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  1. Why is pay for play a scandal? 100 % do it.
  2. CHARGE Donald J. Trump, 18 U.S. Code § 2381 - TREASON
  3. Isn't Julian Assange on the lam from a rape charge?
  4. Stinky being paranoid. Again.
  5. Tobin figures it all out.
  6. Mrs Corpio backs Wisconsin POS criminal. (POC I mean...)
  7. Should conservatism be classified as a mental disorder?
  8. Donald Trump calls for an end to 'nation building' by the US around the world.
  9. I may have turned a trump voter!
  10. Just when you think DU cannot get any worse they do..Striking similarities are spooky
  11. Jeff's Ghost: Who will defend mentally disturbed people?
  12. Turd in the punch bowl...
  13. Was Trump entirely wrong when he said the Democrat Party has failed African Americans
  14. What I Believe: Trump must be crushed. Not just beaten, broken.
  15. Jewelry Owner uses proceeds of Ivanka Trump's purchase to support Hillary Clinton.
  16. Trump's new hires say this: Burn it all down. Politics of complete destruction.
  17. psycho House teabags will start impeachment proceedings against Hillary
  18. Fat, Drunk, and Stupid is no way to go through life, Tobin.
  19. So....
  20. That's it. Fuck you Julian Assange.
  21. Buckle up your seatbelts, GOP …
  22. It's always darkest just before it goes pitch black ( a rant)
  23. Morning Joe was being a good Republican propagandist this morning.
  24. ‘Where is the f*cking check?’: Louisiana relief worker spits fire over Trump’s flood
  25. Hillary Doesn't Want To Win - She Never Mentions Bush
  26. Walmart’s Out-of-Control Crime Problem Is Driving Police Crazy
  27. Trump's campaign is not serious
  28. DAMNIT! Trump is NOT trying to attract Black Voters!!!!! GET OVER YOURSELVES ON THAT,
  29. Did tRump actually donate $100,000 of supplies? It's starting to look like another li
  30. BAAAHHAAAAHAAAHAAA! Trump Camp: Obama Deportation Policy Actually Pretty Awesome
  31. Trump is a greater threat to America than terrorism
  32. Andrea Mitchell: emails emails emails!
  33. How do Republicans see themselves?
  34. If Trump wins will government of the masses be proven a failure?
  35. DUers demand that the "media" stop promoting Trump and criticizing Clinton
  36. Donald Trump Doesn't Understand White People
  37. "Killery"
  38. Breaking! M.D. who wrote Trump’s Letter?
  39. OK, DUmmies. Time for splodey heads. Guess who's supporting Hillary....
  40. More splodey heads, Dummies!!
  41. WikiLeaks is a disgusting, bigoted right-wing organization that no progressive can...
  42. Trump brings the hate out of me like no one else.
  43. Letter to a neighbor who supports Trump
  44. Cop cruelly blasts 84-year-old black woman in the face with pepper spray — in her own
  46. Woman gets jail time in 'driving while black' case
  47. Guatamalan immigrant punched, killed. More fallout from the hatred coming from Donald
  48. Feeling sick about this country
  49. DUers over the top hatred.....
  50. Why Are DUers Concerned That "The Race Is Close" When It Isn't?
  51. Re: Why isn't Hillary out there
  52. Does anyone think the Trump voters will try to intimidate voters at the polls?
  53. "I don't give a fuck..."
  54. Negro bouncy tale...
  55. So what do we do if Trump wins?
  56. ‘This forum is a joke’: Matt Lauer ripped online for ‘palpable, offensive’ treatment
  57. The internet's blowing up over Lauer's treatment of Hillary.
  58. We are all asked to pay for Republican sins... AND a personal note to Kentuck
  59. People Seem to Be Agreeing with Clintons "Deplorables" Comment
  60. Why is there so much "hate" in people since 9-11-2001?
  61. France:Three Algerian men arrested after they gang rape a woman near the Eiffel Tower
  62. Just the existence of guns in modern society kills African-Americans
  63. The police obviously removed the ankle holster from Scott.
  64. DUmmies are gloating about Hillary sounding like a b*tch and harpy.
  65. Kellyann just said that Hillary ran down to the well of the Congress and happily vote
  66. Turned On Fox - Hannity And Newt Were Trying To Out Lie Each Other
  67. Hey, Donnie! How did it feel to get beaten by a GIRL?????
  68. Fox News' Brit Hume: Hillary Clinton Looked 'Composed, Smug, Not Necessarily Attracti
  69. Details of the S.C. shooting and the shooter's name.
  70. At this point, after all we have learned about Trump over the past two weeks alone,
  71. Donald Trump is a very troubled person and could destroy our freedoms
  72. What It’s Like to Be a Female Reporter Covering Donald Trump
  73. Say, Donald, How'd you do that? Really...
  74. I believe Hillary unfavorables are a result of lot of supporter's racism
  75. Obama Sees 'Straight Line' From Sarah Palin To Donald Trump
  76. Ok, I'm comparing Trump to ISIS. See if this is legit.... Note to Underhedgerow
  77. Hours Before VP Debate, Trump Melts Down And Blames Hillary Clinton For His Tax Cheat
  78. Russian roulette: Mike Pence caught lying during debate about his own Vladimir Putin
  79. A Letter to my Father, The Man Who Chose Donald Trump Over Every Woman in His Life
  80. The anatomy of how DUers get their "facts".
  81. So Now The Media Is Saying The Debates Are Unfair Because....
  82. 7-year-old girl with disabilities escorted from Trump rally
  83. Parade float depicting Trump executing Clinton in electric chair raises protests in I
  84. First Graders MOCK Trump After He Shows Up To Their Classroom
  85. Breaking WP: Donald Trump was recorded having extremely lewd conversation about women
  86. For Lurking Bernie supporters: Here's how Clinton's Campaign Chairman plotted
  87. Hey Lurking DUmmies: Are you on this list?
  88. The Media Is Finally Dumping On Trump - Now They Should Use The Power Of The Media To
  89. This election is beyond words
  90. Top Evangelicals Stand By Trump Despite His Vulgar Comments About Sleeping With Marri
  91. Pence just released this amazing rebuke of Trump
  92. For the Lurkers: "The Blacks are Hopeless: We're Moving the Hispanics In."
  93. The difference between what Bill Clinton did and what Donald Trump did is one simple
  94. 43 Percent Of Americans Say Trump Should Withdraw From Presidential Race
  95. I as a muslim as to report everything I see, FUCK YOU ASSHOLE
  96. These women from the Clinton years why would they agree to this?
  97. NBC and/or Marc Burnett Productions have been shielding this racist for YEARS by sitt
  98. Donald Trump Vows Retaliation as Republicans Abandon Him
  99. My Greatest Fear is Not That Hillary Won't Win...
  100. DUers can read minds, feelings, intentions and know the future...yes REALLY!
  102. US May Be Permanently Fractured No Matter How The Election Turns Out.
  103. New Trump Ad Targets Hillary's Health
  104. She won't get locked up, but she may be fined
  105. I get the racism during Obama's admin but not the sexism of Hillary's run.
  106. It seems Trump planned to stalk Clinton around the stage. An effort to control her?
  107. Michelle Obama is DRAGGING Trump right now! FLOTUS like a butterfly sting like a bee
  108. Planned Parenthood Drops Off 100s of “Protect Yourself From Trump” Condoms At Kelly A
  109. Just shaking my damn head...
  110. Four charged with assault in beating of HS student who supported "Blue Lives Matter"
  111. I'm REALLY worried about Hillary Clinton's safety. WingNuts are coming unglued.
  112. Shout out for Octafish
  113. Proof the Trump effect is in full effect: Friend of a former student tells historian
  114. Black doctor told: "oh no sweetie put ur (sic) hand down, we are looking for actual p
  115. Cop pulls over black teen, notices he is terrified
  116. DUers are angry that their lies about Trump aren't having the effect they wanted
  117. Calling on all religious leaders
  118. Today is my mom and dad's 68th anniversary and I feel compelled to say something publ
  119. Man Convicted Of Shooting At George Zimmerman's Car Sentenced To 20 Years
  120. Trump shows another ugly side, calls Clinton supporters "Animals"
  121. Donald Trump: “animals representing Hillary Clinton” firebombed GOP office
  122. Taunting Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Pushes Into Red States
  123. New "Uber" Employment Models Make Workers Job Nomads W/No Place To Land.
  124. To all trolls out there: Trump is lying to y'all BIG LEAGUE! Your racism and sexism B
  125. "I'd invite Mr. Trump to stop whining and go try to make his case to get votes." - PO
  126. Melania is proud of her nudes, so Bill is fair game. Except she left out one little d
  127. Dear brother, you just don't know what you're talking about.
  128. All major figures in Bill Clinton's impeachment were also adulterers.
  129. Trump's all in on this third debate.
  130. BREAKING: Trump LIVID After Debate Commission Makes BIG Rule Change To Stop Him (DETA
  131. Idiot Trump Thinks His Crazy Train Of Guests Will Rattle Hillary?
  132. The GOP is the problem, the whole problem, and the only problem.
  133. have any republicans spoken out this a.m. denouncing trump election results comment?
  134. With one line, Trump ensured our rape culture isn’t going anywhere His words could hu
  135. Yoga instructor accuses Donald Trump of sexual misconduct
  136. So, at the end of yoga class today,
  137. Trump Foundation Paid Activist Filmmaker James O'Keefe
  138. Smith Family Member Says Trump ‘Crossed the Line and Took It a Little Too Far’ At Al
  139. Wow... it must be getting bad....
  140. MIRT announcement is up. Want to join MIRT and help keep DU troll free?
  141. Short discussion with two relatives who support Trump
  142. O’Keefe files FEC complaint against Clinton camp, DNC
  143. Sarah Palin Calls For Executing Democratic ‘Cheaters’ On Election Day
  144. A DUer goes to a Trump rally
  145. If you have a daughter, vote for Hillary Clinton........
  146. 21 year old kid just told me he thinks HRC will win.He was almost crying.
  147. My conservative coworker's gut is telling her Trump is going to win in a landslide
  148. SEROUSLY. This was the LEAD STORY on Faux News tonight. DUCK-GATE.
  149. Support Group turned into a Trump fan club
  150. Just had to share this ...
  151. Clinton: Trump Would've Called George Washington A 'Loser' For Stepping Down
  152. I won't dignify their pathetic last ditch effort by mentioning it.
  153. "..the next screen took my breath away...there she was, the name I had wanted to see
  154. Holy shit, Lawrence O'Donnell just played a clip from the past hour on Fox of Newt Gi
  155. I think Trump is just campaigning violence.
  156. It came! It came! It finally came!
  157. Of all the things Trump is suing about - this takes the cake
  158. Is It Just Me, or Is This Election Too Cute By Half?
  159. Wha? The DNC sues the RNC for Trump's false claims of "rigged" election
  160. Donald Trump wins Maine student mock election
  161. This is much more than just an election.
  162. Wiki leaks and Bill Clinton?
  163. Trump Thought Nobody Would Notice Who Was Holding A ‘Blacks For Trump’ Sign At His Ra
  164. They're running his full lying speeches again
  165. F**K You! WikiLeaks!
  166. 20 Million now have Medical Insurance because of ACA (Expanded Medicaid Program}.
  167. Oh fuck. Comey is trying to get Trump elected.
  168. Men, if you respect women, you'd damn well better be pissed right the fuck off.
  169. Could Trump Try To Disrupt Election Via His Followers Before He Loses?
  170. Hey MastersNemesis: My reply to: This Election Is Revealing a Despicable Malignancy
  171. After signing racist voter suppression law, NC Gov. Pat McCrory brags voters are ‘not
  172. BREAKING: Senior Congressional Aide Says Chaffetz Tweeted Comey Letter Before Democra
  173. Intro speaker at Trump Rally spoke about wishing for the deaths of Huma and Hillary
  174. It is heartsickening to see America go down this road.
  175. Election night for the DUmmies.
  176. This may seem crazy but Just before inauguration, President Obama needs to absolve
  177. Sen. Reid's Amazing Letter to Comey: "Double standard established by your actions is
  178. Arizona Democrats want ballots cast in wrong precincts counted
  179. Here is NY FBI Office Number, I encourage you all to call them...
  180. My bizarre Halloween Party dressed as a "Deplorable."
  181. Police union president apologizes for Halloween photo of Clinton ‘arrest’
  182. The Real Liar And Criminal In This Election
  183. The backlash against posters who are concerned about the election
  184. Huma isn't running for president
  185. Thhill.com - Wikileaks show intent to "dump" emails
  186. I feel like this is the type of email from Hillary Clinton people like to ignore
  187. CNN Chief Jeff Zucker Rips Donna Brazile’s ‘Disgusting’ Dealings With Clinton Campaig
  188. I just blocked my own brother on Facebook
  189. WE'VE Got This
  190. Holy Crap I Feel Dirty
  191. NYT: Right-Wing Book Was A Source For FBI Inquiry Into Clinton Foundation
  192. I've tried watching cable to get news...
  193. So, I had to get my car inspected today
  194. Republicans, if you care about yr party's future, you better pray Putin's Puppet does
  195. Trump: "Wikileaks will be dumping more details today. He will talk abt it tomorrow"
  196. Here's what constitutes a "bad moment" for a liberal.
  197. Question: Could the rape allegation backfire and galvanize Trump's base
  198. FBI Based Potential Clinton Foundation Case On Debunked Right-Wing Book
  199. Melania Trump is no doubt a lovely woman
  200. Melania looks like she is being held hostage. So unhappy! CNN commentary is hilarious
  201. Melania just plagerized Marla
  202. President Obama Has Brought Us FULL EMPLOYMENT!
  203. We absolutely must stop this maniac Trump
  204. We absolutely must stop this maniac Trump
  205. Republicans are now vowing Total War. And the consequences could be immense.
  206. Questionnaire for Women Trump Supporters
  207. I like how a white Trump-loving cop killer isn't national news.
  208. There is a literal pantsuit thing happening
  209. I had NO idea the gross severity of what goes on at Trump rallies.
  210. Clinton, Cuban: Trump will do what's best for his bank account, not the country
  211. For the Lurkers: "Bernie was a plant"
  212. Never forget these are the same people who voted for Palin
  213. For the Lurkers: WEINERGATE: ‘The Whole Thing Was A Setup…For The Good of The Country
  214. Trump rally in Denver Sat. evening:
  215. Is Kellyanne Conway The Most Unfit Mother In America? Real Question
  216. Trump At 43%. Embarrassing, Sickening, Unacceptable.
  217. Trolling a Trumper on Facebook. . .shamed into silence. Fun for the entire family
  218. Don't get blocked out of DU on election night (or after)
  219. I love the fact that Trump's "victory party" is just 1.25 miles away from Hillary's o
  220. I think I may have lost family over this election.
  221. I am getting pissed off at how the media
  222. White Males Don't Get It /Their Future Is W/Democratic Party & Unions.
  223. How Will The Left React To a Trump Win?
  224. I think DU got hacked
  225. The DUmp is already restricted.
  226. Democratic Underground was hacked this afternoon. Here is what's going on.
  227. DUmp Postings
  228. DailyKos??
  229. Daily KOS 2
  230. DUmp Postings #2
  231. Does anyone know where the DUers go when DU is down?
  232. DU is still down. Is anyone interested in some HuffPo?
  233. HuffPo thread 2: Protests Flare Against Donald Trump’s Election
  234. How are you feeling now that the election is over?
  235. Everyone that is a minority is a target now that Trump has won...or something..
  236. Status of DU!!!
  237. DUer: I asked ... would they be putting forth legislation to legalize sexual assault
  238. A gift for DU.
  239. I will tell why we were all wrong.
  240. Uncle MineralMan was wrong!!!
  241. May God forgive me as there will be no reconciliation
  242. Eugene Robinson: I wish President Trump failure
  243. Bottom line: not enough voters marked the Hillary box.
  244. What do we know about the DU hacker?
  245. Why she lost
  246. Have the protests stopped?
  247. Hillary is about to speak. On msnbc in a few minutes.
  248. Why did we lose?
  249. I'm back..... can you guess why?