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  1. The girl on the bridge
  2. Is there any story they can't work Cheney into
  3. Keith Olbermann is going to Wall Street Tomorrow!!!!
  4. Be prepared .... next step is for Wall Streeters to actively oppose OWS....
  5. Obama shafts Medical Marijuana!
  6. 890 protesters were arrested at 1 am this morning at their camp in San Francisco
  7. Occupy Sarasota!!!!
  8. Blame Ronald Reagan for Occupy Wall Street and the 99%ers.
  9. Protesters gather outside Sarasota bank
  10. Demands from the Left
  11. I don't have the facts . . .
  12. Did any of you catch what Harry Reid said yesterday on the Floor of the Senate?
  13. Is there any way to implement the Jobs Plan without Congress?
  14. Get your dummie yard signs right here!!
  15. What To Do If Arrested
  16. Hey sarasota....you had company!!
  17. DU Occupies Wall Street in NYC Today! (Live thread)
  18. OWS needs to demand that Glass-Steagall is reinstated
  19. OMG - We both got FT jobs and start Monday!
  20. Republicans: Their ‘Elegant Disguise For Hatred Of The Human Race’
  21. Occupy American needs only ONE goal: Ban the GOP
  22. The North Koreans are all starving - again.
  23. Unsanitary and filthy conditions complements of O
  24. It is time to boycott Koch Brothers' Georga Pacific
  25. Bank On It: They're Scared
  26. Protesters prepare to dig in for winter
  27. Expect Us.....
  28. We need to start preparing for the next phase of OWS
  29. "Occupy" Participants Beware: Agents Provocateur Like The One at Air Space Museum Are
  30. China brought more people out of poverty than the entire population of the US.
  31. This mother fucker is CLUELESS!!! about race
  32. Is Michael Moore a prophet?
  33. #OccupyWallStreet: We Need to Circle the White House and Liberate Obama
  34. I am so fucking sick of these people.
  35. You FUCKING clueless pizza delivery TOOL...racism doesn't "hold anybody back in a big
  36. Remember when the Tea Partiers were maced and mass arrested
  37. Panic of the Plutocrats.
  38. Sharpton to broadcast from Occupy Wall Street protests
  39. FOX NEWS LIES! FOX NEWS LIES! Geraldo Driven Out Of Occupy Wall Street Protest!
  40. Herman Cain is at a book store at Cool Springs Galleria in Nashville Franklin area si
  41. How much should employers give their employees.........
  42. Occupy Chicago is marching and has effectively stalled rush hour traffic . . .
  43. Riot police headed toward protestors at Occupy Boston
  44. DUer David Swanson to join Keith tonight to discuss the TWO infiltrators
  45. Just Say No To Big Weed!
  46. Why Danes Are So Much Happier Than Americans.?
  47. ThinkProgress: Boston Police Throw American Flag To Ground, Arrest Veterans, Trash Pr
  48. Capitalism IS the problem
  49. Occupy Boston, after the fiasco of the arrests...
  50. Will the Right be as Obsessed about "Cain" as some were about "Hussein"?
  51. With a heavy heart, I have left my local Occupy group...
  52. I'm about to cry: just received my first eviction notice
  53. House GOP Proposes So-Called ‘Let Women Die’ Bill That Lets Hospitals Deny Life-Savi
  54. It's time to make our first 3 demands. #OWS
  55. Michael Moore Gets Giddy Over Occupy Wall Street: 'Finally!'
  56. Atheist Activist Participating In Local Parade Is Attacked By A Muslim
  57. Arrest Bush for rights abuse, Amnesty tells Canada
  58. Victoria Jackson Goes To Occupy Wall Street, Inflames Protesters
  59. Herman Cain - Crazy like a fox..................
  60. EMERGENCY CALL TO ACTION: Prevent the forcible closure of Occupy Wall Street
  61. WOW! Occupy Wall Street Raises $225K !
  62. Official name for the OWS folks.
  63. Solidarity thread for occupiers facing eviction tonight and tomorrow....
  64. Al GORE: "Count me among those supporting and cheering on the Occupy Wall Street move
  65. Fuck you teabaggers and Wall Street. Operation #wallstcleanup
  66. Is there a way for people on line to occupy a specific site?
  67. #OccupyRochester to occupy foreclosed homes
  68. Chicago Protesters Stage "Die-In" at Bank of America
  69. "Occupy Wall Street has already won."
  70. Michael Moore almost has me in tears
  71. What metric will the OWS use to declare - we won?
  72. Drones don't kill people
  73. I'm puzzled by what we expect to accomplish by the OWS
  74. I just Occupied. **Sacramento Grocery Store**
  75. I want to send some comfortable shoes to White House
  76. Herman Cains wife not yet in the spot light
  77. Anyone see this Anti-OWS handwritten letter? Real or Fake?
  78. Child Slaves Made Your Halloween Candy
  79. Isn't there a pic of the TRASH the Tea Baggers left after their rally? FB Battle...
  80. U.S. Deficit Increased to $1.3T in Fiscal 2011
  81. Occupy Portland and war protest get almost complete media blackout here. WTF???
  82. Happy People Dancing on Planet Earth - Occupy people should do this
  83. If the GOP wins the presidency, the full power of the state will be unleashed
  84. What went wrong with the Citiback arrests (my perspective).
  85. Occupy SF needs FOOD!
  86. Ambassador Joe Wilson, others to protest KKKarl Rove in Seattle tomorrow
  87. OK, what's with the "OWS demand" that student loan debt be cancelled?
  88. We've WON!! OCCUPY WASILLA next Saturday.
  89. Demonstrations, poll fuel NY millionaire tax push
  90. So I'm exiting the highway and the traffic signal is red at the end of the ramp.
  91. Wall Street Firms Spy on OWS Protestors in Taxpayer-Funded 'Lower Manhatta...
  92. Squativersary Party
  93. Occupy Wall Street Come Up With List Of Demands
  94. Hate Radio is the Key
  95. Why many black Democrats* are uncomfortable w/Herman Cain: He embarrasses us in front
  96. I don't get it...why are people supporting taking down Qaddafi but not Saddam Hussein
  97. Fuck the Tea Party.
  98. Regarding the male privelige...Apologists and those who want to troll don't bother...
  99. When the next big Teabagger protest happens...
  100. If everyone's debt is in so much trouble, why don't we just forgive all
  101. GOP would lets us all die if they thought that would get that black man out of the Wh
  102. Will there be parades for returning Iraq Vets?
  103. 'Banker's Wife Joins Occupy Protests'
  104. I went to Zuccotti Park last night.
  105. 29 year old 99%er: "I will NEVER be out of debt"
  106. "I guess the world still needs ditch diggers."
  107. Libya's transitional leader, Mustafa Abdul-Jalil: Libya will be ruled by Sharia law!
  108. Umm, Herman Cain is black. Why would anyone believe the GOP would nominate him?
  109. Lech Walesa, What do you Have Against Unions and the U S Marines?
  110. Eye opening trip to Home Depot right now.....
  111. Texas Rangers fans give Shrub large ovation! Go Cardinals?
  112. What's your view of Right Wing Conservatives who do genuine good deeds?
  113. OWS: My pics from today. "Mic check!" (dialup warning!)
  114. certainly there have been well over 1000 arrested in "occupy" protests across the cou
  115. Why is it, that when we elect the first black man as president
  116. Anonymous is going after Fox News... Bravo!
  117. Flash grenades and rubber bullets at Occupy Oakland!
  118. Police State Targets Occupy Movements
  119. Occupy San diego surrounded
  120. Occupy Army, Marines, Air Force, Navy, Police, to provide OWS Convoy Escort
  121. OMG! Look at this video of extreme police violence against occupiers in Oakland!
  122. (((pics)))
  123. So I went to close out a bank account yesterday.
  124. I took an oath...
  125. Homemade protective riot gear and tips when dealing with teargas.
  126. Denver weather turns wintry; Occupy protesters say they fear they will die
  127. My father was a cop. Riot duty was one of his favorite gigs.
  128. SFPD entering the buses.
  129. Some practical steps you can take to protect yourself at your local Occupy event
  130. Call for general strike in the city of Oakland passed
  131. SHAME on this administration for not making a statement on the attempted murder of Sc
  132. GENERAL STRIKE!!! This is what the Occupy movement was born for!
  133. Occupy Human Dignity: My Story (Part 1)
  134. Remember when the Bush/Cheney administration was making plans to cancel the 2004...
  135. One more thing on OWS.
  136. no,no no don't let them share..copyrighted...stuff..
  137. Occupy Wall Street to march on NY City banks to deliver letters to the 1%
  138. While they're all watching OWS, Pelosi is screwing them over
  139. Nadin's head pop's off: "Holy Mother of God!"
  140. Why I hate the rich
  141. To all OWSers and allies regarding photos
  142. Notice to DUmmies: No more crap about white privilege when it comes to white women.
  143. Ok something is happening and the resistance is high
  144. At Occupy L.A., no lock step or group think
  145. "They" are attempting to discredit the Occupation movement.
  146. Here's a picture of the cop who arrested me tonight, Rochester Police CHIEF James...
  147. I don't want or need to be rich.
  148. Illinois Capitol Building served eviction notice by Occupy groups
  149. Elementary school to join Occupy Oakland strike
  150. This is going to make OWS look bad
  151. Report: NYPD steers drunks to Occupy Wall Street
  152. US Cuts Funding For UNESCO After Palestinian Vote
  153. Republicans excel at one thing – hatred
  154. Man found dead in tent during Occupy Okla. City protest; police say death...
  155. A thought on the homeless joining the Occupy groups
  156. Poll question: Poll: Capitalism or Socialism
  157. Occupy Oakland General Assembly Calls For Occupying Foreclosed And Abandoned...
  158. Is America one of the worst police states in the world?
  159. Just why the fuck should someone else you'll never meet own your fucking house in the
  160. Who's Paying for the GOP's Plan to Hijack the 2012 Election?
  161. Occupy Los Angeles' Demands and Objectives Committee releases 8 preliminary demands.
  162. I have a thought to help grow OWS. Offer free adult education classes
  163. Occupy demands: Let's radicalise our analysis
  164. The Black Bloc is not the responsibility of OWS. They are vandalizing your institutio
  165. General Strike. ....
  166. Had my groceries disappear out of my car on the way home.
  167. So Let Me Get This Straight - If I Have A Green Light And Hit A Person....
  168. Who is OWS?
  169. What THINGS could you give up to make a new world?
  170. Police, Occupy DC Protesters Differ on Collision
  171. Big, as in MONSTER favor from my fellow west coasties.
  172. Love this pic from OWS Denver
  173. Redstone has passed away.
  174. Joe Madison: All three woman Cain harassed are white blond and blue eyed
  175. What I don't understand about Herman Cain
  176. OMG, Brilliant! Occupy Denver elects a Border Collie as leader
  177. Amazing how Rs could impeach a President for sexual impropriety
  178. 'Occupy' protesters mint their own coloring book - w/pics
  179. Cain Campaign Puts Out Attack Piece Bashing Sharon Bialek
  180. Witness: Cain accuser hugged him during Tea Party meeting a month ago
  181. Brutal, Brutal Mr. Fish Toon (warning graphic)
  182. Our eldest son...
  183. DUmmies celebrate that a rape at Occupy Cleveland is "case closed"
  184. the republicans are so sick and twisted, cain could still get the nomination.
  185. Its time to bow out for a while.
  186. We must end the tyranny of debt!
  187. Dumbest Post I Have Ever Seen at DU.
  188. Any bets as to how "devout Christian" Jerry Sandusky is?
  189. Veterans days always make me feel weird.
  190. Co-worker just came back from lunch
  191. I am having a difficult time controlling my anger...
  192. Last night at St Louis ( OWS eviction)
  193. White privilege (pic)
  194. Alert: Occupy denver is being evicted right now
  195. Just back from Occupy Portland. Not impressed with the "protesters".
  196. Occupy Portland protesters defy eviction order in Oregon
  197. It's the last ever DU fund drive! What? Why?!
  198. DUmmies find wacky article linking Penn State to Herman Cain
  199. Police Arrest Chapel Hill Protesters Who Occupied Vacant Business ('SWAT' Team; Repor
  200. So now the haves and the have-nots are duking it out here in GD..
  201. Angry Residents, Businesses Plan Anti-Occupy Wall Street Protest
  202. Occupy vows to 'shut down Wall St.
  203. The cities are already on the brink of bankruptcy, paying the
  204. Examiner Reporter:'Occupy' crackdowns coordinated with federal law enforcement...
  205. Anonymous- Revenge Against the NYPD and Mayor Bloomberg
  206. Oh, for f***s sake..Occupy Dallas' own lawyer scolds them in public
  207. Declaration from Occupy San Francisco
  208. More Questions For Those Who Support OWS
  209. Dennis Kucinich email on OWS - and a 1st Amendment petition to sign ...
  210. The Police Can't Stop It. Nyse Has Been Rushed
  211. Welcome to PHASE 2 of Occupy Wall Street, now here is a message
  212. This Is What America Looks Like
  213. I'm Thankful for Occupy
  214. Occupy San Diego Protester Asks For Moment Of Silence For White House Shooter
  215. Minnesota boy, fed up with parents' pot, helps spur bust
  216. Anyone beginning to get an idea of what all those new prisons were built for?
  217. Now I want to tell you about the poor bastard in the hospital bed beside me
  218. Official Nomination Thread for the Top DUmmies of 2011
  219. Poll question: Is pepper spray torture?
  220. Occupy Bloomberg's Mansion Drum Circle Protest / Anti-dictator Art Show
  221. German Mercedes-Benz Executive Arrested Under Alabama’s Immigration Law
  222. Would you support Obama stepping down and refusing to run?
  223. 10 pounds of plutonium dioxide (nuclear fuel for probe) to be launched next week...
  224. Just back from the pharmacy.
  225. As a two month NYC ows volunteer I am pissed at Obama
  226. Thanksgiving dinner + wingnut relatives = a horrible day
  227. Pepper spray at a gun show
  228. I am no longer proud to be an American.
  229. Why would anyone think Ted Kennedy was anything short of a saint?
  230. KS teen gets in trouble for tweet about governor
  231. Long Lost DUmmie found, it's Distressed American!
  232. Report: Shoppers unfazed as man dies at Target
  233. Occupy L.A.: Mayor, LAPD Won't Discuss Tactics For Removal - Plus, OccupyLA's Respons
  234. Millions Spent To Evict OWS While Cutting Shelter funds
  235. No penalty for teen who tweeted about KS governor
  236. I don't see why Obama can't run on the economy.
  237. Would Republican voters actually nominate a total lunatic for the presidency?
  238. The Rude Pundit: The End of the Occupy Camps Is the Start of the Next Phase
  239. Now THIS is an interesting thread from DUmmie land
  240. "They are also ruining the reputation of the United States."
  241. You Assholes Want Occupy Wall Street to Go Away?
  242. 12.12.11 OCCUPY STRIKES BACK -westcoastportshutdown.org
  243. More than 200 Occupy L.A. protesters remain in jail
  244. Occupy Los Angeles Raid Aftermath: Extra-Judicial Punishments R Us
  245. Ban Zip-tie Handcuffs
  246. I have a neighbor who has everything
  247. Unemployed, Liberal Groups to Hold 4-Day DC Protest
  248. Looks Like Things Are Changing For OccupyAlbany
  249. Official Voting Thread for the Top DUmmies of 2011
  250. White House Denies Earthquake Aid for Oklahoma