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  1. Hey ConFucks, Whataboutism Is Dead......Roseanne Barr Has Been Fired, And There Is
  2. Wypipo, brace yourselves, it's going to get worse before it gets better.
  3. Trump To Pardon Dinesh D'Souza
  4. I'm surprised that trump isn't selling pardons out of the white house.
  5. NY Daily News: Trump's latest pardon has NYS AG calling for end of double jeopardy la
  6. The top three spellers came from Texas!
  7. Artificial intelligence could spell the end of Trump talk radio before November
  8. UN: US inequality reaching a dangerous level due to Trump's 'cruel' measures
  9. 'Barbaric': America's cruel history of separating children from their parents (slaves
  10. US military actions killed nearly 500 civilians in Trump's first year: report
  11. Tucker Carlson says Starbucks' anti-bias training is a racist attack on white people
  12. Sweet Jesus! Could you possibly imagine if ...
  13. trump lies so often, his lie directly on camera about 'the letter' hardly made a spla
  14. Trump Boasts He Ignored Human Rights In Meeting With North Korea
  15. This is so maddening that I can barely type...
  16. I think speculation about Melania's absence does belong on DU
  17. I saw the trump attempt take over of the government coming immediately after he was e
  18. Trump: Why didn't FBI, DOJ tell me agents were 'secretly investigating' Manafort?
  19. Bill Clinton says impeachment process over Russia probe would be underway if Democrat
  20. I hate everything about him.
  21. IDF vet gets death threats after she's falsely accused of killing Gaza medic
  22. Sen Jeff Merkley asked to leave when visiting a facility believed to be housing child
  23. We're Listening, GOP
  24. Sessions/Trump are, effectively, human traffickers
  25. Adam Schiff for the win!
  26. USSC rules in favor of hate and bigotry
  27. Seems to me
  28. Free Speech is just different for Republicans....
  29. So like, I had this amazing dream this afternoon.
  30. 11,000 Plus Children Being Held
  31. What You Have Become, Republicans
  32. In America, do gay heart surgeons have the right to refuse to save the lives..
  33. Vowing to 'Padlock Revolving Door' in DC, Warren Teases New Anti-Corruption Legislati
  34. I was just thinking this morning-wait until the common man finds out
  35. When it comes to the vote, we're fighting a second Civil War
  36. Melania comes out of hiding
  37. Secret Obama-era permit let Iran convert funds to dollars
  38. Be proud America... This is YOUR goddamned president:
  39. Trump is now 10-for-10 on the 'your president might be a dictator' checklist
  40. Trump ACTUALLY ASKED Justin Trudeau if he remembered when Canadians burned down the
  41. Hannity "advocating for people to destroy evidence in a serious federal investigation
  42. Forgive me for asking, but who are these "13 Democrats" Trump and his crew keep yelli
  43. For Lurkers: This is who you should be reading on the Left
  44. Mika says Trump's biggest complaint about living at WH is that he's 'not allowed to w
  45. Call Congress! Right F--ing NOW!!!111!!!
  46. Dems request threat assessment over Trump's cell phone usage
  47. Running For President Coming In 2nd And Claiming You Were Robbed
  48. I was "swatted!"
  49. DUmmies blame Anthony Bourdain's suicide on...guess who?
  50. DUmmies dump on Charles Krauthammer
  51. Trump says he will ask kneeling athletes to recommend people for him to pardon
  52. Trump calls children's health care 'wasteful' as GOP votes to slash it
  53. The nonsense is starting to creep into DU posts AGAIN, so one more time, about German
  54. Just listening to CNN ...
  55. I am afraid. I am VERY afraid.
  56. I was just disinvited from my niece's high school graduation because MAGA!
  57. When a slug is really an orange...
  58. Attention Parents: Republicans Take Control Of The Consumer Product Safety Commission
  59. Shockey is iat it again.
  60. Red Wave? It could happen.
  62. US island is sinking. Residents voted 90% Trump & do not believe in Climate Change.
  63. The sick, insane, "normalization" of Donald Trump by FOX News and right-wing radio...
  64. Finally, someone is saying it.
  65. Re Trump shredding papers by hand, as reported today - that CAN be an Alzheimer's sym
  66. Avenatti: "This week promises to be very interesting"
  67. this is for all you "right to lifers"
  68. Robert De Niro Slams Trump at the Tonys: 'F-- Trump'
  69. Supreme Court gives states the right to arbitrarily purge voters
  71. It's all a flim-flam. We are being played.
  72. CNN:Trump and Kim Jong Un will sign an agreement to acknowledge the progress of the t
  73. Philip Rucker WTF??
  74. Yet another channel changing bouncy
  75. Schiff: Dangerous concessions....
  76. Anyone else frustrated by endless analysis of why GOP does nothing, without addresing
  77. anyone else having issues processing what is going on? And I am not watching...
  78. Iran Must Be Thinking, "Damn! We Will Take NK's Deal Any Day of the Week!"
  79. VA GOP Candidate Responds To Crowd Chanting 'Lock Her Up': 'Might Just Happen'
  80. Trump Appointee Compiles Loyalty List of U.S. Employees at U.N., State
  81. The mueller investigation is an espionage, treason investigation.
  82. Hannity and Nunes are calling for Rosenstein to be impeached/fired. Absolutely nuts a
  84. Reporter on Chris Hayes RE Immigrant Children
  85. Dear M$Greedia -in particular CNN and NBC - have you lost your
  86. If You Really Love LGBTQ People, You Just Can't Keep Eating Chick-fil-A
  87. Michigan Christian university wins suit against abortion-pill mandate
  88. The cult of Trump will be destroyed because of this fact of life.
  89. FBI agent texted 'We'll stop' Trump from becoming president, a disclosure that's incl
  90. CNN just showed Trump's approval up to 43%
  91. The Trump cult followers are the same dumb fucks that blindly followed Bush and Palin
  92. I told everyone here for months Trump is going down and going down hard.
  93. Per local news NK now calling 45 "Supreme Leader of the US."
  94. It is time to flat out declare that 30% to 40% of our electorate are bad people
  95. Only one way tRump might be able to save his own ass...
  96. The crazy backstory of the Trump mural on the wall of a children's detention center
  97. DOJ Report Confirms That the President Is a Dishonest Conspiracy Theorist
  98. I say Gavin Newsom for 2020--white male handsome compassionate charismatic YOUNG ener
  99. Hillary Clinton Responds to Report Comey Conducted FBI Business via Gmail: 'But My Em
  100. What's the difference between 2 FBI agents....
  101. lala land: Call me crazy, Hillary Clinton for president in 2020.
  102. Right-wing outrage machine bullies FBI director into making biased statements that sw
  103. Sessions cites Bible in defense of breaking up families, blames migrant parents
  104. Anyone else
  105. Ah, so THIS is why our goons are separating children from parents at the border!
  106. I'm tired of taking the high road.
  107. voter purges 2 come: red states will send out voter confirm cards that purposely look
  108. Mike Pence to be greeted by giant LGBT dance party during Ohio visit
  109. Okay, God is an American. So just quote the bible.
  110. James Comey owes a big apology to Hillary Clinton and the 65 million Americans who vo
  111. Someone tell the Christian Taliban
  112. Spare me the calls for civility - President Trump deserves our rage
  113. On separating families
  114. Crazy Drunken Aunt Nance twirls a bouncy
  115. Guiliani is obstructing justice by following the orders of Donald Trump.
  116. RUMOR: Mueller is closing in on Nunes, Ryan and McConnell
  117. Trump illegally diverted $7 from his foundation to pay his son's Boy Scouts registrat
  118. A Sinful Child MUST Be Broken - How Trump's Zealot Followers Think
  119. The parallel is frightening. History is about to repeat itself.
  120. Maybe Protests Should Have A Biblical Theme?
  121. Study: People Are Getting Dumber
  122. I think I detect the fine hand of Steven Miller
  123. It's time to call everything what it really is.
  124. Are we reaching a critical stage in the Trump presidency?
  125. Pictures of children being arrested...Nazis 1940's and Trump/GOP 2018
  126. Kentucky board of education OKs Bible literacy standards
  127. Ready for Avenatti 2.0? Avenatti volunteers to represent parents who had their child
  128. This needs 2 be said- vile scum - Skidmore, George, cyclonefence, drmeow, Wellstone..
  129. Melania "hates to see" families separated at border
  130. Democrats have different ideas for growing Wisconsin's economy
  131. BTRTN: How Can a Heartless Bastard Govern With Heart?
  132. Can someone answer this QUESTION?
  133. Googled 'father mother kids in cages'
  134. When Laura Bush calls the law cruel and immoral
  135. "She had to teach other kids in the cell to change her diaper,"
  136. Democrats intensify fight for immigrant children -- bludgeon Trump and Republicans ah
  137. Children are basically wearing prison numbers.
  138. Obama Administration Placed Children With Human Traffickers, Democrats Were Silent
  139. Ivanka's deafening silence
  140. House Intel Dem Slams Chairman Nunes As Trump's 'Fixer In Congress'
  141. My gut tells me that somehow Trump is making millions on kidnapping those babies
  142. **BREAKING** Michelle Obama- Third First Lady To Criticize Trump's Child Endangerment
  143. REPORTER: "How is this not child abuse?" NIELSEN: "Be more specific, please"
  144. I break down and sob again and again
  145. Trump has signed 65 executive orders ...65.
  146. Nielsen Google biography and Wikipedia edited to describe her as 'notorious child abu
  148. My son isn't a scholar.
  149. Wore my "IMPEACH TRUMP" tee shirt shopping today, as I usually do.
  150. Fox News host Laura Ingraham under fire after calling detention centers 'SUMMER CAMPS
  151. I'm still in shock
  152. OccupyWallSt Twitter Posts Fosters Killing ICE Agents
  153. Church charges brought against Sessions
  154. Trump's Approval Up With All This Crap. We Are Truly a Sick Natin. At Lest 45% Are.
  155. The Trump supporter defense on Nazi-style concentration camps...
  156. Instead of admitting a "mistake", Trump makes a fool of himself, FOREVER.
  157. Please understand that Democratic Underground is a PR vehicle
  158. I've never been more disgusted or demoralized about humanity than I am right now.
  159. Frog marched out of the FBI per CNN!!!
  160. Nikki Haley pulls the U.S. out of U.N. Human Rights Council calling it 'not worthy of
  161. MSNBC correspondent: "Of the 11,786 minors currently in the unaccompanied alien child
  162. DHS Secretary Nielsen just got driven out of a Mexican restaurant here on 14th Street
  163. Couldn't taking babies/young children and hiding them to exchange
  164. I Am Personally Stunned. My Wife Is Extremely Upset & Angry.
  165. Houston mayor doesn't want to 'enable' Trump policy by housing immigrant children
  166. ****BREAKING**** Trump to sign order to halt separating families
  167. ICE lied, told flight attendants the kids were a soccer team - They weren't.
  168. Presidential accountability: If not Trump who? If not now, when?
  169. Will criminal charges of child abuse be filed
  170. Melania Trump Called the Secret Service Over Peter Fonda's Threatening Tweet About Ba
  171. Is anyone still mad about Trump blackly lying about Dems?
  172. Durbin spitting🔥over Trump's executive order:
  173. In the words of the late Admiral Ackbar, "It's a trap!"
  174. Not So Fast, You Republican Bastards
  175. Dead to Me
  176. Detained migrant children being held in Portland shelters
  177. it seems that most of the facilites
  178. It hit me last night that the kidnapping and hiding of these children
  179. A Trump voter at work told me god put Trump in the Whithouse, I went off.
  180. Melania Trump makes surprise visit to border facilities
  181. Trump really fucked up this time and he knows it. He may have to piss off his base.
  182. Hillary Clinton Raised $1.5 Million to Help Kids Torn From Their Families at the Bord
  183. Melania Trump wears jacket to Texas with pointed message: 'I really don't care, do u?
  184. You know this jacket will be the new red hat, right?
  185. Can we please call it Facism now?
  186. DUmmies cheer the passing of Charles Krauthammer
  187. So seriously. How are those parents ever going to
  188. For those thinking the Jacket was not a major troll......Hannity leads with it.
  189. Schiff: Nielsen privately said family separations could resume
  190. We need the kids put on milk cartons and blanket the U.S. with them.
  191. And a hearty FUCK YOU to every Repblican!!!
  192. We can use DNA testing to reunite families
  193. Hugging a child, Rep. John Lewis vows action to stop practice of family separation.
  194. Sessions says FBI agent Peter Strzok no longer has his security clearance
  195. i think melania wore the jacket to make cheetolini look bed
  196. A few hacks of Melania's jacket.
  197. I'm Blown Away By Their Coordination Of Moving These...
  198. Dem Senate Candidate Arrested 'Trying to Deliver Toys, Books, Water' to Kids in Deten
  199. The Truth About the Border
  200. "I will go to the borders. I'd get arrested again...I'm prepared to go to jail"
  201. (WTF?!!!) Trump autographed photos of deceased crime victims for White House 'Angel F
  202. Some help please. A friend keeps bellyaching about how President Obama put kids in ca
  203. In all fairness the Sarah Sander the owner of the Red Hen restaurant really should ..
  204. Sigh. CNN just had Trump's approval now up to 45%.
  205. I guess they don't teach hypocrisy in Bible College
  207. I am a democrat. I am not evil.
  208. Sarah Huckabee Sanders should've been served. HELL! We are Progressives
  209. Sarah Sanders violated ethics code by using official account to attack Red Hen restau
  210. Soon Canada will build a wall to keep us out! We're fucking nuts.
  211. Not Democrats....DINOcats!
  212. Fox & Friends whines that kicking Sanders out of restaurant is proof liberals are des
  213. America is not strong enough to handle the divisions that are imminent...
  214. A message to Sarah Sanders. All you have to do is Quit.
  215. Gay Employees of Virginia Restaurant Urged Removal of Sarah Huckabee Sanders
  216. GOP Dinner Denial is a Warning
  217. Trump ally apologises for 'cotton-picking' comment about black strategist
  218. Mike Huckabee Says Owner of Red Hen Followed Sanders Family to Another Restaurant to
  219. These bozo's in the media are demanding we be nice and respectful to these
  220. 40 Ways White People Say 'White People' Without Actually Saying 'White People'
  221. Alex Jones Encourages Secret Surveillance Of Restaurant That Asked Sarah Sanders To L
  222. So we have had to endure constant public bullying and shaming from the number
  223. 1 in 6 children in the United States face hunger - but yet were talking about SHS
  224. Baker Who Refused To Serve Biden Featured At A Ryan Campaign Rally in 2012
  225. I Stand With Maxine
  226. I'm for calling them alt-Americans
  227. The thing that I find the most striking with the Conservative SCOTUS judges is. . . .
  228. The party of Donald Trump has the gall to complain that someone else is being uncivil
  229. Biden: European leaders reeling from Trump's hostile behavior
  230. Here is a suggestion or hope for the activists living in Washington. Troll and harass
  231. So, Now You Want Civility?
  232. Conservative Supreme Court reasoning swings like an old man's flaccid balls
  233. WOW! MELANIE is making ANOTHER trip to her husband's kid prisons. #IDontCareAboutMela
  234. 'Leave my husband alone': Elaine Chao yells at protestors confronting Mitch McConnell
  235. Brilliant post on Facebook...
  236. Sarah Sanders to receive Secret Service protection
  237. DUers out themselves: These are wypipo. Any questions?
  239. Massive crowdfunded blimp of Trump as a big baby to hopefully fly over London when he
  240. FUCK! Kennedy retiring!
  241. John McCain now has an extraordinary opportunity to go out a true hero.
  242. Just ended up cracking my phone screen
  243. No new supreme court justice can be named prior to the end of Mueller's probe.
  244. I am feeling such despair
  245. THIS IS WAR
  246. Republicans & Conservatives are Nazis
  247. A note to all Trump supporters who may be lurking here
  248. Folks, I think we are at that moment where we must either bet all we have
  249. I need a few days or a week away
  250. I'm going to say it