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  1. The Elderly Lesbian couple across the street just did a Tango in the Driveway...
  2. I sincerely hope that this isn't what we've just elected
  3. One thing you can't say about DUers-that they are gracious when they win.
  4. How long until DU dies off?
  5. I don't want right wingers to be "OK with" Obama winning at all or to "accept it."
  6. It's Time to Imprison W!
  7. Gay DUmmies Upset
  8. My neighbor down the street put his flag out upside down.
  9. I pulled open the door a crack to look in on DU.....
  10. We've Won the Last 5 Presidential Elections
  11. My two sons are being harrassed at school...
  12. The woman that didn't know Africa was a continent could have had nuclear codes
  13. Prop 8 - Its God's Fault blame the church
  14. Seeing the right's apoplectic response to the Nancy Reagan joke....
  15. It's starting! Obama vows to go ahead with missile shield: Polish president
  16. How are we supposed to act in a bipartisan manner with Repukes if...
  17. Dear GOP - Say Hello To OBAMA'S NSA-FBI-CIA! Can you hear me now?
  18. I had 2 Mormons knock at my door yesterday
  19. Bush could be Executed for War Crimes...
  20. DUmmies don't want the troops listening to "hate radio"
  21. Less than a week after the election, $kimmer asks for more cash
  22. Wee Willie announces that Obama impeachment has already begun
  23. Obama Wants Lieberman To Remain In Democratic Caucus
  24. Are we the FReikorps ?
  25. What Obama Should Do In First 100 Days
  26. Can't Bush just get out of Obama's house now?
  27. DUmmie needs a job
  28. Bush's "coke jaw"...again
  29. Sean Hannity now calls his radio show "Conservative Underground"
  30. You have to believe Obama is Magic...
  31. GM spends $17million per year on VIAGRA, largest private purchaser
  32. "Colored people in the White House! Colored people in the White House!!!"
  33. "Bouncy Ball tale" made the Urban Dictionary
  34. Obama's world influence...get a tissue
  35. OMC confronts DUers bigotry: Do We Have Any Mormon Members Of DU?
  36. "Progressives" already upset with Obama and centrist democrats.
  37. Fuck Newsweek: Is Obama the Antichrist?
  38. Cnn - June 30, 2009-withdrawal - Iraqi Cabinet Votes To Kick Us Out!!!
  39. I hate to say this, but: Now is the time for a gas tax increase.
  40. If Bush and his handlers really carried on 9/11. then why is he giving up power?
  41. "How do you feel about criticisms of Barack Obama?
  42. Chuck Norris Likens Prop 8 Fight To Anarchy
  43. Help me out with this...I can't seem to wrap my head around it...
  44. Retireeeees, F you
  45. "Breeze54" thinks times were better during the Great Depression than present day.
  46. They boycott Republican businesses
  47. Check out Chicago streets downtown!
  48. Hey DU...so much for the "big tent"
  49. Official CU Nomination Thread for the Top 10 Dummies of 2008
  50. Based on tonites news Obama is in effect President NOW!
  51. This Obama worship is worse than I thought.
  52. DU's Obsession with Sarah Palin
  53. Well...I finally snapped during the Thanksgiving dinner
  54. Didn't eat at my relatives for Thanksgiving because of politics
  55. Best of: comment about worker trampled at Walmart Black Friday rush
  56. Why wasn't the IMPEACHMENT OF BUSH carried out
  57. Even when they get what they want, they are still unhappy.
  58. "Those who can't stand Christmas Kand R here"
  59. U.S. army deserter arrested at border
  60. DUmmy praises Laura Bush's appearance on MTP, BDS ensues
  61. I Hope Wal-Mart Takes A Hit For This Whether They're Guilty Or Not
  62. The 10 Worst Quotes From The Democratic Underground For 2003
  63. I'm looking for colleagues to form a DU member based intelligence community
  64. Far beyond abortion
  65. Deer gets revenge after hunter shoots him
  66. Hypocrite DUmmies on OJ
  67. DU'ers: Civil service protection is bad, real bad
  68. People need to go to jail over this economic crisis
  69. The "highway of death" 1991
  70. DUmmies fooled by another anti-Palin lie
  71. Official Voting Thread - Top 10 DUmmies of 2008
  72. Only on DU
  73. Posted on Dec 5
  74. Fitzgerald gets a real indictment
  75. Word to the Republicans : Put up or Shut Up !!
  76. Has anyone called for a General Strike?
  77. Thread about Freepers and the failed Big 3 Bailout
  78. Anyone else have their home auctioned off on the courthouse steps today?
  79. Al Franken gets boost in Minn. Senate recount
  80. Mari333 Newly Jewish Bouncy! Oy Vey!!
  81. RIP ben_meyers
  82. President Bush reflects on struggle with alcohol
  83. Letter to Santa bouncy
  84. Chief: Gov. Palin's home church damaged by arson
  85. How can we all send Symbolman some money?
  86. FINALLY some DU Compassion
  87. Some DUmmies Upset that the Shoe wasn't a Bullet
  88. Atman's bouncy bounces back at him
  89. Anti-war activists throw shoes outside White House (all 20 of them!)
  90. proud2Blib Republican selfish prick bouncy
  91. I love it when DUllards lose their minds!
  92. More DUmmy grave dancing
  93. I'm pissed that Rev. Wright wasn't asked to give the invocation
  94. $kimmer scolds the DUmmies for not recommending his thread
  95. Is it possible that death is stalking Rick Warren?
  96. This is a great era at DU. Enjoy it.
  97. Skinner tracks down and kills dissent
  98. I gave a dinner party last night and two gay friends ~~ a long time couple ~~ were...
  99. Ahhhnuld Terminates Jobs and paydays in Cal-eeh-four-nyah
  100. DUmmies offended by McD commercials
  101. Husb2Sparkly gets boned by his humorously lame attack on Christians
  102. The Wealthiest 1% Should Immediately Have ALL Of Their Assets Seized
  103. Is anyone else sick of "24" being used to justify torture?
  104. Exploding Heads Alert - Can't Wait Till This One Hits DU!
  105. Sad day in Columbus, OH today(AAR Replaced by Catholic Radio :)
  106. Tom in Tib gives a shout-out to CU
  107. Why did Cheney confess on television?? Warning, Vomit Inducing....
  108. Say hello to the honorable mention DUmmies of 2008
  109. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the typical DU poster.....
  110. Mike Connell death. It stinks to high heaven! So, let me get the facts straight.
  111. ONLY Nuclear Bombs and the China Syndrome Fit All the Evidence
  112. Here's a thread with unlimited humor potential
  113. Did Bush Sr Kill Kennedy and Frame Nixon?
  114. Only 25 Days Left to Chimpeach Bush!
  115. Central Falls RI immigrants disappearing. Families find them in high security detenti
  116. Cindy Sheehan: I Don't Know What His Beef Is
  117. Hey did Bristol have "her" kid yet?
  118. Watching The West Wing, and the dam broke, I can't stop crying.
  119. American Silence
  120. You can't take pictures here.
  121. CBS newsman's $70m lawsuit likely to deal Bush legacy a new blow
  122. On Christmas Day, I Told My Family That Israel Would Attack Gaza....
  123. Rod Blagojevich is innocent....
  124. TIT gets the granite pizza...
  125. First Picture Of Bristol Failing's Baby
  126. Will the NeoCons Exploit Gaza to Keep the US in Iraq Forever?
  127. DU This Poll-Who Do You Support- Israel Or Hamas
  128. du poster dares to question censorship
  129. DUers go nuts over virginity pledge study
  130. Baby Presents Piling Up for Palin
  131. More DU hatred
  132. Cynthia McKinney is on her way to Gaza
  133. Regarding "Barack the Magic Negro."
  134. Is the palin girl 'living in sin' because she STILL hasn't married?
  135. When the Obama girls are attacked by freepers, if you
  136. DU reaches new depths of disgust
  137. I don't mind if Palin's kids get made fun of.
  138. Computer repair bouncy
  139. UH OH, CU said in a different form.
  140. We Lived to Tell the Story: Lebanon Rescued Us: Cynthia McKinney
  141. Is the Israeli attack justified - WJ this morning
  142. Anyone Care To Answer Pitt's Question??
  143. Why can't the U.S. put a 10,000 peace keeping force in Gaza?
  144. I hate the censorship at DU.
  145. "Will Obama Administration Prosecute Bush Officials?"
  146. How do we join, what do we do?
  147. My letter to Gov. Kaine
  148. The Real Facts About Homelessness And "mental Illness"
  149. 9=11-01. Today is 1-11-09. Is this an auspicious day?
  150. Workplace Bouncy
  151. Can someone give a snark-free explanation of why we ought not prosecute crimes by the
  152. TYT: How Much Power Do The Jews Have Over the US?
  153. Will Pitt must be drunk...
  154. Vote ..."How will history treat GW Bush?" MSNBC
  155. Can we take a moment to toast the incredible pilot that executed that water landing?
  156. I may get to meet Gov. Sebelius and take 4 students with me...it is between me and on
  157. As always, DUmmies leaping to conclusions
  158. Some folks never got over the way Bush stole the election in 2000
  159. The next 4 days will be pure Hell for Repukes, lol!
  160. Israel Vows to Cease Fighting in Gaza - thank you President Obama
  161. Small thought: Could we refrain from calling the Secret Service "the SS"?
  162. Photos: President-elect Obama & VP-elect Biden lay wreath @ Tomb of the Unknowns....
  163. Bait Shop Bouncy
  164. Now Chavez is accusing Obama of meddling in the referendum that could allow him ....
  165. Would Abraham Lincoln be a Democrat or a Republican?
  166. Has DU discussed cost of Obama's inauguration?
  167. Conspiracy NY II: The Hudson
  168. A Best Of/Prayers Needed
  169. Obama Supporters in DC Want Bush Arrested
  170. Can They Install A Big, Loud Horn on Airplanes To Scare The Geese Away?
  171. One More Time With Feeling: IMPEACH WAR CRIMINALS BUSH AND CHENEY!!!
  172. Fuck you, you fucking fuck.
  173. Do the posters who swore Bush would not leave office tomorrow still think he won't le
  174. I'm kind of surprised Bush didn't bomb Iran before he left....
  175. Sticky Keys at the DUmp
  176. How about this guy..."Ban the GOP"?
  177. No martial law was declared. No last minute nuking of Iran. No last minute self-pardo
  178. No mention?
  179. Now, how does this make any sense at all...according to the
  180. Jenna and Barbara Bush write letter to Obama Girls
  181. UP Stirs gets the hive bent out of shape!
  182. Today I received this email from my son in Iraq.
  183. My friend, the death row prisoner, is busy dying at this moment
  184. DUmmie Double Standard
  185. Kiss The Rose Garden goodbye
  186. DUmmy thinks "digital" = "high definition"
  187. Mao's Little Red Book? Meet the POCKET OBAMA!
  188. So the guys who pick up my trash just knocked on my door
  189. DU Paranoia - The Gift That Keeps On Giving!
  190. DUmmy Economist Wants To Close Wal-Mart To Create More And New Jobs
  191. Obama faced down Gates, Mullen and Petraeus on Iraq pullout
  192. Over at the DU they are very Concerned
  193. Wow! I can't beleive I'm seeing this at the DUmp
  194. Get ready for this Righty Canard: Obama snubbed the Salute to Heroes Ball
  195. Another Republican Co-Worker Bouncy
  196. Barack Obama Arrested for Possession of Joint, Imprisoned.
  197. How Can We Prevail Upon the repukes To Stop This Bullshit?
  198. The white racist sore loser repubs will refuse to play nice for 8 years
  199. I'm so happy with what our president has done so far and is doing - do you share my f
  200. Group of Christians Don't Tip Their Server at Chiili's...Because She Works on a Sunda
  201. DUmmie Facism is ALIVE!!!!!
  202. Michael Steele will win and become the token RNC chairman.
  203. Michael Steele next RNC chairman
  204. Obama's Half-Brother Arrested on Charge of Marijuana Possession
  205. AdBot does it again!
  206. The 9/11 Dungeon...
  207. I used to think DU'ers were over-reacting when they said they hated republicans
  208. 9/11 Lessons From Star Trek
  209. Why the f* do the Rethugs still have a f*ing voice?
  210. Post Office money crunch is Bush/Republicans fault
  211. Im sick of Obama, here's a better Cabinet
  212. The "freedom to be born"?
  213. Call Ther Senate For Pork!
  214. Hilda Solis Has Tax Problems Too - It's Bush's Fault!!
  215. Amusing DUmmy paranoid party
  216. Face it, religion is a HOBBY
  217. Hi DU...
  218. Pathetic Hy-Vee Bouncy
  219. Do you agree with GOP...
  220. If You Don't See This Movie, Then You Are A DU Disgrace
  221. Last night, I had a dream about Legos and Tinkertoys
  222. How exactly has religion "enhanced" America?
  223. Can I shoot my neighbor's dogs...?
  224. I just caught 10 seconds of incredible insanity on MSNBC. WTF???
  225. Hurt Feelings Report
  226. So, after Obama's strong day in Indiana, the press is foaming at the mouth to ruin hi
  227. Some things we will not hear tonight from Obama...
  228. Do we have any really "indelpendent" voters here at the DU?
  229. Grab Your Torch n Pitchforks! At-risk homeowners storm mansions of mortgage CEOs
  230. The Republicans are taking the market down on purpose.
  231. My father just called to tell me that he is registering as a Democrat
  232. Magical cab ride bouncy
  233. lonestarnot feels guilty for finally getting a job
  234. FrenchieCat to lead censorship movement
  235. I Got Booted From Krogers Today
  236. Are DU standards falling?
  237. Would it be accurate to call the Stimulus package the "largest tax cut ever"?
  238. The new status symbol: a job
  239. I'm sure there's a rebuttal to this - I normally wouldn't bother, but he left almost
  240. Rebuttal to RW e-mail....
  241. A curious bouncy
  242. Gregg withdraws as commerce secretary nominee
  243. DU on CU
  244. The GOP Has Declared War On Obama
  245. Chavez backers rally to end Venezuela term limits
  246. Democratic Underground: 'The Republican Party needs to be eliminated'
  247. MSNBC's Tom Costello just discussed how crash of Flt 3407 might be Bush's* fault.
  248. grantcart has a man crush
  249. Al Gore Calls on All Scientist to Fight Against Global Warming
  250. Meet Will Pitt's sockpuppet