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  1. Rumor/speculation. Dozens of Senators/Reps and evangelical groups linked to Butina
  2. "We're gonna impeach the motherfucker."
  3. Does Mitch McConnell know he's part of the first branch of government?
  4. Record Numbers of Americans Want to Leave the U.S.
  5. Arizona GOP chairman warns state Republicans they are forbidden from criticizing Trum
  6. There's a real possibility of Pelosi becoming POTUS before 2020.
  7. The Republican Party is in full suicide mode
  8. Suspect in custody for deadly shooting of Jazmine Barnes
  9. Pelosi gave Trump the 'middle finger' by only sending aides to meet with his negotiat
  10. Pelosi's Popularity Is Surging and Tops Trump's For the First Time
  11. How the Republicans can rescue the country without a Trump impeachment?
  12. Is Sarah Huckaby Sanders under any legal liability for lying to the public?
  13. Trump Will Soon Be Buried By Subpoenas and 'It Could Be Brutal'
  14. "Illegals" is a racist term
  15. It suprises me, the overt and shameless cruelty
  16. Whoopi Goldberg Advises AOC To 'Sit Still,' 'Learn The Job' Before 'Pooping On People
  17. Axios asshole just said that ReTHUGs don't expect President Con
  18. Good Cop/Bad Cop - Speaker Pelosi is playing the good cop tonight and Senator Schumer
  19. What about cartels using drones and GPS to fly illegal drugs over Trump's wall.
  20. AOC - you are a breath of fresh air
  21. Ed O'Keefe (barf) sez nothing substantial from either side to end the shutdown.
  22. Someone at the AP needs to be fired
  23. A simple reason why fighting for the "WALL" is the stupidest idea Trump has ever had.
  24. If Trump uses National Emergency loophole for the wall, we should use it too
  25. Raven discusses her two imaginary friends.
  26. Evangelicals Think LGBT People Shouldn't Be Protected From Lynching
  27. Joshua tree being torn down
  28. Nancy Pelosi...I know a temper tantrum when I see one...LMAO
  29. Let's give Nancy an agreement for NO WALL under 1 CONDITION.
  30. Seeing very little RW reaction yet on Twitter to NYT bombshell on FBI investigating T
  31. Barack Obama was the suborned agent of a hostile foreign power
  32. WOW! It was reported yesterday the FBI is investigating Trump and Russia. Are you kid
  33. Using female pain for political gain
  34. American Media: The Propaganda arm of the Democrat Party
  35. Trump's worst racist Native American remarks came tonight, and I'm fucking sick of it
  36. Trump brushes off Ocasio-Cortez. She responds by hitting the president where it hurts
  37. Trump wanted to give Putin the ultimate gift, withdrawal from NATO
  38. Feinstein to William Barr: The next attorney general must be able to tell the preside
  39. Pelosi asks Trump to reschedule State of the Union address
  40. Does Pelosi actually have the power to postpone the State of the Union?
  41. 24 hours after Pelosi disinvites trump to speak @SOTU, no response from White House.
  42. "I have the gavel": Maxine Waters lays out an aggressive agenda...
  43. Trump says he'll postpone Pelosi's overseas trip over shutdown
  44. Pelosi's trip was to obtain 'critical national security' info -- and Trump didn't eve
  45. Texas Wins Appeal to Kick Planned Parenthood Out of Medicaid
  46. Pence Says Criticism of His Wife's Job at Anti-LGBTQ School Is 'Deeply Offensive'
  47. Question: Do you think Mike Pence will be President within the next year?
  48. Democrat, AntiSemite, Jew haters to gather Satrudays for the so called womens march
  49. JUST IN: White House issues a directive to executive branch agencies that bars congre
  50. I assume that Jason Leopold has editors that fact check his stories before they're pu
  51. Do you trust William Barr?
  52. Senate recesses until Jan 29th
  53. It's time for Mueller to get off the damned pot already.
  54. Jason Leopold needs to quit journalism, tomorrow
  55. If you're on Twitter, report this trump post... inciting violence
  56. Saying something is inaccurate without providing specifics is useless. In which direc
  57. It's not "tit for tat" - it's called CHECKS & BALANCES. Congress is trying to police
  58. Cop fatally shot 14-year-old boy in the back - from 55 yards - as he ran away
  59. Pelosi: Trump proposals to reopen government a 'non-starter'
  60. Dems should counter propose on the wall
  61. Nancy Pelosi hands Donald Trump a lesson in the art of politics
  62. ***Stunning report reveals why Mueller acted Friday. To make it easier to take 45 dow
  63. South Flo. Politician "Unapologetic" for Racist Comment, Compares Muslim Congresswoma
  64. covington screenshots of each participant
  65. It's not just Covington Catholic High School
  66. A real President would invite Nathan Philips to the White House and start a national
  67. What Trump could do to bring the country together.
  68. Breaking News: Supreme Court Allows Trump's Transgender Military Ban to Take Effect
  69. The reason we have Brett Kavanaughs is because Nick Sandmanns were never held account
  70. The MAGA hats is all you need to know about the Covington!!!!
  71. Speaker Pelosi cancels WH walk through
  72. The first DEFEAT for RUMP with MANY to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  73. Pelosi tells Republicans: 'Take back your party'
  74. Harass women, bully a vet, get invited to the White House.
  75. For the lurkers: The Free Stuff You Get If You’re A Furloughed Government Worker
  76. DUers upset Covington kids aren't supportive of baby killing like the DUmmies are
  77. Furloughed worker: "I have $1.06 in my bank account"/ Democrats- Who cares? Not us!!
  78. Black Children Don't Have Nick Sandmann's Rights
  79. Hillary needs to be sworn as our LEGITIMATE president!
  80. So wanting a female president is "identity politics"?
  81. Once old Roger finds out what Mueller has, he will fold like a cheap suit.
  82. Please remember this: The FBI agents that arrested Stone today are working for *FREE*
  83. He still has 37% approval?! WTF!
  84. Pelosi says Trump's State of the Union will still be delayed
  85. 'Pelosi should give SOTU because she's obviously running the country': Dem Congress m
  86. When you insult, attack the law, the law may send 29 FBI agents to your house to arre
  87. Has there been any updates on those Covington brats?
  88. Third-Trimester Abortion Controversy Goes Viral - and Gets Very Nasty - Overnight
  89. MSNBC Breaking: Mueller says info was shared by defense attnys. with Russia
  90. m's medical school yearbook page shows men in blackface, KKK robe
  91. EffieTheBlack lecturing the DUmmies again
  92. You can't help but notice ...
  93. Ocasio-Cortez: Northam should resign, his defenders 'deserve scrutiny'
  94. The damage will be permanent and what we're about to lose will be irretrievable.
  95. Just saw a guy with a Trump 2020 T-shirt "Make Liberals Cry Again"
  96. Sensitive question re: Justin Fairfax accusation
  97. Oh the Irony: Boy bullied for being named "trump" to be guest at SOTU
  98. BREAKING: Virginia LG Justin Fairfax sexual assault accuser named
  99. Nasty Driving Conditions in Minnesota - Thanks, Trump
  100. Congresswomen wearing white to SOTU
  101. Fucker said Democrat agenda
  102. Love that Nancy is reading from very large sheets of paper.
  103. CBS Should be REQURIED to take down that BS Poll and run a full retraction
  104. *WTF*Virginia attorney general Mark Herring, third in line for governor, wore blackfa
  105. The Con is attacking Dems this morning
  106. If not already obvious, Rs are coming for Dems with massive ratf*cking of every candi
  107. Malaise and others jump the shark -Venezuela has done nothing to be seized by the US
  108. WATCH: Sen. Hirono tears into Judiciary Committee Republicans for ramming through Tru
  109. Sheila Jackson Lee: "Mr. Attorney General, we are not joking here and your humor is n
  110. Taxes, taxes, taxes........
  111. Fairfax please stay where you are. Northam Stand your Ground...
  112. OMG the Joy show is absolute shit right now
  113. This may be the most accurate and succinct summary of US immigration policy since the
  114. The frustrating thing about the Mueller report ...
  115. Trump Supporters Have NO Self-Respect ...
  116. Northam opponents will not like this New York Times article
  117. Can't wait to see how big a crowd Beto draws tonight!
  118. Taxes on the wealthy, even "socialism". These are arguments we can and will win.
  119. I have suggested this before and it was pretty much dismissed as "You can't do that b
  120. Trump: "Babies come out, talk to the mother and then execute the baby. Execute the ba
  121. The Shameful Arrest of 21 Savage
  122. Need a good comeback for a right-wing meme
  123. Worst Bouncy Ever Contender
  124. Stop sniffin' around our wombs with your religion
  125. Okay... A wild guess how this whole collusion went down.
  126. "Leader Pelosi is running rings around Trump, and in high heels."
  127. It's GOT to be BIG
  128. NoShit...
  129. Anyone know what happened to democrats?
  130. The Benefits of a Bernie Candidacy
  131. Did and Did Not
  132. Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden should do the Democrats a favor and drop out (opinion pi
  133. Trump administration launches global effort to end criminalization of homosexuality
  134. Nick Sandmann (Covington student) is suing WaPo for $250 million dollars
  135. We're Not Interested
  136. *** Official "I will vote for whoever the Dem candidate is" thread ***
  137. Smirky Boy wants $250 Million from Wash Post..why not go for Billions???
  138. This child's parents need their rear ends kicked. What would a 7 year old even know o
  139. Coast Guard officer plans mass murder of noted Democrats
  140. 'I would rather starve': Music store owner says he will close before taking money fro
  141. A thoughtful article, however frightening...What if Donald Trump loses in 2020 but wo
  142. If the Mueller report is not explosive, the reaction of the American people will be.
  143. Woman arrested for assaulting man wearing MAGA hat on Cape Cod
  144. Bounce, bounce...Only Anecdotal BUT Tremendous!
  145. The reason Drumpf is meeting with KIM is so that he will look like a peace maker.
  146. So the billionaires enjoy the benefits of human trafficking
  147. Trump Furious After Nobel Committee Gives Him Participation Trophy
  148. How amazing is it at how Trump is able to control the media message every day of the
  149. Man, 81, Wearing Red MAGA Hat Assaulted Inside New Jersey Shop Rite, Prosecutors Say
  150. Watching Cohen hearing. Could it be any more apparent to even the casual
  151. I would like to ask a Rethuglican
  152. Cohen said he fears there won't be a peaceful transition if rump loses in 2020.
  153. When they marched that poor Lady of Color
  155. Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro accuses US government of fabricating a crisis to s
  156. So Hanoi was a waste of time...No deal reached..
  157. I have to have knee surgery next month and am planning to saying a fucking idiot if a
  158. DU for Warren has not raised a dime today
  159. Tlaib: 'We All Gasped' When Meadows Pointed Out Black Trump Employee
  160. When Wasserman-Schultz slipped and said "Rump," describing the Russia/Trump tower dea
  161. Standing in line at the pharmacy today when the octogenarian ahead of me....
  162. DUmmies toss Van Jones to the back of the bus
  163. GOP lawmaker encouraged teens to rat out their teachers for 'violating their conserva
  164. Trump Announces He'll Sign Exec Order Requiring Colleges and Universities to 'Support
  165. There is a good reason Republicans hate AOC.
  166. USD law students change party theme after 'Hawaiian Day' deemed 'culturally insensiti
  167. Infant mortality in Venezuela has doubled during crisis, UN says
  168. Trump At CPAC: Democrats Want Funding For A Train From California To Hawaii
  169. Republicans pound abortion 'infanticide' message
  170. Boy, are they in for a surprise...
  171. So after that CPAC meltdown how can actual conservatives still consider themselves pa
  172. With the hate trump is stirring up, some of our new members of Congress
  173. Democrats have big plans for every age group. Republicans call that socialism.
  174. 'Second Amendment Sanctuary' movement called a 'childish pity party' by Democratic go
  175. I want Trump to be indicted and convicted of crimes but also impeached.
  176. Must be a citizen to vote?
  177. Saudi app used to track women 'not against' Google rules
  178. FEMA denies Puerto Rico request for help processing backlog of bodies
  179. I was at the beauty shop and Trump was on the screen
  180. Trump is incredibly dumb, ignorant, uneducated, lazy, and lacks any semblance of self
  181. McConnell preps new nuclear option to speed Trump judges
  182. Hey, Trumpsters - Have You Ever Wondered Why?
  183. If she decided to run, she would be the instant front-runner by a large margin
  184. Colorado cops detain black man at gunpoint for picking up trash: 'This is my house --
  185. I disagree with this DNC move
  186. What are those black spots on peoples forheads on msnbc?
  187. Chris McDonald: I'm 'Accusing Adam Schiff of Being a Pedophile Because I Don't Like H
  188. House to vote Thursday on measure 'opposing hate,' Hoyer tells Democrats
  189. Pierce: Ilhan Omar Prompted Democrats to Pass an Anti-Semitism Resolution That Puts R
  190. Fuck me. Let's all go commit crimes. If that's all he gets for being the WORST white
  191. Judge Ellis: Sentencing guidelines "excessive," Manafort has lived "an otherwise inno
  192. Omar lauds House passage of anti-hate measure as 'great progress'
  194. I am pissed Re: Manafort (I am a former Federal Inmate)
  195. Who was the fucking judge who sentenced the whisteblower
  196. CPAC Chairman Tells Bill Maher, Trump Kept Big Promises, So His Crimes Don't Matter
  197. DUmmies: You're not gonna like this. (And neither will Nathan Phillips!)
  198. I stand with Barack Obama.
  199. If a Republican called me a socialist, I would wear that as a badge of honor.
  200. Do you really want to know why some people are MAGAts? Read my story.
  201. My 33yo son on the subway fr Manhattan
  202. It Exists: DOJ Finds Letter Ordering Scrutiny of Uranium One, Hillary Clinton
  203. Jeanine Pirro on Fox News: Ilhan Omar wearing a hijab means she's not loyal to Consti
  204. Mueller failure to have Trump testify would be a mistake - Schiff
  205. Just when I was really starting to like her, AOC had to come out and say,
  206. Sometimes I don't like myself.
  207. NPR deathbed bouncy
  208. So I'm Throwing My Hat in the Ring
  209. if unqualified student gets bogus admission, don't parents worry the student will flu
  210. BREAKING: Manhattan DA Vance unseals 15 fraud & conspiracy charges against Manafort (
  211. What is wrong with the elite people of America?
  212. Maybe a dumb question BUT
  213. WTF? Trump on "celebrating" Irish heritage: "they are brutal enemies, right?"...
  214. Fox finds a way to attack AOC after NZ shootings.
  215. Covington student who is suing WaPo/CNN for defamation is all about #MAGA life in cou
  216. It's funny how compassion, decency, and indoor plumbing are all "socialism" now accor
  217. This is one of the most frightening articles I've read in a long time.
  218. Midnight encounter with an ancient Russian Jewish space scientist Trump supporter.
  219. Muslims are so often the victims of terrorism, whether from white far-right killers o
  220. Poll: Half of Americans say Trump is victim of a 'witch hunt' as trust in Mueller ero
  221. GOP Lawmaker Will Seek Amendment to Limit Justices
  222. America's Biggest Christian Charity Funnels Tens of Millions to Hate Groups
  223. Has Anyone Ever Asked Trump If He Believes 'Is Anyone Is Above The Law'?.....
  224. If the fucker had just stayed in his ego tower, no one would have given a shit about
  225. What Would a Socialist America Look Like?
  226. Tired Of Winning Yet? Trump Notches 63 Embarrassing Court Defeats
  227. Florida Republicans move to limit felon voting rights despite constitutional amendmen
  228. Does anyone else feel completely let down?
  230. Hey Lurkers: MORE Bad News for DUmmies (Comey and McCabe under IG investigation)
  231. Shockey is still at it.
  232. Why I'm feeling a lot more relaxed today than last night.
  233. The economy is doing great.
  234. Bottom line: This is a disaster for Democrats.
  235. A great disservice was done by all those supposed experts
  236. I'm as distraught and heartbroken today as I was on election night.
  237. For the lurkers: Collusion Hoax--the Video!
  238. How much control does AG Barr have over the SDNY investigations ?
  239. Do you see what the Republicans are already doing? This is a fucking disaster.
  240. And The Demoralization Of The American People Continues.....
  241. "Hey, white people who had faith in Mueller and feel like the system failed you . . .
  242. tbh, Trump played this perfectly. Now it all makes sense.
  243. Trump lashes out after Russia probe, cites 'treasonous' and 'evil' acts
  244. The biggest lesson from the Mueller probe? It's about character. John Podesta
  245. Mueller Bombshell Hiding in Plain Sight!
  246. The sickness of whiteness
  247. If anyone with a Mueller Report thumb drive can leak the report
  248. Rand Paul Blocks Unanimous House Resolution to Release Entire Mueller Report in Senat
  249. Rachel is kicking Barr all over the place
  250. Thank You, Republicans!