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  1. Ok then it's time to start vehemntly protesting churches
  2. Conservatives Don't Deny Climate Science Because They're Ignorant. They Deny It...
  3. "I'm not going to apologize for trying to do something while they're doing nothing."
  4. Appreciation thread for nadinbrzezinski...
  5. Nads Explains DU...Ties Them To The Third Way and Neocons At The Same Time
  6. republicans are running the government
  7. Why Barack Obama doesn't mud wrestle with his slime-slinging critics
  8. What is the matter with those people from DU?
  9. The Republican Party is NOT Sustainable
  10. Cracker Barrel fires 79-year-old Vietnam vet for giving corn muffin to homeless man
  11. chickenhawk" meme is back.ABC News Guest Tells Bill Kristol 'Enlist In The Iraqi Army
  12. Nads tries to play the victim...gets smacked down by Pinto Bean
  13. President Obama: Congress obstructs, so I act alone
  14. NEWS FLASH - SCOTUS Replaces Constitution With Theocracy.
  15. Good news, ladies!
  16. *ahem*
  17. Conservatives cheer if American suffers a loss by Frostlight
  18. Found on discussionist
  19. Ginsburg: 'Radical' Hobby Lobby Ruling May Create 'Havoc'
  20. My discussions about Hobby Lobby on various web sites is already having an effect -
  21. As usual, lefties have no clue when it comes to economics
  22. Time to put Hobby Lobby Out of Business.
  23. WTH??? Poll taps Obama as 'worst president' since World War II
  24. Humankind is falling apart
  25. Pinto Bean Stirs The Pot
  26. If we lose 2014...women might as well kiss their status as human beings goodbye.
  27. Why are there Women, Hispanic, Black and Gay Republicans?
  28. The Preeminent Cause for the Coup of 2000 was the Corporate Media.
  29. 4th of july
  30. Not even a good Bouncy
  31. Land of the Free, Unless You're a Woman
  32. Getting myself ready for Hobby Lobby protest in the D.C. area
  33. Why are women so outraged over a single issue? Because the 5 ungulates on the S.C.
  34. This is what "patriotism" looks like in wingnutland:
  35. The White House Nails David Gregory For Using Republican Misinformation...
  36. The 2000 Election was stolen
  37. Democrats Introduce Bill, Impeachment for Justices Thomas and Scalia
  38. Hobby Lobby Ruling Prompts Federal Judge To Tell Supreme Court To 'STFU'
  39. Why haven't any "open carry" activists been shot by cops like blacks waving wallets?
  40. Reality of Obamacare bites NYC_SKP in the butt
  41. Texas repugnants EXPECT federal help with border security to keep brown people out b
  42. Prez to republicans: You mad?
  43. DUmmies Discuss President Avoiding Border Visit
  44. Nancy Pelosi: 'We should be afraid of this court'
  45. There is no "I" in "Obama". The self deprecating self confidence and calm of Obama is
  46. Pro-Republican Bias Causes Meet The Press Ratings To Crumble To Lowest Level...
  47. Looky here!
  48. Ummmm....yeah....
  49. Hey, DU... Do you think the immigration crisis is just a con job the media's promotin
  50. Conservatism is the dread fear that ...
  51. BainsBane (Frank's BFF) seeks attention, as always.
  52. If you are buying paper towels from Costco from monthly sale avoid the Koch brands!
  53. How DU can avoid getting ratfucked again by the GOP during the 2014 election cycle:
  54. Why do conservatives hate Common Core?
  55. Israel is invading Gaza right now. The IDF has announced it.
  56. Where do they even come up with this stuff?
  57. President Obama takes Putin to the woodshed.
  58. Gaza: Israel's $4 billion gas grab
  59. Black Republicans, I don't get it
  60. Every Girl Will Get A Period, But The Ones Who Live Here Go Through It In A Very Biza
  61. DU feminists ok with calling someone a "c*nt": Ted Cruz bites back at ‘True Blood’
  62. I got in a fight with my parents today...
  63. Koch Brothers working to create app to steal elections - now the advanced way!
  64. Chrisitian Groups Call For Boycott of ‘Boondocks’ Creator’s New Comedy, ‘Black Jesus’
  65. As Climate Change Worsens Many Americans Refuse To Accept Reality
  66. Obama and liberals finally find a way to define "patriotism" that they like and claim
  67. US fuming over Israeli criticism of Kerry
  68. New DU Host Rules!!!
  69. Israel is flattening neighborhoods
  70. NLRB: You can run, but you can't hide, Mickey Dee's
  71. Justice Ginsburg: Buying Contraceptives For Others is One Of The ‘Obligations That Ci
  72. I signed up today because of the relentless Israel-bashing
  73. Bald Dwarf Says She's Leaving DU For Good This time
  74. I am going to take my leave from DU for a time:
  75. Putting women's faces on US Currency? President Obama wants it
  76. I started a topless gun protest because ammo-sexuals still won't shut up
  77. Idiot Repub thinks you can walk 1,500 miles while suffering from Ebola. Dafuq?
  78. Hamas fires rocket at Israel from populated residential area
  79. Kucinich on Israel's end game
  80. I'm So Glad This Man Is Our President - Every Press Conference He Holds I Learn Somet
  81. 40,000 Iraqis stranded on mountain as Isis jihadists threaten death
  82. The Dumpster Fire of Obama's Moral Authority
  83. The MSM This A.M. Is Going Out Of Its Way To Blame Obama For What's Going On In Iraq.
  84. Why did Hamas just launch more rockets, and can Israel be blamed?
  85. Police fatally shoot man holding an air rifle in Walmart toy aisleT Victim was Black.
  86. I'm so glad we have the learned geniuses at DU to educate me...
  87. Here's something else liberals think should be "free from the government"
  88. Yeah, so, fuck this fucking week.
  89. Anybody Think It's Time For A General Strike ???
  90. It's war.
  91. Lewis Black GIVES THE PADDLIN' to Rush Limbaugh re Robin Williams/liberalism/suicide
  92. Anonymous releases name of officer involved in shooting
  93. Michael Brown Family 'Beyond Outraged' at 'Devious' Police Conduct
  94. I am so angry right now I want to cry.
  95. Everything you want to know about Discussionist in one easy lesson
  96. How to wreck the GOP in 3 easy steps! - By Thomas Frank
  97. Ferguson shows why elite should be worried about a revolution
  98. DU Lurkers: If you want the police to stop shooting you, then STOP COMMITTING CRIMES
  99. Ferguson is police anarchy.
  100. So Far, the autopsy is damning to officer Darren Wilson.. all shots from the front
  101. Ferguson is Out of Control!
  102. What do you think went through Officer Wilson's mind as he gunned down unarmed Michae
  103. Why do we take the bait?
  104. White crowd assembles to support Darren Wilson
  105. DU Lurkers: Brown shot from front, had pot in his system--ALL support the cop's story
  106. DU Lurkers: Even the Doc who did the autopsy says it contradicts witness statements
  107. DU Lurkers: CNN Confirms That Brown Attacked Officer, Tried To Take His Gun
  108. I cannot believe this is happening in an American city
  109. DU Lurkers: Your "gentle giant" fractured police officer's eye socket
  110. Why do we still know so little about Officer Wilson?
  111. You Should Avoid These Right-Wing Companies
  112. The 10 Kinds of Trolls You Will Encounter When Talking About Mike Brown
  113. The Ferguson protesters are a lot like our Founding Fathers:
  114. "ISIS" is Here
  115. DU Lurkers: Hate Crimes based on RACE against WHITES rising in DC (by Blacks)
  116. Fox lies reports:Report: Darren Wilson Was Beaten Up, Fractured Eye Socket
  117. OH great now we have a group calling themselves Black Texas gun club
  118. Okay I Get It. They Don't Give a Damn About Facts Because They Have The Power To Crea
  119. Lawrence O'Donnell Reporting That There Was NO Incident Report Filed By Officer Wilso
  120. CT scan of eye socket ALTERED to mislead people into believing it was image of office
  121. DU Lurkers: Image of Michael Brown ALTERED to mislead people into believing that
  122. Teabagger extremists represent a bigger threat to America than ISIS
  123. Reid apologizes for Asian jokes Source: The Hill
  124. For The DUmmies re: Rush Limbaugh Boycott
  125. I genuinely wonder if Skinner is aware...
  126. Left concern about HRC is NOT "hatred"...it's about what we stand for as a party and
  127. DU Lurkers: Key Witness Dorian Johnson Had Arrest Record For Theft And Lying To Cops
  128. Delusionista Primitives doing the Separation Dance
  129. Petition to ask GoFundMe remove Support Officer Darren Wilson page
  130. President Obama Is Not Our Savior
  131. Al Sharpton's Eulogy at Micharl Brown's funeral today was excellent
  132. ISIS "tremendously well-funded". By whom? ...and why aren't we choking the funds off
  133. One More (Goodbye)
  134. I became a union member today along with 28,000 others in the biggest labor victory i
  135. Graves you'll proudly dance on.
  136. Speaking of goodbyes...
  137. You want edgy? Put Liberals on teevee. Real Liberals.
  138. A Canadian's view of our disrespect of our own President. Interesting.
  139. Will is upset over leavings!!!
  140. Remembering Katrina -
  141. The NSA Search Engine is a Keyhole to You
  142. ‘Hands Up, Don’t Ship!’ Minneapolis UPS Workers Protest Shipments to Missouri Police
  143. Koch brothers influence on Florida State University sets risky precedent.
  144. St. Paul Police assault/arrest this calm respectful Black man waiting for his kids.
  145. Ferguson Fizzles
  146. Pitt attention whore and nostalgia thread
  147. We loathed Dubya but never ever did I stand in the checkout line & see anything like
  148. Goodbye, Columbus: Seattle Commission wants name stricken from holiday
  149. Our Military In Europe Will Finally Be Spared From Scourge Of Limbaugh Hate Broadcast
  150. Most Businesses Say They Cannot Afford $15 An Hour. Hell They Say They Can't Afford A
  151. Shut Discussionist down!...
  152. Grant immunity? Obama's making Bush criminals into heroes!
  153. Obama Takes to Road to Push Rise in Minimum Wage
  154. Return of the Evil Empire
  155. Congratulations Republicans - I am blaming you for a large portion...
  156. Obama looks physically bad.
  157. Photo: Police in riot gear guard the entrance of McDonald's corporate campus (on stri
  158. What it takes for liberals to have a "good day"....
  159. Kansas' Kobach: "You can't withdraw because you didn't say 'SIMON SAYS'" Seriously?!
  160. There is no moral difference between blaming a woman for having her pics stolen, or f
  161. coolest.pic.ever.
  162. How America's Suburbs Got So Miserable
  163. Basically, they hate Obama more than they love America...
  164. 81-year-old McDonald's worker Jose arrested during peaceful protest in Time Square
  165. The Dead Horse Society...
  166. It's racism, I tell you! RACISM!!!!
  167. Should a 14-Year-Old PA Boy Be Punished for Supposed Desecration of a Statue of Jesus
  168. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?
  169. Elections have consequences. Had Al Gore been.. President, in all likelihood
  170. Call me shocked. Counterterrorism Experts claim ISIS threat "distorted" and "a farce"
  171. Facism at it's finest
  172. "He is not a Democrat."
  173. Man is charged with the attempted firebombing of Rep. Emanuel Cleaver’s KC office
  174. Dear America
  175. Anyone going to the Climate Change Rally in New York Sunday?
  176. Fuck the Wall Street Journal...
  177. ISIS gives advice on how to kill an American
  178. Obama criticized for saluting while black
  179. Grand Jury Issues No Indictments of Police Officers in Shooting of Wal-mart Shopper
  180. I hear heads exploding...
  181. Ohio cops killed Walmart air gun-wielding man moments after confrontation, new video
  182. What will happen when our own version of Taliban-Christian fundies see female Preside
  183. DUmmies tell fellow DUmmy not to call out black woman on her racism
  184. Republicans never call President Obama a "warmonger".
  185. Rejecting people on religious or non religious basis is cutting off your nose
  186. Al Franken?
  187. Why do Republicans so easily attribute despicable motives to climate scientists?
  188. Wisconsin tops US in jailing of black men
  189. ‘Black Bachelorette’ Misee Harris Forced To Resign Dent. Practice For M. Brown Suppor
  190. Remember a few weeks back when many of us were remarking on how bad the President
  191. Why do no candidates for House or Senate want to be seen with Barack Obama?
  192. Dinner with the President
  193. Are some of these people high?
  194. Mitch McConnell brings in the slimy James O'Keefe to help him in his negative campaig
  195. Chomsky: U.S. Spawned a Fundamentalist Frankenstein in the Mideast
  196. It's coming closer!
  197. My elderly father will lose the right to vote in Wisconsin because of voter ID
  198. Black Teen Pepper-Sprayed By Cops After Entering His White Foster Parents’ Home
  199. German universities to scrap all tuition fees!
  200. They 'fucking' let him die to make a point.
  201. Clarence “Uncle” Thomas Doesn’t want other Blacks to have Voting Rights
  202. St. Louis teen "was wearing an ankle bracelet at the time he died
  203. Question for you. How dead do you have to be before the "Peace Keepers" stop shooting
  204. Hillary keeps giving FAUX NEWS the dirty pants
  205. How the Bush Administration would have dealt with the Ebola crisis.
  206. Grimes (D-KY) didn't do herself any favors by being coy about who she voted for presi
  207. Which is scariest?...
  208. I *hate* it when someone uses false info and I have nothing to back up a rebuttal...
  209. What's up with Dick Cheney
  210. Wendy Davis TV ad focuses on Abbott in wheelchair
  211. Republicans: Drop the pretentious bullshit and admit what VoterID laws are REALLY int
  212. Last night's Sit In in Ferguson
  213. “When cop killed Michael Brown....... they were killing Barack Obama"
  214. Arrests of clergy starting in Ferguson right now. Livestream at link below:
  215. I think that black communities in every city should expand the movement in Ferguson
  216. Obama tombstone Halloween decoration offends neighbor
  217. Big NYT Story: The Secret U.S. Casualties of Iraq’s Abandoned Chemical Weapons
  218. Pentagon withheld information about decades-old chemical weapons
  219. If the President had a surgeon general who could bring him direct information and
  220. Our country is being run by a bunch of dumbfucks.
  221. BREAKING: Obama names Ron Klain Ebola Czar
  222. BREAKING: U.S. Supreme Court Allows Texas to Enforce New Voter ID Law for November El
  223. In perspective-Killers in Africa
  224. Wendy Davis would have won if the Supreme Court had not stepped in to save the GOP
  225. Stand-your-ground gun laws 'benefit whites more than blacks', experts say
  226. My neighbor burned his yard signs this morning.
  227. Divided Ferguson awaits grand jury decision on Michael Brown killing
  228. US Special Ops actively & secretly engaged in war & war preparations in over 2/3...
  229. Ebola: Is bushmeat behind the outbreak?
  230. Vote Suppression is Treason.
  231. The Integrity of the Grand Jury Investigation...is GONE.
  232. DUers reveal themselves to be the ASSH*LES you know they are.
  233. Women Appear To Be Losing Reproductive Right Fight. Where Are They?
  234. Suspect arrested after Ten Commandments monument smashed to pieces near State Capitol
  235. Notorious fraud/criminal James O'Keefe "exposes" *ahem* "voter fraud" by Democrats
  236. My Opponent is Smearing Me, So I Need Your Help
  237. Armed demonstrators stroll through downtown St. Louis
  238. OMG! Jon Stewart did it to Koch Industries.
  239. We have a media which is fearfully delusional about imaginary left-wing bias...
  240. Hey, Kentucky! Mitch McConnell is in bed with the BFEE.
  241. Pitt already melting down (2:37 CT), tells God to f*ck off
  242. Fuck Republicans.
  243. "Republicans kill people so we HAVE to Vote!" (My brilliant 7 yr old daughter!)
  244. Warner too early to call?! Looks like a bloodbath tonight.
  245. Whatever else happens tonight, FUCK SCOTT BROWN - LOSER!
  246. I hate this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  247. It's over
  248. So The American Voters Have Rewarded The ReThugs For Shutting Down The Government....
  249. To lurking, hand-wringing Dems: This is Why You Lost
  250. Dumb ass Americans. "Here, let me cut off my nose to spite my face. I'll show Obama!"