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  1. Yup, we got to cover the Cruz Rally
  2. Did Sanders really only pay 13.4% in taxes last year?
  3. We Bid Adieu to Al Jazeera America and I Have a Sad....
  4. More Republican Politicians Have Been Arrested For Sex Acts In Public Restrooms Than
  5. Bernie Sanders to Black Audience: GOP Wants To Bring Back ‘Jim Crow Days’
  6. HBO's Confirmation last night was a display of Thomas' own self-hatred thru internali
  7. Sorry USA
  8. How the hell do people afford housing?
  9. Surprise: The Rich Will Pay For Most Of The Free Stuff Bernie Sanders Is Promising
  10. Teaching consultant claims grades and punctuality is a form of white supremacy
  11. IMHO This is sick, sick, sick...
  12. FLotUS dropped the hammer on wingnut nonstop bigotry aimed at PotUS and her. Dignity.
  13. I will never own a home. I will probably never save enough in a 401k.
  14. How Hillary Clinton will bait and trap Donald Trump.
  15. Justice Prosser announces retirement from Wisconsin Supreme Court
  16. New Carly Fiorina Website Gets Pushed Directly To Something She’s REALLY Gonna Hate
  17. Fairfax abortion clinic’s license suspended by Virginia health department
  18. New meme that is pissing me off: If you are white, and you don't support a Hillary ca
  19. Protests Rage Outside Trump Rally In Orange County: Police Car Window Smashed, Roads
  20. I have a painful tooth that must come out (plea for help)
  21. The Clinton Email Scandal Timeline
  22. you know what's racist af? People implying that Malia got into Harvard due to her las
  23. Introducing Ms La Lioness Priyanka.
  24. I am actually crying right now.
  25. Democrats Just Won The White House, The Senate, And The House Of Representatives!
  26. Hey DUmmies, 3 words for ya...
  27. So my congressman endorsed Trump
  28. I understand sore losers. I don't understand sore winners
  29. The offensive, sexist, anti-Clinton badges for sale at a Trump rally
  30. Officials: Scant evidence that Clinton had malicious intent in handling of emails
  31. Erick Erickson Demands GOPers Apologize For Impeaching Bill Clinton
  32. US Military Academy Investigates Black Female Cadets For 'Black Power' Gesture In Pho
  33. As A Bernie supporter, I am fine banning any poster who thinks Hillary = Trump.....
  34. Is it wrong to respond to the Hillary email "scandal" threads
  35. Trump Supporters Don't Care
  36. You know "the Hispanics" hate you when you're more disliked than the lady who murdere
  37. I just read why 64 Bernie NV delegates had their credentials stripped--and I shed a t
  38. Will you be shocked or even surprised if Dirty Donny wins the general election?
  39. Trump's latest tweet: Ignorance is a virtue.
  40. It's*news*: DRUMPF(already)said it's *terrorism* - why is he being asked *anything*ab
  41. Egypt plane crashes in Mediterranean; terror attack possible
  42. Protests After Sheriff Calls Drowned Florida Teens ‘Criminal’
  43. George Zimmerman sold the gun that he used to kill Trayvon Martin for more than $120K
  44. America is a centrist, capitalist country. We are not and will never be socialist.
  45. "If this isn't the end for the Republican Party, it'll be a shame."
  46. 69 year old black woman in Virginia brought 4 forms of ID to polls & still couldn't v
  47. Can we PLEASE ditch the idea that the left and the right are EQUALLY to blame?
  48. Why is Justice Clarence Thomas such a prick?
  49. "Blue Lives Matter" Bill Making Attacks on Police Officers a Hate Crime Set to Pass i
  50. I blame those of you who deny the influence of race and gender on the lives of women
  51. Albuquerque protests, what really happened - from my relative in New Mexico
  52. " Clinton and her top aides chose not to cooperate with the review."
  53. Hey DUmmies, Here are your "Trump protesters" AKA Soros goons
  54. Man Violently Attacked For Taking His 5-Year-Old Daughter To Men’s Room
  55. Congresswoman Shuts Down Transphobic Woman: ‘You’re A Bigot, Lady’
  56. Stop Treating Republicans Nice = Strategy
  57. Pocahontas
  58. Here's the bottom line on the email server folks
  59. They thought they were going to religion school. They ended up slaves.
  60. What a shock, Gorilla Killa Mom is a Jay-sus freak
  61. I Bet UCLA Shooter Is Long Since Deceased
  62. Dan Rather: I felt a shudder down my spine yesterday watching Donald Trump
  63. So, DUMMIES, the UCLA shooter was a brown Indian male, possibly Muslim or Hindu
  64. DUers gloat at Hillary's 'spectacular', 'epic' speech yesterday .....
  65. Donald Trump is not the victim: The right’s laughable spin as violence breaks out in
  66. Skinner: We've got a whole new system lined up and ready to go...
  67. PoliticusUSA: Michelle Obama Annihilates Trump As The GOP’s Bad Week Just Got A Whole
  68. Pakistan teen burned alive for refusing marriage proposal
  69. Democrat cognitive dissidence and corruption
  70. North Carolina high school prank upsets Latino students
  71. Just like the Nazi's ; trump paying wingers to impersonate Bernie protesters:
  72. The Termially Ill Big Guy Wishes Himself a Happy Anniversary
  73. No, it doesn't look sexist at all. Uh uh. Nope. Nothing to see here...
  74. Transgender track athlete makes history as controversy swirls around her
  75. I would Never Vote for Sanders Again
  76. California voters -- IMPORTANT INFORMATION -- don't let them steal the election
  77. Other than Hillary, who do you think should be locked up for violating email protocol
  78. An Open Letter to elected GOPers and GOPer PowerPeople
  79. "Sorry Liberals, A Violent Response To Trump Is As Logical As Any"
  80. Folks I think we are at the precipice of a Democratic Landslide
  81. Ran into a Trump supporter today....
  82. So every time someone criticizes Hillary, it's sexism now. Good to know.
  83. Here's An Idea for the Rs: Don't Even Run A Candidate for POTUS This Year
  84. For our lurking Bernie supporters: Why Free College isn't Free
  85. Lurkers: Want free college? Free healthcare? Serve.
  86. Clinton approved CIA drone assassinations with her cellphone
  87. At least 20 people shot dead in attack on gay club in Orlando
  88. Florida Pulse gay club attacked in Orlando - at least 20 dead
  89. The attack in Orlando can and should be laid firmly at the feet of Donald Trump
  90. Donald Trump should be very careful
  91. Marco Rubio is an idiot.
  92. Hey DUmmies, this Florida Islamic Cleric called for killing gays
  93. Look who's back! It's the Pittster!!
  94. Omar Mateen is a Registered Democrat
  95. It's a Hate Crime
  96. ISIS claims responsibility for Orlando Florida nightclub shooting
  97. Oh, it CAN'T be about Islam!!!
  98. So a Muslim and a gay guy target gays, and somehow it's the fault of White Christians
  99. WikiLeaks to publish more Hillary Clinton emails (locked as off-topic)
  100. Oh No! ALL our policies are shite! This may hurt Hillary!
  101. Holy shit! Maybe Republicans are finally getting a clue!
  102. One man, completely by himself shot over a 100 people and killed almost half of them
  103. hate crime vs. terrorism
  104. OK, Let's assume....
  105. Hey DUmmies: the Orlando shooter was GAY!
  106. WikiLeaks Is About to Ruin Hillary Clinton
  107. Whooee! President Obama TAKING it to Trump over that "Radical Islamic Terrorists" bul
  108. Cyarno: Dear "Carol" Are half of U.S. voters deluded/mean-spirited/ignorant haters
  109. NYT Op-Ed Warns Trump Presidency Could Lead to Genocide
  110. How Conservative Christian Activists Spent Decades Fomenting Anti-Gay Hate in Orlando
  111. Why Doesn’t Trump’s Racism Towards Obama Matter to Republicans?
  112. Kpete: British Muslims Told It’s Islamic “Duty” To Throw Gays Off A “High Building"
  113. Skinner CHICKENS OUT On Bernie Ban Day!!!
  114. For our lurking DUmmies who think Christianity is the issue (LOL!)
  115. A heads up I will be gone for a while after the 4th of July
  116. Taunting the Lurkers!
  117. Worker fired after refusing to serve customers who were Trump supporters
  118. OK...so why are we editing the 911 tape?
  120. I guess we will know the real reason (that Barry wants us to know) about Orlando.
  121. New DUmmieLand Rulz!!!!
  122. The young Brit that tried to kill Trump the other day
  123. FACT: There’s No Massacre Gruesome Enough for GOP Senators to Stand Up to the NRA
  124. DNC Hacker Dumps Trove of Clinton Documents
  125. Michael Jackson Stockpiled Child Porn and Animal Torture Photos
  126. Orlando played host to Muslim speaker’s call for death to gays...
  127. The sit-in will have major psychological implications for the general election:
  128. Escaped ISIS sex slave tells Congress of horrors
  129. No, DanTex, it's not xenophobia and hatred
  130. For those questioning why parents aren't prosecuted when a child kills herself
  131. Family rifts over Brexit: ‘I can barely look at my parents’
  132. Bush and Cheney really fugged up the Middle East
  133. DU experts discuss 'Weapons of War"
  134. Another DUmmie leaves...
  135. So, what can we do about ISIS?
  136. Orlando City Commissioner To GOP Politicians: ‘You Loaded Those Bullets With Hatred’
  137. The Nazis' assault rifle now made in America
  138. Bill C. meets Loretta L. at the airport.. stop the presses!!!
  139. DU responds to Hillary get out of jail free card:
  140. Today is George W. Bush's 70th birthday. Offer your heartfelt well-wishes here.
  141. they are setting Hillary up for a 'lying to congress' investigation.
  142. Kerry (was in Vietnam) reopens probe into Lying Hillary.
  143. Clinton did not lie.
  144. Loretta Lynch needs to take control of HER Justice Dept and shut these investigations
  145. Stinky the Clown just HATES all the focus on the dead cops in Dallas
  146. Dallas is Republicans and NRA's fault.
  147. It's obviously a right-wing nut job.
  148. NRA has blood on it's hands.
  149. The shooters were black
  150. It pains me to say this, but what the hell did they expect?
  151. Dallas shooter was decorated Army reservist in Afghanistan
  152. Lurkers can help: Formally recognize Black Lies Matter as a terrorist organization!
  153. So, Uncle Ralphie was in a Black Lives Matter protest tonight
  154. Lurkers: Dallas Shooter was a New Black Panther
  155. For the Lurkers: MORE WHITES killed by police than blacks.
  156. Fox News IS literally a terrorist organisation(sp)
  157. Speaking of Black Lies Matter being terrorists...
  158. Right now, police officers are hair-trigger risks.
  159. Two more black men cut down in 48 hours. Curse red America's lethal fascination with
  160. For the Lurkers: Black Florida Police Officer Confronts Black Lives Matter
  161. For the Lurker: Here are 3 more dead Black Lives this morning: Black on Black crime
  162. The Closing of the American Mind
  163. how black men should behave when they're pulled over by a cop
  164. Worker Smashes Racist Panel - Loses Job
  165. Off-duty cops quit security for Lynx game after players wear Black Lives Matter shirt
  166. so, I joined discussionist, and got suspended after 7 posts>> here's the interaction:
  167. DUmpmonkies and Huffpo slander dead cop.
  168. Black Bouncy Ball: "I was profiled!"
  169. Dregs of society discuss terror attack in Nice:
  170. "I a white woman stopped for gas today" bouncy that sucks...
  171. Yep, latest France attack is Bush's fault
  172. I posted the nude picture of Trump on another thread...
  173. Why do nearly half of Americans vote Republican?
  174. Muslim ID'd as attacker in Nice, France. DUmpmonkiez misses point of story.
  175. Bravenak: Terrorists are full of shit.
  176. Apparently... America is at war.
  177. Bravenak threatens anyone who disagrees with the DNC convention.
  178. Why is those negros at the RNC convention!!!!!?????
  179. Jeff's Ghost talks about... uh...
  180. So what does it matter that Putin was head of the KGB
  181. DU Doom Train: For the first time, I now believe Trump has a chance of winning.
  182. We need to be prepared for a U.S. 'terrorist attack' that will be staged by the RW
  183. So it's not a terrorist attack if it's an RW white guy
  184. DU Doom Train: Aw, ****. It's Kaine.
  185. DU on DNC Wikileaks. This should be good.
  186. Jeff's Ghost: Trump is a Russian Agent!
  187. DU Haz Paid Trollz! Just not the RWNJ kind.
  188. Clinton campaign says Russia helping Trump
  189. I attended the Rules Committee meeting here in Philly yesterday.
  190. Stinky has heard it all before.
  191. Stinky claims Trump works for Putin.
  192. Bernirbots feel like they've been assaulted.
  193. With Trump, the GOP is becoming the Jingoist Racist Isolationist Anti-Islamist Party.
  194. Something to remember regarding the Trump/Putin scandal.
  195. Russia's Apparent Attempt To Hijack the U.S. Presidential Election Is the Biggest Sto
  196. Just a reminder that we are not being allowed to celebrate the historic nomination
  197. So proud to be. Democrat right now.
  198. Trump news conference coming up
  199. For Lurkers: Remember when Ted Kennedy asked the Soviets for help defeating Reagan?
  200. So Any Attack On HRC No Matter How Vile Is OK With Republicans Right?
  201. Mr. McConnell, Mr. Ryan, Mr. Pence, and anyone else who has endorsed Donald Trump . .
  202. Encounter with a trumpite I had earlier
  203. kentuck: Democrats are not naturally patriotic.
  205. Trump will refuse to debate and it'll be Hillary vs Gary Johnson.
  206. Tobin hates life right now.
  207. DU purge tough and the fight still goes on!
  208. BLM Bouncy.
  209. Lady Freedom's return to Native Hunk Motorcycle riding boyfriend dreams...
  210. our national media has literally been dominated by right wing racists
  211. DV vs JPR: Civil War!!!!!
  212. This is not how I remember the micheal brown shooting.
  213. White Privilege and Racist Hate Radio
  214. Some good news about Tobin.
  215. Disgraceful behavior by people in Arcadia, Iowa
  216. George Zimmerman punched in the face for bragging at Florida restaurant about killing
  217. Bush was stupid. Trump is stupider.
  218. Tobius figures out why people think he's a loser.
  219. Bouncy: Guns, WWII vets, Purple Hearts, Trump. [no cops in bushes]
  220. DUmpmonkiez bitch about Olympic gunz.
  221. Ok... what did you mooks say about the first wookie?
  222. Tobin's doper buddy dies.
  223. Tobin can't find the bern.
  224. Doper claims NAZIs are out to get him.
  226. Planned Parenthood "founded to exterminate blacks"
  227. American people are stupid because they won't vote for Hillary
  228. Tobin drops acid.
  229. China's largest satellite agency is run by "clowns"
  230. To my DU family. (Lady Freedom Returns)
  231. Trump/Julian Assange are planning an October Surprise Against HRC
  232. How is it NOT a display of white privilege to mock the idea of "Safe Spaces"?
  233. Before DUmmies start masturbating to accusations of violence...
  234. I had a fascinating discussion yesterday with a patient who knows Trump personally...
  235. Saw this on another website, wow !!!
  236. DU/DUers are something else
  237. Trump might not make it to election day
  238. Denial, anger and revenge: By playing the “rigged election” card, Trump and his backe
  239. WATCH: Trump rally disrupted when heckler calls him ‘Putin’s b*tch’
  240. REALLY PISSED. Saw Young Supposed Ex Marine With 9MM Glock In Local Restaurant.
  241. What We Know About the Young Boy Decapitated on the World’s Tallest Water Slide
  242. Tried to sign up as NY election observer for @realDonaldTrump ....
  243. I've reached a point where I lose respect for someone solely on account of their Trum
  244. President Obama pummels ISIS and frees 2000 hostages; Donald Trump goes completely si
  245. As I'm walking down the street, this guy asks if I'm going to blow something up
  246. Milwaukee erupted in violence last night following officer involved shooting
  247. So.... Tobin has a new job.
  248. Did anyone hear Sheriff David Clarke shame black people?
  249. Why I'm Ready for President Obama to Leave the White House
  250. Mrs Corpio be hatin' on whitey.