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  1. You know what?
  2. Florida vigil pictures - grief isn't race specific. The violence was domestic terrori
  3. House Votes to Gut The Americans With Disabilities Act to Nip 'Abusive Lawsuits'
  4. FBI says it did not properly follow-up tip on accused Florida shooter
  5. If he didn't just let Trump off the hook he just gave him ammunition to deny everythi
  6. How is this not an actual no shit honest to god act of war?
  7. Last night I had a dream that Hillary was President
  8. The one thing we are overlooking in all of these mass shootings. One four letter word
  9. The owners of the store that sold Cruz the gun are "distraught."
  10. Reporters kicked off Air Force 1 after screaming match between Cheeto and wife.
  11. Not a DU quote but a question
  12. Dem lawmakers attend 'Black Panther' screenings on opening weekend
  13. Just to be clear: the Russians may have tried to hurt Hillary by helping Bernie, but
  14. Yes Houston. We have a big problem
  15. So let's say the best of best cases happens and there is hard evidence of criminality
  16. I like what I am seeing.
  17. American teen-agers disdain hypocrisy
  18. GOP Even Supports Making Silencers Legal And Available For Guns.
  19. Trump says FBI missed Florida shooter 'signals' spending '...time trying to prove Rus
  20. How about a -real- buyback. Mandatory, say $10,000 per AR-15
  21. Why the hell did Melania dress as a nurse?
  22. How Do You Get A Stubborn GOP To Listen When They Plan To Go The Other Way?.
  23. Republicans are using murdered children...
  24. does anyone have that pic of Dumpster and Melania standing in front of that wounded k
  25. Trump to meet with high school students following Florida shooting
  26. Turn OFF Fox News !!!!
  27. His madness is terrifying
  28. A New Presidential Low
  29. For those who think Hillary Clinton will be "too old" to run in 2020, consider this:
  30. I'm sure that everyone here on DU wants to change...
  31. NRA Sends Intimidating Letter - Warns of Hostilty
  32. Gun owners need a License, regulate it like Drivers Licenses.
  33. trump is back on the golf course today....no more grieving for him.
  34. Soon, Trump voters are going to have a head on collision with reality.
  35. Why don't we have state run psychiatric hospitals anymore to lock these potential sho
  36. Iceland law to outlaw male circumcision sparks row over religious freedomSource: The
  37. I overheard a very disturbing discussion today...
  38. Trump needs to ask Mitch McConnell why President Obama didn't do something about Russ
  39. IF we can secure our airports, we can secure our schools
  40. Andrew Wilkow Tears Into The DUmp
  41. Chelsea Clinton Fires Back
  42. Anne Frank: "Although I'm only 14, I know quite well what I want-I know who is right
  43. Furious at the callousness and cowardice
  44. We have a spy in the White House.
  45. Was a substitute teacher for first graders today. Topic: Presidents' Day
  46. The lawyer who lied to the FBI...his crimes must be REALLY bad...
  47. Teachers Did NOT Sign Up For Combat Pay. Not Qualified To Be Armed.
  48. A little reality re arming teachers and other bad ideas
  49. Need To Start Harassing These GOPPERS No Matter Where They Are.
  50. A letter from a furious teacher
  51. Mexico student who crosses border every day will graduate with honors
  52. They obviously hand choose these kids.
  53. Here's the PERFECT response to "more guns in school" --
  54. Trump caught lying again:
  55. The Reason Banning Assault Weapons Sales Will Have a Positve Impact
  56. So, the VILE Ms. Loesch is on TV addressing CPAC and saying that she "had to have a s
  57. Dems want gun control, but worry it could cost them midterms
  58. Ideas for political ads to run against republicans
  59. You arm a teacher. You train the teacher. A gunman enters the school building.
  60. We MUST Kill The NRA As An Institution By Bankrupting It
  61. Here's An Idea. Have "Use For Emergency Only" Stations Like Fire Extinguishers.
  62. Atlanta CBS noon news reported arrest of 16 year old boy in
  63. Did anybody else catch a frightening statement from Dana Loesch?
  64. Zero NRA funded politicians
  65. They have ALREADY managed to change the damned media narrative re: school shootings.
  66. 'He Never Went In' -
  67. I think gun culture is a symptom of toxic masculinity.
  68. if republicans in congress propose a law to require teachers to be armed,
  69. If Trump gets his way and requires teachers to be armed.....
  70. Good Lord, This Australian PM is fellating Trump
  71. Car Rams Security Barrier Outside White House
  72. Congrats DUmmies, CNN, and the left: Meet your newest NRA member
  73. "Lock her up" makes me so FUCKING ANGRY.
  74. Message auto-removed
  75. Can anybody tell me "ANYTHING GOOD" that an Ar-15 has ever been used for outside a wa
  76. Imagine what it would have meant to the civil rights movement if Reverend Billy Graha
  77. How Do We Cope With Trump? By Andrew Sullivan
  78. Laura Ingraham of Faux News says "Fight Back"
  79. Black Florida woman receives lynching threat from 'Whites 4 Trump' after argument abo
  80. I Worry About David & Others Who Are Vocal. They Become More Vulnerable As
  81. Where do you personally stand on what guns, if any, to ban or allow?
  82. DAVID HOGG, Parkland survivor tells 2nd Amendment supporters...
  83. We are seeing just one effect of Trump's normalization.
  84. I finally made an honest man of myself. - Not what I thought it would be.
  85. High School Quiz... These mutts are rediculous
  86. Wow, another Trump supporter story
  87. New court ruling jeopardizes military's ability to pursue old rape cases
  88. Yes, he really is this stupid
  89. Nunes & slimy co. had a point-by-point "charge and response" rebuttal to Schiff memo
  90. Black Teens Have Been Fighting for Gun Reform for Years.....
  91. Need help countering my gun nut brother in law on the 2nd amendment
  92. NEW CNN Poll - Trump at lowest approval rating of his Presidency -35%
  93. "what kind of person attacks high school kids who are speaking out
  94. I just want one gun nut explain to me why the 2nd Amendment overrides the right to li
  95. David Hogg shares fellow students plan for gun control on Twitter
  96. Erick Erickson: Florida shooting survivor is 'a high school bully' HA HA HA HA HA HA
  97. Why Bother To Conceal - Master Nimrod
  98. Emma Gonzlez for Harpers Bazaar: "We are grieving, we are furious & we are using our
  99. Guess the Mutts wont be using FedEx anytime soon?
  100. Gun control & Why Progressives Should Fight To Abolish ICE
  101. Gun control - More laughs..
  102. Lt. Governor of Georgia to Delta Air Lines: restore discounts to NRA "or else".....
  103. Dems Introduce "Assault" Weapons Ban
  104. How many friendships have you had to end
  105. No, Monica, you (& Bill) were not alone. I & we were there, too, "#MeToo" as it were
  106. NRA Logic On Guns Is A Meme For. "We Must Have Open Carry Nationally".
  107. Bernies Son Levi is the newest enemy of the DUmp! HA HA HA...
  108. Why can't we talk about gun laws AND mental health?
  109. Sessions says Justice Dept. will investigate alleged FISA abuses
  110. Mitch McConnell needs to a pay price for what he did to Merrick Garland & President O
  111. It begins: This Kentucky school district just voted to let teachers carry concealed g
  112. So if schoolteachers should be armed and ready
  113. Dicks!
  114. Protested "Machine Guns" and didnt get results....Moron!
  115. Anti-Semitic incidents in U.S. up 57% in 2017
  116. OMG, .....We have to do something about the mentally ill buying guns...
  117. Who the fuck thought we'd be winning a gun control debate in this day and age?
  118. Fuck you Grassley !!!
  119. Sen. Duckworth will be penalized for taking any maternity leave - barred from sponsor
  120. Trump Campaign - Get'm Trump.. stir that pot
  121. MSNBC just said Trump is furious that things are in chaos in the White House
  122. She's in Immense Personal Jeopardy: Even for Hope Hicks, the West Wing Got Too Hot
  123. Ben Carson says he wants to cancel $31,000 dining room furniture order
  124. Sometimes I wonder if we're just being too critical of Trump.
  125. 'BRAVE': Tucker Carlson Interviews College Kid Whose Peers Photoshopped His Face on a
  126. Ordinarily Trump would have gotten away with his conspiracy with Russia
  127. When Trump is impeached, what if he refuses to leave office?
  128. I suspect we're all going to be learning more in the coming months about
  129. Chris Hayes just called "Fox" "Trump TV"
  130. Michael Moore Tries To Prove Women Are Better Than Men, Gets Brilliantly Shut Down By
  131. Planned Parenthood announces $20M midterm election campaign
  132. Holy shit. Trump tweeted while watching Fox News at 4 am.
  133. How do I distinguish between an anti-Democratic Party Democrat and Russian trolls?
  134. Where is Bernie Sanders? Trump is Stealing Bernies Steel Tariff...
  135. A strange but true comment about Trump as President of the U.S.A. (one sentence)
  136. The left is not immune to the propaganda. I'll be gobsmacked.
  137. Gun Control actually has to control guns
  138. Mass Shooting Central Mich Uni--Where I am a Grad Student
  139. I think Trump knows that he is toast.
  140. I believe it likely that Mueller will indict Trump.
  141. I update all the Trump voters I meet or know.
  142. The Democrats in congress must start saying this about the Republican party.
  143. "We've been locked in a classroom-We have seen our friends text parents goodbye-We ar
  144. What really is the power behind the NRA?
  145. Question about Trump's "base"
  146. Jill WIne Banks: Where to find the Mueller pins that she wears
  147. A lot of people are in denial about the Mueller investigation.
  148. Shockey's at it again. Trumps tweets ....... The new Clint Eastwood movie
  149. My conservative neighbors odd behavior
  150. And if evidence points to the Russians actually changing votes?
  151. My Response to Republicans Who Bitch & Moan When the Trump Crime Family Gets Indicted
  152. Conservatives complain that liberal women don't want to date them.
  153. When trump's removed, we need a National Month Off
  154. I Would Make Sure That Dick's Sporting Goods Employee Does Not Work Anytime Soon.
  155. What Happens After Trump?
  156. Poor Michelle...she looks so sad in this pic
  157. Fucking gun nuts.
  158. Ben Carson accused of 'witch-hunt' by senior member of his department
  159. A terrifyingly sad Facebook Post that shows the trauma gun culture puts school kids t
  160. Texas attorney general says schools' get-out-the-vote drives are electioneering
  161. FYI, I have my first stalker. Hi Kevin!
  162. This start-up wants to evaluate your news sources
  163. Nashville Mayor Megan Barry is expected to announce her resignation Tuesday morning
  164. Rhode Island Bill Would Filter Porn, Charge $20 Fee to Bypass
  165. I was wrong - Stormy is really bad weather for the Con
  166. 40% of the people do not give a damn about Stormy Daniels...
  167. Wonkette: Mueller's new witness might have blown the case wide open.
  168. Trump is insane.
  169. Playbook scoop: Elizabeth Warren goes after Kushner Companies loans
  170. Conservatives hated it when Obama said hed meet with North Korea.
  171. Let's start our own rumour. Let's say, Trump wants to open a
  172. Do you think Putin and Kim Jong-un remind Trump of his father?
  173. Trump wrote Putin to personally invite him to 2013 Miss Universe Pageant: report
  174. The elephant trophy reversal is the red line for many deplorables
  175. Kinda hard to deny climate change when it is staring you in the face like THIS:
  176. Just posted this in response to a trumper on a local blog...
  177. A Sanders-Warren ticket could win big in 2020
  178. Just found out that 52% of white women voted....
  179. Why do so many people think it's OK for Trump to behave like a low-class, ill-mannere
  180. Trump is weak. We need to remember that.
  181. The Blue Wave - Brought to You by the GOP
  182. The truth that is taboo for Trump supporters and conservatives to hear?
  183. Is The Stormy Story More Damaging Than We Thought?
  184. Georgia Republicans pushing bill to reduce voting hours in Atlanta only
  185. Black families are being targetted and bombed..
  186. Sessions calls on U.S. attorneys to aggressively prosecute gun buyers who lie on back
  187. Clinton says Americans don't deserve Trump as president
  188. Parkland FL: Anthony Borges Fights for Life - Took 5 Bullets
  189. Tony Perkins: Liberals Are Using Trumps Porn Star Affair To Shame Evangelicals For Th
  190. Do you believe Trump consulted with Putin before firing Rex Tillerson ?
  191. PA 18 - DU in melt down
  192. My kids are marching in CA22 under threat of being truant.
  193. Gun Nuts Go Batsh*t Insane With Rage Over Nationwide Student Walkout
  194. From the National Student Walkout - "As a woman, I hope one day I have as many rights
  195. Oh, the irony of racists trying to be not racist...
  196. Hillary had the presidency stolen from her! I am so tired of some dems
  197. Why Are White Men Stockpiling Guns?
  198. ACLU:The Trump Administration Is Using the Parkland Massacre as an Excuse to Roll Bac
  199. Are Russian trolls active on the internet?
  200. Firing McCabe would be unfathomable cruelty which could have major blowback
  201. The White House is burning and THIS COWARD is AWOL.
  202. Daniels' lawyer says some alleged incidents took place during Trump presidency
  203. They did it. They just fired McCabe (Breaking on MSNBC as I type)
  204. When will the FBI have had enough?
  205. why is the freakin right saying Mccabe firing spells trouble for Obama
  206. Trump....is going to be taken down; The Republican Party needs to be annihilated
  207. LOTS of details in Federal retirement issues, example:
  208. There is a certain irony to all the celebrating on the right when Comey and McCabe ge
  209. how many fucking lives does rump have to fuck up before the worthless repubs DO SOMET
  210. Can we halt the McCabe DU threads and try to have a substantive discussion somewhere?
  211. Are you going to vote for the democrat if they
  212. A (Tennessee) resolution denouncing neo-Nazis dies in 36 seconds
  213. I said this to a Trump voter at work and his face turned red with embarrassment.
  214. After his family died, he threatened to kill himself. So the police took his guns.
  215. Trump averaged 4.9 lies per day at start of presidency. now averaging 6 per day
  216. By the way, has anyone seen any republicans offering a job to McCabe
  217. Where's the concern about "turning off" minority voters?
  218. I am sooooo happily divorced.
  219. A White House olive branch: no plan to fire Mueller
  220. John Oliver Trolls Vice President Mike Pence With Gay Childrens Book of His Pet Bunny
  221. Our Revolution to protest Hillary Clinton at Rutgers
  222. Donald Trump has effectively divided the FBI.
  223. So is Cambridge Analytica the answer to GOP failure to oppose Shitler?
  224. Here's the good news about all this Cambridge, Facebook, Russian stuff...
  225. You posted your life online, and now you're angry that someone read it.
  226. Facebook locked my account.
  227. Every night when I go to bed I keep thinking Ill wake up to breaking news that
  228. Hawley targets McCaskill's support of Clinton in campaign ad
  229. Student gunman dies after Maryland school shooting; two other students injured
  230. The NRA Needs To Be Shut Down Entirely. Has No Right To Exist As It Is Now.
  231. Student suspended for telling lawmakers to 'get off their f---ing asses' and pass gun
  232. New NRA ad attacks Parkland students and suggests teachers should be armed with AR-15
  233. We are about to witness the Detrumpification of America.
  234. Imagine this, Hillary Clinton is president & the world is as normal as it can be
  235. I will never get over how many Americans were tricked into hating...
  236. Why do I have to learn about guns?
  237. I will NEVER forgive Donnie Short Fingers voters
  238. OMG! He Found Bolton?
  239. at this point, three options. (1) trump has such deep seeded narcissism and disregard
  240. Can the goverment still be shut down on Saturday?
  241. Parents raffle off gun for graduation party fundraiser
  242. Horrifying John Bolton story
  243. Want to know how Alt-Right and Alt-Left rationalize Trump?
  244. Omg. Parkland kids on Jake Tapper. Omg.
  245. Ya gotta figure the NRA never saw this coming. An entire generation of Americans who
  246. Those going to the DC March today - NRA-TV may try to interview you without telling y
  247. Naughty children are more likely to be left wing, study suggests
  248. My 16 year old daughters letter to the Editor got published in our major paper today!
  249. I'm sorry but (Daniels interview)
  250. Marco Rubio tells March for Our Lives crowd many oppose gun bans