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  1. primitives discuss what they had for supper Thursday evening
  2. ObamaTolls have Proglodytes at each other's throats
  3. Congratulations, Seattle!: DUmmies celebrate Seattle's demise
  4. Amber Showing Off That Missouri Southern Communications Education
  5. Gubernatorial candidate (D) to hand out Klan hoods
  6. Boehner to appoint select Benghazi committee
  7. Amber joins a car pool
  8. primitives discuss the collapse of Rush
  9. "We raise girls to cater to the fragile egos of men."
  10. More bad news for Rush
  11. What should we do with people who take government handouts, but are too lazy to work
  12. Amber opens a "cold" email
  13. Nutcase nadin Explains The "Mimimum" Wage And Studies Deep Policy
  14. Redefining the 2nd amendment, DU style
  15. primitives discuss carrying their money and passport
  16. Condoleezza Rice pulls out of giving Rutgers commencement speech
  17. More defeaning silence from The DUmp
  18. The Blithering Babble Of Water Man
  19. Bring the Guillotine Back to Death Row
  20. Dutch Muslim rapper: I hate Jews more than Nazis
  21. KKKlam brags about another shell on the belt.
  22. It's Showtime For Mr. Manboob!
  23. Liberal ******* see a gun... freaks out.
  24. Nads makes a mean stew
  25. primitives discuss the New York City World's Fair
  26. DUmmy Cow Can't Chew The DU Cud Anymore
  27. Nutcase nadin Springs a Pop Quiz On The DUmp - DUmmies Fail
  28. DU slams Lindsey Graham being a closeted gay- Homos throw hissy fit.
  29. Occupy Wall Street Activist Found Guilty of Assaulting Police Officer
  30. Polio from Muslim countries spread across world... DU says US fault...
  31. The State of DU Address (or a plea to the DUmmies)
  32. Primitive faces terror on the interstate
  33. WTH? DUmmies Not Offended By Offensive Fish
  34. Nutcase nadin Explains Voting
  35. If conservatives really believe Climate Change isn't real....
  36. No trick is too dirty for the republicans to use to win the house and the senate.
  37. Shailene Woodley: Why I’m Not a Feminist (Time Magazine)
  38. Monica fa-chrissakes Lewisnky is back in the news again- Wee Willy Pitt speaks
  39. DU looses husband.
  40. Cecily McMillan's jurors were never told what her sentence could be, are now "shocked
  41. Rand Paul Wants Hillary Clinton Subpoenaed By Benghazi Committee
  42. Benghazi Select Committee Will Have 7 Republicans, 5 Democrats
  43. South Florida student says teacher won't let him read Bible in class
  44. Michael Tomasky: The B Is Back: The Benghazi Hearings Are Bullsh*t
  45. Ted Cruz: Christians Shouldn’t Be Required To Do Business With Gay People
  46. "Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition" or Trey GOWDY.
  47. women's libbers silent on plight of kidnapped Nigerian girls
  48. Proglodytes get their racuism ON!!!
  49. In the last hour...
  50. Poofter runs around flailing arms madly -- "ZOMG THEYRE GONNA PUT 'BAMA IN PEACHES!"
  51. More racism from the suposed party of inclusion.
  52. primitives discuss olives
  53. A reverse Bouncy Tale
  54. Thank you DU!
  55. primitives discuss the big Zero's poll numbers
  56. problem with Skins's island?
  57. Does Amber want to give Big Dog a kiss?
  58. Red Dead Andy, Deadstone, And Dead Finger Mom Join Old DU
  59. Here’s why you have to be a dick to be a Republican
  60. flea market primitives discuss how last weekend went
  61. Florida Man Wants To Open A Meeting With Satanic Prayer (DAILY KOS)
  62. primitives discuss reading the encyclopedia
  63. Mopinko to be on tv next Thursday
  64. Reports: 100,000 'yes' ballots for referendum intercepted in Sloviansk
  65. Everyone knows why Benghazi
  66. primitives discuss stolen pharmaceuticals
  67. primitives discuss dealing with leg pain
  68. Liberals: Let's buy the youth vote; An Idea To Get The Youth Vote Out In Nov....
  69. Nutcase nadin Scans The Skies
  70. Omaha Nadin on the case!
  71. Worst President in your lifetime?
  72. Obama breaks Gay Irony Meter for NFL.
  73. primitives discuss having the same problem franksolich is
  74. Is it OK for a congressman to support an antisemetic homophobic preacher?
  75. BainsBane: Privilege = shit you don't have to put up with
  76. Families Of Benghazi Victims Have Asked Us Not To Launch New Committee
  77. DUer 'onestepforward' has passed away.
  78. someone tries to break into primitive's house
  79. the CalPig primitive posts old photographs
  80. primitives discuss being poor and sick
  81. the cbayer primitive describes making watermelon juice
  82. Conservatives: Sam Is Treated Better For Being Gay Than Tebow For Being A Christian
  83. US black pastor group: America is being ‘re-engineered’ by gay activists
  84. LynneSin shopping for major appliances
  85. Skidmark: Where are all the people displaced by rising seas to go?
  86. DUmmies okay with assaulting people.
  87. Jon Stewart blasts ‘rage heap’ Rush Limbaugh for mocking missing Nigerian girls
  88. MSNBC's The Last Word: Richard Clarke: Benghazi committee a ‘stunt’
  89. Geithner Called Dinesh D'Souza A 'Dick' For Outing Of Dartmouth Gays
  90. Skinsey introduces a new era in DUchebagary. And Duchebags hate it.
  91. "white privilege"
  92. Tackling Asian Privilege
  93. Rancho Bernardo is burning: where is Nadin?
  94. Clay Aiken Wins NC Dem Congressional Primary
  95. It's racist for white people to voice their views on issues of race.
  96. White privilege threads and rape threads at DU are due to the Koch brothers, wingnuts
  97. Why things just might turn Democratic--in a hurry
  98. Nutcase nadin Explains The Wind
  99. primitives, franksolich, still can't connect
  100. the cousin listening to actual scanner
  101. the cousin breaking in a state of emergency
  102. fizzgig twists her ankle
  103. Dear DU
  104. Rush Limbaugh won author-of-the year award for Children's Book
  105. Why weren't bush and cheney at the...
  106. primitives discuss getting clean
  107. primitives discuss future of Skins's island
  108. Pamela's all upset, bent out of shape
  109. primitive whines about being wakened up in the morning
  110. Dummies at Skin's New Island Make Me the Topic Of Discussion.
  111. the Taverner primitive's back
  112. Skins's island going down tonight
  113. Nutcase nadin Uses Idioms - "Idiom" With An "M"
  114. Water Closet DUmmy Fading Fast, But It's All About Nutcase nadin
  115. primitives discuss making their own food (rather than buying it)
  116. it doesn't help Skippy
  117. the cousin wakes up to two things
  118. primitives discuss finding money
  119. Taverner discusses attending socialism conference
  120. DUmmies Discuss Dead Darwinian
  121. Atman's getting pretty tired
  122. Judy grasswire remembers Mrs. Alfred Packer, the hippywife primitive
  123. Alan Grayson On Benghazi Committee: I Will Be The GOP's 'WORST & LAST NIGHTMARE'
  124. cali has a lot of good things to say
  125. primitive shows off textile art
  126. An apology to CU and The Discussionist
  127. Republican Heads Explode as Michelle Obama Tells Kansas Grads To Fight Racism and Bi
  128. primitives discuss stool transplants
  129. primitive in pain
  130. Skippy drops his iPhone 5 into a swimming pool
  131. Shocking revelation from Discussionis: rightwingers are bad at making good arguments
  132. primitives discuss what's for supper Saturday evening
  133. primitive has poor people skills
  134. CC Back Online?
  135. A few things to remember
  136. the cousin really doesn't care
  137. Rut Roh...
  138. Today’s INCREDIBLY Easy to Make Predictions
  139. Why I will never participate in Discussionist: This thread, right here:
  140. How might President Warren deal with the miscreant Supreme Court?
  141. Obama commits ground troops in Nigeria Dummies Conflicted
  142. This is a stupid nit, for anybody who might own a scanner
  143. What is Discussionist reading?
  144. What Conservatives Fear Most Is a Well Educated America
  145. Senate Republicans Hit an All Time Low Blocking Bill They Unanimously Supported
  146. The VA "scandal" should not be about assigning blame.
  147. Tom Steyer announces $100 million attack on GOP climate ‘deniers’
  148. Shinseki Opposed Iraq. How Soon We Forget, and Throw a Man to the Wolves.....
  149. Do ,you think creating Discussionist was a great idea?
  150. DISASTER STRIKES Republicans as Darrell Issa SABOTAGES Their Big Benghazi Investigati
  151. Slain gay rights activist Harvey Milk honored with U.S. stamp
  152. GOP Dirty Trick: Greg Abbott Won’t Denounce ‘Abortion Barbie’ Posters Supporter Paid
  153. Dusty Weatherwax
  154. Australia announced a staggering 92% cut to their global warming budget
  155. (D)Ummies ecstatic over Piketty too soon.....
  156. How many here know someone that votes Republican to keep white people in power?
  157. Know your BFEE: MAFIA helped Ronald Reagan move into White House
  158. Let's call the Isla Vista killings what they were: misogynist extremism
  159. I said this last year and it deserves repeating. We didn't fight for your freedom.
  160. Are you being talked about on Discussionist?
  161. My niece killed herself with a gun yesterday
  162. This is my 10,000th and final post on DU, I need to support my family
  163. I joined Discussionist but I haven't posted and I won't be doing so.
  164. NYPD receives funding to equip officers with life-saving heroin antidote naloxone
  165. White Guy Killer Syndrome
  166. Why do you want to repeat DUmmie memes in your titles?
  167. Is Obama trying to get away with something by being Black
  168. re Discussionist - it needs more rational people to show how adults address issues.
  169. Guns are the mortal enemies of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness
  170. Google workers predominantly male and white, rare peek shows
  171. So I have this friend from Honduras who has helped me immensely with Dad's plight
  172. "John Kerry's Latest Snowden Comments Are Moronic, Offensive, and Dangerous"--Nathash
  173. The left's swift boating of John Kerry is disgusting, moronic and offensive
  174. Hey ReTHUGs
  175. Eric Shinseki is out of a job today because...
  176. Best of - Gun Control
  177. Poor Neighborhood Pretends To Be Wealthy To Bring Attention To Their Gun Violence
  178. There are some less-than-savory stories being peddled about released-POW Bergdahl...
  179. Talking about age and health is a losing GOP strategy, and an unnecessary one
  180. I’ll just say it!!! If you’re a Republican you’re a racist!!!
  181. I had an interesting discussion with a patient yesterday who is a black conservative.
  182. An announcement to my DU friends
  183. My "Close Encounter Of The Turd Kind" With A teabagger Yesterday.
  184. So if we assume that not every P.O.W. has Audie Murphy's resume...
  185. America...what the hell is wrong with us?
  186. When Fox News Declared War on a Military Family
  187. F**cking Time Mag's New Cover..
  188. I say we give Dianne Feinstein to the Taliban for 5 years and see if she feels threat
  189. Bob Bergdahl is a Republican
  190. One Veteran's Epic Rant to the Repuli-Tea Party on their disgraceful treatment of #Be
  191. I give up, this is nonsense and a waste of god damn time.
  192. Dear right-wingers,
  193. Air conditioning raising night-time temperatures in the US
  194. 'Vegan' kitten nearly dies
  195. In the Infantry I was an expert marksman.
  196. The difference between shooters ...
  197. Al Gore, Edward Snowden, and the Perfect Circle
  198. How is this possible? MSNBC the Least Trusted TV News Source Among All Americans
  199. Why does anybody think the GOP will cooperate any more with a woman than a black man?
  200. This is the 74th school shooting in United States since the massacre at Sandy Hook
  201. Chaos erupts at Cantor election night headquarters after his departure
  202. I'm SHOCKED! Brat didn't go to Princeton Univ.
  203. Fuck you John McCain
  204. Biking the TransAm through Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas - sure does not look like a rec
  205. Watching Iraq disintegrate makes me want to break things.
  206. Welcome home Bowe Bergdahl.
  207. Fuck President George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and Condoleezza Rice.
  208. well, i narced out my tenant. leaving the kids home alone while she works.
  209. We knew.
  210. Al Gore Tells Techpreneurs Some Truths They May Not Want to Hear About Inequality
  211. If you blame Barack Obama for Iraq, you're completely removed from reality.
  212. Fox News Must Die
  213. Who Owns Your Womb? Women Can Get Murder Charge for Refusing C-Sections
  214. I had some fun with my Teabagger patient yesterday...
  215. Muslim reporter describes being ridiculed at the Texas GOP convention
  216. Hey Jindal, FUCK YOU!
  217. US Citizen Tortured Abroad by the FBI? -- 5 Cases of US Govt. Inhumanity in Obama Era
  218. Not to be outdone by the other White House kids, Malia gets a job
  219. The Rabid Left, BDS, and Deflection
  220. DU has moved on, at least temporarily, from the gender wars
  221. BREAKING NEWS: The U.S. military has captured the alleged ringleader of Benghazi atta
  222. Banned In Fresno: Veterans Demand Fox News Be Turned Off – Fox News Whines
  223. "We Stand Our Ground": Iraq, PNAC, and not one step back.
  224. Chaney hatred proliferates on DU
  225. WTF? Cutting Off Water to Citizens of Detroit?
  226. DU WAR: Really?! So now even the Rude Pundit is thrown under the bus by DUers?
  227. This has been an amazing week
  228. Why aren't Bush and Cheney in prison?
  229. Did someone ask these assholes from the Bush Administration Their opinions on Iraq???
  230. No matter what Obama does re Iraq, I have sympathy for him.
  231. DUers: Obama can't walk and talk at the same time: OH SHIT: Ebola Outbreak Is 'Totall
  232. stevenleser on O'Reily hosted by Eric Bolling, no metnion at the DUmp
  233. I am just sickened by the attitude in this thread.
  234. If you could say only two words to DICK, what would they be?
  235. Cub reporter - taking crappy pictures....
  236. How I found out the Bushies were lying about Iraq (before the war)
  237. Current and former DUers, what the hell is going on over there?
  238. Why Hillary Clinton Will Win in 2016
  239. It's Getting Close Folks... Greenwald, Naming Names....
  240. Why are the Kochs giving $25 million to poor black college students?
  241. Misleading article title of the day
  242. Obama Administration silent - Egyptian Court sentencing foreign journalists to prison
  243. Veerrry interesting stats on charitable contrib. by State.I wouldn't have guessed it
  244. Uganda says U.S. sanctions over anti-gay law hurt its most vulnerable citizens
  245. US student is rescued from giant vagina sculpture in Germany
  246. Pres. Clinton attends BB game with Pres. Bush - DUers outraged - Phony Populism ..
  247. Satanist is a protected "class" at the DUmp
  248. If the KFC thing IS a hoax-it's a JUSTIFIED hoax
  249. Two years ago today, America’s Profit-Driven Health Care system killed my only son.
  250. Good Grief, some Pro abort DUers Crazy, Delusional - SCOTUS strikes down buffer zone