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  1. NNN0LHI (Don) Has Passed Away
  2. "We're not getting involved in the civil war." Jesus H. baldheaded CHRIST.
  3. RW Nuts About Syria
  4. Will Pitt Does Not Give a Shit.
  5. The Real War
  6. Guess who Came to our School Today?
  7. Hey, MSNBC. Yeah, I'm talking to you.
  8. It has come to my attention that some of you don't know what war is
  9. No.
  10. kpete has no trust
  11. OK, so let me see if I have this right... (w/ edit)
  12. New Poll Finds Most Americans Open to Alternative 9/11 Theories
  13. I don't want to have to learn yoga in order to take a dump.
  14. Kerry is meeting with Kissinger today for advice on Syria
  15. Here is the only lesson I learned from the Occupy Movement
  16. Who Keeps Calling raccoon?
  17. 31 year old virgin is sorry for worrying everyone with his posts.
  18. DUmmies discuss roughing it.
  19. DUmmies knife fight over guns.
  20. DUmmies don't get sarcasm...
  21. Until we loose the “I got Mine” mentality
  22. Primitives Begin To Weigh In on Navy Yard Shootings
  23. NY occupy activists to celebrate 2nd anniversary
  24. I can typing
  26. A disturbing thought.
  27. The reason..people want to carry guns in public places...... is to shut up anyone...
  28. Career move for Nads?
  29. Tom DeLay Conviction Overturned
  30. Ed Shultz - ReTHUGS - let us PREY!!
  32. Republicans are evil...
  33. TPP in the USA Is Why We Occupy
  34. What have I ever done to make your party hate me so much, Mr. Boehner?
  36. Three Britons among Kenya shopping mall attack dead
  37. Ok I just came of the phone and I was speaking to a sibling
  38. 'Family Glitch' In Health Law Could Be Painful--DU: It's a Republican healthcare plan
  39. Should we still be blaming Bush, and (if so) why? (current budget debate)
  40. Fox ‘Liberal’ Bob Beckel: No New U.S. Mosques Until Muslims ‘Denounce’ Kenya Attack
  41. McDonald's and Faux News
  42. Here's What You Can Buy At The Biggest Gun Show In The Southeast
  43. $kinner Needs to Find a new Noodle.
  44. Advice about the new DU rules
  45. A terrible precedent is being set with guns in public places...
  46. I can not have a friend who is a Republican..
  47. I think most Republicans of today genuinely see fighting for their right-wing agenda
  48. Black Flag or Bull!
  49. My problem with DU ...our country ...and our government.
  50. AL GORE: “We as US citizens need to pay careful attention to the fact-our democracy h
  51. Grayson blames shutdown on GOP literally drinking on the job
  52. The racism is seeping out, the seep getting strong
  53. I lost my job today...
  54. GOP Will Take Over The Government To Shut Down Obamacare
  55. Shutdown Blocks Kids With Cancer From Clinical Trials
  56. Finally it can be shown that "capitalism" is NOT about competition.
  57. Republicans Make a Circus Out of WWII's Vets' Trip to War Memorial
  58. I Don't Give A Damn If The Hurricane Hammers Those Redneck Bastards.
  59. WilliamPitt: The Capitol Incident: "They didn't have to shoot her."
  60. At what point am I allowed to say healthcare.gov is a freaking nightmare
  61. Brown signs bill to allow children more than two legal parents
  62. This is most closed, control-freak administration I’ve ever covered.”
  63. Reddit developers analysis of healthcare.gov
  64. The Brainwashing Of My Dad By Limbaugh, Fox & GOP Media
  65. You thinkin' maybe the Founding Fathers weren't as smart as we'd like to think?
  66. Fuck all the RW trolls who sneak up on here and spew their hate crap!!!
  67. Our huge deductable under the ACA, not good.
  68. DU Women--- Can we have a big "FUCK YOU!" for Antonin Scalia.
  69. "Boner's" Racist Tone Now Showing. Says, "All Obama Has To Do Is Call Me."
  70. California Health insurance shoppers suffer sticker shock
  71. Encountered a teabagger today
  72. I 'unfriended' a teabagger today and she writes in a message afterwards:
  73. They should be tried for treason along with sedition.
  74. Is Sean Hannity America's #1 Racist Rehabilitator?
  75. Fuck them. "Your identity wasn't verified. You won't be able to submit your applicati
  76. If you start a thread poor-mouthing about how you just can't swing ACA...
  77. Just a little Terms of Service reminder about bashing Democratic Nominees.
  78. We're seeing lots of nonsense ACA stories posted without the facts needed to evaluate
  79. Octafish to attend JFK assassination conference. Do you think JFK still matters?
  80. The KOCH Brothers Seditious SHUTDOWN Conspiracy Should Get Them 20 YEARS IN PRISON
  81. How can any black person be a Republican?
  82. Overheard an Interesting Coversation in Walgreens between Clerks on Shutdown/Debt
  83. those tea party fucks were totally out of control today
  84. This HAS to be reported.
  85. I have had ENOUGH! I've been a DUer since 2002, and am pissed off
  86. At what point can we say the Constitution has been a failure?
  87. What is the mechanism for this proposed ACA income verification?
  88. The Confederate flag raising yesterday may be the final straw for a lot of people.
  89. Holy shit, per MSNBC and Ed Schultz No House vote
  90. I smell a rat with Obamacare rollout
  91. JFK Conference: Amazing Day of Information and Connecting with Good People
  92. rich girl writes online essay about poor people making her feel bad
  93. Impossible To Govern If Elections Never End - Colorado Recalls
  94. I just hung up from being blindsided by a Tea-Party loving "friend" - I'm speechless
  95. America on Fire
  96. The sacrifices that I make for DU-- Almost got Whacked today
  97. A contender for WORST BOUNCY EVER - Four racists got a surprise today
  98. I thought the ACA was for the 30 million that had no health insurance??
  99. Morgan Freeman: “TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!” What the f--k is that?
  100. Fox slams Grayson
  101. Texas Republicans Aim to Remove Texas Women from Voting.
  102. ACA conversation with co-worker at lunch
  103. Machine Gun Mouth
  104. San Diegans, this is the beginning of afternoon traffic
  105. Jerry Brown DU Hero
  106. I Choose To Be Gay
  107. EarlG finally pulled the trigger---Goodby DKF--- you trolled pretty God Damn good!
  108. Well I'm off to the StopWatching.Us Rally
  109. Got A Job Offer...
  110. Fox and the World Series: a "Fuck You" in three paragraphs
  111. The Bush family's company Carlyle Group runs the NSA
  112. LA Times: Middle class gets Obamacare sticker shock
  113. I really hate "god bless america" at every fucking ball game.
  114. Truthdig article about the healthcare.gov intro and the anti-leak culture at the WH
  115. 'Lost world' discovered in remote Australia
  116. World Series is impossible to watch on FOX
  117. CBS News Features Distraught Woman Paying 10 Times More for Insurance Due to Obamacar
  118. NBC News: Obama admin. knew millions could not keep their health insurance
  119. Michael Moore opens his big mouth...
  120. We need single payer
  121. We are the "evil empire" we warned everybody about
  122. Not long for this world...
  123. Skinner's Halloween Bouncy
  124. My RW Mom just told me Michelle Obama wants to take away all the kid's Halloween cand
  125. As an Australian, I'd like an answer to a question. Excuse my Aussie ignorance.
  127. JFK Conference: James DiEugenio made clear how Foreign Policy changed after November
  128. Why do maintenance of Healthcare.gov on weekends?
  129. “He’s luckier than a dog with two dicks.”
  130. Does "abortion on demand and without apology" describe your approach to the issue?
  131. GOD DAMN IT
  133. Hey DUers I Need Some Emergency Help From You All
  134. Obama: "What We Said Was You Can Keep It If It Hasn't Changed Since The Law Passed"
  135. As A Vet I Don't Take My Countrymen Seriously When They Say Thank You.
  136. White men & women are the problem.
  137. It's time to boycott Walmart!
  138. Koch Brothers Blamed for healthcare.org's website issues.
  139. Jack has Ronald the Clown Turn off FOX News!
  140. Are we in for a cycle of violence?
  141. Make room on your shelf for a Pulitzer Prize, Mr. William Rivers Pitt!
  142. An Open Letter to All Breathing Republicans
  143. My husband thinks I'm nuts because I blame Haiyan on GWB
  144. how of the free ...
  145. As A Vet I Question The Value Of My Service And If It Was Worth It
  146. Unindicted war criminal Bush to be on Leno show Nov. 19th
  147. God damn it. How the hell do you get blindsided by your own f%$#@*g legislation???
  148. Regarding my mom, Atomic Kitten
  149. Dick Cheney: Even Bigger Monster Than You Thought
  150. Taverner has been PPRed
  151. North Korea 'executes 80 people for watching foreign films'
  152. Single Payer Would of Fixed This!
  153. Ralph is Called out by the Dump! (Screen Shot)
  154. Why I'm pissed, and why you should be, too.
  155. Healthcare.gov Errors Now BELOW 1%
  156. WTF? "The Knockout Game". it's evidently spreading
  157. JFK Conference: Lisa Pease Discussed the Real Harm of Corrupt Soft Power
  158. I'm sure a lot of you have seen this picture.
  159. Another DUer, Pab Sungenis, is Shown the Door
  160. Is this true? Obamacare bombshell: IT official says HealthCare.gov needs payment
  161. (Some) Fancy pants doctors won't accept PPO from the exchange
  162. DUmmies hate on Zimmerman
  163. Never Thought I'd Want To High-Five A Teacher For Yelling At A Student, I Was Wrong
  164. McDonalds Ruins America
  165. How do you handle it when FOX News is playing on TVs in businesses you frequent?
  166. For our lurkers: Was George Zimmerman a Monster?
  167. Angry White Guys And Crackers Barking Up The Wrong Tree
  168. Christian Right Believes It Has Once-in-a-Decade Chance to Impose ......
  169. So, is Hobby Lobby trying to get Sharia law instituted in the U.S.?
  170. it won't be long. republicans will be taking credit for the affordable care act.
  171. California GOP creates fake health care website to discourage constituents from
  172. DUmmy makes death threat against Glenn Beck
  173. Martin Bashir Resigns From MSNBC
  174. Regarding MSNBC
  175. "He was the last of them..."
  176. I have made a decision to refer to Fox News as the best 24 hour comedy channel
  177. The GOP Is Attacking Me Already. Please Help.
  178. Dastardly Dick Cheney
  179. "How much do we make here?" asked the temp six hours into his shift
  180. Poor people to beg for MERCY
  181. I Raised The Mimimum Wage to $10.80 Today!
  182. A DUmmie tale of woe!!!
  183. Obamacare Enrollments Surpass 1 Million
  184. OMG Unbelievable phone call today!
  185. Another ebil money-grubbing corporation!
  186. 9 HOURS in and Healthcare.gov still wont let me look at the actual PLANS
  187. Dear Whiny White People:
  188. Best socks?
  189. The Santa lie, Santa's race and the real problem for children
  190. "Francis Dumps U.S. Cardinal Who Is Outspoken Critic Of Abortion, Gay Marriage"
  191. Coming up on Ed Shultz after the break - Christie's burning bridge
  192. The ultimate DUmmie loser...
  193. I'm the vaginal knitting artist-and I want to defend my work.
  194. How can you be a Republican and not be a racist...??
  195. REMINDER AND UPDATE: Five hidden posts and you can't post
  196. I ended a life long friendship today because .....
  197. I love the subtle defense posts for Old Man Duck guy popping up here at DU...
  198. OK, I've not commented yet on duck d, but this is just too, too much
  199. Whole Foods CEO: Government Shouldn't ‘Take Over Entire Health Care System'
  200. Ah nothing like coming home to an actual breaking news story
  201. Utah Is on Track to End Homelessness by 2015 With This One Simple Idea
  202. Hey Cracker Barrel... Fuck You
  203. Duck Dynasty Defense & Support Shows How Sick This Country Really Is.
  204. Dear Fox News; thank you for making Christmas SUCK!
  205. I'm Fucking Pissed Off Big Time!
  206. I remember when we had to alternate odd and even license plate gas buying days.
  207. Somebody shoots black Santa in the back with a pellet gun. Megyn Kelly---could not be
  208. Killed Reuters Photographer Tried to Join Al Qaeda
  209. My dear brother, 55 years old, professional drummer, made an announcement...
  210. In 2 Days I will be homeless
  211. Ooooh--just stoped my fundy relatives in their tracks!
  212. There are exactly two ways to get rich
  213. The Guardian: I worked on the US drone program. The public should know what really go
  214. ODD: “If you’re outraged, you must be mentally ill.”
  215. Republicans In Collapse as Obamacare Enrollment Skyrockets In December
  216. President Obama is the Most Admired Man in the World for 6th Year in a Row
  217. Tonight, I raise a glass to many upon many, and to many more again.
  218. Barbara Bush in hospital
  219. DUmmie of the Year for 2013!!
  220. Biggest Threat to World Peace: The United States
  221. Does marijuana raise consciousness?
  222. Had breakfast at Denny's this morning, the manager made it a point to tell...
  223. I found William Rivers Pitt's book about Iraq War in my boxes of books
  224. A Simple Economic Truth America's Super Rich Don't Want Us to Know About
  225. I think it deserves it's own thread: Gore won the election
  226. Woo porn.
  227. I just wanna see Nadin's reaction to this
  228. Fuck Bob Gates, that warmongering piece of shit.
  229. What do people hope to accomplish with these "religion is for idiots" threads?
  230. Florida DU'ers that was a shaker for you guys
  231. What is Woo?
  232. Not seeing a lot of threads about the Unemployment numbers today...
  233. Do you think Limbaugh and Republicans heads are going to explode when
  234. Encountered a wingnut yesterday in an onlinegame-chat.
  235. It's that old reliable dead horse White Privledge...
  236. Why Are the Poor and Minorities Less Likely to Vote?
  237. There MUST be a law against donning bumper stickers so offensive
  238. Every time Rudy Guiliani compares the Christie bridge incident to Obama and the IRS..
  239. Reproductive Rights Today: Still Not Safe
  240. Imagine having to recount a sexual assault—.....to the IRS
  241. New definition of crazy?
  242. huge drop in duck dynasty viewers
  243. It Has Been Said Here, That The Brutal Take Down Of Occupy Is Hyperbole...
  244. DUmmies still hate WalMart
  245. DUmmies discuss mannequins with pubic hair. Yes really. Poll and Pictures at Link
  246. Thank You Bernie Sanders: 'The Devil Will Be In The Details' .. 'I Do Not Agree With
  247. Want to know why Obama is hated so much in the South? See 12 Years a Slave
  248. Bernie Sanders Should Clearly Run for President in 2016!
  249. How the left loves Pope Francis.....
  250. Sarah Palin Is Not Fit To Mention MLK's Name & Much Less Fit To Offer Advice On Race