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  1. What is an "assault rifle," he asked sarcastically.
  2. It's not about the 2nd Amendment - it's about the NRA.
  3. Trump only removed Russians spies
  4. Stormy Daniels attorney mocks Trump: '60 Minutes' ratings 'crushed' 'The Apprentice'
  5. We don't just need to win back the House and Senate
  6. The NRA is a Tax-Exempt Nonprofit Organization
  7. Emma.
  8. Obama official: We could have stopped Russian trolls
  9. INDIANA: New Law - Must disclose past abortions or Go to Jail
  10. FBI director doubles staff to respond to House subpoena over agency's work
  11. Roseanne proves Russian propaganda worked: 7 reasons we can't allow Roseanne to norma
  12. Endless possibilities--
  13. Seems like these fucking repubs have everything tied up in the
  14. Message to the NRA: Keep it up Motherf*&kers
  15. Do y'all realize how much the Joe Biden "frontrunner" talk smacks of white male entit
  16. White House Calls Police Shooting Deaths Of Black Men A 'Local Matter'
  17. Boss Hogg calls for Boycott of Laura Ingraham advertisers
  18. While I won't waste my time watching that asshole Roseanne's revival, if it garners e
  19. our time is pervaded by an invisible vermin of hate,
  20. Apparently one TV show has the ability to destroy the nation
  21. Young David Hogg is light years ahead of these RW morons
  22. Parkland students have moved onto the real work of changing laws!
  23. Do our lurking DUmmies know that South Park creators came out recently....
  24. Where's Your Messiah Now, Republicans?
  25. Lubbock-Cooper student petitions against band boosters AR-15 raffle
  26. When the Blue Wave puts Democrats back in charge:
  27. We must not normalize this behavior, in politics or anywhere else.
  28. Is David Hogg a model from Austrailia?
  29. Heil Hogg Challenge: If you can find a way to embed this video here.....
  30. Witnessed a conversation between two conservatives at work today.
  31. McCabe has emails proving Republicans lied about him misleading Comey: report
  32. We need to sloganize better
  33. Gun Nuttery Has Everything To Do W/Suppressing Rights Of Non White Minorities.
  34. Why do they make Jackie out to be a cartoon version of a liberal on Roseanne ?
  35. Why do they make Jackie out to be a cartoon version of a liberal on Roseanne ?
  36. Leviticus 19:33-34
  37. Parkland Students Fire Back At Ted Nugent
  38. Trump said "Caravans are coming" - What was he talking about
  39. 50% approval rating for Dotard
  40. Dammit! Why isn't anyone hammering Trump for singlehandedly destroying DACA all...
  41. I wish the folks on the TV would just stop calling him "the president"
  42. I have a sincere question for lurking DUmmies:
  43. This nightmare will never end until:
  44. God, this is it. Police state.
  45. So who else is getting the feeling that violence is inevitable?
  46. I'm gonna smash my radio if I hear the local station praise Rump's economic "policies
  47. Did you guys just catch what Rachel Maddow reported???
  48. Pierce: The Version of Martin Luther King the White House Is Peddling Is a Crime Agai
  49. Woman who was fired for flipping off Trump's motorcade sues former employer
  50. I am so in trouble. Serious advice needed.
  51. Anything in your hands you are DEAD...
  52. I'm sorry, this whole "Caravan" thing has got to be the absolutely dumbest, most assi
  53. Have Christian nationalists staged a "soft coup," with Trump as their figurehead?
  54. I havent spoken to my Born Again sister in 10 years
  55. To all of you Republican conservatives-this morning I hate you
  56. Did Sarah 3 Names just say that coyotes are doing the raping?
  57. Woman fired for flipping off Trump motorcade warns of 'creeping speech suppression'
  58. rump signs memo ending 'catch and release' immigration policy
  59. Should we blame Trump voters? Should we just give up on them?
  60. Obama Was A Cool President, And Cons Want One Too...
  61. Slap them the fuck down.
  62. I lost my best friend this week
  63. Arizona Supreme Court strikes down in-state tuition for 'dreamers'
  64. 58% of Republicans are anti-higher education (NYT)
  65. DUers are STOKED! It's FITZMAS!!! Trump is going DOWN!!!
  66. REALITY CHECK: Everyone, calm down about the Cohen/Mueller news...
  67. I think I finally figured out why the orange creature ran for President.
  68. Sean Hannity is a traitor. Nothing less.
  69. Donald Trump's best option is to hope for impeachment.
  70. What if the Dems could make this deal with Trump and the GOP.
  71. I have a favor to ask.
  72. Trapped In The White House: Many Trump Aides Are Too Toxic To Get Jobs
  73. It's all melting away again. Every time it looks like things are about to take off
  74. Expect More Presidents Who Dont Win Popular Vote
  75. Trump's attack on everything within the Obama Administration - is BACKFIRING
  76. Comey: I wrote about 3 presidents, 2 of whom illustrated 'ethical leadership'
  77. One Third, ONE THIRD Americans do NOT believe 6 million Jews murdered in Holocaust!
  78. Trump has made big time enemies.
  79. Nina Turner: Americans Should Be Concerned About Cohen FBI Raid Going Too Far
  80. Kellyanne Conway: I Was Just Joking When I Said James Comey 'Swung an Election'
  81. Cohen really isn't a lawyer .... today is gonna be real bad for him
  82. Stormy Daniels is a hero, history will treat her very well, thank you very much.
  83. Is it easier to get Democrats to vote or to get Republicans not to vote?
  84. Could this be why Trump is so unhinged about the prosecution of Cohen in New York?
  85. Republicans want Sessions to prosecute eight Trump foes
  86. Fox News' Ingraham Boots Guest After He Mocks Her Over Ad Boycott: 'High School Kids
  87. Methinks Devin Nunes may get an ass chewing at the WH today
  88. Democratic Party files lawsuit alleging Russia, the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks cons
  89. Baltimore mayor signs bill banning plastic foam containers
  90. People: Melania Trump's Radiant Smile For Barack Obama at Barbara Bush's Funeral Lit
  91. Smaller Than Ever: Trump Bans Democrats From First State Dinner
  92. I still wake up some days and say: WHAT the FUCK happened?!?!!?
  93. Emma tweet:
  94. Iran pledges to destroy Israel within 25 years as tensions rise
  95. Not a single leader of the Democratic Party is invited: another Trump assault on the
  96. Study: Trump supporters were driven by fear of losing status as white Christians in A
  97. Obama administration helped Hannity to get loans??
  98. Sessions Declines to Recuse Himself From Probe Into Trump Lawyer
  99. $ is the symbol for the Repubs. Rich..... what is the Dems??
  100. How Fox News characterize a story
  101. Supreme Court's conservative justices appear to back Trump's authority for travel ban
  102. NEVER Forget the SLAP in the face of HALF of America by that TRAITOR in the WH
  103. Merkel wandered around DC last night, and ended up with a $14.99 burger, took selfies
  104. Lindsey Graham: President Trump could get Nobel Prize for how he's handled Kim Jong U
  105. Lynching Memorial is making some people uncomfortable.
  106. Rachel Maddow, Andrea Mitchell, and More Female Colleagues Co-Sign Letter Supporting
  107. Mueller will prove conspiracy and obstruction. Trump must be impeached for this reaso
  108. Fox News Continues to Dominate Cable News Ratings, Hannity on Top
  109. The horror of being Trump
  110. tRump may be world's (universe's/eternitie's?) luckiest man. North Korea nukes.
  111. Hey DUmmies, you'd better hope Trump stays alive and kicking....
  112. White House correspondents' dinner: Michelle Wolf shocks media with Sarah Sanders att
  113. After sleeping on it, I think Michelle Wolf gave us a gift.
  114. "Offended?" Don't make me fucking laugh.
  115. The msm is complicit in the rise of trump.
  116. My morning trespasser strikes again. Inside a red county.
  117. A simple theory on how Putin got Trump to run and accept his help
  118. Black republicans and conservatives
  119. Keeping track....Go Team Mueller! 🇺🇸
  120. One of My Students Tried to Sneak A Fox News Quote into His Paper
  121. We Just Didn't Know
  122. What happens if...
  123. Another parking lot encounter
  124. Sorry. How In The Fuck Can 1st Lady Talk About Pro Children Agenda When
  125. I don't know who, But I really believe Avenatti is in league with persons high on our
  126. Nunes, Gowdy to get classified briefing on Mueller documents
  127. The Chickens, the Chickens, the Nunes Chickens are coming home to roost!
  128. I got my ER visit bill today
  129. Trump Was Told of Schneiderman Assaults Years Ago, Lawyer Says (THIS STINKS TO HIGH H
  130. Teenager who killed husband after he raped her is sentenced to death in Sudan (FUCK P
  131. The Congressional Black Caucus is one of the world's most esteemed bodies
  132. The Trump White House crossed a new threshold for political debasement this week
  133. For lurkers: Seems your "Russia/Trump" conspiracy was really a "UK/Obama" conspiracy
  134. Thank you to the Rocket Man...?
  135. Could it get more embarrassing on the world stage?
  136. Heh heh heh....Avenatti Exposed: Stormy's Lawyer May Face Disbarrment, Legal Action
  137. This is not good. Apparently Trump has caused Israel to lose its gawd damned mind
  138. This guy is a genius.... how to deal with your brainwashed Fox News watching parents.
  139. The election of Obama revived the underlying racism in this country
  140. Michael Avenatti: Trump tower Dec 12, 2016 "Details to follow.."
  141. Paging Mr Scorpio.....to the white phone.....
  142. We had the coolest president in the whole world
  143. What does Avenatti have to hide???
  144. Devin Nunes Doesn't Seem to Care That He Could Get Someone Killed
  145. There Will Be No Peace
  146. Maybe for clarity we should call them "White Wingers"
  147. Schumer applauds Trump on moving US Embassy to Jerusalem
  148. Michael Avenatti Threatens to Sue Daily Caller for 'Defamation'
  149. No one who called President Barack Obama
  150. Well, it might get a DUmmy off the couch.
  151. For our DUmmies: some therapy
  152. Can the FBI arrest drumpf family at any time?
  153. More Nance!!!!
  154. America is drowning in corruption.
  155. According to Nikki Haley, the moving of the embassy was not to blame for the violence
  156. Trump Admin Poised To Give Rural Whites A Carve-Out On Medicaid Work Rules
  157. Why Is The World Ran By Such Evil Monsters? Trump, Bibi, Saudi King, Chinese Asshole,
  158. Federal lawsuit accuses Obama center organizers of pulling an 'institutional bait and
  159. BREAKING North Korea pulls out of high level talks with South Korea- Says U S causing
  160. Just lost all respect for Niki Haley when she walked out on the Palestinian speaker a
  161. As Baptists swirl in controversy, this Texas pastor says preaching justice is 'evil'
  162. St. Louis police open perjury probe into investigator in Greitens case
  163. David Perdue (Georgia Senator) Stop Protecting Our Criminal President There Was Obvio
  164. Why the Judiciary Committee released the Trump Tower transcript today ??
  165. Now Obvious Work Requirements Meant Only For Brown People.
  166. I really can't stand to look at Idiot! He is REPULSIVE!
  167. The important thing to remember about the Gaza violence
  168. I think it's time to stop pleasuring oneself over DUmmies and realize we might be in
  169. This Is Why Evangelical Christians Love Israel (VICE on HBO, Full Segment)
  170. Mueller will get Trump. Only question is .."when"..not "if"
  171. Every time I visit a news site that allows comments and there is a story about Trump
  172. What the absolute fucking fuck is wrong with people????
  173. He's got a lotta damn gall
  174. Re: MS13. I learned in a meeting with the Mayor and Police chief
  175. Mueller hands judge full memo detailing Russia probe scope
  176. Still Peddling False Equivalence Between Trump Collusion and Steele Dossier? Let Me M
  177. Texas mayor slams Congress: "Spare us your thoughts and prayers and do your job"
  178. How many more children have to die for Republicans to realize that they are committin
  179. "Wypipo" is not clever;it is divisive, hurtful, and a lazy stereotype.
  180. Fuck them ALL!!!!!!
  181. Obama was there in spirit....the Wedding was wonderfully diverse...
  182. Trump Voters Can't Be Won Over; They Have To Be Outvoted
  183. Armed, actve shooter taken alive in the immediate aftermath of a mass shooting
  184. Like a true tyrant, Trump does not offer his voters grand ideas. He offers them gifts
  185. The likelihood that Ivanka could had married into royalty.
  186. Top Intel Dem slams Trump claim about FBI informant
  187. Trump knows he needs a win when it comes to North Korea.
  188. I have put all the Trump voters I know on notice.
  189. Trump says, stop the witch hunt. I say , Fuck you, stop lying and step down.
  190. Obama's education secretary: Let's boycott school until gun laws change
  191. Comey associate: Rosenstein and FBI director will quit if Trump goes through with DOJ
  192. Ex-CIA director Brennan's tweet blaming the GOP for Trump gets 40,000 likes in just a
  193. The NRA doesn't mind if a few kids die from time to time
  194. "If we ban guns they will just find another way."
  195. Oh my god. The shooting in Santa Fe ended in a shootout and authorities
  196. I'm with The Dotard on this one
  197. Supreme Court Decision Delivers Blow To Workers' Rights
  198. Is Trump Slowly Losing His Base And This Is Going Unreported By MSM?.....
  199. There Goes Any Semblance of Seperation of Powers
  200. Warning Informants: If Outing You Helps Donald Trump Avoid Prosecution Momentarily Yo
  201. I hope someone is keeping a list of Obama stuff Trump has overturned by Executive Ord
  202. WTF! GOP Takes Lead in 2018 Generic Poll By 6 Points
  203. Democrats' new platform focuses on corruption under Trump
  204. Trump is speaking at pro-life event, using obscenities and discussing his "incredible
  205. Is Trump Getting Cold Feet About His North Korea Summit?
  206. Throwing a drink in Tomi Lahren's face was wrong. Period.
  207. Trump knows he is screwed, he is about to make his move. Spy-gate.
  208. Watching 45 board plane for NY to talk about MS-13.
  209. Meegan McCAIN did her usual subversion/diverting of the topic to cover for SHITLER ag
  210. Doctors say changes to family planning program is 'government interference' in doctor
  211. 'MS-13 kills for sport'...
  212. Schiff/Pelosi : Nothing we heard today has changed our view that there is no evidence
  213. Do you think your average Deplorable can explain
  214. Get him the fuck out of here.
  215. UPDATE: Boxer Jack Johnson is posthumously pardoned by President Trump
  216. Nunes and Gowdy didn't get the documents they wanted
  217. Remember that white girl who posed as a black? She's back in the news...
  218. Racial resentment may be fueling climate denial, study finds
  219. Yellow Bracelets? ..Trump did not order this...been going on since 2005...I was wrong
  220. Obama Doesn't Owe This Country Shit
  221. Michael Avenatti calls for investigation into Rudy Giuliani's personal and business f
  222. Democrats Prepare Assault on Trump Over Rising Gas Prices
  223. PBS has confirmed that some of these children have been released to HUMAN TRAFFICKERS
  225. All the elements are in place, a great battle is heading towards all of us.
  226. LURKERS: Obama was KILLING kittens! (Seriously....)
  227. Once Again Trolls Are Attacking Democrats...
  228. Nunes feeling the heat back home, raising record $$ Challenger awash with $$ from acr
  229. Hey Rudy How Does Prison Sound For You And Your Russia Backed And Funded Traitor Frie
  230. First of all, Democrats are not responsible for Donald Trump.
  231. There is no America now
  232. ICE has a prison bus just for babies
  233. "White Privilege" explained in three tweets:
  234. Franklin Graham hosting 10 rallies in California urging Christians to voteSource: The
  235. There is literally NO LIMIT to their evil!!. US is confiscating rosaries of immigrant
  236. Our First Lady is MIA
  237. Where is the press and media on the Melania story?
  238. The real reason Republicans in Congress are helping with the Trump coverup
  239. Stunning old photos of Ivanka Trump
  240. Anyone else dreading the Trump-Kim June 12th summit as much as I am?
  241. A CNN analysis is saying Trump is winning the demonization of Mueller
  242. Cancelling Roseanne IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!!!
  243. Killed in his home, in Kiev. Shooting a journalist is sending an message to our Potus
  244. The speech Trump is giving in Nashville right now is completely insane
  245. Supporting A Racist Makes You A Racist - Sorry Republican Apologists
  246. This is how global warming hurts kids in school, according to bombshell study
  247. Why do white people keep calling the cops?
  248. Sanders Mulls Another Presidential Bid
  249. Wypipo is the new Cracker. It's divisive and clearly not in the spirit of Democratic
  250. How Trump's Election Shook Obama: 'What if We Were Wrong?'