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  1. The Gentleperson's Guide To Forum Spies
  2. Our Local Chick-fil-A
  3. As A Vet Why I Won't Join The Legion Or VFW
  4. Right-wing food companies
  5. To Prepare for Republican Convention, Tampa Restricts Protests
  6. Los Angeles Just Banned All Marijuana Dispensaries
  7. More pain-inducing stupidity about guns: "Want to end the debate on gun control?"
  8. Ah, so Chick-Fil-A informing people that they are closed on Sundays = boasting
  9. Let's say fundamentalist Christians had a thing against driving...
  10. Romney Advisor: 'Obama doesn't appreciate the ANGLO-SAXON heritage
  11. Proof that DU loves it when the state violates the separation of church and state
  12. Watched a guy call the bluff of a room full of Romney supporters yesterday
  13. My RW boss received an $1100 refund check from our health insurance company
  14. Fla. Republican: We wanted to suppress black votes
  15. Gallup tried polling me tonight!
  16. To those who want to stick it to DU with Olympic Spoiler threads--- Think again.
  17. Breaking: Marco Rubio plane has to make an emergency landing. He misses Iowa Rally.
  18. Would Romney the draft dodger hesitate to send someone else's son or daughter to die
  19. DU heartbreak: ACLU defends Chick-Fil-A against idiot mayors
  20. I am sick of the "severely debilitated with M.S." meme Ann Romney camp
  21. We never call people who join the military to kill people insane
  22. we are thinking about selling our home and buying a cool condo downtown
  23. Bouncy From A Facebook Friend Of My Wife's
  24. The one thing that would have foiled the Aurora Massacre
  25. What Chick-Fil-A supports according to DU
  26. Um...yeah...about the whole "You didn't build that" thing...
  27. So Bush Has Decided To Skip The RNC Convention?
  28. DUmmies think Chewbacca is hot
  29. How do you get a bad odor out of car?
  30. Berenstain Bears Flip Off Chick-Fil-A
  31. Teen starved to death in spite of state's involvement
  32. Any zoning law experts around?
  33. Beware of this Rovian maneuver... it is coming.
  34. A Wild WTF! Appears! Disney secretly employed Blackwater
  35. DU is not representative of America any more
  36. Obama won PA by 10% or 620,478 votes. New PA Voter ID bill could disenfranchise...
  37. DU's favorite KFC sign "Delicious chicken served without hate" is a big, fat fake
  38. Chick-Fil-a WTF is going on.
  39. Anyone else noticed something about the Chick-Fil-A lines?
  40. So it appears there was quite the turnout for Chick-fil-a
  41. the longer that Chik Fil A stays in the headlines, the worse for our side
  42. How many guys who reached puberty in the late 60's
  43. Turning off the Olympics.....
  44. Want to piss off a Republican?
  45. Subway rider with AK-47 and drugs arrested.
  46. "Jobsy the Elephant haz a sad"-or My Adventures With the RNC Donation Survey!!
  47. Dumbest DUmp port of the day (but it's still early)
  48. Flatulence from Stinky...
  49. The only thing worse than a bad bouncy....
  50. My Surprise Encounter With A RWinger Today
  51. I seriously think we are seeing the beginning of America seperating into two...
  52. This is a general statement on our FAR RIGHT and militias
  53. Holy Cow Just got out of the hospital: I had a stroke!!!
  54. Well they have gotten their wish..
  55. My car broke down today and 5 minutes later a cop
  56. How will YOU survive global warming?
  57. Today and yesterday I tried mowing neighbors yards for free.
  58. Occupy’s Frankfurt Camp Is Closed as Health Hazard
  59. Where is madfloridian?
  60. Do you want to know why so many pizza chains are owned/run by right-wingers?
  61. Does anyone else think that we may have riots after this election
  62. Miracle-Gro Package: "if not satisfied return empty package" for refund........
  63. Nadinbrzezinski Cheats Death...Death is Relieved.
  64. WARNING, GRAPHIC. Got into it with a TeaMaggot last night.
  65. "BBC now admits that Al Qaeda never existed"
  66. Why are these two SH*TSTAINS on an aircraft carrier?
  67. Janna Little Ryan (Paul Ryan's wife). Former DC tax atty, now SAHM
  68. USS Wisconsin? Has anyone from Ryan or Romney's family served in the Military?
  69. I don't know what to make of it..
  70. A blatant "fuck you" campaign
  71. Should President Obama pick a new VP?
  72. Uh, what is our response to the Tea Party...?
  73. I was just moving through the much that is this DU thread and found these Gems
  74. Hallelujah! I made a breakthrough with my Republican husband!!
  75. Special ops group attacks Obama over bin Laden bragging, leaks
  76. Sympathy DU style: BREAKING: Shooting At Family Research Council Headquarters
  77. Simple truth for all ReTHUGs who can't deal with this fact
  78. Regarding all the RW attacks on Joe Biden, there is only one explanation -
  79. Mind blowing conversation this morning with a RW relative.
  80. They Are Not Even Hiding Their Goal - Permanent GOP Totalitarian Christian Rule
  81. Think I finally figured out where the anti-government mindset comes from
  82. Cenk Goes Ballistic On The Assange Story... (More war crimes BS)
  83. William Rivers Pitt a "New York Times best selling author?" Really?
  84. It's Bouncy Time again!!!
  85. Besides Bush and Cheney, the person I most despise is Condoleezza
  86. I'm done dancing around playing nice. I'm done looking for the high road. I'm done wi
  87. DUers: Our parents are dumb, stupid, old and blind and we won't help them......
  88. 3 Cheers for 1StrongBlackMan ...
  89. You CANNOT reach out to or reason with Christian conservatives
  90. To those wishing Hurricane Issac would blow Tampa away
  91. Becoming a DU Star Member is now much easier, Love $kammer
  92. That darn GOP does not think it's rape if we enjoy the sex during rape!
  93. Tampa Authorities Empty Jail In Anticipation Of Mass Arrests At GOP Convention
  94. I just saw fucking Rmoney in person
  95. Just asking ... this summer was supposed to be a big summer for OWS. Is that totally
  96. They're Organized, They're Well-Funded, They Plan To Cheat, And They're Worried
  97. I hope DUers see the con - destroy ACORN
  98. The Cowardly Right Starting A Civil War? HA!
  99. Anyone surprised that the DUmmies love Biden's "They gonna put y'all back in chains"?
  100. "No one's ever asked if Michelle was my only wife..."
  101. You cannot be anti-abortion and also willing to go to war
  102. My problem with the Christian Right is
  103. Republicans are evil, and not just garden-variety evil at that.
  104. I don't want elected religious maniacs forcing their insane ideas on me thanks.
  105. New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu declares state of emergency (updated)
  106. I was a jerk today.
  107. So, OK...gather 'round, folks. Time for a huddle.
  108. why the Tweety smackdown of RNC PR BS was important
  109. Does this happen in your family? Dad/Granddad is first in line at dinner
  110. Arlen "Magic Bullet" Specter is in seriously ill condition
  111. The party that champions women speaks: Sarah Palin-Impersonating Porn Star Strips for
  112. Al Sharpton just called Chris Christie the Ralph Cramden of the Republican Party.
  113. Fuck Off....
  114. Hey Condi!
  115. This Gov. Martinez is giving a good speech.
  116. Being a poor American is bad enough without having to feel ashamed.
  117. why I loath repukes # 5,849: What repukes call racism:
  118. In Tampa, Police deliver boxed lunches to Protestors
  119. Fuck Clint Eastwood
  120. The United States has been directly attacked by other nations...TWICE in its entire h
  121. You gotta love it..
  122. Pitt weighs on on Mitt
  123. It's official--Clint went OFF SCRIPT!
  124. I'm amazed more aren't talking about this despicable Eastwood moment.
  125. DUmmy rips off Clint! Other DUmmies love it!
  126. I'm buying a tazer
  127. Paul Rylan is a grifter. Just a run of the mill con artist who isn't prepared for...
  128. The bush/romney plan: Steal the election. Start a war. Rob the money.
  129. Wanna know why Media ignore war criminals? CIA calls the shots.
  130. The panther is back....
  131. In America, the most difficult jobs, the hardest jobs to do pay the least.
  132. DU Road Trip! (Updated 7:30pm ET)
  133. Labor Day cookout with Republicans today.
  134. What exactly are gop voters so terrified of?
  135. We have credentials and SWAG!
  136. My hand was on MSNBC just now. **Here's a pic!**
  137. How many times was Dubya mentioned at our convention?
  138. The most horrible bumper sticker I ever saw several months ago
  139. Civil War my ass...
  140. Go to DU if you want a laugh...
  141. I was just walking through ...
  142. There is an anti-DU facebook page?
  143. The only thing worse than a new bouncy...
  144. Spent the whole drive home yelling at my radio
  145. A President's Call To Prayer
  146. I just felt like whacking my very rich Republican neighbor over the head with my shov
  147. More of Teh Bouncy!!!
  148. A real tale---not a bouncy, call it the anti-bouncy
  149. my heart is breaking. my daughter is turning into a republican
  150. My Encounter With A Right Wingnut
  151. I am so mad I am shaking
  152. Israel Could Send Iran ‘Back To The Stone Age’ With Electromagnetic Bomb
  153. To me, Sept. 11 represents the greatest failure of government in our history
  154. Mike Malloy Funnies...
  155. Listening to msnbc 9/11 coverage, something really bothering me
  156. What if Liberals had control of a nation?
  157. I might be wrong about this, but wasn't Bush flying around the country on 9/11...
  158. Help, my Dad has been brainwashed by Fox & WLW
  159. So My Conversation With Hotel Management About Television
  160. Are you Happy Now DUmmies???
  161. But I thought assange was there hero......
  162. Just got polled by our state repukes! Had a little fun with 'em....
  163. I unfriended a racist on FB tonight and it wasn't my sister...
  164. I demand an apology from shit romney to our president & to America
  165. Serious question here. Have any Muslims anywhere ever demeaned the holy men of other
  166. If this story is true... It's NOT GOOD...
  167. I do not hate Muslims
  168. You knew it was coming...
  169. Ugh, DU. The anti-Muslim sentiment here is getting to me.
  170. Romney can’t win it. But he can steal it.
  171. A massive crime against this nation by the 1%
  172. Just came home from church and we are furious!
  173. NATO disasters stack up in Afghanistan - LA Times
  174. I cried at church today
  175. Bob Woodward is such a rightwing corporate shill
  176. OK. I'll say it. Yes, I'd rather risk Iran having nukes than
  177. FIVE, count 'em FIVE Repub friends of mine have switched!!!
  178. Country No Longer Worth Serving - Boycott Military Service + ADDENDUM
  179. DU on Elizabeth Warren: Being from Okla. = "good chance" of being Native American
  180. Another stupid DU idea: personal wealth cap
  181. They really just want us dead.
  182. The 3 biggest reasons many Americans will vote for Romney are:
  184. How to steal a Presidential election
  185. An open letter to folks who cannot in good conscience vote for Obama
  186. Listen, I can remember when people were saying, "No way Bush will win! Did you hear w
  187. A message to Mr. Romney from a Petty Officer in the US Navy
  188. I HATE you Mitt Romney
  189. A neighbor JUST asked me why I think Romney isn't qualified as President
  190. The Republican base knows they're being lied to. They don't mind.
  191. Elizabeth Warren practiced law without a license?
  192. Please Remember. Republicans Steal Elections.
  193. Just threw a hissey fit in a store in Cape May, NJ...
  194. Why did Obama leave NY without meeting any international leaders?
  195. Quinnipiac/NYT/CBS: Obama Is Widening His Lead in Ohio (+10) and Florida (+9)
  196. Mia Love, Republican Mayor In Utah, Receives Photos Of KKK Member, Aborted Fetuses
  197. Unfuckenbelievable! UPDATE!
  198. Poll: Do you think the only way for Republicans to win is to cheat?
  199. What would it be like if...America had a liberal equivalent of Fox News?
  200. China plans to destroy history, it's Bush's fault.
  201. I just ended a 30 year relationship with State Farm Insurance today
  202. What's going on with the 47% in the southern states?
  203. What was she thinking? Spew Alert! (Ann Romney)
  204. (Rec. if you) are 'White', pay Federal Income Taxes, and LOATHE Republicans.
  205. I remember the euphoria and love for the Kennedy's
  206. Romney surrogate slams Obama’s Libya response with homophobic slur
  207. Why mittens is more fucked than he realizes
  208. US military death toll in Afghanistan reaches 2,000
  209. My prediction: the evidence of election fraud will be sweeping and breath-taking
  210. Voters are not going to fall in love with Romney between now and Election Day.
  211. Have A Sick Mom That Can't Get To Church & Just Put On A Catholic Mass On Cable TV &
  212. Liberals don't like THEIR candidate (Warren) being challenged by debate moderator
  213. I Witnessed A Conversion
  214. my autistic son asked me who would be better for pres
  215. What will Romney do after he loses the election?
  216. What will DU do after Obama loses the election
  217. Little Help Please? - re: Fox News
  218. U.S. Quick Service Restaurants Drive Employment Gain
  219. The DUmp is set at DEFCON 2!
  220. DU Seems Nervous
  221. I am not a Troll...
  222. I really can't believe what I just watched
  223. As I watch the debate for a second time, with the sound turned on for the middle half
  224. Ok listening to this on the repeat
  225. Not rope a dope, just a dope.
  226. The glaring political elephant in last night's debate
  227. I have a bad feeling about how SNL is going to play this....
  228. I was collared by a 96yr old man today...
  229. Excuse # 1 why Obama lost the debate - Romney Won Using a Debate Technique Called the
  230. Excuses #2 - Obama let Romney talk cause he knew Romney would lie
  231. My husband who SLEPT through last night's debate has set my blood pressure to 1000
  232. Excuse #3 - It was all about the expectations - High for Obama, low for Romney
  233. Osama bin Laden movie to air weekend before election
  234. Pres. Obama just said Romney got an Extreme Make over
  235. Just got devastating news (yeah right)
  236. SF archbishop jokes about recent DUI arrest
  237. So let me see if I got this straight
  238. Remove Hate Radio from our Armed Forces Radio
  239. Dummies stumble about confused.
  240. My world changed forever yesterday.
  241. CNN is not even trying to hide its bias.
  242. Biden is acting with absolute derision toward Ryan. Duers are thrilled
  243. This is much more one sided than the Presidential debate
  244. DUers response to the debate
  245. So there were no protest in Libya during the attack on the embassy?
  246. Boy, State of Florida! What are you thinking??????
  247. Politifact: The Only Truth Ryan Spoke Was when He Agreed With Obama Policy
  248. Wallace: 'Most Disrespectful Debate Performance In My Lifetime'
  249. For the 500,000,000th time... Obama did not lose that debate.
  250. GOP's Primary Goal Is To Destroy The Middle Class In This Country.