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  1. I was wrong -they won the Senate
  2. Racism and misogyny won
  3. Million Mask March on London's Parliament and in DC, right now.
  4. Need a snappy NOT snarky reply to my repubs "friends", having a birthday lunch today.
  5. takeover of the Senate hurts Elizabeth Warren's Presidential chances
  6. Do Democrats suddenly have a problem with white voters?
  7. Ben Carson, the latest Republican black toy.
  8. This notice is being passed around the St. Louis area regarding Ferguson.
  9. Koch and GE don't sell consumer products
  10. Rachel Maddow said there are 9 states totally blue but 29 states are totally red
  11. Conservatives want another Civil War, badly.
  12. Hollywood Needs To Turn The Koch Bros Into James Bond Villains......
  13. What do Republicans want??
  14. Elections have to mean something for us to win
  15. Mia Love benefitted from white privilege
  16. I Hate That I Hate Veterans Day
  17. None Dare Call It Treason: Why Republicans Won
  18. BREAKING: The US and China Just Announced a Huge Deal on Climate—and it's a Gamechang
  19. Rangel Explains Use of ‘Cracker’: ‘I Thought That Was a Term of Endearment’
  20. KingCharlemagne (1,237 posts) Missouri Governor Says National Guard Is Still Option
  21. Obamacare Architect Jon Gruber Says DECEIVING AMERICANS Necessary to Pass Bill
  22. Just got my ACA premium notice for next year
  23. The Opus of Omaha Steve
  24. Outrageous! Woman who had voted for 72 years denied a vote because she lacked a photo
  25. The REAL Reason The GOP Keeps Winning: LIES, FRAUD, VOTE-RIGGING & TREASON
  26. State of Florida tells gay married couple to change their names or lose the right to
  27. Where did all the loyal Democrats go?
  28. Why the Gruber tapes are so damaging to democrats and
  29. I fired a client I've had for 20 yrs this week ( a 1%er)
  30. Vote Shaming: is this what killed Democratic turnout in midterms?
  31. An Occupy group in Madison, Wisconsin helping the Homeless.......
  32. Mineral man needs to be sued.
  33. Officials in Ferguson, St. Louis Co, MO Were Warned Paper Ballots Would Run Short
  34. Screw the states that didn't expand Medicaid and SCOTUS for enabling them to screw
  35. I was called for jury duty yesterday--consternation ensued
  36. T - 9 Days until Thanksgiving dinner with teabagger extremists...
  37. How Jonathan Gruber--and Republicans Using Him--Get Obamacare History All Wrong
  38. How to instantly prove conservatives are liars about economics.
  39. The progressive takeover of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin is for real-
  40. Incoming Nevada Speaker Said Democrats Have ‘Master-Slave’ Relationship With ‘Simple
  41. If Darren Wilson is innocent, why are so many white people preparing for war?
  42. Let's play scare a republican..
  43. FSU Student: It's great that he is unharmed, but this is just stupid.
  44. The Smithsonian Names Sarah Palin One Of The Top 100 Most Significant Americans
  45. The 800 pound gorilla in the GD Forum
  46. Protestors destroying police car, yelling, get your masks on.
  47. Rand Paul on Ferguson: 'Blame politicians'
  48. Note to lurking DUmmies
  49. The delusional/insane post on DU: Why so many blacks are getting mudered
  50. I refuse to watch any interviews with kid murderer Wilson.
  51. Republican's love to run on race issues.
  52. For all those RW'ers who don't trust the government
  53. Take a deep breath before you open this thread.
  54. Will someone please tell Darren Wilson
  55. Here's what will happen because of Ferguson:
  56. I wonder how African American members of DU feel about the following post
  57. "Old selfish white people", LMFAO at how racist this is and yet...
  58. Shadow Trial: Prosecutors in Ferguson violated our right to an open criminal justice
  59. I'm wondering how many folks are there are just now realizing...
  60. What motivates the Pro-Life Movement?
  61. There are so many sad aspects to Ferguson. Saddest of all
  62. Protesters are shutting down the galleria mall in STL with a die-in.
  63. Poor kids who do everything right don’t do better than rich kids who do everything wr
  64. 2 men plotted to bomb St. Louis Arch, sources say
  65. So...how would YOU have reacted to the ruling, if YOU had been in that crowd in Fergu
  66. I am not shocked I am just hurt
  67. Any DU lawyer opinion
  68. STRIKING PHOTOS: Walmart Workers Across the Country Walk Out and Protest...
  69. Here's a good cop...will touch your heart
  70. Ferguson Prosecutor's Idiot Speech Blames Everyone But Darren Wilson
  71. Obama calls Chuck Todd ‘sad’ (From the NY Post?) LOL
  72. An open letter to America’s 1%: you had better hope violent protesters stay stupid.
  73. Michael Brown is Dead Because He Did Not Say, "Yassuh, Massa"
  74. The 'People of Ferguson' did not riot and burn buildings
  75. St. Louis Rams Players Enter Field With "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" Pose
  76. "A letter to … the girl who accused me of rape when I was 15"
  77. My nephew is a 29 year cop said this about Ferguson.
  78. WOW! St. Louis police are not happy enough that the game is rigged in their favor [QU
  79. I am eating my own face.
  80. Are Humans Going Extinct?
  81. We slam people at F.R. for "groupthink," and in doing so, shouldn't accept it here.
  82. The Unreasonable Fears of White People
  83. and sh*t still continues....St. Louis bar boycotts Rams after players support Ferguso
  84. Bernie Sanders Unveils A 12 Point Economic Plan To Break The Koch Oligarchs
  85. Why is DU's popularity waning?
  86. ACA is a cruel joke.
  87. No Indictment for Officer in NYC Chokehold Death
  88. BOOM!! The Pope Has MESSAGE For Christian Fundamentalists: YOU'RE NO BETTER THAN ISIS
  89. Ferguson Prosecutor Indicted Black Cop For Hitting Man's Hand
  90. "No Justice. No Tree" . I LOVE it! They were supposed to light up the tree at Rockefe
  91. Mayor de Blasio: we tell mixed race son about "special care" he must take re: police
  92. Top DUmmies of 2014
  93. White People: What is Your Story?
  94. This is one thing the republicans are doing right concerning Ferguson and shame on us
  95. Why aren't minorities carrying openly?
  96. Nadin sent these links to me last night...As proof "Black Lives Matter" to everyone-f
  98. Nothing Will Change Despite Demonstrations. Police Too Infiltrated By Crackers. Leade
  100. Okay, I want to fess up to something.
  101. New voting laws played role in reduced turnout in four states, report says
  102. An open letter to African-Americans who have left DU (xpost from AA)
  103. I'm starting believe if Elizabeth Warren runs she is going to win the tea party vote
  104. Do not trust the police. Ever. The police force has become something evil...
  105. "Threaten me or my family and I will use my God given and law appointed duty to kill
  106. DUers have become even more unhinged about all things Bush Administration.
  107. Really Michelle ? you need to get over yourself
  108. Anyone asked Obama why whistleblowers are in prison but not torturers they exposed?
  109. I have a sneaking suspicion...
  110. Do we actually know who killed those cops
  111. NYPD turns its back on Mayor De Blasio
  112. N.J. police union blame 'hatred aimed at officers' after 2 NYPD cops killed & others
  113. Geraldo Rivera's Vile Statement
  114. Regarding the two NY cops, let me get this entirely straight...
  115. Somebody needs to post this at DU
  116. "Head shots, head shots."
  117. Darren Wilson's Lack of Remorse
  118. Rudy Giuliani crosses line on race: Why GOP must finally push back on his recklessnes
  119. Michael WelnerCNN: Social Causes Inherently Violent Attract People With Mental Illnes
  120. Obama has shown monumental restraint NOT flaming/straining race relations...
  121. Congratulations, rich people!
  122. Too many officers are putting on a badge and strapping on a gun...
  123. Can the Federal government disband the Police Union?
  124. Obama Is Piling It On
  125. White hip hop artist under fire...
  126. "Historic" gains by Republicans in last election?
  127. I was always taught to treat cops like wild animals...
  128. End the war on heroin and cocaine NOW!
  129. Do you support NYPD members turning back on DiBlasio?
  130. Soldiers Relocate Wedding to Accommodate Obama's Golf Game
  131. EXampEXamplles of what some big corporations stole from us in taxes the past 2 years:
  132. Dummie creates false meme, has it blow up in his face
  133. CIA admits to being responsible for at least half of UFO sightings in the 50s and 60s
  134. The 10 (11?) worse moments of disrespect towards President Obama
  135. St Louis Mo City Police Chief attends a KKK affair
  136. I'm posting less frequently these days.
  137. Reporter Incensed Over 'Uppity' Obama's Expensive New Year's Dinner
  138. Sara Palin's picture of her son could end it for her.
  139. Hey DUmmies, look at your god...
  140. When I hear brain dead rightwing assholes call in to liberal radio shows and use...
  141. Those who defend the murder of black people do not deserve respect, they deserve to b
  142. So a lil entitled Hedge Fund Manager's son shot his father
  143. 100 year old Navy veteran takes on anti-cop protesters at town medal ceremony
  144. NYT SLAMS NYPD: 'If NYPD's Current Commanders Cannot Get Cops To Do Their Jobs - Repl
  145. What do you do when you find out your father is a racist??
  146. Ky. newspaper apologizes for 'desire to shoot minorities' error in police story
  147. DUmmies hate on minimum wage workers
  148. If the most extreme Christian Fundamentalist could set up law as they wish?
  149. Mia Love, Allen West and Other Conservative Blacks Hurt the Quest for Equality
  150. BUSTED! The world leaders did not "march" in Paris.
  151. Gun Group Simulates Paris Attack, Adds "Good Guy With Gun," Nothing Changes
  152. Al Sharpton Calls For Emergency Meeting To Address 'Appalling' All-White Oscar Nomine
  153. White survivalist shoots black police chief four times without being arrested or char
  154. Need help, please. Knuckle-dragger husband of a friend of mine sent me this:
  155. How to correct income inequality in one move
  156. Is a Climate Disaster Inevitable?
  157. Hey lurkers! NASA scientists admit they're only 38% sure about Global Warming
  158. DUers mock Joni Ernst for growing up poor, those who grew up poor don't appreciate it
  159. If I hear "Income Redistribution" one more god damn time...
  160. Denver's Azucar Bakery Under Investigation For Allegedly Refusing To Bake Anti-Gay Ca
  161. Man shopping @ Walmart attacked by vigilante for carrying gun he had a permit for
  162. Twenty Pounds of BS in a Ten-Pound Bag
  163. DU prepares for the storm.
  164. Michael Moore, the DU hero.
  165. In Search of Trillionaires: Bush’s Hidden Nazi Trillions
  166. Young woman shot and killed by Denver police in "stolen car" incident.
  167. Are the Koch brothers the worst humans in America?
  168. Michelle Obama Gives Zero Fucks About What the Saudis Wanted Her To Wear
  169. Jesse Ventura won't see 'American Sniper,' says Chris Kyle is no hero
  170. Watch: Obama Levels With Republicans, Red State Crowd Goes Wild
  171. I love a good ole Cuba DU thread
  172. My prediction is President Obama will go down in history as one of the best President
  173. A preparedness question--
  174. The Ugly Conservative Tactic of Brutally Attacking Individuals, Kids, Instead of idea
  175. Stop Being Indian-American!?!
  176. Definition of "liberal"
  177. Why the DU vulgarity?
  178. Thank you, EarlG for serving this anti-vax troll his pizza!
  179. WOW, this place is one anger making monster
  180. 10 years ago today, I decided it was time to stop lurking.
  181. My boss hears my whispering "wage theft" and is getting nervous
  182. Have you ever wondered
  183. Hey, THey, Tea Party: Latin Was the Language of Ancient Rome
  184. Louisville cop arrested for punching one teen, putting another in chokehold at school
  185. Fox News Airs Pic of ISIS Hostage Burning Alive to ‘Bring You the Reality of Islamic
  186. I have a question for DU
  187. Burning people to death. Didn't Christians do that a few years back?
  188. A (not well thought out) Thought Experiment ...
  189. Outrage after Obama compares ISIS to the Crusades in comments at National Prayer Brea
  190. Democratic Underground Fraudster Will Pitt Publicly Corrected by TurboTax for Posting
  191. No One Should Have to Walk 21 Miles to Work
  192. Cut the crap!
  193. Thank You President Reagan & President George W. Bush
  194. Krugman: The Fraud Years (Bush)
  195. The people of Iceland took care of an anti-gay preacher who came to speak. Lol
  196. Dear me, DU what's that smell??
  197. “American Sniper” is rife with lies: U.S. veteran
  198. 2016 Republican Presidential Clown Car Is Packed and Ready To Go
  199. Alright, ONE MORE TIME, it is NOT Democrat Party, it is DemocratIC Party
  200. DUmmies feel the love.
  201. David Axelrod: Obama Was 'Bullshitting' Opposition To Gay Marriage In 2008
  202. Terrorist kills 3 Muslims in Chapel Hill, North Carolina
  203. Rachel Maddow-watching atheist kills Muslim over parking space
  204. ‘It’s ridiculous!’ Conservative mother fumes over school assignment claiming GOP is a
  205. Netanyahu lost his audience
  206. Hypocrisy at its finest
  207. Hypocrite Republicans Are Trying To Take Away Senate Democrats' Power To Filibuster
  208. Conservatives Dance On Grave Of Dead American ISIL Hostage: 'Jew-Hating, Anti-Israel
  209. Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) brings worldview to Republican event in Omaha
  210. Desperate patients beg for medicine on Twitter in Venezuela because the crumbling eco
  211. My wife just said the most profound thing.
  212. Police make 30 arrests for food stamp fraud in North Country
  213. Report: Netanyahu may have leaked US secrets to hurt Iran negotiations
  214. Stop. Just f-----g stop.
  215. It is beginning to bother me when media folks starts using this image whenever there
  216. Are you scared of ISIS?
  217. We got bored with Al Q. So they invented ISIS.
  218. Bill O’Reilly Rallies Christian Soldiers....Declares That We Are Now In A 'Holy War'
  219. One of the millions of Republicans who could lose Obamacare has a question for her go
  220. Rudy Giuliani, Asshole of the Day for February 19, 2015
  221. Did you know a college degree in some cases means HIGHER STARTING WAGES????
  222. HRC is NOT a member of a dynasty (Jeb Bush is, of course)
  223. I'll be back here after the primary.
  224. Never in my life (and I'm a white woman)
  225. ISIS vows to throw Gays off the Leaning Tower of Pizza
  226. THREE MINUTES OF TERROR For The Koch Brothers As Bernie Sanders Storms Sunday Show
  227. FASCISM Comes To Wisconsin IN A CLOWN CAR
  228. The underlying racism in Gov. Scott Walker questioning whether or not President Obam
  229. Keith Ellison: Obama ‘One Of The Best Presidents Our Country Will Ever Have Seen’
  230. Republican Lawmaker asks if swallowed camera be used for female exam
  231. When Whites Get a Free Pass
  232. Netanyahu Turns Down Invitation To Meet With Senate Democrats During Washington Trip
  233. Democrats vote buying scheme: take from industries they hate & giving the $ away
  234. Some of you folks here make the GOP look better with how they treat women!
  235. Why the Right fears education: from the viewpoint of a former conservative
  236. Some People Can Not Afford to Lose the Next Presidential Election
  237. Eric Holder wants lower bar for civil rights cases
  238. Homophobes Have Invented a Scary New Tactic to Undo Equal Rights
  239. HUffPo is a "rightwing rag" - proof: pictures of Walker and Scott are good, or someth
  240. In 200 years, no foreign leader has ever addressed Congress to denounce the President
  241. Women’s History Month Pisses Me Off
  242. The Rise of a ‘Democratic’ Fascism (John Pilger)
  243. Hillary Clinton’s Use of Private Email at State Department Raises Flags
  244. Fucking move!
  245. Limbaugh Says Obama Treats Netanyahu 'Like A White Policeman From Ferguson'
  246. Boehner Stunt Backfires As NBC, CBS and ABC Don’t Televise Netanyahu Speech To Congre
  247. Every American should feel insulted that Netanyahu spoke before our Congress
  248. Civil rights landmark bridge in Selma is named for reputed KKK leader
  249. ReTHUGS must pay for today
  250. I have looked everywhere & can't find when President Obama is to address the Knesset.