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  1. If I win Lottomax tomorrow, it'd be free DNA tests for racists....
  2. To those who think we should be "uncivil" to the Trump folks, a simple question:
  3. This will likely piss off a few of you.
  4. Need advise on what to do.
  5. Was Gowdy auditioning for the Supreme Court today?
  6. Multiple shooting at Capital Gazette - four dead- suspect in custody
  7. ICE Thug Breaks A Lawyer's Foot; Kamala Harris Wants To Break Foot Off In ICE's Ass
  8. Rep. Maxine Waters cancels events after 'very serious death threat'
  9. Adam Schiff Storms The House Floor And Blasts Republicans For Not Doing Their Job
  10. Shooter NOT a "white guy" DUpipo....
  11. Cohen encouraged to become 'hero' that saves us from Trump.
  12. If you were attacked by a grizzly bear, would you fight him fairly?
  13. Why does ICE dress their agents they are special ops?
  14. Welcome to Trump's America, where it is now easier for a mentally ill people to purch
  15. OK, so we have a white male gunman again
  16. So my father the Trumper calls this morning....
  17. Emails from a Republican friendOkay, folks... before you flame me, please read to th
  18. A skit for DUpipo
  19. So my father the Trumper calls this morning....
  20. How is it possible to have such a strong Constitution as America...?
  21. Maduro orders food producers to surrender 70% of their goods. OR ELSE.
  22. Trump: Critics 'Better Just Take It Easy'
  23. If the roles were reversed, the Republicans would shut down the govt. to stop this co
  24. School's plan to segregate students by race ...
  25. Pissed Off Mom Confronts Scott Pruitt at Washington Restaurant About His Many Misdeed
  26. Dershowitz Mocked For Criticizing Anti-Trump 'McCarthyism' On Martha's Vineyard
  27. So what are you so afraid of, Republicans?
  28. Why don't we have Ellis Island type entrance facilities all across our southern borde
  29. I was at an outdoor concert tonight and they played Lee Greenwood's
  30. I am sorry, every day, I am hating these Republicans more...
  31. Black fraternity group says Alabama restaurant refused to host their event, citing 'p
  32. Happy Fourth, Republicans!
  33. Dear God! He'a on another rant about the NFL. n/t
  34. Isn't this ethnic cleansing?
  35. Republicans don't care....plain and simple truth.....
  36. I'm seeing increased incidents where lefties "hit" back against MAGA people.
  37. This will be a difficult post to write. The challenge will be in trying not to let th
  38. Oh, man, Traitor Tot has really fallen off the deep end. He tweeted this less than 10
  39. We have normalized radical right wing policies and demonize slightly left of center p
  40. So this happened today...
  41. US supporting Thai rescue
  42. Adam Schiff Drops The Hammer And Tells Mueller To Subpoena Trump and John Kelly
  43. Bookstore owner calls 911 when customer confronts Bannon
  44. Mitch McConnell's got some fucking nerve talking about how democrats are already oppo
  45. Beauty queen turns in crown after #MeToo joke at Miss Massachusetts pageant
  46. Stephen Miller Threw Out $80 Worth of Sushi After Bartender Gave Him Two Middle Finge
  47. LOL, weaping tears ! White House officials afraid thin-skinned president could lash o
  48. Note to Mitch the turtle McConnell, fuck you turtle and your demand that the orange a
  49. Sick Of That FUCKING "45 - USA" White Hat. So Damned Obnoxious.
  50. The SCOTUS is lost for a generation. The only remedy is...
  51. How The Mueller Probe Could Derail Kavanaugh's Confirmation
  52. For any lurking DUmmies, a reminder...
  53. W.Post Article states that most Trump Voters were not
  54. This Is the America White People Wished For. This Is the America White People Want
  55. Stephen Miller - He has escaped scandal.....so far
  56. As soon as the Senate announces the schedule for the Kavanaugh hearings I hope
  57. Golly, gee. Why do we keep losing?
  58. If Dump pulls us out of NATO tomorrow,
  59. MSNBC just brought up "the role of misogyny" in Trump's attitude toward Merkel, May
  60. Silence Speaks Volumes
  61. 'Make them pariahs': how shaming Trump aides became a resistance tactic
  62. The message is simple
  63. Whoa! Gowdy got GOT!
  64. Venezuelan doctors now join nurses in strike. Wages less than $2 per month
  65. Melly finds the Baby Blimp "mortifying"
  66. I'm really starting to hate white Americans.
  67. A Thought Experient - How would you feel if you were Trump today?
  68. Of COURSE it is Obama's FAULT....
  69. The media needs to stop referring to Trump as President.
  70. Britain's Daily Mirror front page headline for today - HOW DARE YOU
  71. Shockey's at it again. Poor guy...
  72. The world is laughing at us folks.....
  73. I hope Trump lives long enough...
  74. Ok, It's Been 15 Hours And I'm Still In A Rage.
  75. Now that there has been a 100 page indictments handed down on Friday the 13th, 2018
  76. Any ReTHUGs commit suicide since those indictments yesterday
  77. For the lurkers: Former DNC Chair Brazile: DNC Allowed Russian Hackers to Steal Data
  78. My husband said tonight that he hates Trump but "no one hates Trump like you do."
  79. I'm going low and getting dirty
  80. It looks like Trump destroyed himself today.
  81. Why is anti-Semitism crawling out of the shadows?
  82. Talk about unhinged.
  83. As hard as it is. We might be calling our own loved ones traitors
  84. I can't sleep - - very rare event
  85. My Trump supporting sister-in-law may never come back
  86. 'Welcome to the resistance:' NC Uber driver kicked Republican passengers out...
  88. This makes me sick! Charlotte's been chosen for RNC2020
  89. What's the argument for each state having the same number of US Senators?
  90. For those with Trump supporting/Republican family/friends
  91. I will not allow Putin to enter our White House!
  92. I just heard Trump plans to invite Putin to a second summit
  93. Reagan is doing backflips
  94. This is what the average tRump fan is thinking.
  95. Well It's Official. The GOP In Congress Are Conspiring To Commit Treason
  96. More MAGA fallout..
  97. Trump leaves Obama out in the cold in South Africa
  98. OK, republicans, you owned us. You owned us good.
  99. The Deplorables are at the final stage of the Russian conspiracy defense: Acceptance
  100. DUpipo: Gallup Poll Shows Americans Don’t Care About ‘Situation With Russia’ AT ALL
  101. Hey DUpipo! Time to #Walk Away!
  102. All these TV hosts, commentators and talking heads look exhausted.
  103. Trump has the worst week ever and all he cares about is NFL players taking a knee?
  104. DNC Chair apologizes to black voters
  105. Top Intel Democrat accuses GOP of running interference for Trump Organization over Ru
  106. SECRETARY JOHN KERRY: I found it shocking. I found it to be one of the most disgracef
  107. Audience bursts out laughing after GOP Senate candidate says Trump is 'standing up' t
  108. I know what it's going to take to turn this around and get the Congressional Republic
  109. Just cancelled my VFW membership
  110. Breaking- Rep Maxine Waters' office has been Evacuated After a Package was Received/L
  111. LGBT advocates to rally during conservative Christian author's speech at Lancaster Bi
  112. I see massive Anti Trump protests and protests against his policies
  113. Trump is surrounded with no way out.
  114. My daughter tossed a Trump Humper from a family gathering
  115. Trump will Campaign Full Time This Fall
  116. "He Hates the Same People They Hate"
  117. The 'New Anti-Semitism' in France with the rise in Muslim population
  118. Besides Trump, which of the ReThugs do you despise most?
  119. David Hogg Posts A Great Tweet: Robert Kennedy Answering drumpf's Braggadocio About t
  120. "Libtard" is a truly awful term that has to go away.
  121. Girl escapes detention center, hides in auto shop sobbing. Owner, a Trump supporter,
  122. Went to Mexico for Dental work Friday , 80% of the people in the waiting room are tru
  123. Hey DUpipo: The Koch borthers are about to become your BEST FRIENDS!
  124. Wow. Sad, but true.
  125. It is now apparent to everyone except Trump and his disciples that Russia is doing al
  126. I had a Trumper in my Uber yesterday
  127. I asked my friends at lunch today if they thought that trump was insane... their view
  128. Sarah Huckabee Sanders Defends Verbal Attacks on CNN's Jim Acosta
  129. At least tRump is now admitting his campaign met with Russians
  130. Tribe is worried about how many Trump supporters would violently resist any Blue Wave
  131. The Miserable People.
  132. All hell is about to break loose...
  133. a friend of mine died of a massive heart attack this morning. She was 40 and didn't h
  134. "Not My President"
  135. Federal judge says Trump must fully restore DACA
  136. Mojo2 (287 posts) How to deal with a Trump nut I use to believe that it was best to
  137. Heavy Police Presence As Right-Wing Rally Begins in Portland
  138. Fact Checker: President Trump has made 4,229 false or misleading claims in 558 days
  139. Hey DUpipo: Noam Chomsky: Russian Interference Isn’t Influencing US Elections
  140. In 14 hours on Sunday in Chicago, 44 people were shot, including 5 who died, police s
  141. WH shuts down press availability and says Trump won't leave WH after tweet admits col
  142. Rosie O'Donnell bringing busload of Broadway to the WH Protest tonight!
  143. Grimes dismisses GOP complaints about her Rand Paul 'beaten' joke
  144. West Hollywood City Council Approves Resolution Urging Removal of Trump's Walk of Fam
  145. In Detroit, power outages have knocked out 14 polling locations and they are turning
  146. Alabama beach goers used the eggs of protected birds as sand decoration
  147. Trumps Chumps
  148. Laura Ingraham: America as we know it doesn't exist anymore due to 'demographic chang
  149. The Trump people I have marginal contact with are backing off.
  150. Nancy Pelosi is the new HRC: A banner the gop can wave. It's open misogyny.
  151. Bring back the "Misery Index"
  152. Rick Scott's Solution to Bullied LGBT Youth? Legal Bullying by Church and State
  153. Why I don't want to let this become Trump's America
  155. Why are Hilary, Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren so hated?
  156. Donations sent to Puerto Rico were found rotting in parking lot
  157. Ivanka Trump on Eve of Unite the Right 2 Rally: There's 'No Place for White Supremacy
  158. This is crazy: Omarosa secretly recorded Kelly IN THE SITUATION ROOM - threatened her
  159. At least 100 newspapers sign up to publish editorials targeting Trump
  160. Who are the protesters
  161. Look how Police in Luxembourg confront Nazis
  162. WaPo Reporter: Ellison charges are flimsy, no media would run with them over past yea
  163. "You can't even fill a bus"
  164. Bobby Goodlatte: I'm deeply embarrassed that Peter Strzok's career was ruined by my f
  165. I'm so ready for trump to be locked in a cage (prison cell) for the rest of his fucki
  166. Brian Krassenstein succinctly describes what Traitor Tot did today:
  167. How much does Brennan know about the members of Congress who remain faithful to Trump
  168. When we win and have a new Democratic President in 2020
  169. Brennan: Trump worked with Russians and now he's desperate
  170. Gotta say it! The Asset UPSTAGED! All day! By TWO Black Women!
  171. The iditots are crying because they 'miss president obama"....
  172. Leaked transcription of Manafort jury deliberations
  173. NY State Senator Wants to Make Calling 911 on Black Folks in White Spaces a Hate Crim
  174. There is no meeting "half-way" - there is no room for compromise. Kentuck
  175. Is the Vatican still harboring known pedophiles?
  176. Black nurse sues Michigan hospital for honoring patient's racist request
  177. You know what's really sad? Hillary would have been an excellent POTUS.
  178. Do we have a prison suitable for holding a former pResident?
  179. South African White Farmers' Land to be Seized in Controversial Land Redistribution C
  180. Has Trump and politics of the day damaged your family dynamics?
  181. HOGG: "move the f*** off the plate and let us take control. Nancy Pelosi is old"
  182. 240 YEARS!!!!
  183. Trump is now finished and I think his days left in office are now very few
  184. Meanwhile, at Fox Hate Speech the top news is....not Manafort or even Cohen...can you
  185. "The President did nothing wrong, there are no charges against him."
  186. Trump Tries to Deny His Crime With Cohen, Confesses by Mistake
  187. The D.C. lights must have been blazing all night long.
  188. Manafort juror: One juror prevented jury from convicting Manafort on all 18 counts
  189. Rudy Giuliani: Impeaching Trump would mean 'people's revolt'
  190. Robert Reich's proposal: ANNULMENT of Trump's presidency.
  191. If we want to do long-term damage to the Republican Party...
  192. James Fallows: The Greatest Disappointment of the Trump Presidency
  193. Why is the drumph doing rallies when he should be cowering in a bunker?
  194. I Am Worried The Country Is Not Smart Enough To Save Itself.
  195. A Man Thought Female Drivers Are 'Incompetent'-- So He Shot Them, Police Say
  196. DUmmies are being itiots again................
  197. Reporting in from the STOP KAVANAUGH protest
  198. WTF Is Wrong With This Damned Country. Trump Approval Should Be Underwater.
  199. THIS Is What Passes For A RW "Response"?
  200. The 100 Evangelicals At Dinner Are Public Enemy #1. Won't Quit Until Get Theocratic D
  201. Pro-Trump Pastor: We Clearly 'Don't Support Extramarital Affairs', But We Support His
  202. After the Jacksonville Shooting, We Need to Talk About White Male Rage
  203. John McCain Was a White American Hero
  204. There Will Be Blood
  205. Please just come out and say it: some of you think a black man can't win the Florida
  206. Trump: "I think we did a fantastic job in Puerto Rico ..."
  207. Venezuelans must notify Chavistas of all overseas travels, financial transactions
  208. Florida's GOP gubernatorial nominee says a vote for his black opponent would 'monkey
  209. A baby Red Don KIDNAPPED WITH HER PARENT has DIED !!!
  210. For Florida Governor: The racist vs. the black guy
  211. Protester: Toppling UNC Confederate statue was 'righteous'
  212. In & Out burger joint donates $24K to republicans in CA, not their first or smallest
  213. I know this is redundant, but Spanky is delusional.
  214. Trump Is Determined To Turn FBI & DOJ Into His Gestapo. Wants Hillary Arrest & Jail.
  215. Elections do not fix people
  216. 10 Yr Old Modern Marvel Reported How Bad Infrastructure Is. GOP Making Sure Won't Be
  217. How Old is that DUmmy
  218. Mike Pence and His Talent for Being Absent
  219. If Trump's approval rating is at 36%, who are these people?
  220. Kavanaugh Has To Recuse On Trump Crimes No Other Way
  221. Conversation
  222. I just realized something horrifying... If Trump isn't impeached
  223. In death, McCain has done a final great service to the country
  224. So what's next?
  225. Trump's Base of Deplorables Haz an Angry!
  226. NYT reporter: Lindsey Graham invited Ivanka & Jared to funeral, cleared it with Cindy
  227. Trump Supporters Rip John McCain's Funeral Service Over Trump Criticisms: 'PATHETIC'
  228. if Blue Wave happens, what is the first thing Dems should do?
  229. I have two friends on F/B, both longtime childhood friends.
  230. An invite to DU members...
  231. Republicans have betrayed our country.
  232. So Lets See If Any Senate Repugs Will Put Their Money Where Their Mouths Were.....
  234. Melania let's break this down...
  235. Chuck Todd - Please go fuck yourself!
  236. Invitation from Conservative Underground
  237. Can we please stop with the "polls were wrong in 2016" narritive
  238. I know they are lurking over here because they comment on almost everything we say.
  239. Just Turn The Hearings Into A Brawl. Go After These GOP Senators. Insult Them. Anger
  240. Pack the SCOTUS.
  241. This is bad of me I know... but I am really "praying" that these Senators suffer
  242. Fuck you, Republicans, for trying to shove this SC candidate down our throats.
  243. Why doesn't ONLY one Repub say enough is enough......
  244. Kamala is so good....
  245. Women will die, gay folks will lose their marriage rights and POC will be
  246. We get to vote for a four year President but we don't get to vote for a life long SC
  247. Prosecutors use grand jury as investigation of Andrew McCabe intensifies
  248. Elizabeth Warren: Time to use 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office
  249. Why Do The Repugs Continually Circle The Wagons Around Trump And....
  250. Brett Kavanaugh is a lying piece of shit