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  1. What would the world look like if the NAZIs had won World War II?
  2. Lessons from the longshoremen - why we need powerful unions
  3. The people who rushed to buy assault weapons after the Newtown School massacre
  4. If need be, do you think that the Feds could find you if you post on Democratic Under
  5. If you could move abroad, would you?
  6. Thank you,folks. I was hired.
  7. DU POLL: Are humans basically stupid?
  8. More And More Of America's PhDs Are On Welfare
  9. Fuck the NRA and fuck the lying liars who speak on its behalf.
  10. Experts Fear Collapse of Global Civilisation
  11. Noam Chomsky blasts Obama: He has no moral center
  12. My afternoon entertainment at work today has been
  13. Dennis Kucinich to become Regular Fox News Contributor
  14. Whole Foods CEO: Obamacare Is ‘Like Fascism’
  15. I am proud today to say I voted for this president.
  16. So my 3rd-grade son asked me if there are any crazy people with guns near us.
  17. I deeply regret ever having sought mental health treatment.
  18. Do you want to do something to help this planet? Stop flying.
  19. LBJ made clear where he stood when it came to the BFEE
  20. Just kicked a far right gun nut NRA member to the curb
  21. I think today should be "William Pitt Appreciation Day"
  22. It is a quiet Saturday night...
  23. Unemployable At 50 Fate Of Present And Future Workers
  24. I Just Cried
  25. Honestly, is there hope for the human race? What say you DU?
  26. Carlos Miller gets roughed up again in Miami for taking pictures
  27. While the President dances, innocents mourn their dead, dead at the President's hand.
  28. Shrumm right now, Republicans stole 2000
  29. Mali: The Fastest Blowback Yet in This Disastrous War on Terror
  30. More than One Million Schoolchildren in U.S. are Homeless
  31. fuck .. I hate John McCain so much ....
  32. If The Dems Made A Concerted Effort To Appeal To Rural Voters What Would...
  33. Ah, it looks like a demolition derby out there, SO Cal residents
  34. Conservatives want to turn red states into North Korea
  35. I just got pulled over as a pedestrian for "walking suspiciously"
  36. DU POLL: Do you think republicans are trying to spark another civil war?
  37. Another way to save the Democratic Party: Join the Democratic Socialists!
  38. Um, Why Are Military Helicopters Firing Machine Guns Over Houston and Miami?
  39. U.N. Drone Investigator: If Facts Lead to U.S. War Crimes, So Be It
  40. Old, Female and Homeless
  41. "Beyonce "I faked it" .... So what! ..... move on" & DUmmie's fake orgasm
  42. Al Gore, passionately: It's pitiful! PITIFUL!
  43. Living in a Police State- The Airport Experience
  44. Somebody hates me. I'm good with it. I'm not afraid.
  45. Notice to the Democratic party....
  46. Shoot eveyone open carrying for implied threat.
  47. San Diego DU'ers...the commute might be fun
  48. Bolivia Passes Law Declaring Mother Earth has Equal Status
  49. Homelessness: Still Not Getting It
  50. What type of person does it take to be a sniper??
  51. I never watch the Super Bowl
  52. Offensive Post!!!! Reagan wasn't that bad.
  53. "We're gonna have a surprise lockdown this week."
  54. I passed a homeless couple on my way to the dentist.
  55. Tsunami WARNING
  56. A DU Lament...
  57. A familiar DUmmie Back Under A New Name
  58. "The mistakes of their parents". **** you, Eric Cantor." (DollarBillHines)
  59. A Note On 'Drone Strikes', Ladies And Gentlemen
  60. WOW. Nails it.
  61. Some things about the USPS
  62. A question regarding empire?
  63. I took a friend to the emergency room at 3am Saturday morning.
  64. A maintenance worker then put up the flag, and the mistake wasn't noticed for a coupl
  65. An appreciation thread for The Magistrate
  66. Young People More Likely To Favor Socialism Than Capitalism: Pew
  67. Grayson: “They got rid of me for two years, but now I’m back”
  68. BREAKING: Reuters, UN Security Council official
  69. Woohoo my local cops will see the inside of a (civil) court as defendants!!!
  70. Conspiracy theory on Dorner, hot off presses!!!
  71. I lost my job and I am pissed off.
  72. Six bloody years ago today, a warmonger pretzeldent said: ' MONEY TRUMPS PEACE.'
  73. Could you be friends with a Nazi??
  74. Just a couple tidbits on the recent mishaps by a cruise line
  75. I broke my freakin' arm saying happy valentines day to a republican.
  76. Lord, I swear, fire season never ended
  77. A Scary Reality About Wal-Mart's Customers: They're Broke
  78. In 2002, Will Pitt wrote a book
  79. Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
  80. Dick Cheney should be tried as a war criminal
  81. What is your opinion of Donald Rumsfeld?
  82. I don't feel proud of our behemoth military might
  83. BREAKING Injuries reported in Kansas City Business dstrict
  84. It's ok if obama does it...
  85. TSA apologizes for attempting to screen toddler in wheelchair
  86. How Privileged Are You?
  87. Last night I went to the bar to watch basketball. Instead, I got the full litany of R
  88. Worst Drought in 1,000 Years Could Begin in Eight Years
  89. One of the most incredible, beautiful, important things I've ever seen.
  90. The GOP Is Pursuing More Than Class War - They Are Pursuing Economic Apartheid.
  91. The Problem with Being Privileged
  92. "Before our white brothers arrived to make us civilized men…"
  93. Lawyer trapped, forgotten inside San Diego-area jail
  94. Electing An "F-NG" Republican TO ANYTHING Is Like Hiring A Pedophile To Watch Your Ki
  95. BOOM! Feds release hundreds of immigrant detainees in face of sequester
  96. If you are the member of a privileged group AND call yourself progressive
  97. Pic Of The Moment: Bob Woodward Makes Bizarre Claim That He Was Threatened By...
  98. This coming from Caracas
  99. Met a guy tonight who gets furloughed at midnight.
  100. Bradley Manning is a true American hero.
  101. I just had a bum assault me
  102. Hugo Chavez has died, and in a way, that's a shame.
  103. If Chavez is dead, we need to be in solidarity with the people of Venezuela.
  104. Breaking, Chavez is dead
  105. Got in a PISSER With The Landlord
  106. Book says Roger Ailes called Obama 'lazy' and Biden 'dumb as an ashtray'
  107. Seriously Dick Cheney is fugging evil
  108. Mr. Dorkio self-pwns
  109. In 1914, a boy chained his bike to a tree to fight in the war. He never returned.....
  110. Dear DU: Fuck Rand Paul
  111. America....
  112. Ignorant people are really starting to bum me out.
  113. 2014 2014 2014 2014 2014 2014 2014 2014 2014 2014
  114. Does anyone believe that if Gore had been inaugurated as POTUS in 2000,
  115. Here's what I would have said to Hugo Chavez, had I seen him at the last
  116. American CEO'S - "American Workers Stink"
  117. Teabaggers swarm WA State Capitol armed with assault rifles
  118. Ahmadinejad in Trouble for showing Affection/Touching a Woman
  119. Today while getting off the train to head to school
  120. To DU Catholics: Congrats on your new Pope.
  121. Waking From My Moral Coma
  122. I love trolling
  123. This is hard...
  124. The United States is the most hated country in the world.
  125. Nadin being, well Nadin....
  126. Is Bush Evil or Just a stupid pawn?
  127. DUers upset that Candy Crowley supports rapists (animals) that raped unconscious girl
  128. A Message to George W. Bush and Dick Cheney From a Dying Veteran
  129. The US Invasion of Iraq Was a Crime and Its Perpetrators Are Murderers
  130. No more. I've had enough. Just enough
  131. What Happened?
  132. So you’re tired of hearing about “rape culture”?
  133. I want to thank every DUer who has survived/endured sexual assault...
  134. DUers, would you use a dedicated area for GOOD NEWS?
  135. Phil Donahue Was Fired For Threatening Tweetie's Manliness?
  136. They sure are deluded...
  137. "90% of the guns in America are owned by White people in the suburbs."
  138. Don't know about you, but I'm still FURIOUS about Selection 2000.
  139. Blinded By Arrogance and Tea, Ted Cruz Is The New Sarah Palin
  140. Barricades erected before mass protest against Chicago school closings
  141. Kentucky House votes to override governor's veto of 'religious freedom' bill
  142. America’s future: too frail to work, too poor to retire will become the “new normal”
  143. Ok, this s the most tense I remember things
  144. NRA certificates for both Lanzas
  145. Dr. Ben Carson
  146. EPA: Expect More Radiation in Rainwater
  147. Would Obama use a nuke in retaliation?
  148. The Wil Wheaton Story That Will Make You Sob In Your Cheerios
  149. A young black man in a nice car
  150. Congratulations Will Pitt and welcome Lola Jane Pitt
  151. Prosecutable US Crimes Against Humanity In Korea
  152. Cant find it
  153. I don't even know where to start with this gem..
  154. I'm afraid of the world..
  155. Could the reason why we don't get universal health care be to help keep...
  156. Aryan Nation, White Supremacists, KKK, Et Al Are The GOP Base
  157. why do we ignore our lonliness?
  158. North Korea Reportedly Just Moved Its Missiles a Little Closer to the U.S.
  159. I just got this PM from another DU'er
  160. UGP Freaks Out
  161. I can't believe I am watching a Democratic president propose serious cuts to SS
  162. I have been a Democrat my entire life...
  163. Filmmaker 'froze to death' reporting on homelessness
  164. hunger strike
  165. San Diego Nine go on Hunger Strike.
  166. "I live on $710.00 a month, what exactly am I supposed to cut?"
  167. (Crickets chirping)
  168. Poverty...it's not sexy
  169. Margaret Thatcher is dead
  170. Has anyone here ever witnessed a shooting? Or, Nadin the Gunslinger
  171. America's Hired Death Squads and Torture Teams Are Still Operating in Iraq
  172. Are Democrats fearful of the Republican character assassination machine?
  173. Has anyone here ever eaten cat food?
  174. And the number 1 reason to hate Phil Mickelson and the Masters
  175. "MY 12 year old is pregnant. FOR REAL."...
  176. The outright hate for the President on DU is disgusting
  177. Know your BFEE: Social Security is a Side Show while Banksters Walk and You Pick Up t
  178. What the fuck is wrong with this country?
  179. My money is on some teabagger anti-government, anti-tax extremist
  180. Sorry...if it was a Saudi or Muslim, it would be a headline already.
  181. nadin, explosives expert...
  182. Some speculation, informed by what we know so far
  183. Explosives in Boston could have been traced if not for the NRA
  184. I got a chuckle out of this
  185. I swear, you could cut the irony with a chainsaw
  186. Fuck the NRA
  187. At least there is a little sanity over there...
  188. It Is Hard To Believe That There Are Just Two Of Them. Has To Be A Cell In The Area.
  189. If This Doesn't Scream "Teabagger Group," I Don't Know What Does
  190. I think it's safe to say... MSNBC has kicked the shit out of CNN and FOX....
  191. So the two suspects are two Russian WHITE BOYS
  192. I Want to Know If the Brothers Bought Their Guns Legally...
  193. I can't go over there anymore for at least a little bit
  194. Nadin weighs in on Boston events!
  195. Nadin hoping for traffic accidents in San Diego today while waiting for wild fires!
  196. White privilege is knowing that even if the Boston Marathon bomber
  197. Shelter in place orders are lifted
  198. Now that we have a suspect under arrest
  199. Why are they preventing the media and the residents of that West Texas town
  200. The NRA and the Republican Party Made It Easier For The Boston Bombers to Get Weapons
  201. Boat where Dzhokhar Tsarnaev hid 'looked like Swiss cheese' after shootout
  202. Baby's Latest: Going Diaperless, at Home or Even in the Park
  203. The Boston bombing and the follow up pursuit brought out the best of DU.
  204. How come the 'well armed militia' wasn't heard from during the Boston crisis?
  205. Going on a DU vacation
  206. I marched on the first Earth Day. Anybody else?
  207. Earth Day 2013: Golden Gate Park pot party a major mess
  208. DU locked this thread
  209. Slackmaster
  210. Could Boehner's speakership be history? His daughter is set to marry a black man.
  211. Rev Al's guests just tore W a new one
  212. I don't believe the New York story
  213. G. W. Bush--Innocent of the Theft of the Presidency?
  214. The weather channel is like really funny
  215. Are we a police state yet?
  216. KRUGMAN: "Bush lied us into war. Let’s repeat that: he lied us into war."
  217. ACLU says Detroit is taking homeless off the streets and dumping them outside the cit
  218. Why We Still Have a Massive Homelessness Problem (Hard Times USA)
  219. Dave Zirin: I Keep Wondering WHY George W Bush Is NOT ON TRIAL FOR WAR CRIMES?
  220. Over 130 Prisoners on Hunger Strike, Dozens Being Force Fed
  221. Record-Holding Ponytail Zip Liner Dies Repeating Stunt
  222. On Labor…and it’s Crisis
  223. ok.... who's mole is this????
  224. Florida Teen Girl Charged With Felony After Science Experiment Goes Bad
  225. I am sick of being treated less than human
  226. DU is being Filtered By My ISP
  227. Having problem with Teahadist partner
  228. Another excellent observation about conservatives
  229. Left wing libertarians.
  230. Al Qaeda Headquarters in Libya
  231. Diplomat claims US forces told to stand down in Benghazi
  232. MSNBC - Get rid of Morning Joe!
  233. Historians Still Despise George W. Bush
  234. Rocky Zombie
  235. Can Someone Explain to me The Right Wing's Benghazi Conspiracy Theory?
  236. It's official. South Carolina is stupid
  237. need those pics of W holding hands, etc. with the Saudi prince
  238. In case you haven't seen this. Regarding Republican politicization of Benghazi...
  239. Why do people watch things like the Arias murder trial?
  240. *********Official thread of things the GOP hates*********
  241. Dick Cheney Suggests Republicans Subpoena Hillary Clinton On Benghazi
  242. They all voted no.
  243. Well I have just about had it ... I have unfriended 2 more!
  244. Happening NOW! The 41-mile Poor People's March from Baltimore to DC kicks off!
  245. Let's Tax Offshore Wealth
  246. KUCHINICH is getting on my nerves. There he is on Faux giving aid and comfort to Faux
  247. DU Dogfight...
  248. I have no problem with the IRS going after those openly advocating tax evation.
  249. Ironyalert: Tea Party Grps Force Minorities T Provide Inordinate Amts Of Info to vote
  250. Jury hung on two counts in Philadelphia abortion trial