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  1. Take some fucking responsibility cons
  2. Could these bomb attempts change the election?..Could the attempts
  3. It's a cult
  4. One way to shut Trump up, would be to take a close-up look at the kind of people at h
  5. Did the shooter shoot Steve Scalise at the Republican baseball game because of incite
  6. Design of bombs targeting Trump critics came from Internet: sourc
  7. A President Who Hates Half The Country Doesn't Get to Call For 'Unity'
  8. https://www.democraticunderground.com/100211320013
  9. N Georgia redneck early voting is..........
  10. Star Member workinclasszero (25,858 posts) Georgia 'lost' 4,600 ballot requests submi
  11. So I'm driving home from my substitute teaching job today and across a big intersecti
  12. I teach 8th graders. Every morning we watch CNN 10 which is 10 min of current events.
  13. Bullshit!!!
  14. No matter what Trump says about the capture of the bomber, he will look like a total
  15. A 'CNN sucks!' chant just broke out at the White House, minutes before Pres. Trump...
  16. I'm thinking that a guy living in a van in Florida just made tRump's presidential par
  17. Douchebag Hugh Hewitt is trying to draw a false equivalency between
  18. For the lurkers: Fake FBI Bombing for Dummies
  19. Black press blocked from Trump "Black Leadership Summit," audience "lost, disturbed,
  20. At least 7 dead in Pittsburgh synagogue shooting
  21. If this was another Trump nut he may have just killed a few cops.
  22. The orange fucker is inciting people with hate speech.
  23. I've felt sickened and disgusted pretty much every waking moment of the last two year
  24. CNN has recording : Trump warned there will be "violence" if the Republicans lose the
  25. LURKERS: Synagogue Bomber HATES Trump
  26. mbusby (203 posts) 1. The local police have stated that a sawed off shotgun
  27. Most of the republicans are about to be swept out of power and into extinction. Mark
  28. Kanye West designed T-shirts urging black people to bail on Democrats
  29. To Trump DumbassesLet's do a calculation, dummy. Citizens loudly voicing their opinio
  30. My MAGA encounter last night
  31. Jewish leaders tell Trump he's not welcome in Pittsburgh until he denounces white nat
  32. Is anyone else ratcheting up the conflict with fascists or is it just me?
  33. The underlying obscene insidiousness of Trump's response to the MAGAbomber
  34. Looks Like Someone May Be Planning False Sexual Assault Accusations Against Robert Mu
  35. I had dinner with a former Secret Service Agent, FBI Agent and Mueller Investigation
  36. What if Trump suddenly flees to Russia and takes the football with him?
  37. Had HRC been allowed to occupy the Oval Office, as per the people's will
  38. WATCH: Trump's motorcade forced to turn around after thousands of protesters flood Pi
  39. Ivanka, Donald Jr. and Eric Trump were born BEFORE Ivana was a US Citizen
  40. Nancy Pelosi: 'You Will See Evidence' of the Political Climate Calming When Dems Take
  41. Trump Condemned For Using Pittsburgh Synagogue Visit to Attack Media on Twitter: 'Dis
  42. trump lying his ass off at tonights rally
  43. Midterm elections: Controversial right-wing group infiltrates several Democratic camp
  44. Lessay we do take back at least one house next week-- is it possible that...
  45. North Dakota's Racist Voter ID Law Is Already Backfiring- article from The Daily Beas
  46. De-Programming Legislation For Republicans A Must - First Order Of Business
  47. You can lead Republicans to the polls, but you can't make them think.
  48. My simple statement to my religious conservative friends...
  49. Brett Kavanaugh To Be Denied Inaugural Walk Down Supreme Court Steps
  50. I viscerally hate your President
  51. MyMiami sister says: from malaise the unhinged
  52. I simply can't imagine . . . . .
  53. Trump is a liar and a bully. He pushes people around and when asked to do something,
  54. New York African-American monument vandalized with racist slur
  55. Ted Cruz! I can't hold my peace
  56. Will DU shutdown Tuesday night?
  57. If I trusted the polls
  58. The importance of civics lessons..................
  59. My grandson said "You mean that outlaw church with the Jewish gibberish?"
  60. What Kind of Democrat Can Beat Trump in 2020?
  61. Has Trump become more "normalized"?
  62. My expectations if we win Tuesday
  63. Dr Paul Ryan Of Pulse Cardiology San Bernardino denied a patient medical care b/c she
  64. This latest trump tweet is voter intimidation.
  65. Can anyone offer me hope for Florida? I'm Starting to get depressed.
  66. I love my home but I can't and will not remain in a state run by racists!
  67. lol Democrats likely to flip the House and the narrative is bad?
  68. Florida: yes I hate my state
  69. I'm bummed, I'll admit it. I've waited for two years for tonight.
  70. Ok you fucking bastards....
  71. ***Pete Williams just reported Rosenstein no longer in charge of Mueller invrstigatio
  72. This is unfuckingbelievable
  73. "Feminism is Cancer" Acceptable apparel in a college classroom?
  74. I have a sense of calm on how the USA will deal with any threat to Mueller
  75. WH has suspended Acosta's press credentials
  76. Sarah Sanders on Jim Acosta:
  77. sheshe2 - We're Stuck With White People
  78. Tucker Carlson is a racist a*hole, but this is just wrong
  79. Trump's acting attorney general, Matt Whitaker, has no intention of recusing from Rus
  80. First they came for Tucker Carlson, and I said, "He's right over there"
  81. Start the Voter Suppression Hearings Now and Don't Stop
  82. Democratic rep: Trump 'deliberately set up Jim Acosta' with 'staged' incident
  83. No more love for Bernie...
  84. We need Democrat votes
  85. Is it just me or have an amazing number of ballots appeared?
  86. I'm beginning to think that Brenda Snipes in Broward was trying to HELP Republicans
  87. We are witnessing mass attempted suicide by millions of Americans. It's complete madn
  88. Michelle Obama's Memoir: I'll Never Forgive Trump For Birther Movement
  89. A black woman has won the seat once held by Gingrich and which a white man could not
  90. The Reports: High Crimes and Misdemeanors and what will truly be decided.
  91. Fuck impeachment. I want indictment and prison for Ill Dooky. Uniquely and solely.
  92. Can ownership of the House stop the rot of fascism from destroying us?
  93. Caravan migrants leave Mexico City en masse, headed for U.S.-Mexico border
  94. Nancy Pelosi: Mueller Doesn't Have to Indict Trump for Congress to Impeach Him
  95. There will be no redemption. There is blood in the water and the sharks are circling.
  96. Schiff: Whitaker must recuse himself on special counsel or Democrats will investigate
  97. How close is Mueller?
  98. Hey Republicans and Trump fans - your 2nd amendment rights are not under attack. Your
  99. Watching his current behaviors.. I think Trump knows the floor is about to open up
  100. Senator Nelson is going to win the recount and all hell is going to break loose.
  101. Adam Schiff: "Concern Trump would dispute the 2016 results if he lost was part of the
  102. City of San Francisco threatens court action over Trump's acting Attorney General
  103. IMO, what makes Trump so dangerous is this: he can't go back to his old life.
  104. Republicans warn Democrats not to go on an "investigation" binge...
  105. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez kicks..... Pelosi
  106. Do well known wingnuts believe the shit they're selling?
  107. Ocasio Cortez is going to be a problem for our party just watch.
  108. Schumer tells Trump to stay out of Florida recount
  109. The DUmmies havent heard the good news... yet!
  111. Why is Florida constantly an electoral dumpster fire?
  112. Michael Avenatti Arrested for felony domestic violence
  113. politically correct - Thanksgiving
  114. Big! Pelosi committed to putting Progressive Caucus Members on most powerful committe
  115. NanceGreggs - "And I Am LOVING It!"
  116. Judge hands CNN victory in its bid to restore Jim Acosta's White House press pass
  117. So this is the Washington welcome for America's youngest woman ever elected to Congre
  118. New federal rules would allow students accused of sexual assault to question accusers
  119. Does anyone care about Monika Lewinsky?
  120. Romney Taking Down TRUMP
  121. In my opinion, the Democrats cannot address any issue until this issue addressed.
  122. One thing I have learned about Mueller is he does not go on fishing expeditions.
  123. Cindy McCain says that neither Trump nor Melania reached out to her after John McCain
  124. The indictments were placed in the docket with care, In hopes that Bob Mueller soon w
  125. Service Project for Black Friday...RAKE THE CASCADES!
  126. How a selfie saved a Williamson County man from 99 years in prison
  127. 'He's Barack Obama, but white': Beto O'Rourke blows up the 2020 Democratic primary.
  128. Do these guys just never learn
  129. Dear Ivanka
  130. Avenatti's Ex-Girlfriend Mareli Miniutti: He Violently Dragged Me Out of Bed, Called
  131. Joe Scarborough Implores Republicans to Put Party Ahead of 'Unhinged' and 'Immoral' D
  132. Stacey Abrams is doing the best and right thing, fighting on and back
  133. Michelle Wolf Answers tRump Tweet Splendidly
  134. Report: Student wore Ku Klux Klan outfit to Poplar Bluff High School for 'study group
  135. Just how dumb is Trump?
  136. Exclusive: Giuliani on Clinton -- 'Of course she should be investigated'
  137. DU'er offers a drug hook up for grandma...
  138. Hillary Clinton: Europe must curb immigration
  139. What I Learned Tonight at Right Winger Inlaws Thanksgiving Dinner
  140. I for one, look forward to being in a minority
  141. One of the many things I love about being black...
  142. Turkey Day with repub family............... BOUNCY!
  143. So our Constitution allows one man to shit on the world for four years?
  144. The debate about impeachment is over. It's now a matter of survival.
  145. New book by Trump advisers alleges that the president has 'embedded enemies'
  146. Seahawk Fan - Will Sit For National Anthem - Until The Wealthy Are Arrested Like The
  147. Dear Republican Party:
  148. House Democrats demand Trump records for expected hate crimes investigation
  149. Pre-empting the DUMMIES: the Manafort/Assage story collapsed within minutes.
  150. A black man helped his drunk neighbor get home -- and got arrested
  151. Tweety has Lewandowski on as a guest! WTH?
  152. Cindy Hyde-Smith Says She Never Lost Faith in Mississippi's Racists
  153. It's Time, Republicans
  154. Mother Jones: Here's Evidence of Collusion: Trump's Lawyer Discussed Business Deal w/
  155. I haven't been in this good a mood in years.
  156. Just resign Mr Trump.
  157. I don't get why Whitaker allowed all of this to happen today and why is Rosenstein st
  158. Bush family: Publicly uninvite tRump
  159. As we celebrate the demise of Trump, we must not forget this.
  160. Trump unlikely to trade Pence the presidency for a pardon because there's no way to s
  161. New Cohen Bombshells Might End the Trump Presidency
  162. What Is Your Spending Like This Season?
  163. I have no idea how the Trump presidency is going to end...
  164. Federal workers may not use the word "resistance" or discuss impeachment
  165. I do not believe the American people have come to grips with what is heading our way.
  166. Schiff: Trump refusal to rule out Manafort pardon adds to evidence of obstruction of
  167. George H.W. Bush's single worst decision is also his most lasting legacy
  168. Dear White House Lawyers - You Should Leave Now
  169. Watching the pageantry of GHW Bush's lying in state. Do we have to do this for Trump?
  170. Wisconissippi Republican legislators are actually saying, and voting to end, the powe
  171. Analyst: Flynn prob named Trump or Pence: You only get a good deal if you give up...
  172. Well, some evidence of from where comes Celebrity Laura Ingraham's hatred.
  173. Whenever I run into an acquaintance I've not seen for a while and they ask "How ya' d
  174. Before & After Trumps Arrive at Funeral...
  175. Not impeaching Trump would make a complete mockery of the rule of law and ruin our co
  176. Senior adviser to Sen. Kamala Harris resigns after report of $400,000 harassment sett
  177. Devin Nunes May Be The Next To Go Down Thanks To Mike Flynn
  178. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Responds to "Traitor Tot's" Instagram Post!
  179. Ask yourself this:
  180. I hope I live to see the day he's running down Pennsylvania Avenue butt naked screami
  181. Patience
  182. Christie Says Prosecutors Have Evidence Trump Broke Law
  183. Grave disappointment
  184. The Smocking Gun part 2 .... it was Obama's fault
  185. Republican Fears Grow That Trump Is Leading Them To Doom In 2020
  186. Nancy Pelosi: "It's like a manhood thing with him -- as if manhood can be associated
  187. So we got an up close example of his negotiation skills
  188. 7-year-old migrant girl taken into Border Patrol custody dies of dehydration, exhaust
  189. The relentless background tension I've felt since Trump was elected is slowly easing.
  190. Damn every single person who voted for Trump.
  191. Health Costs Bear Down On Families Who Don't Qualify For ACA Subsidies
  192. Graham: Campaign Finance Violations Have Never Been Used For Impeachment!
  193. Not alright for Bill Clinton but it's aok for the Big Con...
  194. Be Careful What You Pretend to Wish For
  195. Federal judge in Texas strikes down ObamaCare
  196. Trump is toast
  197. Progressives believe in the concept of collective responsibility.
  198. They are writing numbers on the arms of the people at the border. I shit you not.
  200. The 2018 Annual Ralphie Award for DU term of the year
  201. Sunday Contest: Trump is so dumb that ...
  202. Darrell Issa predicts Flynn guilty plea will be thrown out, citing FBI 'misconduct'
  203. Misogyny is prevalent throughout the GOP - Kellyanne attacks Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
  204. To the lurkers: GAME OVER: Steele admits Hillary hired him to write dossier
  205. If the government shuts down, shouldn't drumpf lose his secret service protection?
  206. White House Reporters Shout at Sarah Sanders For Short Briefing: 'Do Your Job!'
  207. NY AG's order makes Trump family control of any presidential library in NY impossible
  208. Yes. I want a female candidate.
  209. Pennsylvania police investigating threatening letters sent to minorities signed 'Dona
  210. So, we have a five time draft dodger who thinks he's an expert military strategist.
  211. The senate rethugs are sitting there
  212. Trump isn't God!
  213. Maddow reporting Mattis is First Cabinet member resigning in Protest of Trump Admin.
  214. bank calls 911 on black man cashing his paycheck
  215. Trump is 'flipping out' and 'there's going to be an intervention' after Mattis resign
  216. He has no idea what it means when Nancy takes that gavel come
  217. It's Officially Time To Ban Gift-Wrapping Paper
  218. What's Happening is Deplorables' Fault.
  219. Didn't The Fed Raise Rates During President Obama's Term
  220. McCaskill: GOP senators privately say Trump is 'nuts'
  221. College student told to take down sign cursing at Nazis over 'issues of inclusion'
  222. Do kids take English in school anymore?
  223. Dow soars 600 points as stock market bounces back
  224. Hmmm...looks like the President is taking an unannounced trip...
  225. 'Beyond Repulsive': Outrage After Trump DHS Secretary Blames 'Parents' and 'Open Bord
  226. Am I Right?
  227. Trump Impeachment Is 'Inescapable' Says Watergate Journalist, President Is 'Out Of Co
  228. We need a gov shut down law
  229. Do you sense the panic?
  230. This absolute law of nature is destroying the Republican party.
  231. Jesus doesn't believe in walls
  232. Good Grief. He Is A Moron
  233. (THE ANITSEMITIC) 3rd Women's March 2019 "TRUTH TO POWER"
  234. 7-year-old girl killed after white man pulls alongside black family's car and opens f
  235. I know it may be too soon but I think I'm falling in love
  236. Angst. All this fucking angst. All the time. 24/7/365.
  237. Something abusers say (AKA abusive DUmmies claiming to be 'victims" ')
  238. TV today: CNN The 60s, made me cry..FOX Clinton Scandals all damn day, crying for ano
  239. (LOL) HRC is by far the most qualified candidate for POTUS. wtf is wrong with people?
  240. Mark Hamill: I love my country & feel it's my patriotic duty to oppose this demented
  241. Ok folks. We are gonna be in for a bumpy ride soon. It seems like right wingers want
  242. Trump resigns suddenly, Pence becomes prez, names Romney VP.....
  243. But they aren't racists...right?
  244. So This Vote For Speaker Will Go Down Along.....
  245. I'm crying my eyes out at Nancy's swearing in!
  246. For the lurkers: When Do Legal Immigrants Get to 'Speak Out'?
  247. Kellyanne Conway says Trump has given up ownership of government shutdown: 'He doesn'
  248. Trump lied about support calls for the wall...WH switchboard is down during shutdown
  249. Sen. Kamala Harris Immediately Introduces Middle Class Tax Cut Bill
  250. Did you know during shutdown there will be no IRS refunds. How many dotard voters dep