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  1. How do you force Republicans to take ownership of Donald Trump presidency?
  2. Obit of a heartbroken Democrat
  3. If you're wondering how Obama and Trump spent Easter Sunday
  4. Why My Family Would Rather Not Have Me Attend Holiday Dinners
  5. Eugene Robinson: Trump is having his cake and golfing, too
  6. St Paul at the Capital
  7. Why are Sanders AND ELLISON speaking at a rally for a gestational slavery advocate???
  8. Dear Bill O'Reilly fans:
  9. Black College Student, Friend Charged With Hate Crime For Burning Trump Sign
  10. 1 In 6 Teen Girls Say Theyve Experienced Harassment Since Election Day
  11. Interesting article about Melania...
  12. Its official: Top psychiatrists at Yale conference warn that Trump has a dangerous me
  13. Simple question: Do you want to see Donald Trump impeached?
  14. Sean Hannity the Latest Fox News Host to be Accused of Sexual Harassment
  15. Poll: 96 Percent of Trump Voters Don't Regret It
  16. So, basically, voting for tRump meant opting for...nothing
  17. A President Whose Party Won't Do ANYTHING to rein him in is a DICTATOR
  18. Ivanka is starting her own foundation and is accepting checks from foreign government
  19. Not everyone in the party respects a woman's right to choose? And we are supposed to
  20. after 300 years a woman wins a parties nomination and loses the EC but wins the popul
  21. Republicans are a bunch of lying, treasonous fucks.
  22. Obama trolls Trump by pointing out Obamacare has better poll numbers than he does: re
  23. tRUMP owes Obama an apology!
  24. Russia is *still* the biggest story of the day
  25. Democrats give up hope on striking a deal with Trump
  26. duterte called President Obama 'son of a whore'. trump invites him to white house
  27. I feel so sorry for the children of trump voters.
  28. Kimmel's Plea Falls On Many Deaf Ears. I Would Let Those Bastards Die In An Emergency
  29. No more nicey-nice with these fucking demons.
  30. Fuck trump and the entire GOP I hope they all die a slow painful costly death
  31. I wish I could express my rage here at those I believe are responsible for
  32. The kind of protest I'd like to see
  33. Evidence Suggests Trump Will Be Impeached, Says Senator Leading The Russia Investigat
  34. Unhinged liberal hyperbole at it's finest.
  35. Refresh me: Did President Obama take this much of a victory lap....
  36. I hate Trump and all Repblicans
  37. Cheeto must know that he's going to be indicted soon. Do you think he will try to fle
  38. Dear Allies: Use WHATEVER WORKS.
  39. Dear RNC
  40. Trumpcare (aka: Deathcare) seems suspiciously like a form of "The final solution" .
  41. FBI Director Comey - in the end, who will he turn out to be?
  43. Impeachment is not enough, and maybe the Republicans know it.
  44. We MUST take back our country! RECALL THE TRAITORS!
  45. Journalist arrested for asking Trump cabinet member (price) about healthcare bill
  46. American media was barred from Trump meeting with Russian officials - not Russian med
  47. Note to Republicans
  48. Attn DUers: Fox News is reporting the Comey story completely different
  49. This sounds minor, but I'm thinking it's one of the things Trump most hated about Com
  50. For Trump Supporters, the Real Outrage Is the Lefts Uproar Over Comey
  51. (Raw Story/Newsweek) Bernie Sanders endorsement labeled colossal mistake
  52. Okay, time out! SCROTUS is mentally ill, as we all know, and needs immediate interven
  53. The disdain for this current president is so palpable
  54. Law firm @POTUS used to show he has no ties to Russia was named Russia Law Firm of th
  55. The Trump children care more about the Will than they do their father.
  56. Comey declines to testify before Senate committeeSource: Politico
  57. Hey NanceGreggs, RE: Hey, GOP, Do Us All A God-Damned Favour
  58. It's heartbreaking
  59. EXCLUSIVE: Sealed Indictment granted against Donald Trump
  60. This is what I hope and have to believe...
  61. The remedy for this COUP isn't Hatch. It's Clinton.
  62. But what about OUR rapacious criminal oligarchs?
  63. I think every R and D leader in Congress already knows that tRump colluded
  64. I really really really really REALLY want to believe Mensch
  65. House Republican writes letter to constituent's employer complaining about her progre
  66. If I or anyone else wants to read Mensch and Taylor, it's really NOYDB. Sure I'm not
  68. I cannot believe it!
  69. Trump revealed highly classified information to Russian diplomats in their Oval Offic
  70. On the continuing devolution of the right wing that has become full gallop since the
  71. We are being played
  72. WH: Trump didn't know source of intel shared with Russia
  73. This is the 116th or so day I've thought this - WE ARE SO SCREWED
  74. Pic Of The Moment:Asked If He Has Confidence In President Trump, Paul Ryan Says, I do
  75. I want to know what the evangelical pro Israel (pro Likud, really) religious right le
  76. Has DU Been Hacked Again?
  77. Is Donald Trump a flight risk?
  78. Republicans are spoiled children who haven't been been properly raised or disciplined
  79. Scary thought... what if Russia's actions weren't in order to win Trump the Whitehous
  80. Deplorables pay little heed to revelations rocking DC
  81. They say Trump is lawyering up, but
  82. DU calls Chelsea Manning free and beautyful
  83. Claire introduces bill to allow ppl in counties w/out insurers on individual marketpl
  84. I'm feeling unsafe. Even in a relatively "blue" area.
  85. Explain why Democrats in Congress keep saying it's "too soon" to be discussing impeac
  86. Frustration and Outrage Builds Among Democrats After Useless Deputy AG Briefing On Co
  87. Biden: "I Never Thought Hillary Was The Correct Candidate"
  88. Pence is Obvioulsy the One Who Convinced Trump To Pull a "Saturday Night Massacre."
  89. You know what else is good about the death of Roger Ailes?
  90. Here is an example of ignorant voters in Ohio
  91. So Now We Know
  92. DFW - EuroTrash
  93. FAKE NEWS: Just look at what's on FOX front page right now.
  94. I still can't believe that that asshole is President.
  95. Large group of students just walked out of Notre Dame's commencement during VP Mike P
  96. Trump was NOT ELECTED by VOTERS. Hillary had 3 Million more!
  97. Internet loses its collective sh*t over pic of Trump with Saudi orb.
  98. Breaking : The Hill Report: Girl in Weiner sexting case lied to damage Clinton
  99. Every Day Is Just So Mortifying W/No Escape. Hard To Control The God Damned Rage.
  100. a trumpian and me
  101. Claude Taylor said he and Louise are working on a BIG STORY right now
  102. Report: Mike Flynn turns on Trump, Talks to FBI
  103. McConnell/Ryan fully briefed by Brennan on Russia in Aug-They Went Along With TRUMP's
  104. Was The Election Actually RIGGED?
  105. Well my DU friends I have finally brought to my knees
  106. Whatever DT was selling, Pope Francis wasn't buying.
  107. **** American Voters Believe Trump Is Abusing His Powers. Job Approval Remains At His
  108. "Would people work if they didn't have to?"
  109. Trump Blows the Whole Trip.. Yep he blew it big Time!
  110. That Republicans colluded with Russian hackers to subvert the 2016 election is now be
  111. Pelosi: Dems will pass $15 minimum wage if we take power
  112. I never thought we would win the Montana special election so I don't feel bad.
  113. Now considered acceptable by the GOP:
  114. Brown guy at a mall
  115. Hillary speaking now at Wellesley.
  116. If you don't understand that antisemitism is behind the current acceptance of violenc
  117. You know what? based on last night Montanas vote?
  118. So when the GOP refuses to impeach Trump because they were in on the collusion,
  119. Mike Pence Is Toast: Anonymous Letter To WaPo Shows The Role Of Eric Prince In Trump-
  120. Kelly O'Donnell (MSNBC) bitterly complaining from Italy
  121. Can someone explain Donald Trump's EXTREME level of narcissism?
  122. Trump calls for the Death Penalty for Suicide Bombers (ROFL)
  123. As a common citizen, what I would like to see done about this Russian scandal?
  124. Today, in the Safeway parking lot --
  125. How many Facebook "friends" have stopped posting about 45? Any shown remorse?
  126. Republicans accept no responsibility for this disaster they have thrust upon us.
  127. The DNC must set up an automatic recount of any wins by R's from now on
  128. Immigrant Deaths in Private Prisons Explode Under Trump
  129. Did Chump think about Sasha and Malia when he said their father was here illegally?
  130. America withdraws from leadership in the world.
  131. They really don't see just how stupid they look from outside their insulated bubble,
  132. Hillary's explosive interview on what she knows about Russia, Trump, and the Election
  134. Devin Nunes subpoenaed CIA, FBI, NSA without telling Democrats
  135. Fuck Trump. Just, really, that's all. Fuck him.
  136. lawyer files complaint against women only wonder woman screenings
  137. So they RIGGED our fucking election...HACKED our voting machines
  138. Trumps reason for leaving the Paris agreement left Obamas science adviser stunned
  139. We need to remember this is NOT Right/Left, it's Traitor/Patriot...do NOT reach out t
  140. Keep Ridiculing Donald Trump, Everyone.
  141. A Potential Nightmare Scenario This Summer
  142. The face of Reality Leigh Winner, NSA whistle-blower/leaker.
  143. What on earth is up with Rachel?
  144. I know many will disagree with me, but I stand by Ms. Winner
  145. Reality Winner is such a great name. So symbolic.
  146. You Do Realize They Probably Changed The Election Results
  147. WTF Is Wrong With You?
  149. What if the Russia thing does end up being just smoke?...
  150. Adam Schiff throws down the effing gauntlet and TAGS TRUMP IN HIS TWEET.
  151. If Comey does well today, you will walk away somewhat disappointed.
  152. There is absolutely no reason to bring up Bill meeting with Loretta Lynch on the tarm
  153. Nevertheless, Kamala Harris Persisted: Senator Told to Pipe Down, Twitter Goes Wild
  154. I'm Crying.
  155. Sen. James Risch on CNN -- "The Russians TRIED to affect the election, but they fail
  156. Need some reassurance, please. Tell me that Trump isn't going to get away with it! Pl
  157. CODE RED
  158. Done. As a woman pushing 50 I have zero fucks left to give.
  159. Just emailed Disneyworld. Our family trip to Orlando park---grandkids,..
  160. the Narcissist-in-Chief is tweeting again
  161. Florida governor signs bolstered 'stand your ground' law
  162. DUmmy Waterboy opines with usual drivel
  163. When The Economy Collapsed In 2008 And Obama Was Elected Republicans Did All They Cou
  164. If we keep the pressure on the Trump Davidians they will crack , in a big way.
  165. Want a vicious LIE -the African-American President of the United States is not Americ
  166. Wisconsin Voter ID law suppressed 200K votes; DT won by 23K.
  167. Meeting my brothers future in laws they only watch Fox News
  168. Hi I'm underground panther long-time poster here
  169. Just a Reminder, GOP
  170. Where Does All This Complete Madness Stop? What Is Going To Happen To This Country?
  171. How Do I Control My Rage?
  172. Fuck this we need to call a national general strike
  173. Kamala Harris got the gavel AGAIN
  174. Rand Paul says it would have been a massacre
  175. Republicans at today's shooting aren't sticking to the NRA talking points
  176. Reports: 'Multiple shooting' at congressional baseball game practice field
  177. GOP lawmaker: Baseball field shooter asked whether it was Republicans or Democrats ou
  178. Speculation and a reminder
  179. Shooting Jim Cramer You Got It Wrong Its Not Language Its Actions
  180. Here's a DU thread from the past.
  181. Not from this president
  182. Am I a bad person for finding Sandy Hook FAR more upsetting than Steve Scalise being
  183. Virginia Shooting Suspect Was Distraught Over Trumps Election, Brother Says.
  184. Post removed OK I'll say it... FALSE FLAG!
  185. Oh, we're "angry" and "hostile" now, huh?
  186. Steve Scalise Supported the Lack of Laws and Regulations That Allowed His Shooting to
  187. The "Sage of DU" speaks...
  188. CNN Headline: Shooter Left a Hate-Filled Trail.
  189. My wife just got a three-word email from her TRUMP loving uncle: "YOU OWN THIS."
  190. An ode to Laydeebug of DU imfamy
  191. The republicans are "riding the tiger" with their acceptance of, and even encourageme
  192. Can I mention that one of the Hero Officers is a Lesbian who is Married ?
  193. I was at a gas station yesterday in Trump country
  194. Barack Obama could be the next president of Harvard University
  195. Pro-Trump protester storms stage at Julius Caesar performance
  196. Trump Supporters Are As Stupid & Ignorant As Trump. And Are Just As Dangerous.
  197. This Lying, Murdering Whore Called America
  198. GOP Confident Enough About Rigged Fraudulent Elections To Do Anything They Want.
  199. Shove Your Unity Up Yours GOP
  200. What happens if nothing is done?
  201. Will having to dodge bullets change any minds in the gop? Will experiencing what too
  202. I have slowly come to the conclusion that it is not possible to reason with Trump sup
  203. He Had No Business Becoming President
  204. When someone you love/like is a Trump supporter
  205. Trump/GOP Has Destroyed The Us Reputation Internationally in 150 Days.
  206. Russia vows to treat US jets in Syria as 'targets' after America guns down first regi
  207. No! It is not the same things the Dems did!
  208. Republican Karen Handel wins Georgia House special election, CNN projects
  209. Donald Trump boasts about construction of Panama Canal
  210. Our eight year old grandson was in the car with us and
  211. Black Caucus to decline Trump meeting: report
  212. What will the history books say about President Donald Trump?
  213. WaPo Live feed from protest at McConnell's office Arresting people in wheel chairs!
  214. Tempted to ask strangers 'where they are really from?' Here's why you shouldn't
  215. On MSNBC: A fucking HALL FULL OF people in wheelchairs outside of McConnell's office
  216. I am my sister's and my brother's keeper. And this is why...
  217. Game Over, Man - GAME OVER!!!
  218. Encountered my first gay 45 supporter today
  219. Making accusations of misogyny towards folks who have a different view than you about
  220. Unity? Not While I Live and Breathe
  221. Pope Francis says weapons manufacturers can't call themselves Christian
  222. Our Enemies Don't Care
  223. Rachel just dropped a possible nightmare
  224. I truly do not believe our country can withstand 4 years of Donald Trump...
  225. My dream scenario for 2018-19
  226. Re:Trump Davidians/Deplorables
  227. I know some very good, kind and gentle Trump supporters.
  228. Talking yesterday with my brothers father in law a right wing idiot
  229. Trump's admission of Russian meddling may be an indication that the Special Counsel i
  230. I'm worried the Supreme Court is lost.
  231. Racism and ice cream
  232. Supreme Court will hear case of Colorado baker who refused to make wedding cake for s
  233. GOPs demonization of Pelosi is so effective that even Democrats believe it
  234. "Pro-Life" my ass! Texas republican (naturally) whines about covering prenatal and ma
  235. Fox News bashes Obama family vacation
  236. Arkansas new Ten Commandments monument at Capitol destroyed
  237. Ooooh the righties are SQUIRMING over that STANK CHICKEN tethered around their necks
  238. Sorry, I have to say this....
  239. Methane not escaping into the atmosphere from Arctic Ocean
  240. Calling all Constitutional lawyer wannabes: What IS the crime?
  241. School bullies are quoting President Trump to harass their classmates
  242. Is Kentuck seeing the writing on the wall? The worst thing that could happen with th
  243. (Sarah Huckabee) Sanders On Vicious Trump Tweet: President Fights Fire With Fire
  244. "Both sides" don't do this.
  245. Why Benedict Donald will never be presidential (But Obama was a "class act" lol )
  246. Just spit balling but what can we do to put Hillary into her rightful place...
  247. Attention Trump supporters: you don't get to play "patriot" this weekend...
  248. At some point at least half of Trump supporters have to come to realize that supporti
  249. Facebook just told Christians they're not allowed a 'cross' button
  250. Pro-Trump pundit: New reports could prove path to collusion between Trump and Russia