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  1. Kamala on Kavanaugh: 'We have the receipts'
  2. Proof that Trump cannot shut up..
  3. Democratic Senators Manchin And Heitkamp Signal Support For Kavanaugh Nomination
  4. Stolen Memos Case Prompts Call For Kavanaugh's Impeachment
  5. Was at Costco yesterday and a woman in line ahead of me was buying Jeannine Pirro's b
  6. Barack Obama I Dub Thee The Leader Of My Democratic Party From Here On Out
  7. Kavanaugh is Nothing But a Mob Lawyer and the Mob is Coming for You: An Open Letter t
  8. Athletes taking the knee during the anthem
  9. I had tears in my eyes watching Obama speak yesterday.
  10. Alleged Russian spy may not have offered sex for job, prosecutors concede
  11. David Brock:I knew Kavanaugh during his years as Republican operative. Don't let him
  12. Pence 'Disappointed' Obama Broke Tradition
  13. Yes, my young Trump-loving friends, you are being duped.
  14. It just gets so tiresome
  15. The Tragedy of the Naked Emperor
  16. Kavanaugh will be only one justice out of nine
  17. I Think Repug Voters Need To Be Told That The Repugs Have Given Up On The Midterms...
  18. What slime: McConnell basically to keep senate in session until Election Day
  19. Just witnessed two little girls say some racist sh*t
  20. Colin Kaepernick just sold out his #IMWITHKAP jersey in hours
  21. Trump OKs sanctions for foreigners who meddle in elections
  22. Pierce: Susan Collins Is Just Getting a Taste of What Citizens United Has Done to Our
  23. Devin Nunes is more determined than ever to hurt national security
  24. so why do so many miilions of latinx vote trump/repub? why vote for a group that want
  25. Best of: House bans eating of cats, dogs
  26. Please prepare yourself: justice will not be done.
  27. Brett Kavanaugh reportedly accused of sexual misconduct in letter flagged to the FBI
  28. Rush Limbaugh falsely claims Hurricane Florence is full of sharks
  29. Kavanaugh Denies Sexual-Misconduct Claim, Keeps White House Support
  30. I still believe Hannity will be indicted.
  31. Trump supporter too poor to evacuate.
  32. Obama's Former White House Counsel Lawyers Up After Mueller Probe Referral
  33. No respect for the Democrats - just raw power.
  34. Statement from Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans Show US Just How Disgusting The
  35. DUmbest post of the day (but it's still early)
  36. it's one thing to know about kavanaugh. it's another thing to know the white house kn
  37. In 2016 41% of women voted for Trump. WHY? There was no ambiguity that Trump was a se
  38. So why The FUCK is a SCOTUS nominee having a conference call with only GOP Senate sta
  39. Trump declassifying to make Strzok, Page and Ohr victims of identity theft!
  40. On toxic masculinity
  41. GOD WE MISSED OUt. Hillary would have been FANTASTIC
  42. Tucker going after Sherrod Brown for Domestic Abuse tonite...
  43. Hugely Disrespectful - Grassley expects Blasey Ford to sit at SAME table as Kavanaugh
  44. Ford wants FBI investigation before testifying
  45. Re: Dr. Ford: Susan Collins doesn't understand why the hearings shouldn't go forward.
  46. Bush reaffirms support for Kavanaugh
  47. Every Woman in America Is Watching
  48. One important characteristic of many stupid people is that they do not know it.
  49. Can the Right Wing Pundits Stop with the Founding Fathers were Infalliable?
  50. The Kavanaugh Accusation Is Dangerous for the Pro-Life Movement.
  51. Collins: My office has gotten 'pretty ugly voicemails, threats' over Kavanaugh
  52. Trump stealing money from cancer and AIDS research to fund growing prison pop of immi
  53. The FBI Can/Should Investigate Witness Tampering in the Kavanaugh Matter
  54. "Because f*** you, that's why"
  55. Dr. Ford's lawyers are a whole lot smarter than Chuck Grassley.
  56. "I felt humiliated": Police called on black candidate campaigning door to door
  57. it's not a criminal trial, it's a JOB INTERVIEW
  58. Kavanaugh Use Your Brain - Step Down Now - It's All Going To Come Out If You Don't
  59. Kavanaugh Drama Risks Driving Moderates, Women Away From GOP
  60. Is this Judge guy really going to change his story under oath?
  61. Senate GOP makes counteroffer to Kavanaugh accuser with Friday deadline
  62. Andrea Mitchell to Pompeo on Trump's Ford Tweet: Is That the 'American Value' We Shou
  63. NYT: Rosenstein discussed invoking the 25th Amendment to oust Trump after Comey was f
  64. Forget who the author of the anonymous NYT letter is.
  65. Message to Republicans...Vaginas brought you into the world and they will vote you ou
  66. I can't help but think, Trump knows way more than he acts!
  67. Telling that after a week huddling with the abuser-in-chief, Kavanaugh came up empty
  68. On Bill Maher someone drew parallel between Kavanaugh and Ellison
  69. Kavanaugh is Guilty!!
  70. Maryland Police Chief Defies Trump, Says He Will Investigate
  71. I underwent an extensive FBI investigation when I was 21 years old.
  72. Man Torches Truck & Home After Reading Reddit Post That Colin Kaepernick Now Sponsors
  73. Breaking: Former DOJ Inspector Gen. Michael Bromwich has joined Ford's legal team OVE
  74. Memo to Mitch McConnell
  75. Senate Judiciary Committee contacts Ford's friend about party (CNN a few minutes ago)
  76. For the lurkers: Three Witnesses Described by Kavanaugh Accuser Do Not Support Her
  77. Another has been...
  78. A DUmmie "I think" thread...
  79. Kavanaugh has calendars from summer 1982 that he plans to give the Senate that don't
  80. Sen. Maize Hirono Rocks Kavanaugh By Telling Him That Sexual Assault Investigation Is
  81. Desperately Seeking my Birth Father (Morgantown Area, 1978-79)
  82. And another one...
  83. If the Republicans are digging in on on this, they must be petrified of losing the Se
  84. WH just issued a statement reprinting every line of NYer article that disputes Ramire
  85. I wonder if he will remain the girl's basketball coach?
  86. Ronan Farrow on CNN now is laying it out.
  87. *The Kavanaugh Accuser Count: May Have Reached 4
  88. It Makes No Sense for GOP to Stick with Kavanaugh
  89. How does Kavanaugh explain this to his 10 and 13 year old daughters?
  90. For the Lurkers: Liar #1 might not show up on Thursday
  91. The lurkers will LOVE this! :D
  92. They're not laughing WITH you!
  93. Trump attacks second Kavanaugh accuser, saying she 'has nothing,' admits she was drun
  94. More for lurkers: The Avanatti "victim" may be a 4chan hoax
  95. I really have no idea why GOPrs can't conceive of the fact that rape is a bad thing..
  96. Avenatti's client........
  97. Senate Judiciary Committee will vote on Kavanaugh at 9:30 a.m. Friday.
  98. Is Kavanaugh a masochist? I mean, why would he put himself thru this?
  99. GOP Capable Of Turning The Military On To US Citizens. We Have Not Seen What They Are
  100. ***Breaking*** SenJeffMerkley just filed a federal injunction to stop the Kavanaugh V
  101. If Brett Kavanaugh is REALLY the wholesome, noble "choir boy" he says he is,
  102. We can't waste Avenattis talents - let's make him DNC Chair.
  103. ****BREAKING**** Avenatti Delivers (With affidavit of Julie Swetnick) Harrowing !!!
  104. New Kavanaugh accuser Julie Swetnick details parties where she says girls were drugge
  105. NEW: Dr. Ford's lawyers have just released her polygraph report.
  106. Nancy pelosi took impeachment "off the table" can we trust her with the impeachment o
  107. GOP Say Will Confirm Kavanaugh No Matter What. It Is Fuck You America.
  108. First Republican calls for FBI to investigate Kavanaugh
  109. Kavanaugh needs Dr. Ford to recommend someone to help him.
  110. Kavanaugh: His temper tantrums and yelling and interrupting do not help him at ALL! (
  111. Imagine if Dr. Ford got this angry and sarcastic and back talking?
  112. No matter how this turns out, the GOP lost today
  113. Lurkers need to be reminded: NO NEW FACTS today
  114. What happened to Lindsey Graham?
  115. You Can't Handle theTruth!
  116. Without an FBI investigation the Kavanagh court seat will forever be illegitimate. Th
  117. Hey Grassley, you demented fuck...
  118. Democrats walk out of hearing room in protest
  119. Time for Kavanaugh's accusers to file a criminal complaint...
  120. Flake being confronted on the elevator now
  121. Spousal bounices
  122. For lurkers: Her PhD is in EDUCATION, not in Psychology
  123. Michelle Obama says 'I'm frustrated, too' as she rallies young Miami voters
  124. The first person Maria Gallagher told she'd been assaulted was Senator Flake
  125. Brett discusses puking, farting, and forgets who asked him about eating ketchup on sp
  126. Your feelings the night Trump was elected? A short reflection two years later.
  127. I work in a male-dominated occupation and was surprised today.
  128. Maryland state lawmakers seek local Kavanaugh investigation
  129. Born on third base...
  130. White House limits scope of the FBI's Kavanaugh investigation
  131. Kavanugh lied under oath about Yale connections.
  132. FBI Pagers are going off
  133. Democrats planning to examine Trump's tax returns after the midterms
  134. The FBI cannot ask the supermarket that employed Judge for records.
  135. I have an acquaintance on FB who keeps writing about disgusted he is by
  136. FBI has not responded to requests from Christine Blasey Ford to do an interview
  137. How to Watch Julie Swetnick Interview Online 8PM ET /PT tonight- please post if you a
  138. Blackout tomorrow
  139. Whatever the FBI finds, Kavanaugh will NOT be appointed to SCOTUS
  140. The appeasement of Trump, it's happening. Countries are folding to Trumps threats.
  141. Report: Devin Nunes' Family Farm Was Secretly Moved to Iowa From California
  142. Trump Gets Particularly Testy With Female Reporters During Presser
  143. Kavanaughs Harvard class CANCELLED
  144. How to Talk to the Women in Your Life Right Now
  145. Josh Hawley says he wants a special counsel appointed to investigate Diane Feinstein
  146. Very anecdotal. But hopeful. I just drove through Highland Park
  147. Well, we got played again. If we hadn't been so excited and immediately jumped in gle
  148. USC students rallied today demanding prof be fired for championing due process
  149. Why Kavanaugh should withdraw
  150. Do you know what the worst part of this whole Trump saga is?
  151. I just alerted my brother I will no longer talk to him.
  152. The people standing behind Trump at his rallies.
  153. I changed the settings on my Iphone and DID NOT get Shitler's message.
  154. Note to Lurkers: This looks BAD for you guys
  155. It still doesn't explain why
  156. All the white women Trumpers I know were abused
  157. That was some investigation... I've applied to minimum wage jobs that had stronger ba
  158. Time for me to take a break
  159. How many more gut punches are we supposed to take?
  160. Is anyone else angry?
  161. My husband, Rand Paul, and our family have suffered intimidation and threats
  162. Kavanaugh Reinforces White Male Privilege
  163. When Dems take back the WH and Congress, just ignore the Supreme Court
  164. Chanting Protestors occupy the hallways outside the office of @JeffFlake
  165. Maryland House Identified where Kavanaugh Rape Occured
  166. Damn, I wish we could get rid of the Senate.
  167. I get at least 4 people a week ringing my doorbell. I have a written note that I hol
  168. we no longer have a legitimate government
  169. For the DUmmy lurkers...
  170. Former FBI special agent: Kavanaugh probe Not 'Authentic Investigation'
  171. "Dear"* InJustice Kavanaugh,
  172. The most important qualification for a Supreme Court Justice used to be an unimpeacha
  173. I still believe Kavanaugh won't be confirmed...
  174. Mitch McConnell's Tombstone: "He Broke America."
  175. Statement from Debbie Ramirez
  176. Goodbye, DU! You've won!
  177. 'Such a Slap in the Face.' Sexual Assault Survivors Who Met With Susan Collins Feel B
  178. DC Circuit sent dozens of Kavy complaints to John Roberts- who decided not to do anyt
  179. CNN and M$NBC proclaiming this an historic momemt
  180. Every Woman in America...
  181. Drip, drip drip. Brett Kavanaugh will never have any peace. We will haunt his dreams.
  182. "The United States of America was Judically RAPED again today"
  183. OK Lurkers: which one of you is doing this?
  184. SNL cold open was a gut punch
  185. Yesterday I cried for hours.
  186. Lurkers: You've been lied to. Here is Pelosi showing how it was done.
  187. 'That's not how #MeToo works lady': Kellyanne Conway slammed for congratulatory Kavan
  188. If you could would you leave the US?
  189. That's No Angry Mob, That's My Sister, My Mom, My Daughter, My Son
  190. When Trump said those words at the rapist's swearing in, were the rapist's daughters
  191. The GOP has decided to say we Democrat's are an angry mob. Good. 1930's German citize
  192. Hey Lurkers: Nancy Pelosi f*cked a chicken at Day Spring farm in Middleburg Virginia
  193. Trump: "In their lust for power, the Democrats have become totally unhinged! They're
  194. For Lurkers: If Feinstein had REALLY wanted to help rape victims...
  195. I'm not going to stop being angry about Brett K and here is why:
  196. Republicans used to love the sound of an angry mob. What happened?
  197. Hillary Clinton: You 'cannot be civil' with Republicans, Democrats need to be 'toughe
  198. Should we fight dirty to win?
  199. Just two minutes in to the show, Brian Williams broadcast the Tangerine Idi Amin's 'r
  200. Her body language is telling the entire story. RETWEET IF YOU SEE WHAT I SEE?
  201. A Moment From Black America About Kanye West....
  202. Bill Nemitz: As laughable claims go, Collins' talk of fundraising 'extortion' takes t
  203. Dow drops nearly 550 points, sending its two-day loss total to nearly 1,400 points
  204. How fucking HUMILIATING.
  205. The Traitor is coming to my hometown next week.
  206. And then she said
  207. Where have all the "Christians" gone ...
  208. My Encounter With A Trumphole Last Night
  209. When Trump Goes Down ...
  210. Most Old White GOP Men must be defeated - they will not change.
  211. We are so fucked, -- at the moment.
  212. What's going on with the polls in Beto-Cruz race? Wasn't it close? Now Beto just 20%
  213. Violence left vs right
  214. Snoop Dogg To 'Racist' Trump Supporters: F*** You And F*** Kanye West Too
  215. Why don't sane Christians get media coverage?
  216. Libido and Kavanaugh
  217. Democrats didn't leak Dr. Ford's letter--it was most likely the White House
  218. The leading cause of hateful division in this country
  219. Black Voters Matter. Seniors board bus to vote. Bus stopped and seniors kicked off...
  220. Pierce: Elizabeth Warren Had to Engage With This Nonsense. That's What Our Politics H
  221. Unfortunately, Trump has an easy-out on his $1 mil Warren bet.
  222. Why would any woman ever vote for a Republican?
  223. The death toll mounts under Trump.
  224. Roberts: Kavanaugh Joining Court Is Like Having A New In-Law At Thanksgiving
  225. Why do so many purposely misinterpret Senator Warren's position?
  226. Trump's Attacks on the Press Are Illegal. We're Suing.
  227. What's this guy's DU name?
  228. Vote Republican!!!
  229. Trump's lawyers in court to fight lawsuit they call 'politically motivated' by sexual
  230. I just the saw the most vicious campaign ad
  231. I have been tokin' since 1967.
  232. If you have no problems voting on election day...
  233. Harris calls for repealing Trump Tax Plan, and instead giving families a $6,000 tax c
  234. New York man arrested for threatening to kill two US senators over backing Supreme Co
  235. Trump doubles down on his remarks last night lauding body slamming of reporter.
  236. The U.S. is going to tell Russia that it is leaving landmark INF nuclear treaty
  237. Watch the Proud Boys, led by GOP chairman, confront Nancy Pelosi at Democratic campai
  238. Nitwits are delusional!!!
  239. Holy Shit! Hang on! Carl Bernstein on CNN today just said...
  240. Here is what I'm hoping for
  241. Donald Trump has used a "bone saw" on America.
  242. This is so obvious it shouldn't need to be said. But it does
  243. How we MUST begin talking about Trump...a frustrated call to arms
  244. So I turn on M$NBC and who do I see - one of the mobsters
  245. CNN touting NBC/WSJ poll that shows 47% approval for Trump
  246. How I flipped two Southern Trumpians on the Caravan "Issue"
  247. 'False Flag' Conspiracies Fly after Explosives Mailed to Prominent Democrats
  248. It's really telling that all during the years of President Obama....
  249. 'Bomb' package sent to Cuomo turns out to be alt-right 'Proud Boys' propaganda
  250. Note to Bomber: You don't need a $6.00 Wal-Mart clock on a mail bomb