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  1. Should we remove "In God We Trust" from currency?
  2. What I've learned about conservatives in the last few months
  3. Police Forces Now The Tool Of The 1%
  4. Subtropical Storm Beryl forms off South Carolina coast
  5. The Volunteer Army
  6. A Friends Confrontation at a Family Gathering About Supporting Romney. It Gets UGLY!
  7. What is a hero?
  8. I Am Becoming Embarrassed For My Country As A Veteran
  9. For The Lurkers...re Military Heroes
  10. How Florida Governor Rick Scott Could Steal The Election For Mitt Romney
  11. Just was talking to my BIL, a Vietnam veteran.
  12. Obama says Vietnam veterans too often 'denigrated'
  13. DU blames Democrat hacker on... Republicans! (Big surprise, right?)
  14. "America" misspelled on Romney app
  15. Who is watching The Hatfields and The McCoy's Part 3?
  16. So my 75 year old Dad got hit with a Rick Scott voter purge gimmick.
  17. Any lurking DUmmies riddle me this......
  18. How bad does it have to get in this country...
  19. I take Zoloft and my cat
  20. It's about indicting Dick Cheney for torture.....
  21. Fuck The Tea Party
  22. Barack Obama.
  24. Capitalism - Good or bad ?
  25. "Is it treason to purposefully block any help for the economy..."
  26. Hey I have to say this.
  27. Nate Silver: Walker likely to win WI, but it's not representative of the November...
  28. Egg my house....you will not silence me...
  29. It took vandals one day to deface SF's new $3.5 million parks
  30. Obama tweets support for Walker opponent on recall eve
  31. One Thing I Like About the Tea Party
  32. my teaparty sister threatened me last week
  33. I really hate Republicans, I really do
  34. Madison, WI turnout over 100%!?
  35. I don't think Das Skinner is happy...
  36. The tribe has spoken
  37. Attention Trolls! You think that your day isn't coming,
  38. Someone please explain this to me
  39. DGA Chair: ‘We Fell Just Short Of An Historic Upset’
  40. This is about Google, but involves DU
  41. And this is why we are better than DU slags
  42. Burn it down, WI
  43. Congratulations WI DEMS! You
  44. Walker won 36% of Union voters
  45. Watched a bagger have an epiphany yesterday
  46. Discouraged this morning, and I need some DU reassurance!
  47. Every election we lose is not because of fraud!
  48. HEY DEMOCRATIC LEADERSHIP! I know you troll this place. Listen up.
  49. Ok time for some tough love
  50. Shove it Barney Frank
  51. Scott Walker Spent 88% of the Money to Get 53% of the Vote
  52. I cannot watch them gloating
  53. Aren't there ANY Dem. billionaires who care enough about our country to give $$$ ...
  54. The day prior to the election, it was reported that Walker is most likely going to be
  55. This is why we laugh at the DUers...
  56. They have a cunning plan to raise money
  57. Low post count... doubting a popular DU meme... mocking past prediction about W...
  58. DU poster: when the going gets tough, secede!
  59. The Irony is so thick you could cut it...
  60. DU history experts discuss whether or not the Crusades were religiously motivated
  61. DU has concluded that Romney impersonated a cop and raped people
  62. How I feel about those that vote or have ever voted for a Pub, ANY Pub
  63. We have to play dirty
  64. The American dream is a myth: Joseph Stiglitz on "The Price of Inequality".
  65. Meet Command Central, the People in Charge of Wisconsin Voting Machines
  66. When a Republican complains about federal spending just spit on him
  67. Another story from the restaurant
  68. GOP Code Message Elect Us And We Will End All Pensions Immediately
  69. So far...
  70. "Conservatives" are traitors.
  71. RANT: Did you hear that faint creak? It was America's problems passing the tipping...
  72. The Wealthy Have 'Worked Hard' And Deserve To Keep Their Money
  73. Re Wisconsin. What stage of grief are you in?
  74. Homelessness
  75. Rand Paul Gloats About Scott Walker Recall Win At CPAC Chicago
  77. Wisconsin
  78. A friend gives a gas driller an attitude adjustment...
  79. Please help us, move to Wisconsin!
  80. Trayvon Martin Case Prompts Civil Rights Commission Investigation On SYG laws
  81. On the day you were born
  82. This one I suppose might come under the "Know Your Enemy" file.
  83. Fukushima, Plutonium, CIA, and the BFEE: Deep Doo-Doo Four Ways to Doomsday
  84. Irony: DU complains about fake signatures on a petition against gay marriage
  85. Isn't it about time that Bill Clinton gets a ship named after him?
  86. On my facebook page this morning...
  87. Where you ever a repub or conserv?
  88. noticing a worrisome trend...
  89. Why the right hates teachers, firefighters and cops.
  90. I Would Just Let Limbaugh Die
  91. Think about it:
  92. I could have got my ass shot the other day....
  93. DelUsional spinners
  94. DU ***LOVES*** "decapitated Bush" on Game of Thrones
  95. A letter to the illiterate. (NSFW)
  96. Happy Flag Day, everyone!
  97. Warren: Americans ‘understand the game is rigged’
  98. A political shouting match at the dump.
  99. I will respond to you motherfucker.
  100. A couple of days ago, an old friend of my wife's stopped
  101. I was stopped today at the Bus Stop by the TSA.
  102. I'm tired of the lack of respect shown to the President...
  103. First African American President......
  104. The lack of Respect
  105. Now I'm supposed to boycott WHAT??!!??
  106. Want to know why we can't get an ultra-liberal Democratic president?
  107. ALERT!!!! The GOP Spy Network Is Active Against Democratic Candidates Nationally
  108. Sheldon Adelson Is Throwing the Republicans Another $35 Million
  109. Business as usual at the DUmp
  110. Joy Behar: ‘I’m still ticked off about the 2000 election’---ME TOO!!!
  111. Something really, really weird found on DU
  112. DU swallows absurd twisting of history hook, line and sinker
  113. Compare and contrast: pro-gay 5th grader vs. Caiden Cowger
  114. Sheldon Adelson should be the posterboy...
  115. Definitive Proof Eric Holder Lied to Congress About Obama's Med Marijuana Crackdown
  116. When Joe Arpaio croaks---I will dance on his grave.
  117. The GOP Believes That You Are Not Even Entitled To A Paycheck For Hours You Have Work
  118. I need to get this off my chest (work-related)
  119. Want to hear one of my first memories of wealthy Republican relatives of mine?
  120. Great. The paper towel dispensers in my building are now Koch Bros. brand.
  121. The WI election was stolen. Exit polls prove it was.
  122. "trying to cover up your right-wing source"
  123. wtf has happened to the DU I Loved?!?
  124. Sometimes you don't even need to read beyond their thread titles
  125. The President is correct in using Executive Privilege...
  126. Once again, DUmmies outraged over things they did themselves
  127. Morgan Freeman: Republicans 'SCARE ME'
  128. Why Do Some Poor People Vote Republican?
  129. Where does all their hate come from?
  130. An Overheard Conversation at the MSP Airport ...
  131. Occupy Los Angeles: THIS IS A POLICE STATE: 06/21/12 CCA RAID DEBRIEF
  132. If the GOP had full control, would slavery be on the table?
  133. We Can't Let Them Win!
  134. Politico Suspends Joe Williams for "racially-tinged remarks"
  135. Two questions for Republican Christians
  136. How To Beat a Drug Test
  137. The Stealing of the 2000 Presidential Election
  138. Who will Rmoney pick as his VP candidate?
  139. There's A Reason Americans Pass By Homeless People In The Street Without A Second Gla
  140. Poll: Most Americans do not identify Obama as Christian
  141. Should an animal abuser be president?
  142. Apparently the individual mandate in Obamacare is basically unenforceable anyway
  143. If the health care law is killed on Monday, how will it affect Obama's re-election ch
  144. Reagan, The GOP, And American Business Have Awaken "The Sleeping Dragon"
  145. WHEN the ACA is ruled 'unconstitutional', remember Scalia didn't bother to read it
  146. I Guess I Am A Communist But I Am Proud Of It
  147. Here is proof DUmmy protest do work
  148. If you take the second “m” out of the word, “Mormon,” you get…Romney
  149. Rush Limbaugh - OFF THE AIR - In Philly!!!
  150. New name for SCOTUS--GOP RATS- R-Roberts, A-Alito, T-Thomas, S-Scalia
  151. No MrScorpio rant this week...
  152. Policy Failure
  153. I just returned from Haiti, I have some words for morans who want to slash taxes...
  154. "America is not the greatest country in the world."
  155. Why I hate my job...
  156. I Don't Care if Karl Rove is Gay
  157. This is what you would call "grasping at straws"
  158. If 80 million mericans believe in UFO's, are they all pigliCONs that believe in alien
  159. Do You DUmmies Even Understand What Happened Yesterday?
  160. Anyone else planning on retiring early due to the availability of health insurance
  161. DU can't believe gay icon child porn charges
  162. We are at war. You can pretend we can be one country again, but we can't.
  163. Harmonization... and why this bothers me
  164. Why do people drive SUVs?
  165. Philadelphia Mayor Apparently Wants Occupy National Gathering Participants to Go Thir
  166. How many Rethugs do you know?
  167. Now that 40 million uninsured people will now have access to healthcare, where will t
  168. Did I miss something?
  169. Spanking linked to mental illness, study says
  170. Slow And Pointless: What Darrell Issa’s Inquisition Won’t Dare To Mention
  171. kentuck: This is just my opinion...
  172. Just in time for the 4th...a fresh serving of nadin
  173. Do something for our small wild friends.
  174. Global Revolution 2012:
  175. Happy Fourth of July to the Treason Party
  176. Anyone ever had a dog who was a true pacifist?
  177. Fans Howl After Weather Site Buys Out Rival
  178. Occupying the 4th
  179. I am not advocating Violence
  180. We are not half the nation we were, nor a tenth of the nation we could be.
  181. Impeach Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia
  182. Happy Uber-Natonalist Day!
  183. It is No Mystery: The Real Reason Conservatives Keep Winning
  184. So, What is pissing you off tonight?
  185. "Need decent housing?" Why not Occupy!
  186. Whites Not Safer Under Stand Your Ground, Deader
  188. So Many Ways to Make Votes Disappear
  189. Will it be legal to carry concealed weapons at the GOP convention?
  190. America needs immediate, radical change, not pathetic "small, incremental steps".
  191. I was in a local farm store earlier today
  192. Good Luck renewing your GA Dirvers License.
  193. I know, I know Occupy is dead... right
  194. Please do not attack Ann Romney in public forums.
  195. The GOP is one of the most dire threats this country has ever faced
  196. Would you donate blood to an unrelated ignorant right wing bagger if it meant saving
  197. This 'hatred of Obama'...
  198. Any political Party that does not represent We, the People, is illegitimate.
  199. Amer. Fam. Radio host shares a listener's joke about Obamacare -- DU doesn't get it
  200. Rick Perry says F you to two million texans....
  201. A reminder...IF OWS disbanded tomorrow, we wouldn't HAVE any Hope for Change at all
  202. I'm one of the common people
  203. Why would anyone expressing a rightwing opinion in public get a death threat
  204. The Newsroom is making the MSM look like FOOLS.
  205. Greed
  206. Eric Holder: Voter ID Laws Are 'Poll Taxes'
  207. So this guy I'm talking to is flapping his jaw about "small businesses
  208. University of Louisiana at Lafayette Offers LGBT Minor
  209. 7 minutes ago from OWS
  210. Romney's speech before the NAACP was intentionally racist ...
  211. My Gawd, conservative Republicans are reprehensible assholes
  212. NAACP OFFICIAL: Romney ‘RIGGED CROWD’ By Having Blacks ‘FLOWN IN’
  213. BAINGATE Explained: People, this is no joke and SEC should press the tax issue
  214. Occupy LA, Artwalk, strangers, in stand-off and attacks with riot police, livestream
  215. FactCheck.org's felony flip-flop
  216. Finally! My God I am really enjoying this!
  217. Either Mitt Romney is hiding something awful or he's the dumbest f this side of
  218. Angela Merkel intervenes over court ban on circumcision of young boys (in Germany)
  219. WH responds to Armed Forces Radio 'Dump Rush' petition: NO!!!!!!
  220. I'm so tired of stupid, angry white people
  221. Joke: The new upward mobility in America
  222. How is Free Republic Handling the Romney Meltdown?
  223. DUmp photoshops old "moran" photo to attack Harry Reid... er... Mitt Romney
  224. I'm Suggesting Karl Rove should be in PRISON for Election Theft and MURDER
  225. DUmmies think one narrow camera angle tells the whole story about Palin speech
  226. Make a note of this....
  227. One of the stupidest arguments against voter ID laws you will ever see on DU
  228. Epic! Occupy Denver posts true sentiments, throwing DU into chaos
  229. And they claim WE can't spell?
  230. Ack I threw up in my mouth a little :(
  231. Survey: Majority of Voters Favor Defense Cuts
  232. Big surprise -- DU absolutely HATES the Boy Scouts
  233. Bush Derangement Syndrome - evidently an eternal cottage industry at DU.
  234. I was talking to a couple of local farmers today about this drought. Old timers
  235. Fucker, too
  236. It was Rush's Fault!
  237. Hey Barry, Pretty Please with Sugar on Top - Gun Control NOW!
  238. Where is Rush Limbaugh?
  239. Boycott Dark Knight?
  240. Don't shoot the messenger
  241. James Holmes is not guilty until found such
  242. No right is absolute (more nonsense from Nadin)...
  243. Maybe if he had just been able to get a satisfying job.....
  244. MasterNemesis- The .223 A Very Deadly Bullet
  245. Is It Time To Leave America?
  246. We're searched at the mall, our communications are monitored...
  247. Can we send the gun posts back to the gun forum yet?
  248. One of the stupidest graphics you'll ever see on DU
  249. Well, let's just make a whole "stupid graphics" thread, since they're on a roll today
  250. DUmmy tries to draw an analogy between cars and guns -- and fails miserably