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  1. Nuclear power is a poison that mutates our genes
  2. Palin to start 3rd party?
  3. So they had a tea party
  4. Teabagger logic: 101% of us pay 139% of our taxes
  5. Family Sees Michael Jackson Image in Tree Stump
  6. Obama lies about where he meets his wife.
  7. Michael was a nutless wonder!
  8. My health care experience in Canada, no waiting, EXCELLENT service.
  9. Mother of all DUmmie polls; IQ of DU
  10. Philosoraptor is one strange person!!!
  11. I had a run-in with an unstable right-wing customer tonight...
  12. What if the Uighurs were Christian rather than Muslim?
  13. Family Night for Obamas miffs some in Moscow
  14. What the hell is a 'hater'? Is it a new meaning for an old word?
  15. So my friend saved a man's life
  16. DUmmies celebrate 25 year old stockbroker's suicide
  17. This is bad
  18. As any serious student of religion/theology could tell you, if they dared,
  19. Racist Rantings Against Malia Obama On Free Republic
  20. What a Dilemma
  21. Truth comes out: Frank the Firefighter really knows his way around a courtroom
  22. I've had enough of people bashing others for their religious views!!
  23. I just had to post this photo (US distress signal).
  24. The United States of America Sucks.
  25. Yoga "cures" WHAT??!!?? "Cures" teh gay?
  26. NYT reports Cheney told CIA to hide info from Congress
  27. Hate Speech Against Malia Obama On Conservative Blogs Reported By Hate Speech Plantin
  28. Was I too harsh on a former student of mine who posted an ignorant comment about Soto
  29. Yarrrgghhh! Bigmouth right-wing wacko contractor working on my house!
  30. It obviously is now time to beat the Republicans about the hea
  31. Bums by any standard
  32. Hey everybody...MEET SATANICA! (AKA Blarch/Supercrash)
  33. How the other half lives; taxing the rich to pay for health care
  34. Al-Jazeera reporter
  35. Blasphemy!
  36. You laugh at my conspiracy theory, therefore...
  37. Who here doesn't believe our current global warming is due to human activity
  38. His hair was not as good as Farrah Fawcetts.
  39. Why are we not mentioned on DU.
  40. Wanted nothing more than to have a penis.
  41. The #1 reason we should NEVER TORTURE!!!
  42. Did you notice the American POW the Afghans are holding actually had clothes on?
  43. I ate out of a trash can yesterday...
  44. Shona Holmes didn't have a brain tumour...
  45. DU seeing the light get brighter!!!!
  46. UnF***ingbelievable: Harry Reid Delays HCR Vote FOR THE GOP!!
  47. I think our weather is doing stuff!
  48. A nervous attorney
  49. DUmmie upset with profanity on DU. Sad results...........
  50. Death to Christians (part 1000)
  51. My poilce story
  52. Generalized Police Bashing Needs to Stop
  53. I use a bicycle for most of my transportation.
  54. Why do conservatives hate commies?
  55. Brunch Bouncy
  56. Rerefried thread.
  57. DU failed math??
  58. DUMMYS think this is a real video
  59. Sonny you're goin' to hell!
  60. My mother gave birth to a worthless piece of crap!
  61. Me. Drunk. At my wife's family reunion.
  62. sexaholic, suicidal, abused mother
  63. I fired someone today and he threatened to have a hitman kill me.
  64. Obama 'Joker' Poster Causing a Stir in L.A.
  65. birthers and racism
  66. The brutal bottom line
  67. So it seems the people who could afford to drive a car worth under $5000...
  68. Democratic Underground does not approve of protests
  69. DU Thread of The Day: What Birthers Really Want To Say Outloud
  70. Short Film of the Year.........
  71. One strategy for Town Hall meetings.
  72. Breaking: Violence at Tampa health care forum
  73. tea-bag/birther nutjob
  74. In honor of next week's DU fundraiser, I bring you a golden oldie
  75. I have bad memory. Did we ever compare Bush to Hitler so visibly?
  76. We need to call these town hall disrupting assholes for what they are: TERRORISTS
  77. Grow the****up!
  78. Raising Baby Bubba
  79. I recommend liberals begin arming themselves
  80. "Violence is NEVER progressive." Wrong.
  81. It's time for *Rate-a-bouncy!!
  82. "Your Mother's a WHORE!"
  83. “They arrested a homeless man in a shelter for being homeless.”
  84. I just got called a Socialist!
  85. I love your insurance
  86. One of the most disturbing posts
  87. Just another ranting batsh*t crazy DUmmie
  88. I'm worried that I will see my father shouting at his rep at a town hall meeting
  89. Poor Katy Abram...
  90. All D.U.ers PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!
  91. A DUmmy at mall of america........(Very big bouncy)
  92. President Obama was 100% wrong today when he commented on Canada's health care system
  93. Family Guy's Stewie IS Gay!
  94. Suck ups!
  95. Wheres the "DAMN THAT BUSH"
  96. All the TV stations should be required to donate a 2 hour slot....
  97. speaking of socialism...............................
  98. I shut up Glenn Beck again!
  99. Is it just me
  100. Why "Squeaky" Fromme was released this week
  101. DUmmyland soon to be going to defcon 5
  102. F$%@k you Obama
  103. I still support Obama.
  104. This should be good! "How can we support populism..."
  105. Meet the only African American Man that didn't vote for Obama
  106. Oh the IRONY!!!!!!!!!!
  107. Rush mentions Democrat Underground
  108. It's online petition time again :-)
  109. Inhalers are cheaper in cuba
  110. According to IndianaGreen Obama is a pedophile.
  111. Vote in Senator Inhofe's Health Care poll
  112. Republicans Don't Matter.
  113. So how did the republicans develop a powerful grassroots organization
  114. Need help - kids and heroin
  115. Global Cooling
  116. The third and final phase
  117. Hairdresser Bouncie
  118. United Health Care: Strong Arming Their Employees and Associating With Religious Fund
  119. "Well I don't think US policy should be written to appease YOUR particular sense of s
  120. I think Scotland did an acceptable thing
  121. My response to a right-wing nutjob column in Ben Nelson's (NE) hometown newspaper.
  122. Tom Ridge, you are still smegma in my book.
  123. Birthers want to see Obama's dick
  124. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!
  125. I think one of the side effects of smoking weed is
  126. I just bought copies of a book......
  127. Buzz Clik nails it
  128. Why did Obama just extend a contract to Blackwater?
  129. OK, DUers, it's crunch time
  130. Obama Admin. Projects 9 trillion dollar deficit increase over the next 10 years
  131. Soldier, 59, is oldest U.S. service member to die in Afghanistan
  132. How Long Will Obama be on Vacation?
  133. Under bush I had a job....under obama I have no job
  134. It makes no sense for any health plan to not pay 100% of the cost of an abortion
  135. Are these screamers and gun nuts afraid of Obama or afraid of themselves?
  136. Devilgrrl needs to be talked down..............again!
  137. Dungeons and Dragons bouncy.
  138. Green Bay Hires First Black Police Officer
  139. Health Reform Supporter Shows Up At Protest With Revolver in Arizona
  140. How 'bout if we write the Repug legislators, and say we're praying for them to see Je
  141. My tribute to Ted "The Dead" Kennedy
  142. We need to pass health care reform for Teddy
  143. Leave Ted Alone!!!!!
  144. To all the lurking DU'ers: a small present for you.
  145. Bible Thumpers ..take this
  146. How fuckin stupid do you have to be
  147. Liar, Liar … Well, Healthcare Pants on Fire
  148. Oh geez, the Bushes are going to be at the funera
  149. Help me respond to the lies on this blog
  150. republicans want to "honor" ted kennedy by denying him his dying wish
  151. Elder Bush Sitting Out Kennedy Funeral
  152. The "least of my brothers" reading was the perfect gospel reading for Teddy's funeral
  153. How come President Obama isn't there?
  154. Tomorrow is going to be a difficult day
  155. Suck up cry baby thread.
  156. Whirlpool to send 1,100 jobs to MEXICO, shut plant in Indiana
  157. Yesterday, Orrin Hatch attended the funeral of a close friend.
  158. Get Ready for a New Round of BDS at the DUmp
  159. Need DU's help: I need the most repugnant photo showing the ....
  160. Obamanaut sister died suddenly
  161. Come on over, PCIntern.
  162. Duck! Here comes the gauntlet!
  163. Lurking DUmmies, Answer me this
  164. Fun with DUmmies!!!!
  165. hey lurking DUmmies!!!!
  166. Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh raping a girl
  167. Can I actually say that I am pro-abortion?
  168. The Male Privilege Checklist
  169. I'm livid. My sons' school has caved in to the wing nuts!
  170. I'm fearing Obama's not another FDR, but another Carter
  171. To any recruiter using ILLEGAL data mining to recruit my son:
  172. As a parent and grandparent, I feel so sorry for Malia and Sasha right now
  173. FOX NEWS WINS (Van Jones resigns)
  174. FYI: Here's the petition that Van Jones signed:
  175. Oh MY GAWED! Fox News themselves declares victory
  176. Will Van Jones weather the storm or step down from his post?
  177. Did The Site That Shall Not Be Named get it's DNS switched here
  178. You must agree with all black people or else you are a racist
  179. Time for your sunday evening funnies!!
  180. A proposal: Boycott Republicans.
  181. Biggest Klan rally in Washington DC since 1920
  182. I know Glenn Beck is a dangerous loon, but…
  183. Ky. school trip included baptisms
  184. Let's show them the Pandora's box that they've opened!
  185. Is The Ultimate Goal Of The GOP Not Just A Repeat of 1994, But The Impeachment
  186. KO just put in a bid on ebay for the dinner with Palin!! HAHAHA!!
  187. 11 accused of faking voter registration cards in Miami-Dade
  188. Bouncy punch lines...
  189. Do we need a wealthy class in order to maintain society?
  190. Horse With No Brain & Her Lies
  191. Where is...
  192. A question to you lurking lefties who are upset about Joe Wilson
  193. Wee willy pitt is still alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  194. Ok, I'm involved in a car accident (hypothetically)....
  195. BTW, Fox TV got beat by Obama last night
  196. Why educated people are always Liberals?
  197. So I see this bumper sticker on a van
  198. Mole or "Best of DU"?
  199. whose terrorist id was recovered after 911? I can't remember
  200. Orange Glow in the WTC rubble at 3:33
  201. I want them DESTROYED
  202. Secret Service should use Bush's doctrine of "pre-emptive strikes" against these tea-
  203. Message to Teabaggers
  204. Minneapolis police mace protesters
  205. The media is aiding the teabaggers
  206. I really don't want to look at Wilson's ugly face when I log onto DU
  207. A Hilarious Prank on the 9/12'ers
  208. Dear Teabag Movement:
  209. The 50 Richest members of Congress
  210. DUmmie eating DUmmie.
  211. Would you hire a job applicant who was Home-schooled?
  212. I guess I'm just gonna have to knock out my own teeth...
  213. Jimmy Carter: Wilson comments 'based on racism'
  214. The ACORN employees are right-wing plants!
  215. More ACORN Videos To Be Revealed
  216. DUmmy running for Texas Railroad Commissioner
  217. Roll call on House vote to defund ACORN:
  218. You've got to give the mother.....credit!
  219. Poetic Justice: DumpsterUnderground turns on its own over ObamaCare (LOL!)
  220. edwards is not very well liked in DUmmyland
  221. The Last Time Right-Wing Hatred Ran Wild Like This a President Was killed
  222. Is it possible to get a modest paying job fighting Republican ideology??
  223. Taverner Has lost it!!!
  224. Solo Teabagger
  225. Police Taser Amputee in Wheelchair
  226. Yet another bouncy tale.......
  227. 19.2 pound newborn
  228. Is McCain Risking ‘Overexposure’?
  229. The NEW TYPE bouncy Story
  230. The idiot "Nikki" shows her critical thinking ability... AGAIN
  231. Greenbriar gets called a liar
  232. Has anyone infiltrated a teabag like right wing gang?
  233. What Do You Call a Country that “Puts Down” Its Sick Workers Rather Than Treating
  234. Does this bouncy meet all the prerequisites?
  235. WHAT... percentage of adults in the United States own cars?
  236. aircraft CO2 emissions
  237. More school: Obama would curtail summer vacation
  238. lets see if this bouncy tale passes muster.
  239. DUmmies apologize for rapist (Polanski)
  240. Charges say white assailants hurled racial epithets as they attacked two black men in
  241. Racist bigotry at the White Democratic Underground
  242. Comment-- but no direct link
  243. LAUGHING MY GUTS OUT: GM EXEC incharge of VOLT project resigns and DU has nothing to
  244. Another HEAD shaking MINUTE
  245. Fellow CPA loses license for speech
  246. OMG! Conservative Bouncy
  247. Banner week for DU. Defend the child rapist and LAY OFF THE CHILD KILLER!!!
  248. Alan Grayson a "Kos kid".
  249. Did Rove frame Letterman?
  250. God how much more stupid can they get?