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  1. 2 bouncys for the price of one
  2. Another Hair Salon Bouncy
  3. I Just Passed Rudy Guiliani In My Bldg
  4. Another mole bites the dust
  5. $kinner wants another $25K
  6. How many DU obsessed forums are out there?
  7. Dear Fellow White Women Who Have Switched Support From Obama To Palin
  8. Ever want..
  9. I think the repubs may be feeding the dems
  10. DU all gooey over Obama and baby.
  11. Well he better let go!
  12. WTF is this ? And how is this helping the Democratic Party?
  13. Palin is to women what Clarance Thomas it to blacks
  14. Barack Obama and Joe Biden did NOT vote for the Bridge to Nowhere
  15. I need advice on a campaign related ethical dilemma
  16. Post Office Bouncy.
  17. More DUmmies denying the eBay auction originated there
  18. Chimpeachment time again
  19. Every one sign Dennis's impeachment petition
  20. Coffee Shoots out my nose, hehe
  21. I'm behind on the bills - but I'm donating $50 in honor of this
  22. DUmpster Diving
  23. How I bouncied myself
  24. The DU Idiots are raving about this cutter lady
  25. Clearly, the memo went out to all female repub spokesmodels for today: Wear BRIGHT RE
  26. Reverse Bouncy Failure
  27. Self-Bouncy
  28. Attention Walmart Shopper! LOL
  29. Blackhatjack Posts While On Crack
  30. Barack Obama Accused of Plagiarizing Washington Post's Cartoonist Tom Toles
  31. October Surprise? (no surprise it got locked...)
  32. Only I can vote. Not you. Just me.
  33. Golden oldie: Veggietails are the debil!!!
  34. Fun DUmp game
  35. DU Corner's The Market On Sexism
  36. And The Bubble Bursts on Lonestarnot's McMas Suprise
  37. This DU er is talking about change BUT !!!!!
  38. My daughter, a HS senior, just sent me a text that her government teacher is conserva
  39. Another day, Another death wish.....
  40. lonestarnot's big scoop
  41. I just gave an Oscar performance bouncy
  42. An incredibly stupid bouncy
  43. OP calls DUmmies out on poor bouncys
  44. The very fact that "Eyelids" can post here
  45. A bouncy revolt at the DUmp
  46. OK Are they F'ing kidding....
  47. Doctor's Office Bouncy
  48. Philosoraptor...on 9/11
  49. Deep breath = Sarah bad
  50. DUmmy: No way, no how, I don't want a job
  51. Pamela Anderson Does Not Like Sarah Palin One Bit
  52. Democrat Vs Democratic
  53. Sarah Palin Bavby Name Generator
  54. The Dumbest Mf'er To Ever Run For Vice President---im Fu*king Pissed Off!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  55. DUmmies cheer American deaths
  56. Again DU uses bias reporting to support thier argument
  57. In what respect Charlie bouncy
  58. 9/12 Election Model (tia)
  59. Hive stirring!!!
  60. Religious Extremists are taking over the United States - this is not a joke OH NOES!
  61. Meat fight!
  62. Leave Whitey to Die.
  63. Screen Saver Time
  64. Obama Is Honest.. What World Do They Live On
  65. Obama doesn't believe in equal pay!!1!1!
  66. I Shut The $hithead Up At Work Today
  67. Galveston, Texas has been devastated by Hurricane IKE. What can we at DU do to help?
  68. Ther gonnu steel annutherrr electshun!!!
  69. Muslim leader threatens to kill Paul McCartney over Israel gig
  70. Bush - the good old days
  72. Economic unraveling...can it be a GOOD thing?
  73. Worst. Nat'l Guard commercial. Ever
  74. Palin: Christian In Name Only
  75. How to talk about Obama's work as a "community organizer"
  76. Things have gotten so bad at DU they are quoting a Daily Koss Poll
  77. Now This is Just Plain DUmb
  78. Where's the Beef?
  79. "The Markos Zombies"
  80. "To white women who supposedly dumped Obama because you wanted to make history by
  81. Why do we even have the anthem before sporting events? Who invented that shit?
  82. If people have to take tests for driver's permits then why not issue a quiz before...
  83. Pravda (the real one): "Sarah Palin: The Devil In Disguise"
  84. I'm sure the bouncies will only get worse . . .
  85. Ah talk at coffee shop
  86. Sarah Palin’s Yahoo account hijacked, e-mails posted online
  87. "D.U. Donations: 982 people out of 127,588 registered users. Can't we do better?"
  88. Interesting that this DUer seems to send two messages
  89. Man, Drudge is really stretching for some anti-Obama dirt lately ...
  90. This Literally Made me Sick
  91. Converting right wingers to Obama?
  92. Palin: “It is so great to be here in GRAND Rapids.” (CEDAR Rapids, Iowa appearance)
  93. I've been a member of DU for 7 years and I'm sensing something I haven't seen for 7
  94. Another restaurant bouncy!
  95. "I hit back at a Fundie email about Palin" bouncy
  96. Another doctor bouncey
  97. Viva la revol--oh nevermind where are my cheetos?
  98. NOTE TO MEDIA: when interviewing "BLACKS AGAINST OBAMA" ask three questions. . .
  99. My answer to a racist voter (another crappy bouncy)
  100. We Have A New One!! A Funeral Bouncey!!
  101. So much DU irony, so little time
  102. Friday's most ridiculous bouncey
  103. Very disturbing, but unfortunately not shocking, poll
  104. Well here's a moleworthy post
  105. Johnny Hayes, top Al Gore fundraiser, dies at 67
  106. For my fellow long time members: Truth is All returns
  107. Who Wants Pizza!
  108. DUmmy Insults his Church
  109. McCain camp uses the word spear - must be a racial slur
  110. Skinner introduces rating system for posts
  111. Wow! Big Dawg is still off limits!
  112. Russian Navy Squadron heads to Venezuela: Deployment to Western Hemisphere
  113. So many evangelicals, so few lions!
  114. TiTesque Bouncy
  115. DUmmies spin FDR/television gaffe
  116. TominTib stole $35.67 from a Republican yesterday
  117. DUmmies on Defcon 3
  118. Ugly, lying, annoying-voiced Gasping for Air bitch says McCain radio ads pulled
  119. Will Bush Suspend Elections Tonight?
  120. LOL! Freepers want Sarah to stand in for scaredy cat McLame
  121. Somebody help me out
  123. Where'd all the bouncies go?
  124. Who's Running the Teleprompter for Obama?
  125. DUmmies Upset With Bill Clinton, Again
  126. Now that Repigs want Palin to step down, it is our duty to support her
  127. More DUmp whackiness
  128. DU This Online Poll
  129. Venezuela is NOT a rogue state! why ever would Obama say that!
  130. Anybody got a mole they want to sacrifice?
  131. Pathetic bouncy but better than nothing
  132. What is this group called Acorn that I keep hearing about?
  133. DUmmie Wants to Feed Her Kids Cat Food
  134. What the heck did Bubba do on Meet the Press?
  135. DU and KOS lying again
  136. Let's cheer for the downfall of capitalism!
  137. Mari333 Posts - Haven't Seen That Name in a LOOONG Time!
  138. Best How to keep election fair
  139. *800* people showed up for our Debate Watch Party Friday
  140. Wee Willie Pitt makes a shocking admission!
  141. did the rethuglicons just learn that gwen ifill is black?
  142. DUmp monkeys attack each other.
  143. DU Down?
  144. Brief debate bouncy
  145. Holy crap! Some of them are actually admitting that Palin did well
  146. Burn a mole?
  147. Palin lost the debate...clearly becuase..
  148. Bouncy Racism. (with a twist)
  149. Fox has been spewing this all day - wth is going on ? (Obama and Afghan Air Raids)
  150. I is bad person. Committed "voter fraud"
  151. Sarah Palin is trying hard to make a mockery of the achievements of so many brave Ame
  152. TiT's mad that his store's Yelp entry got freeped
  153. DUmmies Attack Palin's 6 yr. old Daughter With Photoshop
  154. DUmmies laugh as Larry Flynt makes Palin Porn Film
  155. SNL bothers the DUers
  156. Bouncy bounces back
  157. Latest Sarah Palin hate thread (Warning - Vile)
  158. I love the move Begala made, warning the McCain people of what will happen
  159. How is Keating 5 good?
  160. Deleted subthread: "Obama is the corporate candidate."
  161. How to debunk bouncies
  162. How many here think this "Who IS Barack Obama"? meme is subtlety racist?
  163. Los Angeles Head of NOW endorses Palin as "REAL FEMINIST"
  164. Not so subtle misogyny--toward Palin, of course
  165. Website calls Palin and Clinton c*nts, raises 100K for Obama
  166. Graywarrior scares the living CRAP out of her friend!
  167. BrainFart loses her mind!
  168. Some at DU Are Calling for Palin and Mccain to be Shot
  169. we need some people dressed up as KKK members to try and get in at a Palin rally
  170. Has any other prospective 'First Lady' ever entered the political fray?
  171. Are illegal ACORN voter registrations being supplied by Repukes
  172. McCain and Palin Have Gone To Far. They Need to be ARRESTED!
  173. Unbelievable DU racism
  174. DU DELUSIONS: Why does the media across the board so desperately want Mccain to win?
  175. Tinfoil for sale , tinfoil for sale!
  176. DUmmies and their emails
  177. DUmmies Attack Palin's Kids Again
  178. Michelle Malkin: hatred is a two way street. Democratic Underground used as example
  179. 106 year old (DUmmy) chooses Obama
  180. Bet this one disintegrates
  181. "I see nothing wrong with killing Christians" -a DUllard
  182. Whackjob writes super-long hate-post, advocates killing.
  183. McCain was not tortured, PoW guard claims
  184. 2 of My Neighbors have taken down their McCain/Palin signs
  185. Federal appeals court rules Ohio must check voter registrations
  186. Typical DUmp compassion for Nancy Reagan
  187. The DUmp is closed during the debate
  188. Joe the Plumber's plumbing license EXPIRED in 2002.
  189. Neighbor Bouncy
  190. Wetzelbill is projecting
  191. "Did the "Devil Rays" become the "Rays" because of pressure from christian freks?"
  192. Husb2Sparkly has a meltdown over Joe the Plumber
  193. Talk me down, DU... (even 'Lids ain't this bad.)
  194. Phew!
  195. I wish SOMEONE would explain WHY people wear anti-Palin t-shirts calling her the "c-w
  196. Husb2Sparkly-They really **are** fanning the flames of hatred.
  197. Campaign releases Cindy McCain's tax returns
  198. Dinger has fight with her husband, calls on internet strangers to back her up. WOW
  199. Voter Fraud? Why not just dye our fingers purple?
  200. DU trashing Team Sarah website ?
  201. For the second time today, MSNBC is giving McSame free airtime.
  202. I wonder what the reaction from the Right will be when Obama is elected.
  203. Republican Leaders Who Participate in Attacks on ACORN Could be Prosecuted
  204. Powell endorsement and racist assumptions
  205. Murtha Calls Western Pa. 'Redneck' - Murtha STFU!
  206. McCain should just concede now.
  207. Obama's a sexist now.
  208. What's the most blatantly racist thing Palin has said/done at a rally so far?
  209. I just put THE smackdown on a couple RW idiots
  210. Kristi1696 gets run off
  211. Give it up for all of our Southern DUers
  212. I'm am tiring of making fun of Palin - it's not a challenge any longer
  213. This one made me laugh "I just saw a very disturbing bumper-sticker."
  214. If they steal this election again, what are you prepared to do?
  215. So, I'm in the elevator with one of the janitors, going up to my office
  216. This is the "socialist" bumbersticker crap that's driving around Florida!!!
  217. A McCain "Win" Will Be Theft, Resistance Is Planned
  218. DUmmies: "Rove mugged woman to set up Obama"
  219. Shame on Barbara West, WFTV, Orlando, for her ignorant confrontational interview with
  220. DUmmies Worry Facts About Obama's Plans Could Get Out
  221. I'm kicking some freeper ass over at Youtube.
  222. Just put it right in a Freeper's face. Damn that felt good!
  223. You all will never believe what I saw this morning.
  224. A super rt wnger flipped out in my HYVee-over Obama T-shirt here in KC
  225. Bouncy DHL Driver
  226. I'll Say It Again And Keep Saying It: Hannity and Limbaugh Should Be Prosecuted
  227. Someone Tell Me WHY I Am Not Allowed to Compare Fascist McCain Tactics to Nazis?
  228. How dumb are DUmmies?
  229. WTF: why is msnbc pushing the latimes story about Obama and the palestian guy.
  230. Don't get blocked out of DU on election day! IMPORTANT! Please Read and Recommend!
  231. I just went OFF in a Starbucks
  232. From Sonnabend: To all DU moles
  233. FYI for our White Friends: Here's a form of discrimination you probably have no idea
  234. TV ads are the worst part about TV -
  235. I just talked with my 19 year old godson deployed in Afghanistan using Yahoo IM.
  236. Gore Vidal Et Al To Obama: Do Not Concede!
  237. If McCain wins, the blacks will riot in the streets!
  238. Lifelong Republican Comes to Obama/Jesus Bouncy
  239. Sarah Palin effigy burned on bonfire
  240. Nearly came to blows with a freeper tonight at rally in Ft. Lauderdale
  241. Pics of Skinner and G., What a fine pair of capitalists
  242. The rapture, according to DU. Before the lockdown
  243. Village Inn Staff Spit in Food for Supporting Obama!!
  244. sorry guys, my good samaritan wife drove a neighbor to the polls
  245. Moonbats feel strangely spiritual
  246. DUers defend man who says "I'm about the total destruction of white people"
  247. Exit Polls are More Accurate than Actual Votes.....
  248. Tim Robbins purged from voting list......
  249. OMFG!!!!!! What is wrong with Floridians????
  250. Too Big a Lead To Steal.......