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  1. Accused Benghazi ringleader convicted of terrorism charges in attacks that killed U.S
  2. Why it's so difficult for Trump voters to backtrack:
  3. Anyone catch Rachel tonight? Trump demanding Mueller investigation to end by Jan 1, 2
  4. Future presidents must restore what Trump has destroyed
  5. Trump's delusion and obsessions have no end. He can't let go of Obama (among other th
  6. This one HAS to be a mole (ICE=Gestapo)
  7. Trump spokeswoman celebrates CNN boycotting White House Christmas party
  8. UPDATE: WH press secretary defends Trump post of anti-Muslim videos
  9. trump is fucking insane and congress will not remove until they get their bosses a ta
  10. Give It a Rest, Guys
  11. It's a nightmare. Trump is on TV right now taking credit for what Obama accomplished.
  12. A modest proposal: End rural electrification
  13. White House Bars One of Few Black Journalists From Attending Christmas Party
  14. Americans arrested after taking photo at Thai temple showing their rear ends
  15. The Insanity Defence
  16. pocahontas.com
  17. We Are Finding Out Daily How Disastrous This Stolen Rigged Election Has Been.
  18. Prediction: the Russia investigation will get so bad, trump will release the pee tape
  19. 2017 Ralphie Award - DUmmy term of the year to be revealed on December 1st
  20. I don't believe a single one of Frankens accusers
  21. The Left calls for democracy, equality, and economic, social, racial, and gender just
  22. Failed Right Wing Tax LogicI guess i am just confused here but let me try to follow a
  23. Im afraid im not going to make it.........
  24. To all DU members and lurkers: I somehow have the impression that the GOP is cruel, a
  25. Psychiatrist: Trump is deteriorating, exhibits first warning-signs of psychosis.
  26. There Will Be A Time When Civility Toward GOP Legislators Will Have To Go.
  27. ****BREAKING**** Trump tried to obstruct Senate Russia investigations
  28. Matt Lauer and the emails: How accused harassers conjured a fake Hillary scandal
  29. i just got so furious on FB with a woman who called President Obama a horrible muslim
  30. "NOTHING BURGER" --- 2017 Ralphie Award for DUmmy Phrase/Term of the Year
  31. Justice Department to Prosecute Killer of Kate Steinle After He Was Acquitted
  32. Chatter saying Pence may resign since the Flynn flip
  33. Acosta - WH source: "WH is in denial tonight. They are totally in a bubble. This is a
  34. What are they voting on in the Senate right now?
  35. MSNBC: Senate About to Vote on GOP Tax Bill Released Just Moments Ago
  36. GOP & Trump About To Establish GOP Dictatorship & Trash 2018 Vote.
  37. Wait---Kellyanne Conway too? Say it ain't so:
  38. Repugs claiming Democrats did with the PPACA what theyre doing with this awful bill?
  40. I Know It's Bad Karma...
  41. Help. TrumpHumper Invasion Alert.
  42. I think DU is infested with Russian fake news: If you go by Trumps history, he may...
  43. Trump is almost a hate group by the FBIs definition
  44. Can it get ANY worse??? I thought tRump getting elected was bad.......
  45. The Republican tax bill is an assault on American values
  46. Millenials: move away if you can. USA is over. We killed it.
  47. Leaked White House Transition Emails: Russia Threw U.S. Election for Trump
  48. There two types of Trump Supporters:Millionaire and Morons.
  49. The Bernie or Busters swore there was nothing to fear in a Trump win
  50. We have to have a national discussion about Fox News. We are in danger.
  51. Holder is not having it, throwing fury at Trump on Twitter.
  52. Scribbles by Mitch McConnell's Grandchild Accidentally Incorporated Into G.O.P. Tax B
  53. MSNBC's Joy Reid apologizes for 'insensitive' LGBT blog posts
  54. Atlantic: The Odds of Impeachment are Dropping
  55. i'm just fucking appalled that the 'president' is openly endorsing an accused pedophi
  56. ****BREAKING NEWS**** Trump knew Flynn lied to the FBI weeks before firing him
  57. Woman shares new evidence of relationship with Roy Moore when she was 17
  58. FBI agent dismissed from Mueller probe changed Comey's description of Clinton to 'ext
  59. Put Alabama Roy Moore voters in public child molestor database
  60. No shit, all hyperbole and bullshit aside, WARN your FAMILY members now who live in h
  61. UPDATED: U.S. Supreme Court Lets Trump Travel Ban Take Full Effect
  62. The Rogue GOP WILL NEVER Impeach
  63. We all know that Trump is a petty sumbitch who hates Obama with every atom in his blu
  64. NATIONAL IMPEACHMENT MARCH -- January 20, 2018 -- #ImpeachmentMarch
  65. Trump didn't give away government land in Utah.
  66. The GOP v the Democrats - an Unwinnable War
  67. It Is No Longer (R) Versus (D)
  68. America's homeless population rises for the first time since the Great Recession
  69. When you realize it is impossible to appeal to common sense or self-interest...
  70. Sen. Al Franken will resign, Democratic official says
  71. 2020 Dem nominee MUST BE a woman
  72. Donald Trump is trying to set the world on fire, one bonfire at a time.
  73. Remember when McConnell denied Marrick Garland his constitutional right to be on the
  74. **CBS NEWS POLL** 67% of Americans believe Trump officials had inappropriate Russian
  75. Their hatred for Franken is visceral
  76. Can someone enlighten me on the purpose of moving our embassy to Jerusalem?
  77. John Lewis won't attend civil rights museum opening due to Trump presence
  78. Invoking the specter of Adolph Hitler, Obama warns in a speech about complacency.
  79. Unfuckingreal: House ethics committee has cleared Intelligence Committee Chairman Dev
  80. This Christmas: The Sarah Huckabee Sanders Barbie
  81. GOP Preparing To Shut Down All Investigations Allow Trump To Fire Mueller Team.
  82. Planned Parenthood under investigation by Justice
  83. Here are 11 of the most punchable faces of 2017
  84. Moore accuser admits she wrote part of infamous note
  85. Did gillibrand Force out Franken to get rid of presidential competition?
  86. What If Republicans Dont Care If Trump Is Guilty?
  87. I couldnt help it...
  88. My response to Trump's rally
  89. The plot to stop Mueller
  90. Anyone see Vice news tonight where Frank Luntz interviewed Alabama Roy Moore supporte
  91. My Personal Story About Franken
  92. Republicans pulling a Merrick Garland heist on Conyers House seat. Obscene.
  93. Only thing scarier than a White Trump Supporter
  94. Last night's campaign rally convinces me this is how it will end...
  95. Trump is an Unnatural virus that infects the mind.
  96. This has never happened before so what should be done?
  97. Trump attends civil rights museum opening; black leaders stay away
  98. If Al Franken ran for President in 2020 would you vote for him?
  99. Trump boasts of 'packed to the rafters' Florida rally after online photos show mostly
  100. This country ranks No. 1 for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (its not Amer
  101. Could you have ever imagined we would have a president who is subject to blackmail?
  102. I hope Repubs are nervous about Tuesday
  103. Schiff: Evidence of coordination between Trump campaign and Russia 'pretty damning'
  104. Republican Jack Kingston DISPUTES Roy Moore accuser was a child: 'Well she was 14'
  105. Carl Bernstein: Anti-Mueller Fox hosts are now Trumps co-conspirators in possible cri
  106. Racial dispute at beloved bakery roils liberal college town
  107. On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely do you think we are to becoming a dictatorship?
  108. Sara Sanders said there are witnesses that say the moron did not
  109. Pussy Riot Nadia said "I wanna punch him in the face", when Joy played Roy Moore clip
  110. Family Of Keaton Jones Faces Backlash After Mother's Views Of Black Protestors Comes
  111. Alabama Court Injunction: Preserve ALL Ballots
  112. Mueller Protecting Us From Russia While Being Attacked By Republicans - Treason
  113. Mueller "appears to have uncovered details of a far-reaching Russian political-influe
  114. 90% of the coverage out of the media is negative....per the White House
  115. anybody here ever remember a time when the white house
  116. As A Woman Yourself Sarah - How Are You Not Offended By The Behavior & Comments.....
  117. Alabama has made the ballot confusing for GOP'ers who want to vote for Doug Jones
  118. Evangelicals? More like Evil-gelicals
  119. GOP congressman to Trump: Mueller probe 'infected with bias'
  120. Trump just implied that a sitting US Senator is a whore. This should mark the end of
  121. Moore wasn't man enough to give a concession speech and congratulate the winner.
  122. Devastated Roy Moore Consoles Himself by Heading to Mall
  123. President Trump is one step closer to tax reform, DUers not happy
  124. J.K. Rowling to Roy Moore. "God is a black woman"
  125. NY attorney general identifies 2,000,000 fraudulent net neutrality comments, urges FC
  126. While I'm happy about who won, I am deeply troubled because
  127. "You don't know" if drumph has secretly agreed to sell Alaska to Putin
  128. Most movies featuring a villain as despicable and inherently evil as Trump end, more
  129. Congratulations Donald Trump and Roy Moore! You are no longer the most hated men in A
  130. Nearly two-thirds of white women in Alabama voted for accused child molester Roy Moor
  131. Trump Assumes Female NSA Russia Specialist Is A Secretary, Demands She Re-write His M
  132. City Refuses To Give Elected Black Mayor His Office Keys
  133. RUMOUR: Multiple Mueller indictments tomorrow including Trump family/GOP congressiona
  134. Jill Harth's attorney Lisa Bloom says she has another Trump accused from 20+ years ag
  135. So, What Happened to Those Friday Indictments?
  136. BREAKING: Robert Mueller has obtained Trump transition emails, including sensitive em
  137. HHS disputes report that it has banned CDC from using words like 'diversity' and 'fet
  138. Activists urge Unite the Right counter-protesters to resist grand jury summons
  139. Trump Is Rumored To Be Firing Mueller Just Before Christmas - CA Reps Schiff and Spei
  140. I've been laughing my a** off here. I can just see the people from the transition
  141. Can First Amendment protect Fox..Re Obstruction of Justice?
  142. 1st grader asks for food, blanket in heartbreaking letter to Santa
  143. Sanders: Corporate taxes would go back up if Democrats retake Senate
  144. The Trump Presidency is only possible because of media complicity.
  145. What is this??
  146. 'Blood will be on their hands': Morning Joe says Fox News coup talk could inspire the
  147. Hey Cons, Remember The Fox News Benghazi Witch Hunt For 4 Years ?...
  148. Fox contributor floats conspiracy theory that the FBI might have planned to assassina
  149. Has it occurred to anybody that the Dow is rising because Chump broke his campaign pr
  150. WH Blames 'Negative Coverage' For Trump's Rock-Bottom Approval Ratings
  151. I've been doing my best to try to remain positive and hopeful over the past 13 months
  152. It's time to face it
  153. My friend went to the African American museum today and prepaid for parking.
  155. 15 hallmarks of Authoritarianism. Written in 2016 and Trump/GOP has already fulfilled
  156. The Rude Pundit: Make the Bastards Pay
  157. "Historically ends with guillotines."
  159. GOP Wants To Turn DOJ & FBI Into Witch Hunt Against Hillary And Barak& Protect Trump/
  160. Pushing back on Fox News
  161. Almost everyone will pay lower taxes, be ready for that
  162. Right This Minute
  163. GOP includes $2.8B for children's healthcare
  164. CNN GENERIC BALLOT ** Democrats 56% Deplorables 38%
  165. TMN Craziness being called out
  166. Proving how Racist and Ridiculous they are..
  167. UN votes resoundingly to reject Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as capital
  168. Born to run--run away with OUR tax money!
  169. Pierce: Trump Managed to Sneak One More World Stage Embarrassment in Before the Buzze
  170. Parents Outraged Schools Indoctrinating Students Into Islam With Arabic Numerals
  171. That uranium deal?
  172. I Beg of You, GOP - Just Stop!
  173. Another company bonus, another mad DUmmy
  174. TMN is sad. Not going to be a happy new year.. Boo Friggin Hoo
  175. JPR folks out themselves. They dont want to believe in Russian interference because o
  176. GOP's Immoral Tax Plan - DU wont give up
  177. Grading my first Bouncy - I studied - Be Honest With Me..
  178. Anyone else been so angry and depressed since Trump "won" - Actually Im Fabulous!
  179. Something I can not understand -probably a lot you dont understand : )
  180. Most of those enrolled in 'Obamacare' are in Trump states
  181. Ol Bat Nance aint drunk... yet. A soberish post
  182. I will have a grandchild by summer - or something like that
  183. They admit O-care is unafforable
  184. Franken should be out - HA HA HA - Troll La LA LA
  185. Bernie Sanders admits that the Tax Cuts are good. This ought to be good.
  186. Vote Democrat or DIE!!!!
  187. Happy Holidays, DU!!!
  188. When you're attacking FBI agents because you're under criminal investigation, you're
  189. Michelle Obama Writes Exceptional Thank-You Note to Local Greek Restaurant
  190. Why do rightwingers hate the U.N.?
  191. House Republicans attack the FBI, helping the Kremlin
  192. If Democrats win a veto-proof majority in 2018, what should they do with it?
  193. If Republican US Senators in AK,CO,LA,MT,and NC were to resign ASAP, Democrats could
  194. Ivanka Trump Diamonds Embroiled In Alleged Money-Laundering Scheme: Report
  195. It's not the religon, it's the hypocricy
  196. Why do they keep calling "de-regulation" of our health, safety, and environment an "a
  197. Dear Santa, I have a great idea...
  198. I keep thinking about this--wife#3 suppposedly speaks 6 languages. that would have ma
  199. Foreign leaders say the U.S. is losing stature
  200. Now that were busy driving away our friends, we cant afford enemies any more. You can
  201. When that extra few bucks starts showing up in paychecks.. What do we do to make sure
  202. If the dossier was paid for by the Clinton campaign that suggests truth, not falsehoo
  203. Lonely DU'r - Are there DU get togethers on Christmas day?
  204. We are still under Russian attack-mmm hmmm
  205. What was your holiday menu?
  206. Tobin gets a stomach bug..
  207. Schneiderman Steps Up Lawsuits Against Trump Administration
  208. Trump Sets A Shocking Record For Laziness By Taking 5 Times More Vacation Days Than O
  210. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton Retain Most Admired Titles
  211. Howard Dean: Trump is running a 'criminal enterprise out of the White House'
  212. Israel to Name Western Wall Train Station in Jerusalem After Donald Trump
  213. Rigged: How Voter Suppression Threw Wisconsin to Trump
  214. I don't care how it's done, but Sean Hannity must be taken down professionally
  215. TMN goes full Russian - Every (R) is Russian or something..
  216. Well, almost made it through Christmas without a political fight.
  217. Are we going to lose our democracy?
  218. The United States of America Is Decadent and Depraved Foreign Policy
  220. US less respected worldwide at end of 2017: poll
  221. Sitting at the car repair shop. - Almost doing a good deed bouncy attempt -failure.:)
  222. John C. Calhoun, first Vice President to resign. - which party was he again?
  223. Trump trolling the Climate folks.. again. HA HA
  224. big news about the Trump cabal is coming out around 8pm!!!!!!!!!!!!
  225. Is there an ongoing criminal investigation on who hacked DU and shut us down
  226. Trump Fires HIV/AIDS Council in Its Entirety
  227. LuckyCharms feels the wrath of the trash man!
  228. When Did It Become Cool To Be A Nazi?
  229. New Year's Eve party in Berlin to have 'safe zone' for women
  230. The last legitimately elected President... Obama receives a warm welcome..
  231. Emboldened white nationalists? Look no further than this liberal Oregon college town
  232. I have yet to hear ...
  233. Lying POS Eliot Rosewater has a micro melt down..
  234. Dumbshit just said "No wall, no deal on dreamers"
  235. Low count newbie praises Hil-dog, gets slapped back into his place? WTF
  236. Trump welcomes Coast Guard members to golf club
  237. FBI Raid Happening Now in VA
  238. Things have gotten really bad in America when
  239. Prostate update - Ask me anything! - How about HELL NO!!!!!
  240. Bharara's response to DT's "absolute right" boast: "No, but you do have the right to
  241. Maybe I am wrong, but my personal experience has been:
  242. (NE) Planned Parenthood unveils 'My Body, My Choice' license plate
  243. When Did It Become Cool To Be A Nazi?
  244. Barack Obama just got invited to the Royal Wedding, Donald Trump is losing It!
  245. Why Republicans May Face a Turnout Problem In 2018
  246. Laurence Tribe: nothing in the Steel Dossier has been proven false
  247. Trepidation. In a legal state, I have to do a drug test mouth swab.
  249. Does anyone else feel a little queasy calling them evil?
  250. As DUers how (or will) you respond to your own pro-45 friends, family,