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  1. The plot thickens. Hillary ran a bootleg ISP out of her house to handle her email.
  2. I hate Republicans with the heat of a thousand burning suns
  3. I'm a liberal progressive, & a newbie, so I didn't know 'til I got to DU that I am su
  4. I think I found out where Octafish gets his "information"
  5. I feel like a fucking criminal
  6. Trying to shut down news agencies you disagree with is FASCISM
  7. GOP=TRAITOR headlines we've demanded - Now STUPID Clinton campaign chooses TODAY
  8. First Wisconsin casualty of 'Right to Work', major company moving to Minnesota
  9. Lt. Col. Joni Ernst broke the law by signing the seditious letter to Iran.
  10. 2 Police Officers Shot During Protest in Ferguson
  11. "I've been a Republican all my adult life, but no more!"
  12. Secret Service doesnt much care about protecting the black family in WHITE house?
  13. The GOP has been taken over by the bomb-throwers. . .
  14. I was confused, not anymore.
  15. Do you think the Republicans understand that if anything goes wrong
  16. Draft Al Franken
  17. If Lt. Tom Cotton's soldiers had acted in Iraq as he just did in the Senate.
  18. The Confederacy In It's Death Throes
  19. DOUBLE ASSHOLE ALERT: Tom Cotton is not only a mutinous traitor. Turns out he hates..
  20. Why the hell is Alan Grayson going after his wife for bigamy?
  21. 20 year old man charged with shooting officers in Ferguson
  22. Republicans To Make Eric Holder Attorney General For Life To Teach Democrats A Lesson
  23. Just because you're protesting at any given time doesn't make you part of the Protest
  24. Ferguson home values are plummeting, and residents are feeling the pain
  25. BREAKING NEWS: Spam Filtering Service had access to Clinton Classified Emails
  26. More and more I feel like we're drowning in the flood of crazy emanating from
  27. Jonathan Capehart: "‘Hands up, don’t shoot’ was built on a lie"
  28. Likud still well ahead of Zionist Union as official tally continues
  29. With Israeli Vote In, Netanyahu Could Remain Thorn In Obama's Side
  30. DU hatred
  31. Cheney: Obama is 'worst president of my lifetime'
  32. Israel would be annihilated without U.S. and our money. Enough of the disrespect from
  33. Radical Christians Will Revolt Against Gay Rights If SCOTUS Goes Against Them.
  34. Meet the daughter of two lesbians who's campaigning against same-sex marriage
  35. OK.I thought the DOJ would step in in Alabama about ignoring federal law.
  36. I Just Realized Why Conservatives Like Dick Cheney HATE Jimmy Carter So Much.
  37. PROOF of racism: 2 men being arrested - white suspect running off as cops taze black
  38. Dem Rep. Blasts 'Talmudic Scholar' King's Comments On Jewish Dems
  39. Israel Spied on Iran Talks
  40. For the DU lurkers: Trouble in paradise!
  41. Sarah Silverman tweets rape prevention tips. Men upset
  42. Are Republicans Insane Enough To Propose a Balanced Budget?
  43. 31 states have heightened religious freedom protections (sharia laws)
  44. Gowdy: Clinton wiped email server clean, deleted all emails
  45. Marcus Bachmann Refused Service in Indiana, Store Owner Assumed He Was Gay
  46. You're goddamn right we want to take fron the rich...
  47. NC State Bans Alcohol For Some Frats, But Not Black Ones
  48. For madfloridian
  49. Mike Brown question sparks MetroLink beating caught on video
  50. Anonymous Indiana restaurant owner boasts that he’s already discriminated against gay
  51. Help me out guys; how to YOU counter stupidity from RW relatives?
  52. The Phony Ted Cruz at Hooter's ...
  53. Overheard: A group of conservatives whinging over 2016
  54. I can't help but wonder: If we were to elect a female President, would it make any di
  55. AFSCME Relocating Conference Out Of 'Disgust' Of Religious Liberty Law and others
  56. Let's put the burden of proof on the "discriminator"
  57. A revolt is growing as more people refuse to pay back student loans
  58. Statement from Governor Mike Pence of Indiana on RFRA:
  59. How can I prove that my "religious freedom" is "religious"?
  60. LOL: Breaking: UConn Coaches Won't Travel 2 Indianapolis for Final 4 Due to Religious
  61. OK, whose mole is this? Time to Declare War
  62. OMG I'm going to be thrown into the street!
  63. Indianapolis Bakery That Refused To Make Cake For Gay Couple Has Gone Out Of Business
  64. I want to thank the grown ups both here and there
  65. Liberals Bernie Sanders And Al Franken Stand With Obama In Support Of Iran Nuclear De
  66. Congratulations, Mr. President
  67. New Territory: President Obama
  68. One of the few times the DU really let me down
  69. I am beyond pissed!
  70. After all that has transpired in Ferguson, will residents vote?
  71. Was teacher fired because she is gay? (Yup, Florida.)
  72. Here’s why we can’t understand Republican voters
  73. Abortion Opponents Are Quietly Going After One Of The Top Medical Schools In The Coun
  74. How the fuck do these people get so damned mean?
  75. Funny, even the NRA is afraid of guns
  76. New Israeli documentary shows 'Children's Army of Hamas'
  77. My email to a pal/former coworker I just learned is a wingnut after 20+ yrs
  78. White House trolls Netanyahu on twitter, mocks his cartoon bomb
  79. Answer: because Obama makes it look easy.
  80. WTF?? Desperation for Americans in Yemen as U.S. refuses to mount rescue
  81. WorldNetDaily: Gay Rights Laws Will 'Outlaw' Christianity, Usher In Communist-Style T
  82. Gender doesn't matter, according to Robert Reich. The hell it doesn't.
  83. Obama Turns The Tables On The GOP With Foreign Policy Endorsement Of Hillary Clinton
  84. Obama: McCain trusts the Ayatollah more than he trusts John Kerry, a former Senator a
  85. DU down??
  86. I hate this country because of Republican conservatives
  87. Heard a Repub activist say today : Even though I'm a Republican
  88. Did Jeb Bush feel any Shame or Embarrassment with this ?
  89. Russia lifts ban on S-300 missile system delivery to Iran
  90. Mika Brilliantly Destroys A Hillary-Hating Republican In Three Minutes
  91. Fellow Liberals: we're scaring the right people.
  92. Carly Fiorina is sexist or something: The Repuke criticism of Hillary that makes ste
  93. Just saw Hillary talking in a close intimate setting about
  94. Black Judge under attack by conservatives for confronting racist white couple
  95. America Is Criminalizing Black Teachers
  96. Hey, I agree: Trying to get today's Republicans to accept basic facts--
  97. Obama's Biggest Flaw
  98. Man Kills Himself Holding 'Tax The 1%' in Front of Capitol—and Nobody Hears About It
  99. Rivlin and Netanyahu refuse to meet Jimmy Carter over his 'anti-Israel stance'
  100. Babies feel pain during circumcision.
  101. Walmart Heir Does Not Deserve Assets It Would Take a Worker a Million Years to Earn
  102. Senate Democrats Win As Mitch McConnell Caves On Abortion Language In Trafficking Bil
  103. Monthly DUer Magazone
  104. Part two of Republicans are thy enemy.
  105. 102-year-old Harlem Renaissance dancer sees herself on film for the first time
  106. Columbia University sued by male student in ‘Carry that Weight’ rape case
  107. I want to take some time to thank Fox News, the Tea Party,
  108. Obama compared liberal TPP complaints to rumors of "death panels" during Obamacare de
  109. Mike Huckabee: U.S. moving toward 'criminalization of Christianity'
  110. Rewarding hate and bigotry
  111. I am pro choice but anti abortion, personally ......
  112. DUmmies being DUmmies: Higher IQ linked to liberalism, atheism
  113. New York's MTA may ban political ads after 'Killing Jews' ruling
  114. Baltimore Police Claim Gangs Have "Entered Partnership" to Take-Out Cops
  115. Baltimore is getting ready to explode
  116. Baltimore YOUTH Terrorized by Cops | Stop Killing Black Americans!
  117. They are not THUGS!
  118. Statement from a friend who grew up in Baltimore
  119. Bernie is in...
  120. You Will Be Surprised Who the Outside Agitators Really Are in Baltimore
  121. The hideous white hypocrisy behind the Baltimore “Hero Mom” hype: How clueless media
  122. Got two more people to agree to register Dem and vote for Bernie this morning.
  123. Just a quick note as to why people at times do not vote
  124. America! You are about to experience the power of Black Women.
  125. How Dare A Black Prosecutor Prosecute White Police Officers. It Is An OUTRAGE I Tell
  126. Baltimore Riots: Poll Finds 96% Expect More Racially-Charged Unrest Nationwide
  127. Ben Carson Officially Announces Run For President In 2016
  128. What Will Happen on DU if Bernie Wins the Primary?
  129. ‘If you snitch, your career is done’
  130. Geller thread: So what if a horrible, racist, ultra-right-wing woman were raped?
  131. Surprise! Satanic Temple Has Sincerely Held Religious Beliefs About Abortion Too
  132. ISIS Claims Responsibility for Texas Cartoon Attack
  133. Hillary Scandals Flop As Clinton Extends Her Lead Over All Republican Candidates
  134. Fox Doc Argues Men Should Have 'Veto' Power Over Women's Abortions
  135. Pamela Geller hate
  136. About that Muhammad convention in Texas
  137. Ben Carson Is In Danger Of Losing All Respect - The National Memo
  138. Racial slurs turn into self defense shooting, cops say.
  139. Can the US actually accept a female presidential candidate?
  140. What, if any, consequence should be born by Pamela Gellar if she holds another event
  141. I don't give a shit if it's "naive". I believe a candidate has the obligation to
  142. IMAGINE: All Three Branches of Government in Republican Hands...
  143. Here’s a clock that counts the minutes since Hillary Clinton answered a press questio
  144. What would bend a full-size Amtrak passenger car into, basically, an L-shape?
  145. Firms Tell Gay Couples: Wed or Lose Your Benefits
  146. Dummies ignore Alan Grayson's hypocrisy
  147. let's end the charade GOP
  148. Bernie Sanders' Troubling History of Supporting US Military Violence Abroad
  149. A friend of mine was in the Amtrak train wreck
  150. Mostly, I remember "that smirk" as he mocked us...
  151. How the Bush Administration let the Saudis off the hook for 9/11...
  152. WTF Obama Siding W/ The Enemy To Fuck Workers.
  153. Why did the press hate Al Gore in 2000?
  154. Does anyone else get lectured by Republicans at the polls?
  155. TAIBBI: Forget What We Know Now: We Knew Then the Iraq War Was a Joke
  156. The president of our HOA is now flying two flags
  157. Professor Meets World: Saida Grundy and her comments about white college men
  158. Lets be completely honest here, Obama's foreign policy in the middle east has failed.
  159. Tweety is having a blast tearing Cheeeeeeeeney et al a new one
  160. God Damn the smugness of the Bernie-Bot's is thick in these here parts.
  161. Bernie reminds me of the Junior High School Kid running for Class President.
  162. Fast-Food Workers Photograph What Life Is Like When You Make Less Than $15 an Hour
  163. GOD DAMN IT
  164. A DU Best, Omaha Grieves
  165. Pflugerville High School Teacher Resigns After Comparing Black Student's Gay Slur to
  166. Tweet from God on Ireland and marriage equality
  167. If you were GOD, how would improve the world?
  168. Ex-Reagan adviser: Fox News is ‘self-brainwashing’ Republicans into a radical...
  169. Regarding the Judge who ordered Josh Duggar's
  170. 18 shot this weekend in Baltimore
  171. Is there anyone more miserable than Charles Krauthammer?
  172. Taking the pulse of DU.
  173. Ruling may gut 'Obamacare,' but Republicans would feel the heat if millions lose subs
  174. A Very Gay Amazon Gift Registry Created For The Very Anti-Gay Ted Cruz
  175. The male suicides: Social perfectionism is killing men — and things are getting worse
  176. Religious Hate Group Domain Name Expires - Redirected To Hardcore Gay Porn Site - Pra
  177. It creeps the shit out of me when some Wives look at their husbands like this.
  178. Hillary blasts court’s immigration decision
  179. Bernie Sanders is a racist!!11!1!!
  180. Online database 'exposes' pro-Palestinian college students in bid to block future job
  181. Sanders outpolls every republican.
  182. Good god. It's been so long.
  183. What does it say that mild criticism of Bernie is met with great vengeance...
  184. O'Malley should drop out and endorse Bernie Sanders
  185. I could really use a bit of help
  186. Hillary Clinton, 20 members of the press, and a reverend walk into a bakery...
  187. I'm back.
  188. DUers want to play a game.
  189. Please stop discussing Dennis Hastert in the context of homosexuality
  190. Bernie is big!
  191. Mineral Man Gives Donation Tips.
  192. Rand Paul: 'I will force the expiration' of the PATRIOT Act
  193. Today I stood in the longest line I have seen in years to see Bernie Sanders speak
  194. RobertEarl shows up.......
  195. WillyT & the NSA
  196. what does it say that thousands showed up in Minneapolis to see Bernie?
  197. Lindsey Graham to Announce Run for President
  198. Questions Megyn Kelly Should Ask the Duggars During Their Interview
  199. Fox News Repeatedly Mocks And Misgenders Caitlyn Jenner
  200. Maybe a lot of the Hillary hate is sexist...
  201. Just curious about what your thoughts are on the number of Republican candidates.
  202. (As usual) Biggest beneficiaries of Dem in-fighting…Bush/Cheney's growing popularity.
  203. Hillary Clinton Calls For 20 Days Of Early Voting Nationwide
  204. Mexico... I know that foreign affairs are mostly not in your minds
  205. Can you host a Hillary for America staffer?
  206. The brain cell deficient out themselves on DU
  207. NYC_SKP has been banned
  208. Emma Sulkowicz (Columbia Mattress Rape Victim) Releases Sex Tape Recreating her Rape
  209. A fetus is NOT a BABY or a CHILD. Got that? Eleven things you will NEVER hear:
  210. The politcal revolution is starting
  211. Interesting article...Silence over the abuse of Women in Muslim countries
  212. War Criminals Among Us: Bush, Cheney, and the Eyes of the World
  213. Is there an air show in San Francisco Bay today?
  214. Dick Cheney is such a dick
  215. Misogynistic language....
  216. Bernie is Jewish. Please don't minimize his minority status by calling him "another w
  217. The Las Vegas leviathan is gone
  218. Rush Limbaugh Is Cooked: The Stunning Fall Of The Right’s Angriest Bloviator - MediaM
  219. Fox Contributor: Christians Are Being Persecuted Like Jews Before Holocaust
  220. Senate GOP Blocks Funding Lawyers To Protect Children From Deportation
  221. Would you become a cop?
  222. :( :::::::::::::::: Damn... Why Isn't Michelle Running ???
  223. Woman Involved in Starting McKinney Pool Fight Placed on Administrative Leave by Core
  224. The Fifth Circuit Just Stuck A Knife In Roe v. Wade
  225. When Casebolt "apologized", why DIDN'T he say "I apologize to the girl I assaulted"?
  226. Coworker who has always voted Republican for Pres. is liking Bernie Sanders!
  227. Peacekeepers commonly barter goods for sex, says UN study
  228. Not guilty plea for mom of 12 charged with child neglect
  229. "Bernie" has "fans"
  230. The problem with Colorado pot...
  231. Occupy Wall Street endorses Bernie Sanders
  232. So a few family friends cSo a few family friends camame down, and we talked politics.
  233. 'Black' NAACP leader outed as white woman
  234. Dear white people, please don't touch a black person's hair....
  235. Rachel Dolezal's pathological privilege
  236. Hillary's advisors on yesterday's talk shows: The TPA/TPP is too confusing for voters
  237. If Jenner can be a woman while still sporting a penis, why can't Rachel Dolezal be Af
  238. Request: can we simply call the TPP a *Republican* bill
  239. Gun owners not likely to use firearms for self-defense, study claims
  240. Baltimore police refusing to police.
  241. REALLY! !!! Niki Haley
  242. Charleston shooting suspect Dylann Roof captured
  243. Boston's former Air America station now carrying Rush Limbaugh and right wing talk!
  244. I just blocked Fox News on DirecTV here at my home.
  245. Thousands should march to the SC State Capitol and Cut Down the Flag.
  246. How Republicans Celebrate The Death Of Black Churchgoers
  247. More Texas abortion clinics on verge of closing
  248. I am so damn mad this morning
  249. A Tale of Two Worlds...White F**King Privilege and Racism.
  250. I am a white, southern man