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  1. If Bernie Sanders runs in the presidential primary, I will consider running against..
  2. What do you think about the "rich"?
  3. Best: Matriculatin' the Ball Down the field.
  4. SLAM....bouncies are really getting lamer.
  5. Incredibly powerful NY Times Op-Ed: What Happened to Obama?
  6. Texas billionaire Charles Wyly killed in car accident
  7. Best quote from a London Rioter...
  8. I'm being interviewed for a fluffy feature article today--
  9. 30,000 college students kicked out of food aid program in Michigan
  10. Shit, we hated bush, but at least we didn't burn the country down
  11. The Market Has Spoken: Austerity Is Bad for Business
  12. I can't believe all the fucking impractical advice FROM BOTH SIDES for a POTUS
  13. Ok, first Al Gore, and now Chris Matthews are calling for people to hit the streets.
  14. F--k you, Republicans
  15. The problem is NOT too much spending. The problem is rich fucks not paying taxes!
  16. Before the coup d'état in Chile, the US, with the help of the banks...
  17. O needed more early Bush blaming
  18. I got it. I know how to fix the problem. How to break through the impasse.
  19. Just a tip for the London rioters:
  20. DUmmies don't get it.
  21. What will you do to make America a better place?
  22. Democrats retract accusations of tampering by Waukesha County Clerk Nickolaus
  23. DUmmies try to mislead
  24. Wisconsin should be a cake walk
  25. Snoutport bids you adieu... time to leave DU
  26. Bouncy conversion
  27. Victory in Wisconsin
  28. NYT: Wisconsin’s Warning to Union-Busters
  29. Christine O’Donnell’s Amazon page ‘bombed’ with dildos
  30. Tax the Rich Bastards at 90% for a Fucking Decade !
  31. Summer 2012 Riots?
  32. Happyhippychick 'splody
  33. LOL, DUers discuss narcissism
  34. I'm always amazed how the Republicans keep their party together.
  35. DUer claims Perry looks like Nazi in his American cadet uniform.
  36. We are doomed.
  37. Ridiculous amount of Bachmann on TV Sunday
  38. This is why no one should criticize President Obama.....
  39. Bachmann: "Submissive" doesn't mean subservient.
  40. What happened in Wisconsin? Citizen exit polls suggest (more) GOP election fraud
  41. The Reep kooks are pretending to run so Jeb looks like a winner when he announces.
  42. What is your excuse America
  43. My daughter has a JOB!...it isn't much...
  44. Bash the GOP in style: see your new home for the 2012 election season (and beyond)...
  45. Obama Not Obsessed With Keeping Job: Robert Gibbs
  46. wow...talk about censorship.....
  47. Let me tell you about this little shit that showed up at my door...
  48. The time to put socialism on the agenda is now
  49. Talked to GM at my local walmart today. WTF!
  50. Toronto's mayor wants to ban begging as services for the homeless get slashed
  51. As a Democrat who has abandoned Obama let me tell you something about it.
  52. I hate to say it but I can see Rick Perry becoming President..
  53. Obumbler gets 70% disapproval rating in DUmp poll
  54. Ohio union reps are a no show for meeting with Gov. Kasich
  55. I think I've figured out why the non-wealthy would support teabagger policies/goals.
  56. Why donate to DU?
  57. Republicans Are Not Fit To Govern
  58. PETA demands that colonists on Mars be vegans...
  59. There's a Turd Floating in Ayn Rand's Swimming Pool.............
  60. How many DU'ers have long time friends/family who are RW'ers?
  61. More DU infighting.
  62. Business doesn't create jobs.
  63. I think Maxine Waters speaks for Americans of all races
  64. Doesn't Obama deserve a modicum of praise for the "Arab Spring"?
  65. Need a hand here..
  66. Atman looks for love, attention and affirmation of his distorted beliefs
  67. Satan is running the show
  68. What's the "huge problem?"
  69. A former DUer here, would like to reminisce
  70. 11,000 Square Feet. Mitt Romney will have an 11,000 sf CA beach house.
  71. My exposure to some really dumb Americans
  72. Do you think humans will go extinct?
  73. FCC officially kills Fairness Doctrine, wiping it from rules
  74. How does high school produce dumbed-down people? Easy: Republican censorship...
  75. Code Pink: War criminal Dick Cheney's new crime book coming out Aug 30
  76. Judiciary Committee Chairman Admits He’s Using Anti-Immigrant Hearings To ‘Embarrass
  77. NY Times disinformation campaign against Obama
  78. Gawker sums it all up: "This is going to be the most racist election ever."
  79. All of this is totally unnecessary.
  80. Who's going to DC on Oct 6th?
  81. Irene is going to smash some part of the US coastline
  82. I'm Baack..
  83. Teh stupid - it burns
  84. Let's make a deal with the Republicans?
  85. Tell me I am being paranoid and the GOP would NEVER sink this low...
  86. Back to the dark ages
  87. This is the first US hurricane landfall since Obama...
  88. Mission: Infiltrate Liberal Websites and pose as disaffected liberals with liberal...
  89. DUmmies freely expose their hatred and ignorance
  90. I just had a run in with a conservative
  91. Prison Slave Labor, Victimless Crime Legislation, & the Prison-Industrial Complex
  92. Guitar Wars
  93. I know we can disagree, and in fact I expect we will.
  94. We lost power and my apartment flooded
  95. GOP pols told they're not welcome at Wausau Labor Day parade
  96. On MSNBC they are covering how this storm behaved in
  97. Prepare for mass head explosions at the DUmp
  98. The big picture of Irene, droughts, tornadoes, and yes snowmogedon...
  99. Has anyone been noticing a decrease in bird sounds lately?
  100. Fatal bear attack in Yellowstone is the second this summer
  101. So do DUers now understand why ReTHUGS destroyed ACORN
  102. History will never absolve Bush and Cheney
  103. Wausau Mayor Says City Won't Pay For Labor Day Parade If GOP Isn't Invited To Attend
  104. Shots fired outside Rep. Gene Green’s office in Houston
  105. Never-fail prediction system shows 2012 win for Obama
  106. A stroke of pure political genius!
  107. Poll question: How should Obama respond to Boehner's assholery - dig in, Oval Office,
  108. Dick Cheney, The Ultimate American Terrorist
  109. Ouch!
  110. Why Are The Repugs So Intent On Sabotaging Obama?......
  111. The Tar Sands project is sheer insanity
  112. DUers admit liberalism is a failure
  113. FRONTLINE: Top CIA Official: Obama Changed Virtually None of Bush’s Controversial...
  114. Five Drivers Decline Obama Invite
  115. How can they say he is not liberal?
  116. I will just say this
  117. Dark clouds and a sinking feeling..
  118. Cheney: 'Honored to be compared to Darth Vader'
  119. what is funny to me is that liberals think we should not "hate" them
  120. this country scares the living daylights out of me
  121. Why is DU Claiming this is good?
  122. Omaha Steve is ramping up slowly, but ramping up just the same
  123. Rise Like Lions
  124. POSTED AT DU and my response
  125. Time to quit p*ssy-footing around & call Republican Party what they really are...
  126. What's wrong with telling the truth about the Republicans??
  127. Breakfast with Helen Thomas, still full of great commentary and acid quips
  128. War crimes are being committed by the Western powers...
  129. I just got turned down as a substitute teacher.
  130. All jobs should be unionized
  131. "What happened??"
  132. Dear DU Thanks for the MEMORIES!!! (corrected post #30,000)
  133. Another exchange with My Favorite Wingnut…
  134. The way forward: Obama needs to crush two people and one corporation.
  135. GOP Race Down To Two Mentally Ill People, Person Who Lost Nomination Last Time
  136. CNN is not helping
  137. 9/11 will mean NOTHING to me
  138. Check in if you'll be in DC on 10/6.
  139. They're going after Hoffa's remarks because they're terrified of people fighting back
  140. Pitt losing mind???
  141. Robert Gates Says Israel Is an Ungrateful Ally: Jeffrey Goldberg
  142. People I know from Texas are absolutely PISSED at Rick Perry
  143. Sorry, Hoffa's comments were a media boon and just fit perfectly into
  144. In 6 years, I've paid $70,000 to my mortgage companies ...
  145. Obama, Romney jobs plans reveal deep philosophical divide
  146. Obama OKs Largest Residential Solar Project
  147. Florida: Link to 9/11 hijackers found in Sarasota never revealed....SHOCKING!
  148. The GOP War on Voting
  149. Hello y'all
  150. A friendly tip for job seekers:
  151. Kitchen staff walks out at Castagnola's in S.F.
  152. That speech gave me chills..It was great and a definate challenge to
  153. All generalities, more privatiziation, bankrupt Social Securi
  154. Raven in outraged: They are talking golf????Golf????? The worst financial crisis in
  155. Get ready for a BDS weekend!
  156. Rumsfeld helped rescuers in the Pentagon parking lot on 9/11
  157. Economic equality equals happiness.
  158. DUers applaud union violence.
  159. DUmmies get a reality check
  160. A DU'er Asks how much do regulations Cost
  161. M$M consistently implies Demcrats are just as responsible for 'DC comix' as Repulican
  162. Ten years ago today....
  163. Wouldn't the Repugs love to kill the Post Office
  164. The most obvious way to commemorate 9/11/01 this weekend
  165. Surrogate Mom Loses Appeal Over Health Insurance
  166. A Vision I encountered driving to the Store in my Southern Home Town today
  167. Ten years ago this day, the world's most dangerous terrorist organization was unleash
  168. I blame THESE creeps for 9/11!
  169. You could see the guilt all over shrub's face today....
  170. Ten Thoughts on This Tenth Anniversary
  171. My Filipina wife asked a good question about 9/11
  172. Thank you GWB, Cheney and Condi
  173. Fuck you Joe Scum
  174. Once again, fuck you teabaggers!
  175. Yesterday's 9/11 Celebrations were Kabuki Theater
  176. Couldn't believe it: my USPS delivery guy was listening to Rush when he pulled up,
  177. A Christian confronts my 13-year-old daughter
  178. A "Best Of" - DUer cynatnite
  179. Is patriotism any better than racism or sexism?
  180. I Stand With Paul Krugman
  181. Breaking: 87% of Tacoma teachers vote to strike!
  182. Does the President realize how close he is to losing his progressive base?
  183. Nadin,Nadin,Nadin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  184. DUmbest Thread and stupidest post.
  185. Hey guys! Keith's TV rating has dropped to a new low...
  186. All in favor of moving the Democratic Convention out of North Carolina say "aye."
  187. Geithner ignored an order from Obama to dissolve Citigroup. WTF?
  188. Thread to express solidarity with those who will be occupying Wall Street tomorrow
  189. The GOPers are so envious, jealous of Pres Obama their undies are in a wad
  190. Poor Nadin's search for people who care...
  191. A long-time friend posted on Facebook
  192. Help needed ASAP for Wall Street protesters
  193. Vote for Gore, or die.
  194. So property valuation came today for 2011.
  195. Were Twin Towers felled by chemical blasts?
  196. George W. Bush, plain fuckin stole the 2000 election.
  197. Fat rich white guy is on MSNBC saying American Dream is now a lousy job
  198. A closer look at the Republican voters...
  199. Slavery Footprint: How Many Forced Laborers Work For You?
  200. I write this to tell those who have known me for all the years I have been on DU
  201. The easiest way for Dems to win a landslide victory in 2012..
  202. What would a Tea Party controlled America look like?
  203. Help please I need a job!!
  204. Rush Limbaugh is an overpaid blowhard fascist.
  205. My new front door mat!
  206. Did my bit today. Requested and got change from FAUXNEWS on new dentist's TV.
  207. Conservatives Say It Out Loud: They Hate Democracy
  208. Mass arrest at Occupy Wall Street, over 80 arrested, including media team
  209. Tell the media to stop the blackout of the Wall Street protests!
  210. Oh, great-Cain won a straw poll. Now he'll NEVER go away
  211. I'm Going to Launch a Charter School; A Public Charter School.
  212. "Protester falls to his knees in tears in front of Chase Bank crying"
  213. Would it help the US to nationalize the banking system?
  214. Herman Cain's straw poll win in Florida only highlights rethug racism
  215. Attention CURRENT TV - Occupy Wall Street is your Casey Anthony Trial Moment !
  216. If Cain wins the puke nom, will the white racists vote for Obama?
  217. If your unhappiness with Obama is not due to race then I and others are not speaking
  218. Anonymous Goes After the Pepper Spray Cop's Personal Info
  219. Is the GOP the Humpty Dumpty Party?
  220. "Occupy Philadelphia" gaining followers...
  221. We are fucked.
  222. That angry heckler was directly in front of the President for over 30 seconds uncheck
  223. "Progressive"? No: I'm a Fucking LIBERAL!
  224. The Occupied Turn Occupiers
  225. I miss Bush. There, I said it.
  226. Exterminate Republicans.
  227. A More Progressive Tax System Makes People Happier, 54-Nation Study Finds
  228. Has any rich person ever publicly and voluntarily written a big check to the US Treas
  229. Could you be married to a conservative?? How about friends??
  230. The October 6th protesters will have peace keepers.
  231. Karl Rove instructed his followers to infiltrate liberal blogs, forums,etc
  232. We are the 99% (Dial up warning)
  233. Are We Killing Ourselves in Yemen, Now?
  234. Republicans who need apples in their mouths and roasted on a spit
  235. al-Awlaki's assassination: I call BULLSHIT and so should every thinking person.
  236. First ‘official’ statement from the Occupy Wall Street movement
  237. If Obama can execute a US citizen for being in al Qaeda w/o a trial, why can't he pro
  238. Thousands of protesters descend on Manhattan...is this the start of a middle class up
  239. The Marines are coming to Wall St
  240. A Tale of Two Demonstrations...
  241. NYT: Police Arresting Protesters on Brooklyn Bridge
  242. PROTESTER: Here's What Happened When Hundreds Of People Got Arrested On The Brooklyn
  243. NYPD Mass Arrests of Occupy Wall Street Protesters: Firsthand Account from AlterNet..
  244. Could Teabaggers be deliberately leading Occupy WS astray?. Blocking the Bklyn Bridge
  245. Just came back from #OccupyTampa
  246. Sign up for the Virtual March on Wall Street
  247. Occupy Jail Cells
  248. Do you believe that some blacks are racist?
  249. The next step....Occupy the land.
  250. The 99% is the perfect name for a movement because it puts most voters in