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  1. I suspect that I am dying. And I won't seek treatment.
  2. NAACP Warns Black and Hispanic Americans Could Lose Right to Vote
  3. The mood of DU3 to me--"Watch what you say, be careful"
  4. Thanks Occupy Wall Street For Inspiring the Youth With Your Tired Model of Revolution
  5. Trigger happy DU3 "hosts" and "impartial" jurors. A recipe for the destruction of DU
  6. Occupy Wall Street protesters shut down 'Law & Order: SVU' set depicting OWS
  7. Be a hero! Join the Malicious Intruder Removal Team today!
  8. "Jesus didn't teach us to hate the poor and worship wealth.
  9. My Occupy LA Arrest
  10. Occupy Clear Channel - Take Back OUR Airwaves 12/12/11
  11. Helen Thomas: "I don't think...
  12. Ah occupy San Diego by a pj party
  13. For all of you going to ports Monday, pepper spray decon
  14. Occupy Wall Street Banned From Democratic National Convention
  15. View profile You want to know why we're starting to see Awesome Obama again? Thank
  16. Holy Cow: 60 Minutes Interview Just Got POTUS Reelected in 2012. UPDATED w/Video
  17. DU3: Best of
  18. On the Media...
  19. Need some help. My household is short on food money - we have an idea but need info.
  20. View profile What you will support in a president is based on what the GOP base wil
  21. Oh, my eyes!
  22. Gore did not win by 540,000 recorded votes in 2000...he won by 5-7 million.
  23. Occupy Whiney Street
  24. *New* DU3 - Pukey Pic on 1st. page
  25. Occupy Phase II
  26. What fun! I got hassled tonight collecting Recall Walker signatures!
  27. Nyc Ows
  28. Republicans have blocked adjournment once again! NO official recess means NO recess a
  29. Is it the Republican clown car that makes DU members giddy with their chances in 2012
  30. Duggar's pictures of dead miscarried baby all over internet.(no pics here) is there N
  31. I Have a Pledge to Make. Who Will Join Me?
  32. I don't like conservatives.
  33. DUmmies planning to bail when DU2 goes away
  34. 8 “Occupy” protesters arrested at Iowa Democratic Party headquarters
  35. How Will New Voter Registration Laws Affect 2012 Election?
  36. SAY WHAT YOU WANT about President Obama...in 8 years, Bush NEVER did this.
  37. Republicans have been flirting with treason
  38. I am considering returning all of my Christmas purchases.....
  39. Russia test-fires two new nuclear missiles
  40. runners-up to the Top DUmmies of 2011
  41. I believe I need to make a quick clarification about my views, please.
  42. Christmas Eve in Detroit
  43. If I had a half million in my 401K
  44. A 1%'er went off on my daughter today
  45. special awards for the Top DUmmies of 2011
  46. #10 Top DUmmie of 2011
  47. 93-Year-Old Tennessee Woman Who Cleaned State Capitol For 30 Years Denied Voter ID
  48. Adults that spoil kids aggravate me
  49. #09 Top DUmmie of 2011
  50. #08 Top DUmmie of 2011
  51. Anonymous' hackers target U.S. security think tank..steal credit cards to make chari
  52. #07 Top DUmmie of 2011
  53. #06 Top DUmmie of 2011
  54. On FEMA camps...
  55. Another Occupy bites the dust...
  56. #05 Top DUmmie of 2011
  57. Sea Shepherd's boat in distress
  58. #04 Top DUmmie of 2011
  59. Arizona’s Ethnic Studies Program Ruled Illegal!
  60. #03 Top DUmmie of 2011
  61. Why do we work harder than Germans?
  62. Iran Regime Change, Invasion, Occupation & Recolonization is Imminent
  63. Keith Olbermann, Current TV Tension Rumors Surface As 'Countdown' Host Absent From...
  64. Occupy's Rose Parade float: 70-foot octopus of corporate greed
  65. #02 Top DUmmie of 2011
  66. Top DUmmie of 2011
  67. To the Occupy Movement
  68. I had to go there.
  69. OWS just reoccupied Zucotti Park!
  70. Knowledge of OWS
  71. I'm going to use my passport for Voters ID
  72. Check in in you don't expect anything to be better in 2012
  73. Kim Jong-un is the missing candidate in the Republican lineup says Andy Borowitz / mu
  74. Before the suspect's ID, somebody made the idiotic assertion
  75. "The economy is improving, therefore OWS will go away."
  76. YouTube-Michael Moore Vs Elisabeth Hasselbeck On Osama Bin Laden
  77. On OWS... and where it is going
  78. These motherf*ckers!!! I'm not a violent person...
  79. Pulaski WI Marching Band 'Sticking to the Union' in Rose Bowl Parade
  80. (Scott) Walker Wins Ruling, Forcing State to Vet Recall Petition Signatures - FDL
  81. Why is the media pretending not to know why we're having record-high temperatures
  82. Political Evangelicals have caused accumulated National Damage throughout the years
  83. Why Isn't The Right Screaming "Fraud" Over Iowa Caucuses
  84. So the rich got together and created a market for right wing propaganda at a time
  85. Occupy Sacramento protesters dispute $100 penalties
  86. My ten year old: "Ever since Obama was elected, the Republicans have been more racist
  87. Dear right wing lurkers. About that google definition of "santorum"
  88. Occupy Protesters Cause Stir at Licorice Strike...
  89. DUmmies lie to sensationalize.
  90. The US military has eleven active aircraft carriers. China has one aircraft carrier
  91. "Rape by the State": TX Can Force Doctors to Deliver Intrusive Vaginal Ultrasound to
  92. The barricades at Zucottie Park have been removed and loaded onto trucks
  93. Occupy Protester has been in jail for the last three weeks for writing on the sidewal
  94. DU's H20 Man will begin a hunger strike on Monday to protest fracking.
  95. Anyone here, deep in their heart, an Anarchist?
  96. OWS Plans Vigil for Martin Luther King Jr., Zuccotti is Going Global, Organizers Say
  97. does anyone know about bobbolink?
  98. Just a few thoughts about resistance
  99. Learning from Gandhi's mistakes
  100. For Dumbass Tanker...
  101. Single dad trying to take back home occupied by OWS
  102. Why I hate the rich...
  103. Serious question....
  104. We're (CUers) being deprive of one form of entertainment today
  105. DUmmies support censorship AND ignorance
  106. Some people are wondering if the blackout did any good. Here's a clue.
  107. Stuff That (Increasingly Desperately Disillusioned) Obama Supporters Say
  108. They aren't even trying very hard anymore
  109. So far, Chris Wallace and Geraldo say they would have asked Newt that question first
  110. Can and should DU make a Super PAC?
  111. A politician's personal relationship with his/her spouse does matter!!
  112. Major Oil Refinery To Close In US Virgin Islands
  113. We knocked out the Republican Party.
  114. You know why I want Newt to win the nomination?
  115. Chefs, Butlers, Marble Baths: Hospitals Vie for the Affluent
  116. Will the Civil war be back?
  117. Mayor Of London Warns George Bush He Might Face Arrest As A War Criminal
  118. Why do we have to "Work so Hard" to make a living?
  119. After America
  120. Stamp prices go up as postal labor talks reach an impasse
  121. Occupy Oakland To Begin New Protest This Weekend
  122. liberals show their ignorance:OH BOY!!! Cristry is DONE as a republican Vice Presiden
  123. Opinions, please. Who ordered the muting of the Republican debate audience?
  124. What will they yell out at the SOTU tonight?
  125. Why do we even call these things DEBATES?
  126. Dear Mr. President, Go big or go home.
  127. The speech STARTED with two big lies
  128. Take a bow occupy...
  129. Make No Mistake
  130. No more.
  131. Conservative Christian parents fight for right to discriminate against LGBT students
  132. Why did Mitt have his fortune in a "blind trust"??
  133. There is NO "forced" Union membership.
  134. I don't often feel like slapping someones face.
  135. Cindy Sheehan was the first #Occupier.
  136. Alan Grayson describes mob hit aimed at Dennis Kucinich
  137. So I'm Grabbing Some Cheese At The Grocery Store...
  138. Now I need info on Chicago, G8 & Occupy
  139. Why does President Obama spend so much time with the Bushes?
  140. FUCK and YES. FUCK and YES. FUCK and YES.
  141. 100 MILLION Indians go on strike 2/28/12--How about a worldwide sympathy strike?
  142. Would the nation be better off if the south would go away?
  143. ALL HOLY HELL HAS BROKEN OUT IN OAKLAND. This Is What It Has Come To...
  144. So a few baptists came to the door today . . .
  145. So anything OWS does is right and everything police do is wrong
  146. Rut Roh...Occupy Dooooooooomed!!!
  147. Thanks D.U. for Free Speech on Occupy!
  148. DU'er thinks DUmmies are just cop haters.
  149. Oakland, Occupy take stock of the damage
  150. Tonight's Solidarity Marches for OWS
  151. Irked by abortion bill, Va. senator adds rectal exams for men
  152. WI recall petition signers threatened with violence.
  153. It's time to face facts. Abu Ghraib happens every single day in American jails and pr
  154. Oh, SURE. George W. and Jeb get along GREAT now. When they were kids it was a differe
  155. Planned Parenthood and DU Valentine Hearts
  156. Occupy Honolulu protesters remove their tents
  157. I find the difference in the treatment of OWS and the TEA Party gatherings interestin
  158. Occupy Providence wins day center for homeless.
  159. Did you know that Komen also dumped stem cell research in November?
  160. ''Central Office for the Combatting of Homosexuality and Abortion."
  161. Occupy has given America so much - we need to thank them
  162. Magnanimous DUmmies
  163. If Komen ever gets their shit together and gets back into the work of supporting wom
  164. Wisconsin: State Assembly leader packing on floor
  165. They don't have the guts for it (calling Fs the troll on speed dial)
  166. More reasons to hate Walmart! (my letter today)
  167. What a bunch of FU#%*&@ hypocrits!!!!!!!!
  168. OWS committed suicide....
  169. Does this piss you off? I think it should.
  170. nadinbrzezinski too smart for DU folks
  171. Al Gore's Desperate Bid to Keep Keith Olbermann
  172. OccuTard Report!!!!
  173. Libs defending Super PACS!? Who would have thought
  174. Best Nadin thread evah...
  175. Miami DUer In The News Again...
  176. Syria Crisis: Dramatic Footage Reveals Scale Of Devastation In Homs...
  177. My great-grandmother was a Nazi.
  178. The GOP And The Final Economic Solution - Extinction Of The Middle Class
  179. Devolving Into White Supremacism
  180. So Iran is our new “Enemy.” Are we going to fall for this crap again?
  181. Military helicopters overhead in the middle of LA.
  182. Occupy protesters target California Democrats
  183. A question for DUers from a former DUer (have at it)
  184. "The high-water mark of the American Empire was...." Pretend you're a historian...
  185. On OWS and the Democratic Party
  186. Are the Democrats doing enough to prevent another stolen election?
  187. I am so sick of hearing the 1% argue why the Bush tax cuts shouldn't expire.
  188. These Catholic Bishops make me FURIOUS
  189. If gas goes to 5.00 per gallon
  190. Democratic Women Boycott House Contraception Hearing After Republicans Prevent Women
  191. Am I the only one who thinks the right-wing revived the culture wars...
  192. I'm living at home with my parents at 30
  193. Culture Crusaders, My body is not your battlefield.
  194. On Being Homeless.
  195. DU fundraising for Omaha Steve matching donation this weekend...
  196. You could have picked my jaw up off the floor
  197. The GOP goal is to spill all their secrets and poison the well of politics for30 yrs.
  198. Can liberals really be friends with conservatives?
  199. I went to the doctor today
  200. IMDB-Valor=protecting U.S. oil interests overseas
  201. Tasered woman now brain dead
  202. The devout evangelicals and other christians are being appealed to directly by Santor
  203. Democrats are losing their ability to reason over ........
  204. Brace yourselves: Santorum is leading a wave of stochastic terrorism. Get ready for
  205. Judge says Wash. can't make pharmacies sell Plan B
  206. I ranted and raved about Allen West a couple of days ago
  207. Cindy ditch witch sheehan in trouble with IRS
  208. All progressives move out of the South.
  209. ‘We’re the official OWS group!’ ‘No, we’re the official OWS group!’ and so forth
  210. Mick Check... now that I got your attention
  211. As a man's body floats in three feet of water, 25 emergency workers stand and watch
  212. IMDB-Conservatives' Polititcal Correctness
  213. So I'm chatting with Bob (name changed), our office conservitive (neo-nazi, no for re
  214. Romney thinks he's more "successful" than the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES?!
  215. Occupy London Being Broken Up
  216. Civil War... that is what you are seeing in the GOP right now
  217. Krugman: Conservatives become less willing to look at the facts ...
  218. The first thing we're going to do is to make sure the server is taken care of.
  219. Arizona teabaggers support gay sheriff (anti-illegal immigration star)
  220. Poll: Wisconsin's Walker to survive union recall drive
  221. DUers celebrate Breitbart's death...
  222. ObamaCare Death Panel Exterminated Breitbart
  223. "Because we're better than that." Please.
  224. Awhile back a friend of mine spent some time with Andrew Breitbart.
  225. Sandra Fluke needs to sue LardAss for every penny he has...
  226. I did it!!!! Singlehandedly...
  227. One Out Of Every Ten Wall Street Employees Is A Psychopath, Say Researchers
  228. Robbery, hate charges for 3 Occupy protesters
  229. Rachel Made A Great Point About Daryll Issa's All-Male Panel Tonight
  230. Occupy the RADIO
  231. Calling All Occupiers! Calling All Occupiers!
  232. Tim's Tent
  233. Best of: Col. Van Barfoot, Medal of Honor recipient, dies at 92
  234. 9/11 Nutbaggery
  235. The stupid post of the day
  236. Enough about the bad, what was GOOD abot the Soviet Union?
  237. DU, where Class is as foreign to them as soap.
  238. Bush stole election for Putin
  239. Ahhhh, tolerance
  240. They went too damned far!
  241. du this poll (please)
  242. News from Ohio
  243. A heartbreaking scene at lunch
  244. The 99% Spring. Force the country to work FOR us
  245. Liberals heads explode: Critics of Rush Limbaugh Ignore Bill Maher, Matt Taibbi Misog
  246. Chris Christie calls former Navy SEAL an ‘idiot’
  247. I know a dittohead who’s dumb beyond belief
  248. You know why I loathe republicans more than anything?
  249. "The thing we Republicans need to remember is that our target is Barack Obama."
  250. Alright, I kind of went at it w/ a conservative today.