Hows about a new cable "Activist" channel?
  31. More observance of John Lennon here than of Pearl Harbor yesterday.
  32. OMIGAWD! I just realized that I am starting to get that feeling in the pit of my stom
  33. There is SOMETHING major going on
  34. MoveOn supporting House Democrats actions on tax cut deal
  35. Should I buy a gun?
  36. I just happen to be on a radio show as a representative for the democrats the night
  37. Do not rest this weekend.
  38. Hey Right Wing Wackos - Just a reminder why we pay taxes (pics)
  39. DOTY Candidate says America dissolves within the year
  40. DOTY Candidate says socialism will happen.
  41. DOTY Hall of Famer writes another screed
  42. DOTY Candidate plays victim.
  43. DOTY Candidate says you don't exist.
  44. Sheer, unbridled, white-hot hatred
  45. DU in a nutshell: Please humor me. Imagine we had the attention of the wealthiest 2%.
  46. How do we convince Americans to insist on raising taxes on the rich?
  47. I am calling for Obama and Biden's resignation immediately
  48. DUmmies wonder about DOD cuts
  49. Pittster whines about government being open.
  50. DUmmies equate fewer handouts to higher taxes
  51. Reid should have LOST...
  52. PPP: Scott Brown more popular than John Kerry in MA
  53. GOD Talk about B.S.
  54. More Dummienomics
  55. The Party of NO Vs. the Party of Cave.
  56. Forgiving Obama
  57. DUmmies wonder why they're treated like dumpster sluts.
  58. Why do you think the rich should pay more?
  59. I have changed my mind.. i do want obama to try this
  60. LOL! What's in a name?
  61. I can't believe this -- Medicaid is eliminating funding for organ transplants. "Go ho
  62. Are fringe liberals on the path to losing credibility forever?
  63. Should Walgreen's be boycotted?
  64. Disaster junkies make me slightly nauseous
  65. 10 Worst Countries for Forced Labor
  66. I'm gone or So long, farewell Auf Weidersehen, goodbye
  67. I hate this. How much longer? How much longer until . . . .
  68. Aaaand He's back.
  69. Vaguely disturbing day...
  70. UN to investigate treatment of jailed leaks suspect Bradley Manning
  71. School outed teen to parents, said it was ‘legally obligated’: lawsuit
  72. *tap* - is this thing on?
  73. Top 10 DUmmies of 2010: the runners-up
  74. Even on Christmas, DUmmies hate.
  75. DUmmies fixate on stupid shit some more.
  76. Merry Christmas, lurking DUmmies!
  77. I don't get REALLY upset often...BUT
  78. Anyone else get "Decision Points" by George W. Bush for X-Mas?
  79. Best Of: Charity fundraiser
  80. So I gave DU a try
  81. Pavlov's dog had nothing on DUers
  82. DUmmies try to figure out how to save a sinking ship.
  83. DUmmies have that double standard going again.
  84. HHHHAHAHAHAHAH!!! You can't make this stuff up!
  85. The Enemy Is Amongst Us!
  86. Charlie Rangel just said "teabaggers" on Tweety's show.
  87. Actually a best of
  88. This should be good - "fatcats prison"
  89. DUmmy tries to rant about Bristol Palin; does faceplant instead
  90. The unemployment offices are a complete disaster
  91. One and a half bouncies
  92. Who Knows...On Monday I May Be Unemployed
  93. My roommate brought this to my attention...
  94. Top 10 DUmmies of 2010: the Willie
  95. Top 10 DUmmies of 2010: the Annie
  96. Top 10 DUmmies of 2010: #10
  97. Top 10 DUmmies of 2010: #09
  98. Top 10 DUmmies of 2010: #08
  99. Top 10 DUmmies of 2010: #07
  100. Top 10 DUmmies of 2010: #06
  101. Top 10 DUmmies of 2010: #05
  102. Top 10 DUmmies of 2010: #04
  103. Top 10 DUmmies of 2010: #03
  104. Top 10 DUmmies of 2010: #02
  105. Top DUmmie [primitive] of 2010
  106. Liberals disapprove of Wikileaks 64%-30%, Democrats disapprove 79%-19%
  107. We need to take back the media
  108. What Would It Look Like If Red States Formed Their Own Country?
  109. The American Dream: "It is a lie, and it is a multi billion dollar lie."
  110. What do you think is the best way to jumpstart our economy?
  111. Did Reagan really "defeat" the Soviet Union?
  112. Worldwide Economic Collapse
  113. The DU mope and cry thread: And now I'm so sick
  114. Sign the petition to Declare the Republican Party as an Extremist Hate Group
  115. DOJ: No party labels are racist
  116. Sore Losers
  117. 1 In 6 Americans Are Now in the Poverty Zone
  118. Real Estate Bouncy
  119. I am a Progressive.
  120. When they pass the plate, basket or what-have-you in churches all over America....
  121. Birther Interrupts House Reading Of Constitution, Yells 'Help Us Jesus'
  122. If teabaggers like to be so angry, why doesn't "Companies Primed For Record Profits"
  123. You miserable bunch of job-killing mother-fuckers!
  124. So I'm in a co-workers office today...of course he' a righty
  125. I was just over at the DUmp
  126. Ok, who and when was the last person who could be considered left wing killed people?
  127. My response to right wing co-worker re: Rep. Gifford's shooting
  128. Happy Yet?
  129. It's a true high-tech political witchhunt over at DU
  130. Sarah, Bloody Sarah.
  131. DUmpers don't understand "mini-series"
  132. Unbridled hatred
  133. LOL! Someone is living dangerously.
  134. Hee hee! Quite a day over there
  135. Can anyone name a liberal, progressive or 'left' pundit who's called for violence?
  136. OK, who is this? This can't be for real.
  137. Gullible DUmmie
  138. Wonder when left wingers are going to ask their favorite store TARGET to change their
  139. THE WRATH OF FOOLS: An Open Letter To the Far Right
  140. Some spoken truth, soon to be disappeared.
  141. Sarah Palin compared with Anwar al-Awlaki...
  142. Uh oh.
  143. From the not-so-wayback machine: F*CK You Blue Dog Democrats & Gabby Giffords
  144. Official Apologizes For Saying Bush Should Be Shot Between Eyes
  145. Shooting Range Target Bouncy (yeah, already)
  146. YOU! OVER THERE! Get back on the plantation!
  147. If, after a tragedy such as last weekend's, your group has to spend countless
  148. Sarah didn't pull the trigger.
  149. PDS - It's whats for breakfast
  150. More reality, and the DUmmies just HATE it.
  151. Ok, I've pulled back all my moles at the DUmp
  152. Pathetic Farmers Market Bouncy
  153. Did Jared Loughner hand POTUS another term?
  154. Dear Skinner, a bit of advice.
  155. Debating a RW Receptionist ...
  156. Poor, Poor Sarah
  157. Death Threats Against Sarah Palin at 'Unprecedented Level,' Aides Say
  158. Here's how DU practices civility
  159. The door is wide open for republicans to show their true colors
  160. On Christian End of Days Eschatology and why Sarah matters
  161. They really, truly are incapable of containing their hatred
  162. Yesterday Was Like Something Right Out of the Book of Esther!
  163. I'm off to have dinner tonight with an old friend
  164. Hate speech from Alan Grayson?
  165. Conservatives are scary evil bloodthirsty fucks
  166. Should I feel guilty because I was born white?
  167. AZ Shooting Victim Arrested for "You're Dead" Comment to a Teabagger
  168. My Wife Was Bombarded With Faux News Talking Points Yesterday
  169. Only in America... WAIT....
  170. The Sears store in our town had Fox News playing on half the TV sets..
  171. GOP House leader claims Dems still control power
  172. "Baby Doc returned to a hero's welcome" from NPR
  173. You know how there is that "certain" wingnut site that we never name?
  174. What must we do to communicate with the Conservatives?
  175. Another great DUmmie Idea
  176. America: The Great Lie
  177. I need to find a left-wing Michelle Malkin for my class
  178. Grayson blames Palin for Arizona shooting
  179. Time for DUmmies to boycott the Super Bowl
  180. Skinner!!!!!!
  181. Oh, these are always hilarious!
  182. Hee hee!
  183. George H W Bush admits that he invaded Iraq for oil
  184. What if a DUmmy created an awards thread and no one showed up?
  185. Anyone else get the feeling the United States is going in the dumper?
  186. If we have to wait until the set up the death camps.................
  187. Keith Olbermann just resigned from MSNBC
  188. This one's got potential
  189. Just cancled Comcast!
  190. Why is the cost of living significantly lower in China than in America?
  191. Brutally honest and passionate liberals get derided, chastized, and fired
  192. If I had an ice pick, I'd shove it through my skull at this moment to make the pain g
  193. what would it take to get YOU in the street protesting and demanding immediate change
  194. Is there too much civility in the Democratic Party?
  195. Needy still suffering from persistent delays in state's benefits system (CO)
  196. Oh please! OhpleaseohpleaseohpleaseohPLEASE do it!
  197. YAY! Bush didn't give the State of the Union tonight!
  198. Bristol Palin offered job on Phoenix radio show
  199. It amazes me how the Republicans with ONLY control of Congress, now really control th
  200. The Million March Countdown has begun. People are slowly hitting the streets
  201. "Wishing" for a revolution in the US in the light of Egypt is insulting to the Egypti
  202. Richard Engel reporting on MSNBC: Looting of gated communities
  203. Right-winger arrested with explosives outside Dearborn mosque
  204. Tomorrow starts a Palin free month..
  205. OH MY GOD.... MADDOW proves Reagan wrong
  206. Egypt: The "pro-goverment" protesters are TEABAGGERS!
  207. Egyptian protestors have proven gun totting teabaggers to be nothing but BIG ASS WIMP
  208. Suddenly, Prezidentin' is hard work
  209. Egypt Super DUmmies!!!
  210. For those who don't see overpopulation as a problem...
  211. Just wait until they find out that after Obama's term he cant
  212. Muslim Brotherhood agrees to talks with Egypt’s Suleiman
  213. He's a dead guy. A fucking Dead Guy. He's been dead for the better part of a decade.
  214. Keith Olbermann joins Al Gore: The professional left strikes back!
  215. Unbelievable irony
  216. U.S. Thanks and Encourages Spain to PROSECUTE BUSH OFFCIALS
  217. It's time for a day of action. Something. Some sort of action.
  218. Jail Bush.
  219. Perhaps if you'd joined us at the Camp Casey Iraq War Protests in '05 ---
  220. HHHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! RaTHergate was a Rovian plot! LMAO!
  221. That Press Conference was painful
  222. Hey DUmmies...
  223. Should public employee unions in Wisconsin call a General Strike?
  224. 30K thousand people at Madisson... read that again
  225. Bobbolink is sick, thoughts and prayers her way please...
  226. I wish Anonymous would help us...
  227. A rant against making people pay for water.
  228. Fox and the Republicans are afraid of the grassroots!
  229. The fabulous 14 Democrats who are inspiring a nation:
  230. Daily Kos: Organizing recall in Wisconsin (8 Republican senators eligible for recall
  231. Tea Party to rally for Wisconsin anti-union bill
  232. An Idea for the Protesters in WI
  233. It is interesting (but not surprising) that
  234. Wisconsin GOP leader rules out compromise on unions
  235. Run Tea Party, RUN...
  236. The photo of the doctor writing notes is on facebook now; with her address attached.
  237. Polls in Wisconsin Seem to Suggest Walker Is Losing the Argument
  238. Dear President Obama:
  239. I was pulled over yesterday and am now freaking out.
  240. If Walker calls in the National Guard he may not end up quite where he expects to.
  241. Just so I'm clear with Republican logic...
  242. Can someone explain the right's logic in attacking Planned Parenthood? Is it just abo
  243. Defiant Wisconsin Democrats Say Running Away Is Democracy, Too
  244. How long does it take to pass a Constitutional amendment in Wisconsion?
  245. I say that we ask for the Governor of Wisconsin to step down...
  246. DUmmies and math are not friends
  247. Dem Rep: "You need to get out on the streets and get a little bloody..."
  248. Indiana GOP drops anti-union bill, but Democrats stay out of state
  249. That's it, I am Jewish and I have fucking had it with Glenn Beck.
  250. The Walker Prank Call ranks with the Watergate Tapes