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  1. the Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump vote totals do look rigged
  2. Bottom line: the media cost Hillary the election. Period.
  3. TruthIsAll talking to himself...
  4. Today, I'm bummed out and angry
  5. Election judge pleads not guilty to voter fraud in Madison County
  6. One of the proudest votes I have ever made in my life...
  7. Democratic Underground Suffers Election Grief Shutdown
  8. I threw up for 3 days after the election...
  9. Just returned - I couldn't take it any more without DU
  10. Hey DUmmies Crying Hillary Won Popular Vote
  11. Rigged election: Hillary Clintons early-voting lead in Florida was mathematically...
  12. it was a coup ... end of story
  13. Woot! Here come the holiday stories!!!
  14. Pre Election DU threads # 1
  15. Pre Election DU threads #2
  16. Pre Election DU threads # 3
  17. Ok. I'll say it: I think Trump is a coke head.
  18. Trump's Tears
  19. Trump knew the election was going to be hacked.
  20. What is the best taunt to use on the office Repugs Wednesday?
  21. I think Trump wanted to win the Popular Vote but not the Electoral
  22. Folks, I think there is now a solid case to impeach and convict Donald Trump
  23. How long before the white working class realizes Trump was just scamming them?
  24. Trump did not win
  25. Your white "pain" can go F**k itself.
  26. You guys don't get it: the rust belt working class want to be TOLD, not reasoned with
  27. Volunteer for the Recounts!
  28. Do DUers understand the meaning of 2million more votes?
  29. You can review the Trump Christmas Ornament Hat
  30. Any Police Who Die At Standing Rock Do Not Have My Sympathy.
  31. Maybe Hillary Clinton should have made more promises she couldn't keep, like Trump.
  32. Fuck the white working class
  33. Former DUmmy of the Year winner has an unfortunate accident
  34. Its Not Like He Didnt TELL You
  35. Its Not Like He Didnt TELL You
  36. I saw something rather disturbing today.
  37. The TheMastersNemisis and LayDeeBug are both losing it.
  38. Trump Will Not & Cannot Do A Blind Trust. He Would Have To Sell All His Businesses.
  39. Another chat with Amazon service re: Trump paraphernalia
  40. The Crooked President
  41. I know what most want to do but no one will dare say it and neither will I, yet.....
  42. The Numbers: How Hillary Clinton Lost
  43. I loved Fidel
  44. My own chilling exposure to Castro happened when I was 17
  45. If Trump Was Smart He Can Win The Hearts And Minds Of Millennials & Seniors If He....
  46. HRC/Democrats Lost Due to WRONG Message
  47. If the Democratic Party decides to ignore concerns of minority voters to get white 'R
  48. To Malaise
  49. Recount could lead to civil war/white riots...
  50. If you fought against Hillary Clinton after the Democratic convention
  51. Have Privilege? You can help those who don't.
  52. 22 Chilling Pictures Of Life At Japanese Internment Camps
  53. Trump's Personality Disorder Misdiagnosed. He Is Really A Paranoid Authoritarian Psyc
  54. Saying What Must Be Said: The President-Elect is MENTALLY ILL
  55. Verbal attacks. How could I help my friend. Ideas would be appreciated.
  56. Ohio State attacker said he was 'scared' to pray in public
  57. So, this is how it ends. Lets face it, barring a massive revolt, this country is fini
  58. Ann Coulter was laughed at...
  59. The 'White Working Class' is just another form of Identity Politics
  60. Something that deeply sucks about our federal election system and party philosophy
  61. I Am Going To Buy As Many Kelloggs Products As I Can Eat.
  62. Trump is speaking at the carrier plant. I CAN'T STOP CRYING
  63. Oh Dear God- There is another Trump rally.
  64. A BLACK OUT for the Inaguration?
  65. Does Trump have any murderous impulses?
  66. Who Am I?
  67. Self-indulgent Trump embraces the permanent campaign
  68. Looking back I, personally, see no benefit to Democrats from Sanders or his supporter
  69. Voter anger over Trump's election goes deeper than Clinton's loss
  70. DUmmie Sadness as Lucy Move Football! PA Recount Dead in the Water
  71. Recountmas 2016 and a brand new TruthIsAll
  72. Hostility to women one of strongest predictors of Trump vote.
  73. My dad. Immigrant, Minority, Veteran, Trump Voter
  74. Ask the Electors
  75. More, Ask the Elector
  76. I'm going to have Christmas dinner with relatives
  77. Trump is trolling China. I have no idea how this is going to turn out.
  78. Predator In Chief: President Trump And The Glorification Of Sexual Violence
  79. Tomorrow night about 30% of the population will be Stunned
  80. Breitbart's war on Kellogg's raises legal questions
  81. Where and When Will Trump's Immigrant Purge Begin?
  82. The U.S is on the verge of becoming a fascist dictatorship
  83. Huckabee asks Pelosi if she's 'racist or just dumb' after Carson remarks
  84. USA went from First Black President to the first racist
  85. Our next first lady was a porn star, who entered the U.S. illegally, and lied about h
  86. Trump says cancel new Air Force One: Costs 'out of control'
  87. Garlandmas!!!
  89. Dumb ass wants to keep flying his own plane as POTUS.
  90. My dearest cousin has Trumpgrets over his vote for Trump
  91. Open Letter to the GOP
  92. New DUmmie "Source"
  93. Democrats should take every nomination right up to the edge.
  94. No You Cant : Why Im Still Crying Over Hillary Clintons Loss.
  95. "Rural, Christian, white America ..., don't trust people outside their tribe"
  96. Just checking to make sure that you realize we are allowing an illegitimate psycho
  97. I have to say.
  98. Hey! Remember when ALMOST EVERY Newpaper Endorsed HRC? No?
  99. Hey! Remember when Trump abruptly stopped campaigning in Swing states
  100. Balls in Our Court: What Do We Do If We Can't March on Washington?
  101. This election was rigged!
  103. Mitch McConnell should be impeached, thrown out of the senate along with Ryan.
  104. i wonder if HILLARY knew about the CIA revelation ... WASHINGTON POST STORY ????
  105. Trump Says He Didnt Divide America. The New York Times Response Is Perfect
  106. I almost committed road rage today.
  107. What exactly was the interference?
  108. We have a little over a month to decide if we want the country we all grew up in.
  109. I Think We Are Going To Be In Near Cold Civil War By The Time We Reach 2018.
  110. Chances Are Good That Trump Is Going To Get Troops Killed.
  111. Trump presidency as a mass hysteria/mass psychogenic illness?
  112. China Warns Trump With Nuclear Fly-By
  113. Would you be ok with Pence being President ?
  114. Do NOT let them frame the fucking narrative.
  115. Harry Reid has no credibility yet they listen to his every word.
  116. Hey DUmmies: Guess who's a scumbag?
  117. Please troll this asshole republican member of the electoral college . . .
  118. DUmmies of the year voting
  119. STILL wondering when Americans are going to fall out of love with Republicans.
  121. White man taunts black comedian: Trumps victory entitles me to call you a ni***r
  122. The electoral voters speak and they're not out for a revolt
  123. Don't they realize Hillary and the reset button worked ?
  124. Funny , The White house didn't support the claim they were behind the IRS ?
  125. Don't let them divide us. Don't let them frame the fucking narrative.
  126. More than treason, this WAS an act of war. We have been invaded without a shot being
  127. If W. Could Declare War on Iraq for 9-11, Then Obama Can Declare War on Russia for th
  128. IMO, Trump's goal is to lead the St Pat's parade in NY then quit April 1.
  129. Robt REICH nails 4 Stages of DRUMPF-*grief*. I'm Stage 2/Numbness.
  130. Inauguration Protesters Plan to Surround White House to Keep Obama from Leaving
  131. Don't Kid Yourself: The KGB Cost Us This Election and Pretending it's Bathrooms...
  132. Hey DUmmies, Answer These Questions Please
  133. I fear Democrats are laying the groundwork for future losses by refusing to learn fro
  134. ATTN DUers: What message were the Deplorable sending when...
  135. Live results...Its working! "One faithless elector has cast a vote in Maine -"
  136. Should California Threaten Secession?
  137. NanceGreggs - smug, know it all non Christian: Yes, of course, Franklin Graham
  138. Monday's Electoral College results prove the institution is an utter joke
  139. More borrowers are losing Social Security benefits over old student loans
  140. My Talking Point To Conservatives Re The Electoral College: It's An Affirmative Actio
  141. I've stopped throwing up which I have been doing since the election.
  142. Conservatives who say "Now Democrats know what Republicans felt like in 2008"
  143. Seriously, FOUR YEARS of THIS sh*t? "Man booted off Jet Blue flight for allegedly acc
  144. Speaking out to Ivanka, a hate enabler, is what we all should be doing
  145. Emanuel admits using personal email for public business as city settles open records
  146. Oh fer Chrissakes, FUCK THEM AT EVERY TURN.
  147. ISIS rise surprised Obama, US intelligence
  148. Trump and the Rs are Losers, and they're LOSING, bigly
  149. I got a say Merry Christmas, or else death stare, yesterday.
  150. Take a pledge not to watch tRump's inauguration.
  151. Julian Assange: Hillary Clinton 'Tried to Destroy Us' and Failed
  152. Boston Bean Brain is upset...
  153. Wow , this apparently didn't come through until now to them?
  154. I think Obama confused a "peaceful transition of power"...
  155. My first time back at DU after the DU hack. Nothing has been the same since.
  156. I knew beyond a doubt what was happening.
  157. Let me say it right here, if you voted for Trump-I do think you are a racist, homopho
  158. Fuck the white working class
  159. WE Are NOT the Problem
  160. At this point, I am disassociating myself from people who voted for Trump
  161. Sanders, Warren, and Merkley Label Trump's U.S. Treasury Nominee "Foreclosure King"
  162. Holy SHIT. Tom Arnold just posted the IP address for the Apprentice files database.
  163. Dear Kellyanne
  164. I Can't Effing Sleep.......
  165. So I'm in line at the grocery store, and the lady in front of me used Food stamps and
  166. Becoming Ugly
  167. Today, I'm embracing the second amendment.
  168. Experts Arent Convinced by FBI and Homeland Security Report on Alleged Russian Hackin
  169. Someone drove through my neighbors yard
  170. Why draw a distinction between the working class and the white working class?
  171. Notice to all conservatives. You can NEVER ever again ask my candidates to prove anyt
  172. GOP Nothing But Hollywood Store Front Organization. No There There.
  173. Mourning in America
  174. Rebecca Ferguson asked to perform at inauguration, will do so ONLY if she can sing "S
  175. Petition to SCOTUS to Order a New Election - please sign. 100K sigs needed by Jan 7th
  176. Trump Could Be Israels Worst Nightmare
  177. Coming up on CNN: Trump responds to Kim Jong Un on twitter. Yes. Twitter.
  178. Chomsky: 'The Republican Party Has Become the Most Dangerous Org. in World History'
  179. So It Looks Like All We Can Do Now Is Stand By Helplessly As The Repugs Methodically
  180. Bill and Hillary Clinton Will Attend the Trump Inauguration
  181. Russia's involvement in U.S. election was personally headed by Putin and Trump
  182. Swedish Six-Hour Workday Runs Into Trouble: Its Too Costly
  183. How the GOP Plans to Crush Democratic Opposition
  184. Never Normalize: Why Trumps Presidency Is Illegitimate and How to Respond
  185. What is it with this Special snowflake crap?
  186. For Lurkers: Trump said "pussy"; this vice-major said raping a sleeping woman is OK
  187. Heads up:. Very ugly story coming out of Chicago tonite
  188. 4 arrested in beating broadcast on Facebook Live
  189. ( DU) Can't Handle the Truth
  190. The whitewashing of the Russian hacking is making me ill.
  191. About the Chicago kidnap/torture/video: Help me to understand
  192. In The End The Only Thing That Will Stop GOP Is A Bar Room Brawl.
  193. Sen. Dianne Feinstein will stand between Trumps nominees and power
  194. Some of today's delusional hysterical comments, many based on lies and outright scare
  195. is anyone else just terrified?
  196. SCOTUS: Invalidate Election Petition
  197. Where is the outrage??? It is always the poor white guy...
  198. Is it possible to FOIA Trump's Tax Returns?
  199. The Media did not REPORT the News. They MANUFACTURED IT.
  200. Liberal hysteria thread: I am praying for another deep throat or a act of god.
  201. Did you ever think you would live to see this day?...
  202. O'Keefe's goons caught in a reverse sting!
  203. Donald, hate to break it to you...
  204. Protester in KKK garb kicked out of Sessions' hearing
  205. the longer I live in this country the more I hate it
  206. As The Day Of Death Approaches For US Beginning To Feel Like Doomed Titanic Passenger
  207. The antonym of DUmmies
  208. My eight year old immigrant brown skinned child just cried her eyes out
  209. This is different than the "debunked" Rather Bush AWOL story
  210. Here ya go, DUmmies: NBC admits the Russian hooker story is fake news (disinfo)
  211. ***AND*** our voting machines were HACKED
  212. Dem Rep.: Having Our Sessions Testimony at End of Hearing Equivalent to Sitting at Ba
  213. Ok. So who invited all the token negroes?
  214. White House press secretary says Trump hasnt tried to disprove accusations
  215. OMG! So WHY they need to be TOLD, and not ASKED...
  216. Even if the piddling flap turns out to be false...
  217. DUmmy of the Year history
  218. Boycotting LL Bean is a huge MISFIRE! It is a GREAT company!!
  219. In 2 Terms, Barack Obama Had Fewer Scandals Than Donald Trump Has Had In The Last 2 W
  220. Just a few tips for you who are planning to protest ...
  221. Is Something Up For The Inauguration?
  222. GOP Setting Up Permanent One Party Rule Over Your Dead Body.
  223. "My confidence has been shook": Dems furious after meeting with James Comey - but the
  224. "Popular Vote Loser Donald Trump"
  225. Tillerson promised to block Chinas access to disputed islands in the South China Sea.
  226. It's on !!!! Comrade Drumpf took the bait and attacks civil rights icon John Lewis !!
  227. So, have we all finally agreed that the election was infiltrated by Russians and the
  228. The only fair way to control people is to tax things you don't want them to have
  229. My brother voted for TRUMP because he hates feminists
  230. Hey DUmmies: You know who wasn't legitimate? Hillary!
  231. I Might Be Crying On Inauguration Day And I May Never Stop For Who Knows How Long.
  232. Did she or didn't she?
  233. My trump voting sister said to me, as I was educating her about her vote
  234. Can you help me with an argument?
  235. I have become positively vicious on social media...
  236. How Most Of Us Feel Right Now
  237. My daughter was at the inauguration and was reduced to tears.
  238. Fuck the President.
  239. How do you really piss off a DUer???
  240. Hey DUers......
  241. The Country Cannot Survive Unless We Can Force The Media To Do Its Job.
  242. So I have this friend in the FBI
  243. My younger Sister passed over last night.
  244. Conservative men are fat, sweaty child-porn addicts who sexually fantasize about thei
  245. No White House Leaks Like This ... Until Now
  246. I feel violated. We should all feel violated.
  247. Secret Service agent wrote she wouldn't take a bullet for Trump
  248. Steve Bannon registered to vote in two states despite Trump's cries of 'voter fraud'
  249. i can only draw one conclusion: the new president is out of his fucking mind.
  250. is trump going to rule by executive order? congress has had no input at all.