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  1. This will be the last election I will vote in if mccain wins
  2. RUR ROH Elroy - Trouble in Paradise - DU'er wants to drill!!
  3. Liberal Fascism at it's finest.
  4. A Best....from Omaha Steve
  5. Driven crazy by people who don't care (Bouncy)
  6. Obama says would consider limited offshore drilling
  7. If I reboot and browse DU with IE6, after about 15 minutes, DU is blocked...
  8. Judge on Rove’s citizen arrest: ‘It’s about time.’
  9. My two cents on the Anthrax Suicide… from a former spook
  10. Media Matters.org: On three Hannity programs, Corsi offered another falsehood:
  11. Senator Obama should vet fall debate moderators
  12. "I want to know: Is there anything Obama will take a stand on?"
  13. A little love to a struggling DUer
  14. My response to conservative E-mails
  15. Last night there was a severe thunderstorm. The Digital TV signal went out entirely.
  16. Get to know your GOP Media's Black Face Cable Corporate Mouthpieces
  17. Short rant on hatred of Mr Bush.
  18. Hiker fatally shot by bear hunter
  19. Best of: DU sends its best to Morgan Freeman
  20. Obama compared himself to Paris Hilton?
  21. Bob Novak prognosis dire
  22. The Tire Gauge is RACIST!!
  23. why do the repuke neocon bastards hate us so much?
  24. The perfect crime.. Shock Doctrine USA! We've been had. It's over folks.
  25. What would it take? (a letter to Nancy Pelosi)
  26. DUer Galoglas arrested today when he went to vote!!!!
  27. seriously people! these du'ers are nothing to mess with!
  28. Obama had the BEST line yesterday...
  29. DU's new baby Dem
  30. So how would one smack down a jerk who says EXXON paid more taxes
  31. MoneyFunk Tombstoned
  32. Alabama Secretary Chapman Says Voter Fraud Reports Continue
  33. Baby Versus Bucks: Proud2blib Ponders The Healthcare Crisis
  34. Will Pitt has memory problems
  35. PunkPatriot Eats The Granite Over Reasonable Observation.
  36. I am FURIOUS at these reports Edwards had an affair
  37. Would this be a Bouncy?
  38. "If you are angry at John Edwards You must be angry at Elizabeth, too:"
  39. IT IS TIME - NOW. We won't get another chance.
  40. I'm listening to Scott Ritter on the Peter B. Collins show....He slammed the anti-war
  41. Funny thread
  42. I called for help and now I'm facing prison time'
  43. We helped you kill, rape and torture Iraqis - now help us, beg Georgians
  44. Proud2blib, a teacher?
  45. Has DU guessed correctly?
  46. Hey Asshole-in-Chief Bush: Or what?
  47. ]Poll question: So who do you think will be VP?
  48. On the evilness of... LAWNS!
  49. My Funny incident at the Gas Station (Woman and a Hummer)
  50. Protesters to shut down the RNC
  51. 03-Bush Was In Trouble-"Bring in some nuclear material from Soviet Union & pretend th
  52. I was at a gay wedding on Saturday
  53. Is it worth it to try to find "progressive" rationales for the use of U.S. force?
  54. Nancy Pelosi: "You can't impeach a president because you disagree with his policies"
  55. CNN Breaking: three shots fired at Arkansas Dem Party HQ - one person injured
  56. Clintons: Arkansas Democratic leader killed
  57. Oh the IRONY!
  58. Invasion of Georgia was created as photo op for McCain!
  59. Greatest Bouncy of all time.
  60. DUmmie supports the troops - now looks like idiot
  61. Want To Get Kicked From A Wal-Mart
  62. I would like to thank Russia for . . . .
  63. Bet some of them are going to be carrying a gun to plant on students they want to sho
  64. Clear Eye gets blocked by Amazon.com for being a pain in the ass.
  65. Will Pitt Damage Control...
  66. Should city shut off water if you can't pay?
  67. McCain Is Not Baptized--That Will Have Them Shitting in the Pews!
  68. Why isn't there a list of websites that moderators will lock? Why do I have to ask a
  69. A wake up call: the Republicans *did not want* this Russian invasion of Georgia.
  70. What are some of America's most ridiculous myths?
  71. Future Headlines
  72. Why can't we generate the power to run our electric cars?
  73. TominTib crawls out from under a rock again
  74. Kossacks hate cartoons
  75. OMf'inG, THIS IS HUGH!!11!
  76. Jack Cafferty has nailed it !
  77. New Low Reached At DUmp
  78. Obama down in polls: DU response: DENIAL
  79. An evangelical bouncy
  80. What Obama should give to people to get people to like gov't
  81. 1 million signatures .... for......HaHAhahaha
  82. This week in cheap Chinese crap: Fly Swatters.
  83. IT's TIME
  84. I Received The Following E-Mail Today And Really Don't Know How To.....
  85. DUmmie wonders about DU's finances
  86. DUmp defends infanticide
  87. Overseas DUers... This American wants to get OUT!!!
  88. 9 Key Rings: A brilliant idea for the Dem Convention
  89. 9/11 Truther Lawyer - Philip Berg - Files Suit Alleging Obama Disqualified
  90. McPOW, you've cheapened & exploited your military service like no other man before yo
  91. hope the Denver cops don't dress like the Miami cops
  92. Why do military people all seem to mispronounce "Eye-rack"?
  93. DU-pression
  94. DUmmies faint over course mentioning Christianity
  95. The point of the text message was NOT to find out first
  96. my welcome letter to the next VP
  97. Obama campaign has a traitor. A weasel that must be eliminated now.
  98. Help! My boyfriend is thinking about voting for McCain.
  99. PUMAS scaring the crap out of DUmmies. Witch hunt time!
  100. My therapist told me to quit DU
  101. Is schadenfreude always inappropriate?
  102. HEY DUmmies! It is the company you keep!
  103. Q:"Why is that illegal?" DU Anwser :"Who cares make something up."
  104. Quicky Mart Bouncy
  105. Fox News Reporter Tries to Start a Fight at DNC
  106. I was a fly on the wall listening to a group of conservative seniors
  107. DUmmies Plan To Trigger McCain's PTSD By Jingling Keys At DNC
  108. Jangling House Keys = POW Cell Keys
  109. I'm pretty certain that DU represents a majority of informed Democrats.
  110. Thank god this tit won't be our mayor anymore
  111. "Goddamn. We're a bunch of three-year-olds."
  112. Cindy Sheehan's hotel room in Denver bugged?
  113. Frenchie Cat has an O-gasm!
  114. Shortest Wee Willie Pitt post ever!
  115. Why the hell is Cindy McCain going to Georgia (the country) and futhermore
  116. What can we expect when Barack Obama is President?
  117. A New Category of Bouncy Story!
  118. Kamikaze Run
  119. DU shows off its economics skillz
  120. FrenchieCat Doesn't Like The Gallup Poll
  121. DUers want HURRICANE Gustav to hit NOLA (to disrupt GOP)
  122. My bouncy
  123. Look who has a new cause
  124. DU doesn't like "Typical White Person" at convention
  125. An amusing "good-bye to DU" thread
  126. McPeachment!!111!!ELEVENTY!
  127. The Denver Police Department ARE THE TERRORISTS!!!
  128. DU racism shines through
  129. Okay, who's troll is this?
  130. DUmmy posts lies about Limbaugh; sheep at DUmp lap "story" up
  131. Serial Killing Terrorist Bush Murders Co-worker
  132. I'd like to see Obama and Biden head straight into the hurricane path..
  133. Holy cow, he's going to take McCain apart in the debates
  134. Whose troll is this - suicide mission
  135. DUmmies trash McCain, all POWs, many KIA/MIAs
  136. So Sarah Paulin is now a "Brood Mare"
  137. Has Sarah Palin been to Iraq?
  138. Is there such a thing as bouncy email
  139. The light, it burns!!
  140. I knew he should have taken Hillary for VP
  141. The party of tolerance, diversity and feminism shows their hypocracy
  142. FrenchieCat bouncy
  143. Wahmbulace post: Palin got chosen for her looks.
  144. HEY DU;Australia says hi
  145. Polls lie - the whole country is bouncy
  146. John McCain is a typical testosterone poisoned pig
  147. This one is hilarious: "Palin = Quail..."
  148. Ken and Barbie bouncy
  149. Seemslike finds a new "scandal"
  150. TiT bouncy about his rock-ribbed conservative friend
  151. Jane Smiley At HuffPost: Right-Wing Offers Woman Who Reinforces Patriarchy
  152. Non-Bounceys
  153. Mole on a plane catches Dems Fowler and Spratt laughing about Gustav Timing
  154. Good 'ole DU [Another one leaves the hive]
  155. Did the Convention open with a Muslim prayer?
  156. List of links to DU's sexist posts (re: Palin)
  157. Governor Palin Hometown Bouncy
  158. Seemslike gets thread locked
  159. Sarah Palin's physical appearance is now far game...
  160. Bouncy: 17 year-old Bristol Palin IS* pregnant
  161. I will miss you!
  162. In Honor of Labor Day, I'm going to sit my 8 year old son
  163. Hurricane Barack scares GOP into canceling their convention
  164. DU plans book attack
  165. Bouncy laziness
  166. PUMAs NAIL the DUmp on their blogs!
  167. Our next convention should be in the suerdome!
  168. So in a close knit DU family dissenting opiinon is not permitted
  169. du is raising money for obama. will he accept it?
  170. Just stopped a Republican woman cold bouncy
  171. Good News - The bouncys are improving
  172. DU loves them some racism when it comes to Michelle Malkin
  173. HOLY SH**!! The GOP just lost my wingnut sister!!
  174. Fighting "The Man" ... I'm Starting to Get Across (Bouncy)
  175. "Sarah shot her first rabbit at age ten"!
  176. Another flippin ridiculous comment...
  177. DU GD:Presidential Front Page
  178. An awful, awful bouncy: My brother's neighbor asked the McCain campaign for his money
  179. I absolutely HATE these f***ing rethugs
  180. Ruh ro, someone cheezed off the community organizers
  181. Anti-Choicers are Slut-Shamers who HATE WOMEN!!!!
  182. Vile DUmmy Fake E-bay listing
  183. So I Took Myself Out To Lunch
  184. Seriously, why is DU losing its freaking mind over Palin?
  185. DUmmie uses 5-year-olds as politcal props
  186. Surprise: Another racist DUmmie
  187. Bouncy aunt
  188. Another Repuke Lie: McSame "can't raise his arms above his shoulders"
  189. Will Obama accept money from DemocraticUnderground?
  190. Daily Kos Bouncy
  191. Sarah Palin Compilation
  192. DUmmy Island
  193. "The White Man's Last Stand"
  194. "I'm a 'bitter' gun owner and I vote" sign in my Clinton supporter neighbors' yard!!
  195. I Hope the Obama Administration Completely Cuts Off Faux NEws
  196. DU and their hatred of Cindy McCain
  197. Area Point Missed by DUmmies
  198. CNN is going to have an exclusive interview with Palin's ex-brother in law.
  199. "You vote with your vagina, so let your vagina vote for you!"
  200. If the MSM succeeds in "electing" McCain, how will you end your abusive relationship
  201. Radical kid art set bouncy
  202. Bouncy Haircut Party
  203. So two people I know who are hard core repubs...
  204. WOW for a small town in Alsaka they have alot of posting
  205. They are going apoplectic over at DU.
  206. So this is the "Change" Obama speaks of
  207. "So sambo beat the bitch?" Sarah Palin
  208. They are Clutching at Straws
  209. +++++ Sarah Palin Rumors Du Group Suggestion +++++
  210. Look at their Presidential discussion page.....
  211. Proud of My Co-workers bouncy
  212. Sticky suggestion: Bouncy grading
  213. Had an actual encounter with a DUmmy today...
  214. Waaaah. It's not fun anymore.
  215. "Someone tell me what it is with Christians and killing people?" DU loves bigotry.
  216. Anyone know BloodOfPatriots?
  217. DUmmies Twisted View on Abortion
  218. Hey, check this one out...the avg age of a polling place worker...
  219. DUmmie tries to hijack sports thread to no avail
  220. My ferret is a hero
  221. The DUmp admires Sarah Palin's physical beauty
  222. Can we bring up Reverend Wright again?
  223. FrenchieCat takes a [very short] break
  224. And yet another bouncy
  225. Side Story to a Bouncy Thread
  226. Obama refers to 'my Muslim faith" on TV this morning
  227. DUmmy Throws a Hissy Fit
  228. i'm watching the brokaw interview on meet the press.....obama can't take on the media
  229. And that should put an end to that lack of experience argument
  230. Palin first interview will be
  231. Omc: Mia?
  232. Another kind of "fairness doctrine", ha ha ha
  233. Let the Panty Bunching Begin! McCain up 10, 54-44 Gallup/USA Today
  234. Can you believe they locked this one??
  235. Are Democrats too intelligent to be elected president?
  237. choosing HRC as VP would have avoided Palinmania altogether.
  238. DU this pole- Which Candidate would you rather Drink With?
  239. mtndummy Would Rather Be Trailing By Ten Points
  240. DU's new election slogan.....
  241. Another DUmmie icon bites the dust - BAWAHAHAHAHA!!!
  242. Barack Obama, do your job...
  243. Bouncy Republican pugs: REPUGS!!!
  244. Worst bouncy ever?
  245. Democrat for McCain gets granite pizza
  246. Since I am dying of cancer bouncy
  247. Little giddy dance little giddy dance. Something coming down the pike!
  248. Irony alert
  249. Can we trust FactCheck? If so, are the Dems pushing lies too?
  250. 2 elderly women bouncy