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  1. Poll question: Was the Gingrich "glitter bomb" appropriate?
  2. Frank gets a mention again on DU!!!
  3. The Amerikan Police State Strides Forward (Strauss-Kahn)
  4. Email from Alan Grayson - Is Sarah Palin "Profoundly Stupid"?
  5. Rapture prank: Leave clothes and shoes around town
  6. Ruh Roh! Get it while it's hot!
  7. That's it, I am closing my bank acct. today...
  8. Hee hee! This will be an epic, I'm sure
  9. Hey DUmmies...
  10. Yo, Bibi. What Have You Done For Me Lately?
  11. Don't be too hard on the people who thought they would be Raptured
  12. Where is the Joplin Storm heading?
  13. Fox News: Obama drunk!!!!!!!!
  14. Obama Admin creates new position to fight back against online smears.
  15. Can Scalia be impeached?
  16. Why Obama is Kicking Ass
  17. I saw something today I wasn't supposed to see
  18. Hmph. NOW they're indignant about it
  19. Why is the Justice Dept going after John Edwards while giving Bush officials a pass?
  20. Call FoxSNews And Demand.......
  21. My child is a bona fide loser.....
  22. An FB post on why we should tax the rich
  23. Palin's bus trip already a success
  24. Hey lurking dummies................
  25. I annoyed a Rush Limbaugh listener today
  26. poor little teabagger.
  27. U.S. home prices have fallen more than in Great Depression
  28. PHOTOS: A rare glimpse into daily life in North Korea (VERY pic heavy)
  29. up to 1,000 youths involved in gang fights in Boston
  30. An Open Letter To My Creditors
  31. If you are drunk in your house (BAC .08) you can be arrested
  32. In true DUmmie style...
  33. Thus far, Obama has been unable to get us out of the Bush Depression.
  34. Hannah Bell ordered a pizza
  35. Just Blew Up Some Bible-Thumpers
  36. Rethug gets mad at me when I suggest we stop Medicare -- NOW
  37. Sarah Palin is the perfect candidate for Republicans.
  38. Bill Maher On Palin: “Anybody Could Be President In This Dumb F*ckin’ Country” - VIDE
  39. Our Tahrir Square: DC's Freedom Plaza on October 6th
  40. Jason Leopold on the Patriot Act and Obama's expansion of War.
  41. Proud to be an American?
  42. DUmmyland in meltdown mode!! (weinergate)
  43. Post to Apologize to Andrew Breitbart
  44. Does this mean that Breitbart DOESN'T have syphilis?
  45. When will we have a political system that protects the private lives...
  46. Anthony Weiner was not trying to find women to have relations with the way Chris Lee
  47. Weinergate was a Republican plant? LOL.
  48. Limp Weiner
  49. DUmbAss Post of the Day!!
  50. Keith Olbermann Breaks Silence On MSNBC Exit; Could Earn $100M at Current TV
  51. One of my best friends called me today
  52. The Truth About Paul Ryan
  53. Teh Stupid...
  54. Weiner v. Breitbart -- US Supreme Court
  55. Well I called Rick Scott's office for a personal need yesterday.
  56. Heinz Raises Profit Target, Plans to Cut Jobs (800-1,000)
  57. 'it's all about me.....me....wonderful me'
  58. Weiner Admits Tweeting with Minor, Says Wasn't 'Indecent'
  59. Enough of this crap about "uncertainty."
  60. Best of: A DUmmie gets it right!
  61. Palin thread smackdown
  62. Oops! Reality smackdown.
  63. More Anthony Weiner photos surface online.
  64. GOP hopeful Herman Cain admits he refused pizza to black neighborhood
  65. The Democratic Party needs to claim the moral high ground.
  66. Good God! these shots of the audience are priceless
  67. Why should the right respect your right to complain ?
  68. Wait a minute: We're attacking Bachmann for taking in foster kids?
  69. there are some hard feelings surrounding discussion of LGBT issues
  70. Wtf?
  71. And another scalp adorns the mantle of Breitbart, laughing at our ineptness.
  72. LOL! When a DUmmie pwns a DUmmie, coming through the rye...
  73. Was anyone else watching the College World Series opening game? UNC v Vanderbilt?
  74. There have been a lot of posts expressing disappointment with the Dems lately.
  75. You know you're a libtard DUmmie when
  76. bouncies are getting lamer....KAAAAABOOM
  77. Help! I'll Be Debating the Tea Party...
  78. Heed the Warning Signs; America is Edging Ever Closer to a Societal Implosion
  79. Republicans are sabotaging the recovery!!
  80. Get the hell out !
  81. I found out what I owe today. I'm sick and terrified.
  82. New Jersey State Assembly (yep, controlled by Dems) moves to cut benefits for public
  83. So Glenn Beck is starting a pay website called GBTV.
  84. Umm...should we all call Eric Holder's Office right fucking now
  85. Damn I love Kieth Olbermann but.
  86. Guys, I gotta say- I am truly depressed right now.
  87. Update on my neighbor, the Limbaugh fan
  88. Let's talk about Republicans.
  89. We Did It!!!!!!
  90. Gay marriage in NY will be a boost to the economy...
  91. B/W Forum Rules...
  92. A hidden world, growing beyond control- Top Secret America
  93. We are in a second Great American Depression
  94. I was stopped at a PA State Police checkpoint today.
  95. Will New Jersey recgonize New York's gay marriages?
  96. What do you make of the fact that TSA has grown more intrustive under the Obama Admin
  97. Oh, For The Love Of Pete
  98. blood boiling to point of incoherence here
  99. W. was incredibly stupid. Obama is incredibly smart. So why the wars?
  100. Fuck you, George W Bush.
  101. Tweety:Al Gore ran a terrible campaign
  102. I think that the president is making a political mistake
  103. Is there really that much difference between John Wayne Gacy and a president?
  104. California: Why can't EVERYONE just learn Spanish?
  105. I am not going to be nice. Michelle Bachman is an ignorant, deluded, shit for brains
  106. Glenn Beck Says Family Harassed In Bryant Park: 'It Was A Hostile Situation'
  107. Memoirs of Torturers
  108. The America we knew is gone
  109. WATCH WHAT THEY DO... they got a leak in NM
  110. All of you - stop it! Stop the fucking infighting!!
  111. Would Halpernin have called a white president a *censored*?
  112. So today's Orlando Sentinel has a poll: Are Liberals full of hate?
  113. I Googled Blagojevich Democratic Underground
  114. "Transformers: Asshole" Zero Out Of Four Stars (Yes, It's Political...)
  115. I'm asking for a personal favor:
  116. I'm just going to say it
  117. The Fourth of July - What it means to the average American?
  118. Minnesota Government Shuts Down As Republicans Refuse To Raise Taxes On Millionaires
  119. A perfect example of how DU people just do not get it
  120. Calls for Prosser Resignation More Than 10,000 Strong
  121. Noam Chomsky denounces old friend Hugo Chávez for 'assault' on democracy
  122. Now he is using the gay meme.....
  123. I Pledge Allegiance to the Pole (some thoughts on the Fourth of July)
  124. Bill Clinton calls for corporate tax cut.....Thanks Bill.... not
  125. Happy Independence Day - Fuck you Rupert Murdoch
  126. I am MOIST with patriotism on this 4th as I gaze upon London's 10-foot-tall Zombie
  127. God is a Republican
  128. I just met America's Biggest Hypocrite
  129. Just so no one forgets: Clarence Thomas
  130. I think I may barf!
  131. How is Bobbolink doing? Haven't seen posts from her lately.
  132. It's over. They've won. We're f*cked. America is done.
  133. Now i want to put those high executive salaries in to perspective
  134. WI: $750,000 to be spent on voter ID education.
  135. Please tell me nobody thinks like this
  136. Republicans, U.S. Chamber ‘crash’ Obama Twitter Town Hall
  137. Stupid, paranoid, war mongering sicko's...
  138. I'm just going to come out and say it-- Obama is a bad Democratic president
  139. The only way we teach Obama how to draw a line is by drawing one for him.
  140. I think I'm going to stay out of the DU war that has just begun.
  141. DUer Thinks Cop Should Just Talk To Knife Armed Felon.
  142. Freepers are obsessed with "Fast & Furious" ATF operation...
  143. Why do you dislike the Republican Party?
  144. I'm seeing people with 1000+ posts I've never heard of
  145. Psss---White House, I know you're monitoring DU.... Click on my thread...
  146. DU:
  147. If you think there is no such thing as White Privlege, I have two words for you...
  148. Bachmann Pledges to Ban Porn But Did She Expose 23 Minors to Pedophile?
  149. Find a Marxist group near you or on line and JOIN IT........
  150. The GOP’s 2012 Secrete Weapon – Voter Suppression
  151. Obama is an errand boy sent by Wall Street
  152. Why The Rich Fear Violence in The Streets
  153. Obama looking like a one-term president - Salon
  154. A 50,000-Foot View of the Global Crisis
  155. He's the President of everybody, and he's found out that the rich are waaay more fun
  156. Calls to try Bush administration officials for war crimes
  157. If there were a primary challenge to the President, who would you vote for?
  158. Low turnout as Wisconsin recall elections begin
  159. Hey ReTHUGS
  160. DUers supporting investigation and prosecution of BUSH/CHENEY administration...
  161. Scott Walker is a Douchebag
  162. Tell those TeaBaggers, THE FIRST PAYMENT must go to
  163. Liberal group threatens to pull Obama support
  164. I'm very close to breaking up with my man because of Republicans
  165. Hoover caused our first Great Depression - Bush caused the Second
  166. Poll: 71% shun GOP handling of debt crisis, 21% approve. Obama earns 43% approval on
  167. Rahm is now privatizing city services to break Chicago unions.
  168. Florida has been conquered by barbarians. – A glimpse of the future.
  169. Rep. Allen West's Attack called "sexist, ugly"
  170. Court: Appeal to assassinate Obama is protected speech
  171. Cenk Uygur out at MSNBC - Officially
  172. Heads Up! Keith Olbermann will be doing a cameo on Late Show with David Letterman...
  173. Do you plan to pay the mandated premiums (Obamacare)?
  174. Gay Barbarians glitter Marcus Bachmann's waiting room, chanting "you can't pray away
  175. DU has been infiltrated wit Freepers -- Time to fight back!
  176. Please trust President Obama
  177. Unemployment claims 418,000 for week
  178. How right wing ideology is destroying my relationship with my boyfriend. Part II
  179. That was the singularly best teevee performance of Obama's presidency
  180. Forget Anonymous: Evidence Suggests GOP Hacked, Stole 2004 Election
  181. Conservatism is a mental illness
  182. Raise the debt ceiling. Period
  183. Fox News ratings speak for themselves: so what are smart people watching?
  184. In Five Months The Calm Act Will Go Into Effect
  185. 19 Shootings in Seattle on Saturday.......
  186. I have never seen reality so unrelated to reality in this country
  187. I Will Forever Hold G.W.Bush & The Repugs Responsible For...
  188. To all:
  189. Anyone else really miss Anthony Weiner right now?
  190. "I will never be able to save enough to securely fund a private retirement"
  191. So This Is Despair
  192. The GOP's racism has driven them mad
  193. A question about Obama's honor
  194. Norway prisons - private cells, flat screens, mini fridges, windows.
  195. I'm getting sick of the rich and wealthy
  196. I'm just gonna say this outright...
  197. What are the chances that a clean bill will be passed at the last minute?
  198. Darrell Issa stole my fucking hot dog (Congressman Bouncy)
  199. Any form of a debt ceiling passes Obama/Democrats win Republicans/Tea Party lose
  200. AMERICAN HERO - AL FRANKEN: Welcomes Republican "TERRORISTS" To Senate Floor!
  201. m$nbc teabagging asshole alert.....
  202. Is there any way to successfully counter the brainwashing of FOX and
  203. Gag order and suspension for the scientist who revealed polar bear drownings
  204. A DUmmy asks a stupid question(printing money)
  205. This is going to sound paranoid as hell
  206. The Tea Party's Terrorist Tactics
  207. To every lurking Tea Bagger, Freeper and Cave Dweller...YOU ARE STUPID.
  208. America is self-destructing -- a rant.
  209. invoking the 14th will be a huge political win for Obama
  210. I am officially furious now
  211. Considering how Pro Business, Republicans are and how they want Government to be run
  212. Have you made phone calls today?
  213. Attention Tea Party Caucus
  214. Busted: Massive Calif. pot farm spanned 50 acres
  215. Hypothetically, if we were to have a Democratic Underground Summer Camp for kids
  216. What exactly are the Republicans holding out for now?
  217. Bush once again tries to sell his "I didn't want to scare the CHILDREN" fairy tale...
  218. Want to see an example of a Republican newspaper expecting everyone to be as stupid
  219. Social media fail: @BarackObama loses 36,000-plus Twitter followers in barrage
  220. Anti intellectualism.. this is what you get
  221. Trader Joe's dumpsters are full of fresh, nutritious food
  222. Yet another "All Chope is lost" thread
  223. I'm a liberal. If you're a liberal, too, maybe you can tell me: Who the fuck is on...
  224. With this deal, Obama has become a Republican
  225. He sounded cold, like seniors and the needy did not matter.
  226. K&R if you want Barack Obama to stand down at the end of this term
  227. this is all Jeb Bush's fault
  228. Betrayal
  229. You think its painful now? You ain't seen nuthin' yet.
  230. Rep. Conyers: Obama Demanded Social Security Cuts--Not GOP
  231. Just think if John Kerry had won in 2004
  232. My sister just crossed the line
  233. We need a progressive filibuster! I'm asking Senator Sanders to filibuster:
  234. Does anyone else feel like there's no hope left?
  235. A President in Reverse
  236. OK DU, we have a mission.. GET PAT BUCHANNAN OFF MSNBC
  237. It's all BULLSHIT. Retirement should be 55, Min Wage should be $20...
  238. Might Conversion Therapy Work? NPR Says It's Debatable
  239. BOYCOTT DELTA AIRLINES...I'm so mad I cannot even see straight.
  240. If you'd tax me more, I'd hire more people - as a small business owner
  241. Sorry Fred, we've been friends for 30 years but I never thought you'd email me anythi
  242. Warning: Conspiracy Theory Inside
  243. I think I'm finally understanding the right wing brain. This, from personal experienc
  244. Obama, on Verge of 50, Returns to Fund-Raising
  245. 81% of the media have acted like pompous jackasses.
  246. CA Dem Party progressives explore primary challenge to Obama
  247. Guess What The Fiscal Conservatives DIDN’T Do Before Going on Vacation?
  248. The White House: We Don't Create Jobs
  249. For those who might be making preparations to become homeless:
  250. Depression has set in......