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  1. Let's get behind Kamala Harris for President now!
  2. I'm sick of the media complaining about their treatment nowadays.
  3. To some, acting to push Democrats at ALL when we are under a fucking COUP is highjack
  4. Why is #CNNBlackmail
  5. We have had three really wonderful people elected President the last two decades
  6. NBC News Reporting Trump has no agenda for meeting with Putin
  7. So the Orange Menace Addressed the Russian Hacking in Poland
  8. Schiff Criticizes Trump For Casting Doubt On Russian Election Meddling
  9. So rachel Maddow big news was......Someone sent her something that was fake?
  10. Man arrested after making threats at protest outside senator's office, police say
  11. Melania Trump unable to leave hotel because of G-20 protests
  13. I still think we should stage a coup while he's at the G20.
  14. Ivanka Sat in for Dad, but Nobody Noticed, Really.
  15. Hundreds of voters un-register after Trump voter fraud panel demands info
  16. Trump leaves leaders fearing the future as G-20 summit closes
  17. April 2009, Michelle Obama, 73% approval rating. Melania, right now, 51%.
  18. FBI arrests Omaha man accused of threatening U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst
  19. A free press is enshrined in our Constitution
  20. What PINO Trump's Cabinet and Family Know, but Isn't Public Information
  21. It doesn't matter if he's corrupt or incompetent...
  22. It Will Be Very Telling - If No Repugs Challenge Trump On His Conclusion That Russia/
  23. I Admit it!
  24. Why Ossoff will win on June 20
  25. One thing I've noticed about RW males
  26. New backhanded comment from a neighbor, who is probably pro-trickle down economics.
  27. Don't let them Frame the Fucking Narrative.
  28. When will 75 % of the American public say enough?
  29. What are your encounters with friends or relatives who supported Trump like?
  30. Poll: Majority Of Republicans Now Say Colleges Are Bad For America
  31. Donald Trump said to have threatened USGA with lawsuit if it moved women's Open
  32. Attention lurking Republicans!
  33. We've Been On One Roller Coaster Ride Since Trump Surprised The World By Winning In N
  34. To Republicans: This Is What You Get, You Know...
  35. Reach Out to Trump Voters
  36. Fuckers.
  37. Just found out a colleague had his sabbatical canceled due to Dump.
  38. So..i was told to rob a bank
  39. House Republican threatens new Clinton investigations unless Democrats stop talking a
  40. My sister has to have her leg amputated...
  41. My neighbors have no legs, are blind, are rain men, all handicapped...Steve King hits
  42. Hey folks, I'm a little tipsy, is shit still cray? Shit seems cray.
  43. It all makes sense now - all the attacks on US Intelligence Agencies by the Con
  44. Everything About Clintons Created And A Myth.
  45. I Wish we can pretend that Trump was African-American
  46. The executions should be televised. Not treason you say?
  47. Kobach Says People Who Are Canceling Voter Registration Might Not Be Citizens
  48. We need Trump out of the White House ASAP! He's a traitor!
  49. It took an international criminal conspiracy to take HRC down
  50. We keep hearing that Russian hacking did not affect the outcome of the election.
  51. BREAKING: New Report Claims Russian Lawyer Actually Did Bring Clinton Dirt Docs to Tr
  52. Say it with me, Trump's presidency is illegitimate due to Russian intereference in ou
  53. Rockhead MineralMan FINALLY gets one right
  54. The White House just posted the emails of critics without censoring sensitive persona
  55. If you watched All IN and Rachel tonight you may be feeling that it is too late to sa
  56. Have DU Menschaphiles Bit On ...
  57. DUmmies tip their hand and let us know even their employers find them largely useless
  58. Hopalong Bob is really sick of the crap and ready to start pitch forking folks
  59. Lady Freedumb posts a call for HAAAAAAALLLPPP in the booby hatch forum
  60. Brilliant mole work is brilliant, makes primitives relive the pain of Nov 9, 2016
  61. primitives. including Big Mo, discuss handicapped surfers
  62. Leonard Pitts Jr.: Who cares whats wrong with Donald Trump? Whats wrong with us?
  63. Lifesaving Advice From A Black Woman HELD AT GUNPOINT BY POLICE
  64. Australian woman killed in police shooting in Minneapolis: reports
  65. Turning away from Trump supporter relationships.
  66. Chump just called President Obama a liar.
  67. In Interview, Trump Expresses Anger at Sessions and Comey, and Warns Mueller
  68. We Will Have To Go To War With GOP To Survive. They Are On The Criminally Insane Trai
  69. the Best Explanation of Why White People Cant Recog. or Accept the Reality of Racism
  70. I would like a conservative Republican give me their rationlization
  71. Is money laundering a crime or is it not?
  72. The biggest obstacle to convincing the Deplorables that Trump committed treason by co
  73. It's Not Trump - It's His Base That Is The Problem - I Fear The End Of Democracy Is A
  74. The only way Trump goes is if his voters turn on him.
  75. Trump Supporters Too Stupid To Know The Are Stupid. Even Racist And Bigoted.
  76. More Than 380,000 Georgia Voters Receive Purge Notice
  77. Did Kushner just lie? I mean specifically . . .
  78. Each Day This National Abortion Gets Harder To Watch.
  79. MESSAGE TO DEMOCRATS - The Election Was Stolen/Rigged/Gamed Et Al.
  80. Shame on the Boy Scouts of America and their leaders to boo Hillary Clinton, how inde
  81. I'm proudly wearing my new anti Trump t-shirt today. It says Repeal and Replace Trump
  82. We can't sustain this level of madness from Trump for the next 4 years. Dare I say it
  83. transgender Navy SEAL: 'Let's meet face to face and you tell me I'm not worthy'
  84. If 2018 goes wrong
  85. How am I supposed to be excited to teach Govt. and that Gov is by the people for the
  86. Michelle Obama opened up about the racism she endured as first lady. It's heartbreaki
  87. Dump's transgender ban
  88. After Idiot Son and now Donny Two Scoops, can we FINALLY get off this we need a bidni
  89. No, We Did Not Have 8 "Good" Years. That's Dissembling and Destructive
  90. House Republicans want a new, sweeping probe of Clinton
  91. Japanese post offices provides banking service. Why cant we do it as well?
  92. Al Gore: 'The rich have subverted all reason' - MUST READ
  93. What us fucking purpose of the Electoral college if it cant keep guys like TRUMP out
  94. New York To Hand Over Most Voter Data To Bogus Election Integrity Panel
  95. The White House is a Dump Because A Black Family Lived There.
  96. I would like to see Kamala Harris run in 2020.
  97. Trump not simply attempting to delegitimize black POTUS but rather the advances that
  98. Who is the genius
  99. Manny's primitives plan to reconquista Skins's island
  100. President Obama Just Got His Very Own Holiday
  101. Minnesota mosque bombing fails to spark response from Trump
  102. Google Fires Engineer Who Wrote Memo Questioning Women in Tech
  103. New Texas law allows merchants to decline card purchases without ID
  105. Which is scarier?
  106. Dumbfuck Orange Shitgibbon: "Fire, Fury, and Power"
  107. If worse comes to worse, could the commanders take control and make a citizen's arres
  108. White House defends silence on mosque bombing, says it might have been faked by liber
  109. DUers and leftists incite a mentally deranged man to commit murder.
  110. Imagine having to live the rest of your life with the infamous label "Trump Voter"
  111. Every time I realize that Donald Trump is the President, I can't help but think....
  112. DUers spin tales for amusement and to boost their ego
  113. Google's fired engineer gives first explanation of his inflammatory sexist memo
  114. California Crops Rot as Immigration Crackdown Creates Farmworker Shortage
  115. HE WENT THERE! Trump posts video montage of himself w/ Lee Greenwood "God Bless The U
  116. If a person has a show on RT (Russia Today), they validate the network as legitimate.
  117. Charles Pierce: Evidence is becoming more & more clear that the vote tallies...
  118. Only our silence will protect them.
  119. Honestly..What is or will be the actual tipping point???
  120. Let's be clear, anyone who supports Tr*mp at this point should be presumed to be...
  121. I DENOUNCE Donald Trump
  122. As long as we're getting rid of Confederate monuments, why not the Confederate flag,
  123. There is no such thing as a peaceful racist.
  124. Sanctioned violence against the left has a long history in this country but retaliati
  125. Pro-Trump demonstrators, counter-protesters rally in downtown Seattle
  126. Holy crap. He just kept on digging. And digging. And digging.
  127. So let me see if I get this
  128. If this doesn't finish Trump, then there is no America
  129. Just had big argument with my wife about Trump
  130. Crowds Of People Turn Themselves In to Police For Tearing Down Confederate Statues (W
  131. OMG!!!! Pitt is a Nazi!!!!
  132. Kissimmee Police Shooting Leaves Two Officers Dead
  133. Citing death threats, 18-year-old who attended violent Va. rally wont return to BU
  134. Democrats long for Obama's return
  135. Here's my assumption for today
  136. An eclipse, the downfall of our tyrant, etc.
  137. After Boston, alt-right organizers canceled 67 "America First Rallies" scheduled in 3
  138. MSM Please STFU
  139. Black caucus has had it with Trump, plans to discuss impeachment
  140. Patriots gave Trump Super Bowl ring
  141. DNC chief: Trump's Arizona trip 'throwing salt on the wounds he tore open' in Charlot
  142. Trump is Done
  143. Create a hate loving cult following, dismantle the existing government, attack and tr
  144. Hillary: My 'Skin Crawled' When 'Creep' Trump Stood Near Me
  145. Inside the Lefts Plans to Occupy Trump
  146. The UN has warned the United States over its alarming rise in ethnic violence
  147. What if Trump strikes a "deal:" Offers to resign in exchange for immunity?
  148. DU Admins are ignoring the rabble
  149. Valerie Plame Wilson, former CIA operative, wants to buy Twitter and ban President Tr
  150. Faux News:ESPN pulls Asian commentator "Robert Lee" from UVA game tonight b/c of "sen
  151. I don't know why people don't see that trump is trying to get his extremist base to p
  152. Memo to queasy Congressional Republicans. Subject: Opposing Trump
  153. Feds grant permit for Free Speech rally at Crissy Field
  154. Here's What Trump Cannot Survive.
  155. CEO of Panera posts inspiring message of peace, right-wingers freak out
  156. I will not forgive
  157. How to communicate with Trump supporters?
  158. "This site only welcomes people who voted for HRC in the GE."
  159. What does it mean to be "white?" Is there a uniquely "white" culture? (cross-post fro
  160. Schumer: Dems will try to disband Trump voter fraud panel in must-pass bill
  161. Turd Reich: San Francisco dog owners lay minefield of poo for rightwing rally
  162. GOP Never Hurt By Their Evil. If Anything Rewarded With More Power.
  163. Is it me or.....
  164. Trump's biggest issue today is Venezuela and financial markets - not Hurricane Harvey
  165. Right wing group just cancelled tomorows rally in SF
  166. Whoever has the pee tapes please release them. This man child is burning down the cou
  167. What Kind of President Uses a Natural Disaster as Cover
  168. We are living through normalization of a vindictive, ignorant tyrant
  169. "My husband wants to buy a gun and I'm scared shiitless"
  170. President Trump Should Be Impeached for Pardoning Joe Arpaio
  171. Jury finds 7 wildlife refuge occupiers, including Ammon Bundy, not guilty...
  172. After Trump resigns or he is impeached many new laws have to be put into place. For e
  173. As 30-40 go missing in just one county, Trump says it's all "going well"
  174. Could the fact that Antifa has shown the left can be violent if they need to be, kept
  175. Post removed
  176. Evacuation Would Have Trapped Thousands On Flooding Highways W/No Where To Go.
  177. School under fire for taking 6-year-olds to gun range
  178. Houston-area officials defend decision not to evacuate ahead of Harvey: 'Nonsensical
  179. Oh, dear God...
  180. "Thank God for Trump", says my neighbor
  181. i have no empathy for conservative republicans suffering in texas
  182. Well, I came across another Trump supporter tonight!
  183. Simple truth: PoC in the US are threatened more by white America than by "radical Isl
  184. Lurid Trump allegations made by Louise Mensch and co-writer came from hoaxer
  185. A volunteer fireman just collapsed and may have died on live tv. Meantime Trump geari
  186. SEN. DIANE FEINSTEIN seems to think we're STUCK WITH TRUMP for 3 MORE YEARS!
  187. "There is no other Donald Trump, this is it" - Hillary Clinton
  188. Do you approve or disapprove of Democrats saying nice things about Trump
  189. Hurricane Harvey Is Judgment On Houston For Abortion And Having Had A Lesbian Mayor
  190. General Honore....Katrina commander: Federal response to Harvey is 'amateur hour'
  191. Trump & His Administration Is A Long Term National Emergency.
  192. Can America survive four years of Donald Trump?
  193. TheMastersNemesis has been on a roll the past 24 hours.
  194. My Best Friend is a Trump Supporter
  195. An exhaustive list of all the things Donald Trump has done to "Make America Great Aga
  196. A $1,000 per month cash handout would grow the economy by $2.5 trillion, new study sa
  197. Trump's 2nd Vist Was Just Plain Show & Bullshit. We Know He Does Not Give A SHIT.
  198. Trump has changed my world view in a profound way.
  199. Trump is a stupid fool, Obama is smarter than he is and he doesn't know it. Saying
  200. Voter arrested at GOPers town hall for asking how hed feel if his daughter was abduct
  201. And just like that, 800,000 people who were able to work and go to school here legall
  202. Ya Know.. Congress could get a BUTT LOAD of stuff done,
  203. Check out this site of the Shadow Government
  204. According to NYT, Trump may not understand what he just did to DACA.
  205. Jeff Sessions spews shit about DACA
  206. 'Obama circumvented congress' as trump does on a daily basis....
  207. as sessions did his dirty work the 'president' was nowhere to be found
  208. Biden: Trump's Decision To End DACA 'Cruel' And 'Not America'
  210. One man should not be allowed to destroy the United States. The presidency has too mu
  211. Congrats, GOP - You Must Be SO PROUD!!!
  212. Some things simply cannot be "normalized"...
  213. Senate resolution to force Trump's hand on condemning Charlottesville hate groups
  214. You Need To Stop
  215. 15 states, DC sue Trump administration over ending DACA
  216. So GOP, About the Next Democratic President
  217. Iowa high school tight-lipped after armed students caught burning a cross in KKK hood
  218. What Are The Odds That Dreamers Will Start To Be Deported Soon?
  219. Does Trump Have Dementia or is He A Genius?
  220. Trump education secretary Betsy DeVos tears up Obama's rules on campus sex assault in
  221. Mother sacrifices her life to give birth to sixth child after forgoing chemo
  222. Hillary Clinton Says She Will Never Run for Office Again
  223. WE GET IT, GOP
  225. What is the right thing to do if it's determined that the Russians colluded with the
  226. When will we learn? Bad shit happens when Republicans are in charge.
  227. Sure Hillary Made Mistakes But The Election Was Still Fraudulent & Stolen We Damned W
  228. An apology is in order.
  229. We were robbed in 2016, in 2004, and in 2000.
  230. Judge declines to drop criminal charges against inauguration protesters
  231. Judge rules Justice Department cant keep grant money from uncooperative sanctuary cit
  232. Trump voters make a shocking discovery.
  233. Former Trump aide liquidated childrens college fund to pay for Russia defense: report
  234. Anti-Abortion Protesters Storm The Waiting Rooms Of At Least 2 Clinics..............
  235. UC Berkeley faculty calls for boycott when conservatives speak
  237. TheMastersNemesis
  238. Evergreen professor at center of protests resigns; college will pay $500,000
  239. what is being done to evacuate puerto rico?
  240. More of TheMastersNemesis
  241. You will never hear me refer to Trump by the office he holds
  242. The Trump Administration & Cabinet Like Putting A Pedophile In Charge Of A Day Care C
  243. If you have a vagina
  244. Very weird experience today
  245. So hey, I have an idea: "Why dont you just FUCK OFF, and everybody who thinks like yo
  246. "It's Time For Reporters" To Label Trump's Words "RACIST".
  247. What I find so frustrating about the NFL players "taking a knee"
  248. Now that his dear redumblican base has had the temerity to reject Trump,
  249. Democrats Not Ready To Impeach Trump Though He Has Done 'Really Terrible Things'
  250. Puerto Rico and Trump's racism