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  1. Time for a New American Republic
  2. Democratic governors threaten legal action against Republican tax plan
  3. It seems to me we have near unanimous consent that they are evil
  4. We need Trumps luck to run out.
  5. Let's start calling it what it is
  6. Notice how suddenly there are no more allegations against Franken. Gee, what a "surpr
  7. Time To Ask - Do All Current Trump Supporters Belong In Asylums
  8. GOP Will Continue To Frame Democratic Party As The Anti White Pro Brown/Black Party.
  9. What do conservatives talk about?
  10. NYT: Clinton supporters donated $700K to help Trump accusers
  11. Trump will be tweeting about this in the morning
  12. Things to look forward to in 2018
  13. Question about the revolution thats about to happen
  14. If Republicans win in November, does that mean the "Russia Investigation" is over?
  15. Who expects Nikki to repeat those words
  16. HOT TOPIC Nunes is Headed to Federal Prison, Says Top Legal Expert
  17. Think 2016 was bad? With the Electoral College.. BLAH BLAH BLAH
  18. Holy Crap! Rachel just read part of an Opinion column in the NYT by Fusion GPS
  19. The Rude Pundit: What Did That Dumb Orange Motherfucker Say Now (and Are We Gonna Get
  20. My god Rush is right
  21. Remember When Steve Bannon Said There Was 'Nothing' to Russia Investigation?
  22. MUST READ -- Donald Trump Didn't Want to Be President by Michael Wolff
  23. Suggestion for new DU thing: completely stop posting "his" name.
  24. Are you attending the 2018 Women's March?
  25. Barack Obama's birthday declared Illinois holiday ...
  26. Someone needs to swear Hillary in as POTUS NOW!
  27. This Book And It's Claims; The Pee Tape....
  28. Voting For Any Republican Is The Most EVIL THING Any American Can Do
  29. Justice Department Looking Into Hillary Clintons Emails... Again
  30. The wheels on the bus are coming off, day 2
  31. Now Boarding For The 2018 New Year's Trump Train...
  32. It is so amusing watching all of the Republicans sticking up for Trump.
  33. The GOP seems to be amping up the "Blame the Democrats/The Clintons" game.
  34. TMN - Pence Looks Like A Nazi Sans The Uniform.
  35. Hillary Clinton 2020 ? - If she was a corpse they would try to run her!
  36. This BS Again - when the DEMS take control of Congress and two years later the presid
  37. Immigrant acquitted of killing is sentenced for gun charge
  38. My legal team is sending a CEASE & DESIST notice to @RealDonaldTrump for him to STOP.
  39. The Trump 37% Think They Should Run The Country. Everyone Else Must Comply.
  40. Republican Traitor Imbeciles Going To Camp David Circle Wagons Around Fearless Leader
  41. Muellar timing arrests near Women's March
  42. If you're tired of big dick politics, try electing people without one . . . nt
  43. We need someone to write a book about the unfit Trump voters.
  44. The republicans in congress have decided to take a very dangerous path.
  45. The Mueller investigation is going to shock a lot of americans.
  46. Donald Trump book 'will end his presidency'.. blah blah blah
  47. Tired of people saying and regurgitating that Wolff's book is untrue and that he said
  48. Dear Very Stable Genius: The ingrates don't deserve you. So quit.
  49. U.S. judge in Nevada dismisses charges against rancher Cliven Bundy and his 2 sons
  50. Madison Ave Diamonds LLC (Ivanka Trump Co) part of a $118,000,000.00 money laundering
  51. I'm seeing a LOT of tweets saying Trump doesn't know the words to the national anthem
  52. Therefore, Republicans ...
  53. The hyperventilating media worked to normalize Trump.
  54. No, 55 minutes without imbecility does not mean Dumpie has transformed
  55. Fusion GPS Lawyer: 'Somebody's Already Been Killed' Because of Steele's Trump Dossier
  56. Do you guys remember that "shell shocked" look on Feinstein's face
  57. Female Dems will wear black to 45's State of the Union
  58. Trump lawyer sues BuzzFeed, Fusion GPS for defamation over dossier
  59. I say we give him his campaign-promised fucking wall in exchange for DACA
  60. wtf! damn Trump..Are we living in a dictatorship now?
  61. Yes, there is a celebrity Afro-American woman who would make a great president.
  62. Majorities in new poll say Trump not level-headed or fit for office
  63. Judge again rules for Trump administration in fight for control of CFPB
  64. Author of Google Memo Sues Former Employer For Discrimination Against Conservative Wh
  65. Question: Is The Moron allowed to plead the 5th
  66. Wolff's Book Has Just Lowered Expectations for Trump
  67. I am not condoning violence...
  68. Trump attacks protections for immigrants from shithole countries in Oval Office meeti
  69. Donald Trump visit to London called off amid fears of mass protests
  70. I have no words. Just utter shame.
  71. Fuckface is making me tired.
  72. DUmmies offended by language? Leave it to your beloved LBJ & defend this
  73. Do the republicans in congress have the guts to stand up to Trump, or do they passive
  74. The enablers of the racist president are back at it - By Jennifer Rubin
  75. ****BREAKING**** Trump lawyer negotiated non disclosure agreement with porn stars.
  76. John Lewis tells MSNBC he won't be attending the State of the Union.
  77. Not One Fucking Peep From Mitch McConnell
  78. I Came Home From Work And My Wife Was Crying In Bed With The News On
  79. The Whole World Is Watching
  80. **Breaking** (confirmed): Trey Gowdy has resigned from the House Ethics Cmte!**
  81. You have got to be fucking kidding me.
  82. If trump received the bogus "missiles are inbound" text, could he have launched?
  83. I just found out my cousin is one of the most famous and beloved men in the world (re
  84. Apparently 45 was notified of the missile alert; kept playing golf. Did he know it wa
  85. What does Melania Want?
  86. CNN Anchor brought to Tears over trumps Filthy Remarks
  87. People are flocking to Yelp and other Hotel review sites and rating Trumps property's
  88. When Obama Said "We Are Not Blue States Or Red States But United States"...
  89. Though Donald Trump is president .. mainstream media /Democrats should not refer to h
  90. When the democrats regain power, I want blood.
  91. Imagine an *Impeach Trump* march on a scale of the Womens March of last year.
  92. Why did Trump do nothing when informed of a possible incoming missile ??
  93. Trump hates being President
  94. The Latest: Pastor denounces Trump remarks with Pence in pew
  95. Awesome news from CNN: Democrats seem prepared for DACA government shutdown this week
  96. Statistics to shut down Conservatives when they try to give credit to trump for Obama
  97. Grand jury indicts Maryland executive in Uranium One deal: report BY JOHN BOWDEN - 01
  98. It's Him or Us
  99. Why does the military doctor sees DOTUS every day?
  100. A strong sign of a pathologic liar is normal blood pressure in the middle of the "shi
  101. Is It Possible That Trump Is On Medications From Another MD....
  102. We Are In A Civil War With The KKK, Neonazis & White Supremacist Movement ----
  103. My theory regarding Trump's physical
  104. This "medical evaluation" was a sham and insult to the American people.
  105. Biggest Difference Between Us And Them
  106. Congressional Black Caucus chairman ponders boycott, demonstration during State of th
  107. It's difficult to express the level of loathing I feel toward Sarah Huckabee.
  108. Feds planning massive Northern California immigration sweep to strike against sanctua
  109. "The Trump Tax Cuts for the Rich Must, and Will, Be Repealed"
  110. The democrats must not give in. Trump lied, fuck him.
  111. Trump administration creates new religious, moral protections for health workers
  112. Ive never felt fearful like that: April Ryan says pro-Trump pastor screamed profaniti
  113. I am so sick of that fucking criminal in the WH
  114. Nunes unilaterally put together dishonest "FISA abuse" memo GOP reps want released
  115. Clinton could still become president if Russia probe finds conspiracy evidence
  116. Because he's a fucking moron.
  117. Is Trump's doctor okay?
  118. The democrats must force Shithole, the republicans to do something that angers their
  119. OK, Time's Up! If Someone Actually Has Real, Ugly Dirt on Trump,
  120. Is there anyone that could have been worse as POTUS?
  121. President Trump Is Having an Affair Right Now, Michael Wolff Tells Bill Maher
  122. Mike Pence Is Clearly Not Happy With Olympic Skater Adam Rippon Saying He Supports An
  123. Everything Trump touches gets SHUTDOWN
  124. Trump voters are upset because people are calling them stupid.
  125. Elizabeth Warren's Native American problem goes beyond politics
  126. Right...Calling Dems Toddlers Is Such An Effective Strategy
  127. Awesome Sign in NYC March!
  128. Activist Alexei Wood arrested at Austin anti-Trump rally
  129. Pink-clad multitude gathers downtown for 2nd annual Dallas Women's March
  130. 1. What a dumbass.
  131. So, I was in line at at grocery store, and this Trump supporter...
  132. Breaking: White House Kitchen Undergoes Remodeling. Staff Quits in Protest
  133. The democrats may have finally figured out how to deal with Trump.
  134. Whatever else happens Republicans will get zero traction out of me
  135. Patriots fuck yeah!!!!!!!!!
  136. EXCLUSIVE. FBI: Devin Nunes Won't Show Us Memo Alleging Surveillance Abuses
  137. How long will it take Republicans to persuade 11 Democrats to vote with their budget?
  138. Message auto-removed
  139. This is evocative of cattle cars and detention camps
  140. Trump and the Big Picture in ten easy steps:
  141. My idea to end the shutdown
  142. Call me petty, but ruining Dotard's anniversary was worth a shutdown
  143. The most important part of the Senate vote was the message it sent to the White House
  144. The "deal": Not terrific, but could be worse. Taking CHIP off the table is not nothin
  145. Conservative backlash to the women's march - it gets personal
  146. The stalemate worked. Democrats' obstinance worked
  147. In three weeks, lets put a DACA bill that has funding for Trump's wall.
  148. The "memo" released
  149. What does a text exchange between 2 FBI agents have to do
  150. Schumer withdraws offer on Trump's wall
  151. Why Do Some Folks Feel Entitled to Stuff? Read This:
  152. Democrats just got the last laugh with a brilliant surprise move after shutdown
  153. Seriously, Dotard thinks women are this stupid.
  154. Obama officiates at staffer's wedding
  155. If all we get is obstruction, we are screwed, and it will be seen as a witch hunt.
  156. Has anyone seen the link to all the Strozck/Page texts?
  157. Senate Intelligence Committee not given access to Nunes FISA memo
  158. House Intel Dems to release separate memo countering GOP claims
  159. DOJ tells Nunes it'd be 'reckless' to release memo without review
  160. Davos attendees are quietly planning to walk out of Trump's speech
  161. Trump seeks $25 billion for border wall, offers 'Dreamer' citizenship
  162. Female journalist asked to remove bra while covering Pence in Israel.
  163. Why hasn't Mueller announced indictments yet?
  164. Who the fuck ...
  165. i will not be satisfied until the whole fucking bunch
  166. I believe what we're seeing now in the GOP Congress and among Trump's acolytes
  167. Trump and the Racist Wing of the Republican Party Don't Realize Something
  168. Andrea Mitchell is on BREAKING NEWS dissing Hillary. FFS!
  169. Dont Believe in Christian Privilege? These 15 Examples Will Leave No Doubt
  170. Of course! Republicans shrug off report Trump tried to fire Mueller
  171. Ivanka requested chef jose andres leave DC restaurant because
  172. I wish people would hold down their expectations Re: Russia Probe
  173. I used to joke about moving to Canada. But now I might actually do it.
  174. Schiff giving statement on Memo meeting.
  175. Schiff says that the Republican majority on the Intel Committee informed Schiff and t
  176. I am conflicted. I usually offer my students extra credit for watching the SOTU addre
  177. Just Cut to the Chase, Republicans
  178. Check in here if you're feeling absolutely outraged at Trump and the Republicans.
  179. Compromising FBI, DOJ Et Al About Launching Investigations Of Democratic Candidates.
  180. Pelosi tells Democrats not to disrupt 'slobbering' Trump during SOTUSource: Politico
  182. Would you vote for someone that you knew was dishonest, lied all the time, could neve
  183. FEMA to end food and water shipments to Puerto Rico on Wednesday, official says
  184. Trump Blew a Deadline to Impose New Russian Sanctions and Democrats Are Furious
  185. NoShit...
  186. It's going to be a SHORT speech tonight:
  187. Melania at SOTU - ?makes a suffragist and contemporary womens empowerment statement?
  188. I Lasted Three Minutes
  189. They hated Trump on MSNBC.
  190. On MSNBC yesterday, Nicole Wallace counted the pronouns in Kennedy's speech
  191. Train carrying members of Congress hits a truck
  192. This will be my last post, never thought I would be writing this.
  193. Mika looks mighty sad on Morning Joe right now.
  194. I don't get why heads are exploding over this memo.
  195. Got my new paycheck today with new withholding.
  196. When we took control in 2006, many wanted to impeach Bush
  197. I don't think Congress is ready to release Nunes' memo tomorrow
  198. A Simple Questions to Republicans:
  199. how does treasonous GOP behavior play in the intel community?
  200. My friend whose family was beaten to death by gestapo
  201. Nunes said that, "Releasing the memo was just phase one
  202. Wray will not back down--memo:
  203. Tax Cuts for DUmmies!!
  204. The Melania Trump thing..
  205. My Deplorable in-laws this morning: not the reaction I expected!
  206. Schiff blows up the "memo"
  207. Trumpers are so disappointed with the memo
  208. Poll: How Long Has It Been Since Trump Saw Melania Naked, Live?
  209. FINALLY!!!! The NYT is putting Trump's tweets where they belong!
  210. They made the Superbowl political tonite
  211. Polls swing toward GOP, easing fears of midterm disaster
  212. Thousands donate $1.50 to Paul Ryans opponent after embarrassing tax tweet
  213. Go Nancy!!
  214. Standing in line at a truck stop in Utah and over hearing a conversation.
  215. California police worked with neo-Nazis to pursue 'anti-racist' activists, documents
  216. Women ain't taking shit no more, and it is making a lot of men uncomfortable.
  217. It pisses me off that deplorables get to wave our flag
  218. The worst reality about Donald Trump is this:
  219. Hey Dummies, I got a non-bouncy for you: from a California university no less!
  220. I'm not a woman, so I'm afraid I don't understand
  221. Thread on how to be participate in ethics investigation against Nunes
  222. tRump may be the most anti-women US President ever - CNN
  223. Economically Stressed Trumpers Deserve Their Misery. Wouldn't Feed Or Help Them.
  224. Obamas invited to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding - Trump's Not Invited.
  225. I hate that it's come down to this
  226. Donald Trump, Dumbass.
  227. Why is Alexa female?
  228. A reminder for Republicans calling themselves "NeverTrumpers"...
  229. Trump made another secret call to Putin yesterday.
  230. Between 30 and 40 people in White House without security clearances !
  231. Sean Hannity goes full Alex Jones conspiracy nut
  232. We Have To Quit Being Civil & Respectful To These GOP Pricks. They Won't Listen.
  233. Trump wants to end the DC Tuition Assistance Grant for low-income students
  234. Michelle Obama dedicates Valentines Day playlist to Barack Obama
  235. How long before Thoughts and Prayers, but no gun discussion...
  236. I am in such a rage right now I'm not thinking clearly...
  237. Team tRump in hiding after kids die in 18th school shooting of the year
  238. More than ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY White House staffers have no security clearances
  239. House Dem asks Trump to get off his ass to do something about school shooting
  240. I dont recall ever hearing about 17 children being gunned down in cold blood in any s
  241. ...Pruitt says flying first-class is safer, some airline safety experts aren't so sur
  242. Trayvon Martin was hunted down in the streets like wild game.
  243. BREAKING: Senate rejects bipartisan proposal to provide 1.8 million Dreamers
  244. White Nationalist group claims responsibility
  245. THEY are politicizing the shooting.
  246. Friend stated stricter gun control wouldn't stop school shootings. Illegal .guns alwa
  247. "Need to Impeach Trump Petition" has nearly 5 million signatures
  248. Maybe we should change the name "school" to "uterus"
  249. Women's bodies are more regulated than guns.
  250. You know what?