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  1. Fox News Ratings Plunge As Rachel Maddow’s Viewership Grows By 31%
  2. Banned from the HRC Group by Cha!
  3. Is it wrong to ever call a criminal a thug?
  4. American Empire
  5. Several Republican Senators outed as members of the KKK by Anonymous
  6. Operation KKK Is Beginning To Unmask Hate Group Members
  7. I need help understanding
  8. Two White Students Wore A Racial Slur On Their Backs For Spirit Week
  9. Colorado man goes on murderous rampage after 911 dispatcher lectures panicked caller
  10. DUers aren't happy: Another General Election cycle, another Democratic Party loss.
  11. Latest Tombstone...
  12. Democrats have lost 900+ state legislature seats, 12 governors, 69 House seats, 13 Se
  13. Protest against Trump hosting 'Saturday Night Live' grows
  14. New study claims Bush actually won in 2000
  15. Ben Carson: Humans walked on the moon because America was founded on God
  16. DUmmieLand in high DefCon condition!!!
  17. Ben Carson: Used and soon to be jettisoned by the repugs
  18. This is a good group........
  19. I consider Carson's West Point lie a touch of Stolen Valor.
  20. Larry David is a massive tool
  21. DU's racist posts
  22. GOP crazies screw one of their own (abortion laws)
  23. The Science Of Fox News: Why Its Viewers Are The Most Misinformed
  24. ‘Our Generation, Our Choice,’ Say Young People as They Ready for Mass Civil Disobedie
  25. To Democrats it's all about sikin color
  26. Ben Carson Fabricated Violent Juvenile Past, CNN Investigation Suggests
  27. OMG!!! This the funniest thing I've seen in weeks.
  28. Here's a List of 8 Discrepancies in Ben Carson's Yale Hoax Story
  29. Carson Right About One Thing. Voters Are Generally Stupid And Vote That Way.
  30. Mizzou police issue advice for reporting 'hateful and/or hurtful' speech
  31. If you want to see "Truth", go tomorrow or Thursday.
  32. This is so wrong: rich guy reserves SF venue for 58k. Days before wedding city added
  33. Mizzou professor resigns following outrage over his refusal to cancel exam
  34. Democrats scheduled debates on days when no one will watch
  35. So HUD is angling to ban smoking in public housing? What the Fuck??
  36. James O'Keefe busted again, banned from Yale forever.
  37. We have Safe Spaces here on DU. They are called Groups.
  38. Should Climate Change Deniers be punished?
  39. President Obama Dismisses Ben Carson as Someone Who ‘Doesn’t Know Much About ‘ ISIS
  40. Malaise is maaaad!! : What the fuck is the woman card?
  41. President Obama: ISIS is "contained"
  43. It's time to prosecute those responsible for the war in Iraq
  44. Do you want vengeance or peace? Because you cannot have both
  45. The real winner.
  46. ISIS has been around in some form since 1999
  47. Paris Terrorists from Brussels: Repubs call for destroying all Brussel Sprouts farms
  48. Syrians need a "Safe Zone"
  49. There’s a straight line between Bush’s invasion of Iraq and France’s torment
  50. The ISIS attack on Paris was a failure
  51. A Modest Proposal: The world needs a new Bible, a new Torah, and a new Quran.
  52. My cab ride home, was the saddest moment I've experienced as apart of the human race.
  53. C O W A R D S ! ! !
  54. Maybe if we told the RWers that the refugees will work for next to nothing
  55. A plea to my fellow Bernie comrades: It’s time to start taking left-wing sexism serio
  56. Scalia Compares Legal Protections For Gay People To Protections For Pedophiles
  57. WTF ... Trump just asked if Obama was INSANE.
  58. Things that are a more serious threat to Americans than ISIS
  59. Occupy London nails it: Why the threat of ISIS pretending to be refugees is a fantasy
  60. Mother Jones: "Liberals Should Knock Off the Mockery Over Calls to Limit Syrian Refug
  61. My white neighbor thought I was breaking into my own apartment. Nineteen cops showed
  62. How is it good for the American people that the Koch brothers have their own spy serv
  63. AmeriChristianity
  64. Should we Stop Discussing whether Islam is Peaceful ?
  65. Man who set fire to CVS during Baltimore riot gets 4 years
  66. When a Racist Restaurant Opens on the Edge of Campus, What Is a University's Responsi
  67. Reporters barred from Smith College sit-in
  68. Racist Obama pinata needs to be called out on
  69. Nice White Dad’s (troy goode) Autopsy Suggests Being Hogtied By Cops A Horrible Way
  70. ‘Get him the hell out of here!’: Trump sics supporters- black protester who gets beat
  71. Trump: My Fans Were Right to Beat Up Protesters
  72. Fired babysitter leaves toddler on street, naked, cigarette burned, head shaved
  73. KU professor who used n-word in class discussion is placed on leave
  74. Do you remember when we wondered why people would vote against their own interests
  75. It Is A Sad Commentary..When A Person Can Be Elected President Cause He Can Lie The..
  76. BREAKING: Black Lives Matter Protesters Were Just Shot by White Supremacists in Minn
  77. Republican demagoguery has created a huge Nazi-Like group of Brown Shirt racist follo
  78. Minnesota NAACP leader shocks CNN: Police are ‘behind’ the Black Lives Matter shootin
  79. No One Should Be Sad When George H.W. Bush Dies (Probably Soon)
  80. #ThanksgivingwithWhiteFamilies #ThanksgivingwithBlackFamilies
  81. This YEAR, alone again, Naturally.
  82. What Did You Hear From Your Republicans Relatives? - Please Tell
  83. Bragging DUmmie
  84. How Ahmed The Clock Boy Conned America
  85. Malaise knows!!!
  86. Looks like cub reporter nadin is back...
  87. This will get ugly: can a non white person be racist?!
  88. I keep seeing Robert Lewis Dear being described as a "Christian Terrorist" here.
  89. Hey, Carly Fiorina, go fuck yourself.
  90. Fiorina Doubles Down On Fetal Parts Lie, Denies Hateful Rhetoric
  91. Man arrested near hospital after he threatened to shoot surviving Planned Parenthood
  92. Fundamentalists Believe They Will Take Over Government And Rule By The Bible.
  93. Daily Kos: Carly Fiorina, you Go**amned Lying Sack of Sh*t
  94. So appeasing terrorists is 'in' now?
  95. In Contrast With US, Anti-Abortion Violence Is Almost Unheard of in Europe
  96. Prepare for mass shootings like we've never seen before in the coming year
  97. Fox pundit says ‘white privilege is racist’: I confront my whiteness by ‘going to the
  98. Can someone tell me WhoTF is George Soros?
  99. MSNBC reporting a SWAT situation in Pasadena -
  100. All Dem Candidates tweet GUN CONTROL. All Republicans tweet PRAYER.
  101. I Work In A Facility That Is Leased By The State Of California...
  102. DUers are perplexed, confused, don't know what to think.
  103. With today's Republicans I pray this wasn't ISIS in SB.
  104. Lurkers: The shooters were Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik
  105. RW Hate Mongers Create This Murderous Atmosphere, But Are Not Really Effected By It.
  106. Why isnt the teevee telling us how Dear was radicalized by religion?
  107. Investigators believe San Bernardino female attacker Tashfeen Malik pledged allegianc
  108. 7-year-old girl killed at MI soccer practice after ‘paranoid’ man with concealed carr
  109. Ted Nugent Calls For Conservatives To Eliminate Liberals From US.
  110. I have been thinking on why Gun Owners are becoming increasingly defensive
  111. I fit the description….
  112. Uncle Tom Black Pastor's Major Flip flopping two-faced hypocritical ignorance on Trum
  113. San Bernardino killers were monsters — but one of their victims was just as bigoted
  114. Dinner party with a bunch of Right Wingers last night--As usual--I whopped their Ass!
  115. Texans sit in silence as Muslim women face racism at Austin cafe
  116. The United States is NOT a Developed Country by Western Standards
  117. White House says Trump comments disqualify him from presidency
  118. No, We Won’t Calm Down – Tone Policing Is Just Another Way to Protect Privilege
  119. Could my neighbors be in federal trouble?
  120. *** DU will be down for an extended period of time starting Saturday 12/12 @ 8PM ET *
  121. Yeah! We're back!!
  122. As The GOP Was Calling Obama A Weak Leader, He Got The Rest Of The World To Halt Clim
  123. The Discussionist Discussions...
  124. Liberal Hispanic activists assail Rubio, Cruz as ‘traitors’ to their culture
  125. Two school districts, one threatening email, two reactions. Which was the right one?
  126. I don't think the Republican Party wants to win the White House in 2016.
  127. All schools shut down in Augusta County, Virginia, Because CALLIGRAPHY!?!
  128. OK, so a prominent DUer was banned for disloyalty to the Democratic Party.
  129. Can Jews Back 'Black Lives Matter' and Be Pro-Israel?
  130. Rattled and shaken after seeing open carry in a grocery store
  131. Ohio lawmakers attack women’s rights with hideous bill demanding they bury fetuses
  132. TYT: Who Murdered Sandra Bland? We'll Never Find Out. NO INDICTMENT!
  133. Something is wrong with "The Force" tonight
  134. Sanders says he’s courting Trump supporters
  135. I cannot believe what this woman just said about Sanders' supporters
  136. Sen. Sanders: I know you mean well, but I don't WANT those people in our party
  137. Is there any real point in being angry any more?
  138. Hillary Calls ISIS Treatment of Christians "Genocide"
  139. The Washington Post Downplays the Number of People Killed by Police in 2015
  140. Deconstructing a DU post
  141. Tamir Rice protesters want Cleveland prosecutor to step down
  142. “Trump isn’t a Republican issue or a rich people issue or a human issue. He is a whit
  143. Mean ACLU Won’t Let Hospital Refuse Ladyparts Care For Jesus Reasons
  144. Militia takes over Malheur National Wildlife Refuge headquarters (Updated)
  145. Donald Trump Is Now Featured In A New Terrorist Recruitment Video
  146. I'm going to state the obvious. Trump does NOT want to build a wall to keep people OU
  147. Disgusting. Fucked up. Maddening. Law enforcement is coddling the terrorists
  148. Help debunk this viral story about the Hammond/Bundy debacle from "theconservativetre
  149. Ok riddle me this one
  151. What's the biggest problem facing the country? Democrats and Republicans disagree.
  152. Trump to scrap US$1billion in UK investments if he’s barred from Britain
  153. Cologne sex attacks 'require police rethink'
  154. It's been almost a week. Bundyites are free to come and go. They have electricity, ru
  155. The left must admit the truth about the assaults on women in Cologne
  156. So, if violence with guns has fallen so much and we should all be so proud about it..
  157. Police say 5 men raped woman inside Brooklyn park
  158. My God - What happened to this place?
  159. Wearing unearned medals is protected by 1st Amendment, appeals court rules
  160. Police: Constable serving eviction order kills 12-year-old
  161. Virginia GOP bill would require schools to verify children’s genitals before using re
  162. Costs derail Vermont’s dream of a single-payer health plan
  163. What Will Happen If Brain Dead Angry Republicans Wake Up?
  164. Fox News is on it's Death Bed
  165. Taharrush - The Sickening And Terrifying Arab Rape Game That Is Spreading Across Euro
  166. Two German transgender women 'are STONED in the street' by a gang of three North Afri
  167. DUmmies Spotlight Valor Thief Who Bashes Vietnam...They Are In For A Shock
  168. What happened to black Germans under the Nazis
  169. Republicans Belong In Asylums
  170. Placing bets now: In 40 weeks time, Republicans will trade in their passively racist
  171. Anti-Hillary Republicans up in arms today..
  172. Hmmmm, "What if EVERYONE had their basic needs met?"
  173. What is it with people who want us to have to continue paying health insurance...
  174. JebusEnoughFuggingBushes appears to have disappeared
  175. Melissa Harris-Perry narrowly escaped being attacked last night at an Iowa hotel duri
  176. Study Finds Republican Voter Suppression Is Even More Effective Than You Think
  177. The accusations of racism against Sanders and his supporters is never going away. We
  178. I Will Die With Student Loan Debt
  179. 'We Have Recovered': Obama Touts Success Amid Unemployment Dip
  180. Hillary is toast (again)
  181. How to destroy a republican politician with a simple philosophy-question:
  182. I’m Voting for Hillary Because of My Daughter
  183. If you think either Hillary or Sanders will be treated any differently by this congre
  184. White poverty exists, ignored
  185. The world can't afford another financial crash – it could destroy capitalism as we kn
  186. Lawmaker files bill to restrict the distribution of erectile dysfunction (consent fro
  187. it's NOT free stuff DAMMIT! its retrieval of what the 1% has stolen from us!!!!!!!
  188. I support Hillary for Supreme Court nominee!
  189. Would Obama Have Leverage if he Chose an Hispanic Supreme Court Nominee?
  190. Blocking Obama's SCOTUS appointment? Seriously? RePUKElicans are FASCISTS! Absolute S
  191. Dear DUers, stay classy.
  192. re: "I don't want to be paying free tuition for Donald Trump's children"
  193. All you GOPers with your pocket constitutions, Please see Article 2, Section 2 . . .
  194. I am happy Justice Scalia died.....he was a a dirty rotten scumbag who....
  195. US Marshals arresting people for not paying their federal student loans - Story | KRI
  196. MSNBTRUMP doing an "exclusive" town hall with The Donald.
  197. I dread what will happen when America finally elects a woman president
  198. Hillary LIED to unions about her support of trade deals
  199. "Luis Gutiérrez: Sanders Voted With Republicans"
  200. White Guilt is actually White Narcissism
  201. Sen Klobuchar is organizing a committee in opposition to Republicans
  202. A PowerPoint Slide Advises Professors to Alter Teaching to Pacify Armed Students
  203. GOP Governor Being Vetted for Supreme Court
  204. (Lurkers et al.) Brian Sandoval: Obama’s GOP Trojan Horse for the Supreme Court
  205. Planned Parenthood launching seven-figure pro-Clinton ad buy
  206. Sobbing Sanders Volunteer Goes Viral With Tales of ‘Sick’ Trump Voters
  207. "How the Republican elite created FrankenTrump." (And we are going to take him down!)
  208. St. Louis Student, 9, Can’t Attend School Because He’s Black
  209. Thousands of Supporters Raise Their Right Hands in Devotion to Their Leader, Donald T
  210. The Heart of the Country Just Went Socialist!
  211. Let the grave dancing begin!
  212. forget SCOTUS, this election is about climate change
  213. Trump just got 1 hour 1-on-1 interview on CNN ...
  214. DUmmie suggests Clinton should have sex with a brick.
  215. Woah woah woah, this is getting out of hand.
  216. WTF! Hillary Clinton: "The Reagans, particularly Nancy, helped start "a national conv
  217. Anybody watching this Trump fiasco?
  218. So the protesters shut down the rally
  219. David Gergen on CNN just said this could cost Trump the nomination.
  220. Trump moves rally from "urban" Cincinnati to "suburban" West Chester
  221. A note to lurking DUers
  222. Kansas City: Trump Rally Descends into Chaos as Police Drench Protesters with Pepper
  223. was having a good day today until I saw my first Trump 2016 Bumper sticker
  224. Mother of the Year Bristol Palin Loses 2nd Child Custody Case
  225. The Downfall of the Republican Party
  226. Like nominating Humphrey in '68, nom. HRC imeans telling the young to go to Hell
  227. Donald Trump...A .sneering and snarling coward: Trump’s Free Speech Was Not Violated
  228. North Carolina investigators are considering filing a charge of inciting a riot again
  229. LOL FOOD FIGHT!!! ANOTHER Hillary video surfaces. Robert Byrd.
  230. I am truly saddened by the numbers of people who voted for Trump
  231. Katy Tur, covering Drumpf's campaign, tells us who was in his audience tonight
  232. Netherlands sees mosque attacks and rising Islamophobia
  233. US: Rifle found at El Chapo hideout tied to Fast and Furious
  234. For the lurkers: The New Sex Ed
  235. Fast-Food CEO invests in machines because screw the employees
  236. I may have lost a friend today
  237. Lumping in Sanders with white privilege implies a belief that Jews are not an oppress
  238. I Lost A Bunch Of Facebook Friends Today
  239. Wow - AIPAC president reads statement condemning Trump’s attack on Obama.
  240. A story for the lurkers: Black security guard kills unarmed white pharmacy customer
  241. What’s the Sentence for Being a White Man Found Building a Bomb to Blow Up a Mosque?
  242. For the lurkers: Transgenderism is Male Privilege, writ large
  243. Insulting New Abortion Law Forces Women to Pay For Fetus Funerals
  244. As Repub nominee, Trump will be briefed on top-secret intelligence.
  245. Are Mason Jars Sexist?
  246. Hillary Clinton: 'No place at all' for Rebecca Bradley on Wisconsin Supreme Court
  247. Dnot people talk about their bigotry and racism in private?
  248. More Than One Medical Student At UVA Believes Black People Don't Feel Pain
  249. FOR DU LURKERS: Re: Medical Student "racism" study--4 of 6 beliefs are TRUE!
  250. High Elf, High on Acid, Attacks Woman's BMW With a Sword