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  1. DUmp learns the hard way that "run away" is not a workable strategy
  2. Saudi student arrested in plot to bomb bu$h* home
  3. Man who threatened 'South Park' creators gets 25 years in prison
  4. The Wisconsin legislators should not return to Wisconsin.
  5. Wisconsin DEM Senator ISN'T Biting: "The longer they hold my check, the more they loo
  6. Breaking: Walker booed out of local WI tavern
  7. Governor Walker Creates State Of Chaos For Schools
  8. Dummienomics du jour
  9. Garrison Keillor just referred to "Governor Mubarak" in Wisconsin
  10. Billionaire Koch Brothers Go to Court after being Accused of Opposing Pollution
  11. Well the crisis is hitting home!
  12. DUmp down all day?
  13. $kimmer: People have been asking what this so-called "DNS problem" is, and how it hap
  14. Horse With No Brain Spins Horrible Bouncy Tale
  15. Where is the news on Wisconsin?
  16. Wisconsin GOP Senator Glenn Grothman chased, trapped by hecklers, saved by Dem. Rep.
  17. Illinois tells religious groups: permit gay foster parents or lose funding
  18. Oh, the IRONY!!!
  19. Twenty-four business hours. Again.
  20. Wisconsin senate votes to send sergeant-at-arms to get AWOL senators; DUmp implodes
  21. Republicans owe nadinbrzezinski ki visits home to see family in Hawaii (or something)
  22. What can the Democrats do to stop this right-wing onslaught?
  23. President Obama has tried so hard to get republicans and wall street to like him
  24. HEAR YEE HEAR YEE!! An IMPORTANT message from ohio joe!
  25. Ironic that Teabaggers only show up to protest on the weekends
  26. LOL Hugabear is feeling neglected.
  27. Nearly 4000 Muslims Attack Christian Homes in Egypt, Torch Church
  28. i just spent the morning on the phone consoling a friend
  29. w8liftingwhore wants her turn at the mic...........
  30. I almost thought w8liftingwhore had thought of something original....
  31. As bad as a government shutdown would be, heading much further toward GOP would be wo
  33. We got mad at Bush for letting gas prices jump. What do we do now?
  34. Palin's parents say they fear for her safety - We sleep with our guns
  35. She is stark Raving stupid! A bouncy Pitt Mommy style
  36. James O'Keefe records former NPR executives on secret video
  37. No Dems to stop them. WI Repugs ban free speech, signs, recording, clapping in Capito
  38. Why can't Obama just let the Guantanamo prisoners go free?
  39. I know rich people.
  40. FUCK education. FUCK taxpayers. FUCK municipalities. HUGS to corporations...
  41. NPR CEO Vivian Schiller Resigns
  42. EMERGENCY! Defend Wisconsin GO TO THE CAPITOL NOW!
  43. 18 -1...No Democrats there to vote... Dictatorship!..
  44. We need a nationwide general strike!!!!
  45. The war started in earnest tonight
  46. Poor Nadin...
  47. Here is an idea
  48. People unclear on the concept
  49. Remember the DUer "ProudDad"
  50. It is time to give the fascists a stark choice: back down, or kill us.
  51. Someone called Walker's tactic the Nuclear Option.....
  52. Any DUers that live in or near Madison, may I sleep on your floor a couple nights?
  53. In two words I can describe our future
  54. Muslim Rep. Keith Ellison breaks down in Muslim radicalization hearings
  55. Wing nuts, if you contrast the unions with the tea party, at least get it right.
  56. You knew it was coming. DUmmy blames humans for earthquake.
  57. How dare the real world override my personal concerns!
  58. the Dem. WI Secretary of State is delaying Walker's bill!
  59. ALAN GRAYSON: I'm ready to fight for what's right. What about you?
  60. He thinks he has figured out why "Progressive" rallies don't get coverage by media.
  61. TRENDING: Liberal activists crash Bachmann's carefully choreographed NH rollout
  62. The Republicans hate me.
  63. "We're STILL HERE!" 185,000 Protest in Wisconsin, Saturday..MSM Does Not Report!
  64. Defend A Dream Rally In Sarasota County, Florida! ANYONE In This Area
  65. A question for all the Republican Governors
  66. Liberals make more money than conservatives
  67. *** BREAKING: Occupation of Michigan State Capitol in Lansing Has Begun ***
  68. The situation in Japan is making the liberals at DU hysterical.
  69. How can Obama win re-election when he really doesn't take a hard stance on anything?
  70. OK MuthaFuckers - it has had 6 days to Float over here How HIGH is it going to get
  71. "Civility minded" DUers condone, excuse and dismiss violence likely committed by libs
  72. Well I have a new job
  73. Gotta love censorship on a message board.
  74. Goodbye, DU
  75. Fuck you.
  76. Bomb Found In Federal Building In Detroit
  77. WALKER KILLS: Wisconsin Teacher in Apparent Suicide, “Distraught” Over GOP’s Cuts
  78. This is truly priceless
  79. Help! My mother has started watching Fox News!
  80. CNN Breaking: Cruise missiles land in Qadaffi compound...
  81. Finally!! A DUer who nails liberal thinking.
  82. Liberal Democrats in Uproar over Libya Action
  83. DUers have reading comprehension problems:*Only 9% of Americans think Obama born in
  84. Do you think the country music genre is a conservative medium?
  85. How Will The U.S. Pay For The Libyan War?
  86. Those who are parents...
  87. Liberals win again.
  88. The President didn't need to go to Congress for authority
  89. The cognitive dissonance is just astounding
  90. Wars are good when someone with a "D" next to their name starts them
  91. My Presidential pardon application is finally on its way. (Thanks, all y'all)
  92. U.S. Returns Young Girl, a Citizen, to Guatemala
  93. Petition from Democrats.com Not one dime for Libya.
  94. So, we shot off 2.5 billion dollars in a blaze of Tomahawk missile glory.
  95. Teabagger Senator Exploits Daughter's Heart Condition to Spread Misinformation about
  96. Is America broken beyond repair?
  97. Obama: Libyan mission is in the "national interest" of the USA
  98. Obama is totally playing the Republicans, and doing a fine job at it.
  99. Conversation that I had with someone who considers themselves "middle of the road"
  100. Wisconsin GOP demands emails from professor who blogged about ALEC
  101. CLICK HERE...If you are up to the fight against Koch Brothers and their Fascism.
  102. DU Has Empowered Me. DU has opened my eyes. DU has scared the sh** out of me
  103. This ought to be good...
  104. Dkos: A Plea to the United States and Canada from Fitzwalkerstan
  105. Media Matters' war against Fox
  106. I'm getting very very tired of the word "competitive"
  107. Any comments about the rise of what appears to be the Fourth Reich in Wisconsin?
  108. Here's a different take on why the GOP and Corporate Right have gone into Attack Over
  109. Poll question: Is it even POSSIBLE to reform capitalism, or should we build something
  110. Changes I have made to take $$ out of "The Man's" pocket
  111. UK: Unions hail peaceful march a success
  112. What the hell has happened to Democratic Underground?
  113. We need to do some vandali— err, "freeway blogging"
  114. He's not like Bush.
  115. Why we are better than Free Republic.
  116. I try to play nice, but nooooo.
  117. JOB POSTING: Writers Needed To Post Right-Wing Comments, BONUS for trolling
  118. THanks for proving why I cannot post here
  119. Jeffrey Immelt must GO!!!
  120. MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC and of course FOX are not news organizations
  121. Just way too stupid to even understand the basics
  122. Woman faces charges for alleged threats to kill Wisconsin lawmakers
  123. My sister's RW boyfriend wanted to talk about WI politics/unions with me
  124. I made my bosses head explode the other day.....
  125. A good question from a DU'er yeah i can not believe it either
  126. The left has finally done it: contrails produce global warming
  127. Dear Skinner, EarlG and Elad
  128. I said it before. I'll say it again. Revolution in our lifetime!
  129. How do you defend against attacks that are based on delusional thinking?
  130. Why is the Boehner story at the top of the greatest when it is not true?
  131. Who is responsible if the government shuts down - Democrats or Republicans?
  132. I need DU's help in winning a blog contest!
  133. Fool Us Twice? Can Obama Get Reelected?
  134. Olbermann tells College Republican that ‘most conservatives are wildly stupid’
  135. Man attacked in San Francisco had an anti-Obama sign
  136. AHAHAHAHAHHAA!! Diebold strikes again!
  137. GOP, defiant, blames Obama, Dems for potential shutdown
  138. I believe if Rachel Maddow wanted, she could be this country's first female President
  139. SHUTDOWN: Obama vows to veto short-term bill
  140. Our Election System has been totally compromised!
  141. Look around you. Do know a teabagger voter or supporter?
  142. Are Republicans about to hand 7,000 votes to Prosser through electoral fraud?
  143. I just got home. What the fuck happened in Wisconsin?
  144. Dear DU, this WI SC election is not the totality of our fight. It's a piece of it.
  145. I don't believe that 14000 votes were "found" and I dont believe that 78% went to Pro
  146. OK, I finally get it. The Republicans HATE AMERICA and are trying to destroy...
  147. Republicans, go to hell as fast as possible, all of you
  148. Good dog, do I hate the republicans
  149. I get the sense that DU would've preferred no cuts and continuing current spending le
  150. Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients
  151. Great news, folks. At DU, it is open season. Remember the rules about insulting Dems
  152. U.S. cable companies aren’t budging on Al Jazeera
  153. re: Helen Thomas, for anyone who wants to keep up with her
  154. Gulf Oil Spill and the carnage -- Mar 8th Update of Dead/Missing/ or Jailed scientist
  155. Photo taken on 4/9 in front of the Wisc Capital:
  156. If you had the opportunity, would you leave the USA, given where we are and are heade
  157. WI Update - Kennedy: Waukesha County investigation ongoing, but numbers appear to mat
  158. So...the repubs aren't going to do anything about raising the Debt limit until July?!
  159. Suggestions please...
  160. What I heard at my child's school stopped me dead in my tracks
  161. "They" think we're all fools...
  162. A year from now, your standard of living will have gone down...
  163. Nadin is back...
  164. Obama 'Not at all' embarrassed by Release of Open Mic Comments
  165. today in my dr office.....
  166. Welcome to the Pure Michigan Republican Dictatorship, coming to your state soon
  167. Would the rich taste good?
  168. Five seconds of Fox News
  169. John Fund and Andrew Breitbart at Wisconsin: "Go to Hell"
  170. Welcome! Welcome, One And All! Welcome. To Your Future.
  171. Palin crawls out of her hole, drops new catch phrase, sees shadow, six more weeks of
  172. Another GOP Official Caught Forwarding Racist Obama Email
  173. Madison Rally: 500 of them, 5000 of us!! Walker lies:There is NO Silent Majority
  174. To The American Media: Time To Face The Reality Of Election Rigging
  175. Does DU need/want a debate section for respectful RWers?
  176. Hee hee! Walldud has delusions of grandeur again
  177. Wisconsin SCJ David Prosser says Recount by challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg"frivolous"
  178. Is Trump Scamming The RepubliCON Party?
  179. Mail a Million Panties to John Boehner to Protest the GOP Assault on Planned Parentho
  180. We are in the middle of a second Civil War (DUmmy makes a goof)
  181. Durbin refuses to rule out changes to Social Security; DUmp implodes
  182. RALLY for RECOUNT!! Kloppenburg -
  183. Someone isn't happy about getting their conspiracy theories swept under the rug
  184. Why are the Republicans being so brazen about their plans to dismantle America?
  185. More DU Double Standards
  186. Why the breakup of the U.S. is inevitable.
  187. 14 year old tea partier reacts to Wisc hecklers
  188. New Poll Concludes the Majority of Republicans are Birthers
  189. US drone missiles kill 25 people in Pakistan tribal area home
  190. Can a fucking CONGRESSMAN get away with calling the President "A Low-Level, Socialist
  191. The fact that some 14 year old teabagger piece of shit
  192. 'Vampire' woman gets ‘horns’ implanted
  193. So I'm into target shooting and try to frequent some sites...
  194. Florida Pastor And Associate In Jail After Refusing To Pay $1 Bond
  195. Kloppenburg Recount will be PARTIALLY by hand. Also the Wausheka County
  196. So I responded, "Need another jump - Get Rush Limbaugh to do it"
  197. McDonalds victim speaks out.
  198. Could we stop with the nasty bashing of Easter and Christ for just a bit?
  199. more BDS - Bush to finish 100K bike race for wounded soldiers
  200. Obama releasing his b certificate is "just doing what he has to do as a black man"
  201. The President just nailed the birthers and Trump -- "Sideshows and carnival barkers"
  202. Birtherism is NOT about Obama's BC. It is racist code language.
  203. I hope all the birther racists are happy now. I'm sad that his daughters must experie
  204. Has to be a mole...
  205. Okay, here's the thing: The hyper wealthy do not deserve their wealth
  206. The jug-eared Muslim. But it's not racist.
  207. WilliamPitt: free bradley manning
  208. Sorry it took so long to get my birth certificate...I was too busy killing Bin Laden
  209. Americans should be ashamed today..
  210. The DUmp comments on Osama's death
  211. Bin Laden posts from the 9/11 dungeon
  212. Prediction: Obama's approval numbers won't clear 80% despite this success.
  213. Hey DUmmies......
  214. Where's William Pitt?
  215. BDS continues to live at DU: Like a fly on the ass of an ox claiming credit for plowi
  216. These motherfuckers never give up, do they?
  217. This Is Why A Majority of Americans Don't Support Liberals/Progressives
  218. I think it's funny the press keeps reporting that "hard drives were taken"
  219. How long will this last???
  220. Minnesota man kills stepdaughter in Michigan....She wasn't following Islam
  221. Who killed more innocent people - George W. Bush or Osama Bin Laden?
  222. Is anyone else like me? 9/11 was not an earth shattering event in my life
  223. Thank you, President Bush
  224. Kentuck has a temper tantrum: Fuck Bush !
  225. Imagine that you're George bush. Imagine you're standing next to Obama. Imagine how s
  226. DUers define "torture": The GOP is still using torture to this day...
  227. To all you Freeper Trolls -
  228. Obama Smacks Down Bush- "We Don't Trot Out This Stuff Out As Trophies"
  229. Obama CANNOT LOSE in 2012. Now is when we need PROGRESSIVE ACTIONS.
  230. How Many Gays Must God Create Before We Accept That He Wants Them Around?
  231. Have The Republicans' Actions Lately Reminded Anyone Else Of A Certain Easter Story?
  232. wow....cali is treading on dangerous waters
  233. So I Did A Silent Callout On a Republican Hypocrite
  234. So they had all these computers in the Usama mansion but no network?
  235. I'm sad he was assassinated
  236. Why DU is destined to fail
  237. DUer concerned about entering the country illegally!
  238. AP - Gfk Poll: Obama's Approval Hits 60 Per Cent.
  239. ChemTrails
  240. hell -has- frozen over - a good report on an insurance company meeting
  241. I Want To Smack Every Teabagger I See
  242. Help! Anyone here know how to pass a urine test?
  243. Not one fucking penny
  244. Isn't this playing the race card?
  245. The American experiment in democracy is ending in disaster.
  246. the texas taliban strikes again
  247. Saw a real fundagelical idiot on the road yesterday.
  248. Well this is disturbing
  249. Has anyone else noticed that right-wingers have stopped referring to the US as a demo
  250. Obama campaign selling 'birther' T-shirts