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  1. UPDATED: Sensata Story Will Destroy Romney -Romney's Bain Currently Selling Out US...
  2. BREATHTAKING! Millions of Us Are Creating a November Victory!
  3. My wife hates this site.
  4. YES!!! Someone finally *GETS* it...
  5. Ok, I blew my stack this morning with my husband.
  6. Biden contradicts State Department on Benghazi security
  7. 'I'm sick to my stomach': anger grows in Illinois at Bain's latest outsourcing plan.
  8. Hang up your hats folks, Obama's got it in the bag.
  9. And for my 1000th Post... (hope this isn't against the rules)
  10. The lack of yard signs in front of my house is not due to a lack of support for Presi
  11. This car was spotted near Grand Rapids, MI
  12. GUESS WHAT? The deficit is $300 BILLION smaller today than when Obama took office!!!!
  13. Venezuelan democracy: "The best in the world."
  14. Tonight's town hall debate format, and my moment of concern-trolling.
  15. Well, they've gotten to my wife.
  16. If Romney Wins... (something to share around if you deem it worthy)
  18. Republicans Might Be Behind Libya, Wish Jewish Supporters.
  19. Romney will panic...
  20. DULUSIONAL Thread...
  21. Me, Mom and Dad are skeert I can't get a job when I gets outta skool!
  22. Romney just insulted the President of the United States
  23. I'm watching Fox News for debate follow-up.
  24. Is it really necessary to establish a commission to find qualified women as if
  25. The right is outraged that Romney was right. Obama didn't say the attack was an act o
  27. RW friend says "Top 10% pay 70% of all taxes, taking care of that 47%." True?
  28. Sorry But I Cannot Watch Mitt For A Second Without Feeling Like Want To Deck Him.
  29. When Dems lose a debate...
  30. Overheard in the jury lounge today: "I'm a Republican but won't be voting
  31. 18 Ways Mitt Romney Is Just Like George W. Bush
  32. Check it out...I'm a meme!
  33. Lawrence O'Donnel just chalanged Tagg Romney to" come take a swing" at him on Live TV
  34. The perpetually offended are....OFFENDED at Romneys speach at Al Smith dinner
  35. So I got my Arizona Early Voting Ballot today, and guess what? Republicans
  36. What the President should say on Monday night....
  37. So, no Romney men have ever served in the military? That is disgusting.
  38. MUST READ: If R$R Prevail On Medicaid Kids Get Ready To Sign Over YOUR House -----
  39. Speculation. On mitt Romney
  40. Are we being set up for another election theft??
  41. An Unbelievable conversation at the tire place this afternoon
  42. Form of Depression Is Emerging That Doctors Don't Know How to Treat ...
  43. ON NO!! He just can't be doing THAT to white girls!!!
  44. I was DISTURBED by Romney at the Al Smith Dinner
  45. The Obama Campaign DID in fact take out a $15 million Bank of America loan!
  46. What happened to MSNBC this afternoon? Sickening!
  47. My Father's vote was just stolen in Ohio...
  48. I have lost so many friends this election season
  49. This thread provides a platform for the delusional to rant.
  50. RANT: I have lost tolerance for people who have no interest in current events or poli
  51. This country is so majorly fucked up
  52. DUmmies bemoan the burying of the Dungeon
  53. When calling out the RW 'chickenhawk' Romney's of this country...
  54. My wife....
  55. Thank you Fox News
  56. I hate Mitt Romney with the white hot intensity of a billion suns.
  57. Sick of people here having their heads up their asses.
  58. The New Yorker's endorsement of Obama for president...
  59. DUers channel Romney's thoughts and actions.
  60. I blocked Faux News on my hotel room's TV
  61. I am shocked that my wife just said this:
  62. You know why maddow is deppressed? cause of this PPP POLL HERE
  63. It has occurred to me that this election's results will be a super accurate litmus te
  64. My bouncy son called this morning
  65. Market down. Guess whose "fault" it is...
  66. An incident at my gym today...
  67. DUmmies don't realize this meme is making fun of them:
  68. Keystone Pipeline XL not dead...
  69. HERE is why Democrats are more nervous than Republicans
  70. Woman claims 3 men set her on fire,
  71. How absurd can the right get?
  72. I know this sounds alarmist and I don't want anyone to think I'm some liberal crank p
  73. What Did Women Ever Do to Make Republicans Hate Us So Much?
  74. Texas warns it could prosecute OSCE poll monitors
  75. Keith Olbermann Casts A Wide Net In Job Search
  76. Retired NSA Analyst Proves GOP Is Stealing Elections
  77. All 150,000 members of this site should be flooding MSM and the DOJ...
  78. Heh! Let the denial begin.
  79. Pres. Obama's new song! (Forward)
  80. Just Got Back From Early Voting in Florida and The GOP Plan is Working....
  81. OK. I'VE HAD ENOUGH! No more Republicans in my life.
  82. Someone stole my Obama yard sign...
  83. Dear Mrs. Romney, SHUT THE HELL UP
  84. My Tolerance Is At An End (RANT)
  85. “PROOF: GOP Party Bosses Rigging Elections For Romney“?
  86. Fuget, FEMA administrator
  87. I see a granite pizza in this one's future
  88. OH HELL!! no she didn't say this
  89. I actually like this one: Math nerd moment: Sandy as a Fibonacci spiral
  90. Will the right respect the election results?
  91. Chris Christie: FU You're on you're on your own.
  92. Hate to pont this out, but....losses could get close to the trillion here
  93. I wish President Obama had been in office during Katrina...............
  94. Men drove car into joggers for fun. In Rush's home town.
  95. The meltdown over Romney actually rolling up his sleeves and helping people is truly
  96. There is much to be said about a community organizer in action.
  97. Hey Florida and NC.. sometime in the next four years, you'll be hit
  98. The death of Reagan-The evil one
  99. Just once it would be nice for alll the media to do their civic duty and help calm fr
  100. Obama +8 in Michigan per PPP
  101. I haven't been paying attention, so what is the RW uproar over Benghazi?
  102. Disaster Preparadness
  103. Housemate bouncy
  104. Just as predicted, Romney goes right off of the edge of sanity and decency
  105. A Deep Red Mississippi Family just turned blue.
  106. On Election Day, I will be working for President Obama to protect your vote.
  107. I found an AMEX card today
  108. I know this man.
  109. BREAKING: GOP stealing ballots with "Victory Vans"
  110. Peruvian Shamans Predict Obama Reelection
  111. The democratic party needs to push for poll closing extensions tomorrow.
  112. Most of my republican friends are really democrats and don't know it.
  113. Got called an "idiot" twice today.
  114. Bruce with President Obama and Jay Z live stream will begin at 3:30 pm
  115. To Any Republican Lurker: Your Party Hates America.
  116. Hey freeloaders, time to sign up and pay for DU
  117. My daughter voted for Mitt today
  118. I predict...that Ronmey will concede
  119. Finally Chuck Todd doing what he should be doing.
  120. Thank you, DU. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
  121. Another Will Pitt thread (I FUCKING HATE THESE PEOPLE.)
  122. Firefox is telling me........
  123. A friend brought me back from Asia a t shirt of Obama with a chairmen Mao hat on
  124. My hands are shaking
  125. Hope is greater than fear...
  126. If the rich m*tha f*ckas can spend millions on a PAC, they can afford to pay more in
  127. Oh, yeah. The party of women's rights.....
  128. Did anyone here ever think David Petraeus was totally hot?
  129. So when Sandy devastated New York, did Wall Street come to the rescue? No...
  130. A good friend of mine is an ex-Secret Service agent.
  131. How do you feel about victims of brainwashing?
  132. Update on my daughter being slapped at school for celebrating President Obama's win
  133. Epiphany strikes my 73-year-old republican sister while watching Fox News.
  134. I seek a world where there ARE NO veterans anymore, and no more Veterans Day
  135. Just unfriended, in every respect, a childhood friend who turned out to be a Trump-lo
  136. So I was talking about the inevitable GOP/House-driven impeachment of Obama...
  137. Romney Had No Votes in Many Urban Precincts
  138. Bill Maher on Gen. Petraeus...
  139. Add "calling elections" to Nadin's repertory of special skills
  141. Ground Broken For Housing Project Intended For Members Of LGBT Community
  142. nadin, Gas Leak reporting expert.
  143. PC intern take a vow (nadin again...)
  144. Survivors File U.N. Complaint Against Canada for Failing to Prosecute George W. Bush
  145. "I've started telling my daughters I'm beautiful"
  146. Jimmy Carter: "Israelis' Policy Is to Confiscate Palestinian Territory"
  147. Whenever you hear someone describe themselves as a "Republican"…
  148. Occupy Wall St Says 'Rolling Jubilee' Raises Enough to Abolish $6 Million in Debt
  149. 'Occupy' Doctor Had Bomb-Making Chemicals In Ridgewood Basement...
  150. Mike Malloy is the equivalent of
  151. If Anonymous has definitive proof that Rove tried to hack the vote, present it.
  152. I'm lazy and want gifts and that is the reason I find myself where I am...
  153. CNN: Anonymous declares 'cyberwar' on Israel
  154. Another bouncy for obamacare.
  155. The Most Powerful Woman the Middle East Has Ever Witnessed.
  156. Black Friday and Thanksgiving.
  157. Thanksgiving 2012
  158. Give Thanks You Weren't Bombed and Murdered by Americans Because You ARE Americans
  159. black voters look to leverage their loyalty
  160. Ah, the joys of spending Thanksgiving with right wing nuts
  161. After dinner conversation : "They're coming after your IRA."
  162. WGA Lectin
  163. The Walmart leafleting is over at the Grossmont center
  165. My wife and I moved into a new place last week
  166. LOL... we almost had a fight at La Madelaine ...and the liberals won!
  167. The Military ruined this country
  168. WTF- Elizabeth Warren wants to cut a part of "Obama care" siding with the 1%ers/ repu
  169. 'Two and a Half Men' actor calls his show 'filth'
  170. The Goldman Sachs Project to take over Europe nearly complete
  171. I yelled at my parents tonight...
  172. Evidence for man-made climate change getting stronger: U.N.
  173. Secretary of State Al Gore?
  174. How do we turn this place into a think tank?
  176. Ok just some advise, regarding android, iOS
  177. Is America Islamophobic?
  178. Death Star Petition Urges White House To Build Killer Space Station
  179. Why do Republicans hate the UN?
  180. Pearl Harbor and 26,000 Days of War
  181. Issa's San Diego home burglarized of $100,000 in jewelry
  182. Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Crash Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Dinner in Union S
  183. I've just gotta share this ...
  184. I waited and I waited for help but all the rich people just stared at me and kept eat
  185. Mr President, take your measly tax cuts and stick 'em where the sun doesn't shine.
  186. DUmmies get stupid about the military again.
  187. DUmmie bitches that Walmart is putting workers on government health care
  188. DUmmie asks "How does one counter wisdom?"
  189. I got my first "Merry Christmas" said to me yesterday
  190. Fox News Contributor Repeatedly Punched By Michigan Pro-Union Protestors Tearing Down
  191. Well...I'm about to get evicted.
  192. A Eulogy for #Occupy (very close to the best thing I have ever read in my life)
  193. How much longer WILL Dem officeholders feel they HAVE to wear those $*%&^#@ FLAG PINS
  194. Nadin on Storm Watch!
  195. I just punched a gun nut in the face
  198. A nation-wide $100 per bullet tax...
  199. What took the resident expert so long.....
  200. "...an armed society is a polite society..."
  201. One DU'er gets it.
  202. Petition to forbid support of the NRA at DU.
  203. Obama is not going to take your guns away. We are.
  204. Teh stupid. Still burning.
  205. Sandy Hook tribute mural
  206. These photos are not funny, & these people could be your neighbors.
  207. I am not a gun person. But for the gun persons, how about you speak out?
  208. Face it, folks.
  209. I was one of those weird, loner kids in high school
  210. Nadin Won't Tolerate NRA Talking Points
  211. Celebratory cheers erupt at the DUmp
  212. I do not want an "assault rifle" ban
  213. Hey!! Lurking Conservatives...Yeah, YOU!
  214. The Wait-Just-a-Goddam-Second Amendment
  215. Is Newtown Making Such News Because The Kids Are Mostly White?
  216. ***NRA PRESSER. LIVE THREAD**** Fuck you Wayne, you loathsome piece of slime.
  217. This is what the NRA is up to this morning....
  218. Psssst...
  219. Wayne LaPierre has Hitler Hair...
  220. I want all assault rifle owners to turn them in, possession of them made a felony
  221. So, I'll be leaving the US soon
  222. I am an Anarchist. Not a "Libertarian" or a "Galtist" but an Anarchist.
  223. Pot farms wreaking havoc on Northern California environment
  224. Some home defense alternatives
  225. Idiot wingnut I used to work with is going crazy on Facebook tonight.
  226. BDS: The gift that keeps on giving
  227. David Koch Now Taking Aim at Hurricane Sandy Victims
  228. Know your BFEE: Siegelman Judge is a big-time War Profiteer
  229. As soon as GHWB dies, the WORST thing will be all of the nice eulogies about him
  230. So many victims.
  231. My faux pas at the Christmas gathering..
  232. With the destructive power of guns increasing year over year something HAS to be done
  233. At what point does military worship become dangerous?
  234. I no longer use antidepressants.
  235. Patriotism is for fools!
  236. Senator Tom Harkin: No Deal Is Better Than The Deal Being Negotiated
  237. A toast...
  238. A family pet, an innocent bystander, is shot dead by cops.
  239. So...I am losing my food stamps next month...
  240. Al Gore, progressive leader one minute, wanting to cash in big time the next...
  241. Any breaking news on that war criminal of a Dick yet?
  242. OK. I have serious reservations about doing this, but I'm going to come out here...
  243. If you've never served in the military than you can't criticize those who have.
  244. What Happened to my Paycheck?
  245. Baltimore Sun: Why Al Jazeera buying Current TV is a good thing for media, country.
  246. 18 months ago when I started this job my righty nutjob supervisor was a...
  247. He's Baaaaaaack!!!
  248. a guy broke into my sister's house
  249. Wendy’s Franchise Cuts Employee Hours To Part-Time To Avoid Obamacare
  250. Why isn't student loan debt dischargeable through bankruptcy?