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  1. A white Trump voter explains why he was inspired to leave a black waitress a $450 tip
  2. I have a feeling that the American public is not going to tolerate Donald Trump for m
  3. Trump will stop federal dollars to NYC cause it is a 'sanctuary city'.
  4. Terrible things are happening by the hour in trumerica.
  5. Trump fans are furious after Jake Tapper posted a Bible verse about lying being a sin
  6. Many Trump Supporters I know are subdued and quite these days
  7. There Will Be NO UNITY
  8. Trump Says He Will Prioritize Persecuted Christian Immigrants For Legal Status
  9. I have lost all my joy.
  10. You do realize that a terrorist is going to fuck us real bad, don't you?
  11. This is the best first week for Trump we could have hoped for. Yes, best.
  12. This is WAR
  13. How is everybody coping so far?
  14. Trump Just Likes to Sign Things.
  15. Stop thinking like a Democrat for a moment. Think like a Trump supporter.
  16. Immigrant Ban Causing International Chaos & Anger. We LOOK LIKE SHIT To The Rest Of T
  17. Trumps erratic first week was among the most alarming in history
  18. Most Presidents Handle Issuing Executive Orders Carefully.
  19. DUmmies imploding.
  20. Step 1. Put Obama back in as an interim President. Step 2. Give Republicans 3 months
  21. Ok trump, now it's personal
  22. Bannon has got to go.
  23. Hitler.
  25. I am terrified. I am disabled and sick. My other half is a white albino
  26. Trump and his Nazis want a white ethno-state
  27. 2. My adult children are afraid, too
  28. Five dead in Quebec City mosque shooting: mosque president
  29. I see an opportunity
  30. I wore my pussyhat to the grocery store today
  31. So what does firing Yates tell us?
  32. SEAL, American Girl Die in First Trump-Era U.S. Military Raid Source: NBC Ne
  33. Trump-Era Political Violence Begins As Liberal Activists Are Beaten, Hospitalized
  34. How Obama will take on Trump
  35. Anyone else feel that hatred for Trump is reaching EPIC proportions?
  36. Anyone else having a mental health crisis over this administration?
  37. Stopped by a local breakfast joint
  38. UC Berkeley cancels Milo Yiannopoulos event amid violent protest
  39. It Is Treason For The GOP To Cooperate W/A President Who They Know Is Unstable.
  40. Any evidence of Trump voters having second thoughts?
  41. Obama Admin: Trump Lying About Raid that Killed Navy Seal
  42. At the finish of my daughter's play "Godspell" today...
  43. Drumpf -"California is out of control...That is why the people voted for me."
  44. GOP Not Taking Protests Seriously. Think - Just A Bunch Of Paid Protesters, Anarchist
  45. Are right wingers mentally ill?
  46. Devos Is The Point Person For Making ALL Schools In US Christian Schools. Theocracy I
  47. We Are Going To Have To Utterly Destroy Trump & Pence Administration Somehow.
  48. My modest proposal to right wing Christians.
  49. Women's general strike!
  50. Donald Trump takes away Sean Spicers Communications Director title after SNL debacle
  51. I truly hate to say this about a President. It bothers me to type it.
  52. Maxine Waters Tells MSNBC "Trump Won't Last 4 Years"
  53. Trump Will End, Not With A Bang But With Him Whimpering
  54. You got mail.
  55. Emotional Noob...
  56. Paul Krugman Issues A Warning About What We All Know Is Coming. ....
  57. Would you be willing to hide an illegal immigrant in your home?
  58. I lost my lunch today
  59. Members of the Press Who Want to Be the Next Woodward/Bernstein...
  60. Quotation in my church bulletin today
  61. Trump Just Tweeted About Crowd Sizes While Thousands Flee Their Homes in California
  62. We must be merciless
  63. Idiot Trump thinks the Palestinians want a one state solution
  64. How A President Leaves Office - The Only Possibilities
  65. The thing that burns me, really BURNS me about this Russiangate is that
  67. An Illegitimate Presidency
  68. DON'T BUY ANYTHING DAY. Tomorrow Friday (2.17.2017)
  69. A more appropriate way to think of our "electorial college" voting system
  70. Rep. Cummings explodes: "Chaffetz Appears to be Taking Marching Orders Directly From
  71. 911, there's a pickup at the White House. Patient is delusional, prove to
  72. It's so sad to think that America will have had a fascist President
  73. Trumps press conference
  74. Leaked Emails Show Justice Clarence Thomas's Wife Pushing Travel Ban
  75. CNN Trolls Trump by Tweeting Mocking Clip of Him Making Outlandish Hand Gestures to M
  76. The cultivation of distrust.
  77. They Are Squirming
  78. 'Don't touch me': Panelist blows up on Trump supporter's microaggression on CNN (VIDE
  79. Trump memo proposes deploying 100,000 National Guard troops to round up immigrants
  80. OMFG!!!
  81. What an ugly soul this man has.
  82. What the Trump presidency has done for me
  83. Laugh at them in their face. Call their bullshit.
  84. Democrat voters, it is time to verbally attack trump voters.
  85. The anti Trump protests are getting more attention than his rally
  86. DUmmies not happy this Saturday...
  87. Pathetic Trump campaign rally.
  88. Today I went to my Democratic Party Ward Meeting.
  89. Museum removes every piece of art created by immigrants
  90. Can We stop the RIGHT WING REPUBLICANS?
  91. Whoa! treason?
  92. Maxine Waters on MSNBC right now: "Trump being stupid because of info about to...
  93. Yes, We DO Think You ARE Stupid
  94. A few words on the use of the term "Deplorables"
  95. I agree - "Move left, Democrats"
  96. Why the fuck do we have Democrats trying to get us to sympathize with deplorables?
  97. DUmmies taken, AGAIN!
  98. When Trump Voters Say We Suffered Under Obama For 8 Years, This Is How You Respond
  99. Death on the Night Shift in the Filipino Trump's Manila
  100. What have we become?
  101. It's Bad
  102. I have close, hard-working, truly decent friends who are about to be deported.
  103. Witches around the world are planning a mass casting of spells on Trump
  104. The Easiest Way to Get Trump out of the White House Is Through Resignation
  105. Shame On Him: Louie Gohmert invokes Giffords shooting as reason not to hold town hall
  106. These massive protests are starting to work.
  107. I HAVE to tell you, I am scared.
  108. O'Donnell just had mental health experts saying T unfit to be pres; paranoid psychopa
  109. Report: LA religious leaders create network to hide immigrants
  110. Santa Clara County calls sanctuary order extortion
  111. Trump falsely claims lines 'go back 6 blocks' for CPAC speech
  112. A plea to Republican voters
  113. I had hope
  114. President Hillary Rodham Clinton: NEWS FROM THE REAL AMERICA, WHERE THE MAJORITY RULE
  115. Twitler just announced he won't be attending the White House Correspondents Dinner
  116. Dear America: Trump has fucked us beyond repaid
  117. Why are the deplorables so prone to mean-spiritedness just for the sake of being mean
  118. Who Belongs in Trump's America? - NYT Editorial Board
  119. Israel 'must be ready to accept fleeing US Jews'
  120. Trump has turned on light in car to "practice" speech in front of tv cameras. I still
  121. I fucking hate him.
  122. More liberal hate
  123. The bar cannot be set any lower.
  124. Turns out, Conway is not even housebroken
  125. Finally, the media is waking up.
  126. 61 statements, 51 False... Orange Crush is lying 84% of the time...
  127. Too Bad We Don't Have Plague Epidemic That Just Strikes GOPPERS In Congress.
  128. Response to fellow DUer worried about hating Trump
  129. Americans were deceived.
  130. Muslim teen found hanged in woods near Seattle; family seeks answers
  131. If you voted for trump for ANY reason.. then you are among the stupidest people
  132. Chickenshit trump just skipped out of DC
  134. Dem senator: Russian hacking may have been 'act of war'
  135. With Drumpf it's like everyday is Fitzmas
  136. How has your life changed since Drumpf has been President?
  137. Pence used personal email for state business and was hacked
  138. Obama's "army"
  139. The only down side is Deplorables will react like rats when cornered.
  140. This is the only explanation that makes any sense. Sadly.
  141. If the Republicans cannot see that our country is in a constitutional crisis?
  142. I've finally figured out normal white people.
  143. Wouldn't You Think The Trump Kids - Ivanka, Eric & Don - Would Be Very Embarrassed Of
  144. Trump STUPIDLY declassifies FISA warrants against him in a tweet!!!
  145. We are in trouble. We are heading for a constitutional crisis.
  146. This is the start of a Civil War
  147. Everyone can see where this is ultimately going
  148. Charles Blow: Suspend Trumps exec authority until we know what the hell is going on w
  149. Russian Hackers Said to Seek Hush Money From Liberal U.S. Groups
  150. So How Is That Trumpy Thingy Working Out?
  151. Is DU Down?
  152. I don't know, but a President Hillary Clinton would look pretty good
  153. OK, GOP - Are You Embarrassed Yet?
  154. White House Budget Director: 'Insurance Is Not Really The End Goal Here
  155. Donald Trump Tweeted About International Womens Day. It Backfired.
  156. McConnell & Ryan Are Serial Murderers. They Are Determined To Murder Thousands Of Ame
  157. I just learned that Kellyanne Conway's middle name is Elizabeth.
  158. "Nobody Really Cares": The Rural Voter Problem
  159. Forget iPhones, this is the level of animosity Fox News has towards poor
  160. You know that, back in 1999, this character would be describing Dummies in 2017.....
  161. Talk me down. For the love of God, talk me down.
  162. Have You Ever Tried to Think Like a Deplorable?
  163. Are Others Feeling That We've Experience A Coup d etat In November?.....
  164. Republicans!! A way out: The Bi-Partisan Health Care Act
  165. What I've learned at DU
  166. I want to holler and scream about why the Dems in the Senate and House
  167. Something the American people need to understand.
  168. I have no idea what to say to you all my fellow DUers. Is your President out of his m
  169. Tourists scared to visit the United States
  170. St. Louis car dealer takes out newspaper ad to blame liberal teachings
  171. How much harm has Fox News done to the US over the last 20 years?
  172. Not today, motherf***er, female jogger turns the table on Deplorable
  173. Rachel Maddow claims to have President Trump's tax returns
  174. Its Getting Frosty and I Dont Mean the Weather
  175. What Rachel did was nothing short of brilliant!
  177. If you think this is fun now, just wait till Friday! The net is closing.
  178. DUmmies expose Russian/Trump Connection
  179. Shingles and Oxy
  180. Trump's Newly Released Tax Returns are a Fake out? Another deception by Herr Trump?
  181. Trump's exit plan - will it be suicide or resignation?
  183. My Cousin, A Trump Supporter, Just Changed His Mind.
  184. Regarding the tea leaf reading of Diane Feinstein's body language after the Comey mee
  185. 45's accusations of President Obama is a distraction...45's attempt to divert from Ru
  186. How to Convince the Republicans to Impeach and Remove Trump!
  187. To any Trump voter looking in who just found out that Trump has abandoned you
  188. My husband (a 9/11 survivor) told me that he had a Hillary dream
  189. Vandals charged with turning a Jewish family's menorah decoration into a swastika
  190. Lurking Deplorables
  191. Adam Schiff masterfully connects the dots between Trump and Russia and its damning
  192. Nance Greggs facebook
  193. If I were Kapfernick, I'd sue the living shit out of Trump
  194. The 2016 election must be nullified
  195. Shhh. Listen. Hear that? It's the sound of
  196. as a CO native I have to say, Gorsuch seems to be a straight shooter.
  197. You can't purchase human decency Mr. Trump & no one f'king likes you
  198. nunes is before the cameras at the white house...he briefed trump!!! where's the fuck
  199. Trump officially became an illegitimate President today
  200. CNN: Trump Team Gave Russians "Thumbs Up" to Release Hillary Smears
  201. My theory on Nunes:
  202. Hey Cheeto, how's about this? You get the Electoral College to pass your healthcare b
  203. Filibustering Gorsuch etc
  204. My Neighbor just payed us a visit...
  205. Gorsuch sounds like he is sociopathic. I mean that litterally.
  206. Trump Is On His Way Out. Media's Target Should Now Be Pence.
  207. More cruelty from Trump reactionaries
  208. Nunes needs to be indicted
  209. Palmer: FBI arrests ten people in New York City with alleged ties to Donald Trump and
  210. Three burglars entered an Oklahoma home. The owners son opened fire with an AR-15, de
  211. No Future election forecast will ever matter until we address how they rigged this la
  212. I know others feel this way about the Russian connection...
  213. I just wanted to reiterate the fact that I hate Republicans...
  214. If Line of Succession is Illegitimate (Provide Ideas for a Solution)
  215. Pence wont eat with a women who isnt his wife?
  216. Expect occasional downtime over the next week or so while we upgrade our security
  217. Give It Up, GOP. Its over.
  218. If Dems Do NOT Block Gosuck, Trump Will Not Be Ousted
  219. When they go low, DON'T BACK DOWN
  220. Are we headed toward an "illegitimate" Supreme Court??
  221. Real Americans vs. coastal elites: What right-wing sneers at city dwellers really mea
  222. Rand Paul is lying through his teeth about the Susan Rice issue. The Obama administra
  223. Trump National Golf Club Vandalized, Course Spray-Painted
  224. U.S. withdraws funding for U.N. Population Fund
  225. Stop. Letting. Them. Frame. The. Fucking. Narrative.
  226. Gorsuch Apparently Plagiarized Passages in Book
  227. Sixteen hours later Merkley yields the floor, now delivering coffee and bagels
  228. I don't remember President Obama blaming Bush for the mess he inherited
  229. I hate when I wake up
  230. Nunes is out of the Russia probe, and the Susan Rice spin collapses
  231. Democrats block Gorsuch consideration, paving way for Senate rules change
  232. Thanks GOP. You've just destroyed the Senate.
  233. Hey DUmmies, Wanting To Blame Syria WMD Attack On President Trump. Read This!
  234. I WONDER how different it would be if the President
  235. Senate confirms Neil Gorsuch to Supreme Court
  236. Never again can children be told cheaters never win.
  237. All three branches of our Government are now corrupted
  238. He's CONNING us about the Syrian bombing. Con-man donald at work.
  239. WTF CNN: raving about Ivanka, Jared. Praising their kid singing in front of Chinese p
  240. Don't forget to tether that chicken motherfuckers.
  241. Federal judge slaps down Jeff Sessions attempt to block Justice consent decree for Ba
  242. Putin will release Trump porn photos if we hit Syria again
  243. I returned home from our morning walk and turned on GEM$NBComcast
  244. REUTERS: Programmer Pyotr Levashov reportedly suspected in US election hacking - arre
  245. Voting with their middle fingers.
  246. Prediction: Trump will resign within the next three weeks.
  247. There IS a War on Christianity
  248. Holy MOAB, Seven Allies Have Trump-Russia Smoking Gun Evidence
  249. In line at a Deli: "I'm afraid of that crazy mad man with nuclear weapons"
  250. Schiff: 'We get you won the electoral college'