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  1. Perfect cartoon for DUmmies.
  2. When first I came to DU
  3. Elderly disabled FL woman being foreclosed for legal fees on HOA. Help!
  4. Call, write, and fax NOW. Tell the Democrats to KILL the Baucus bill in committee!
  5. DUmmy...Fail.
  6. How Letterman could lose
  7. OK...Who's DU handle is this one?
  8. ladypigeon has an update!!!!!!!!
  9. Eight U.S. Troops Killed in Afghan Battle
  10. SNL was not funny when they talked about their hero.
  11. Whole Foods CEO: If You Didnít Like My Brilliant Op-Ed on Health Care,
  12. DU Is A Collection Of Victims.
  13. My fat ass isn't my fault.
  14. Limbaugh wants to own black people!
  15. Rock Solid Evidence Proves Global Warming!
  16. Seriously, what the hell is the Norwegian Nobel committee smoking?
  17. DUers try to explain what Obama has done to earn the Nobel Peace Prize.
  18. Has anyone ever received the Peace Prize more than once or will Obama be the first to
  19. In what kind of fucked up universe does receiving a prestigious award = shame/embarra
  20. DemoTex
  21. DU-Esque Bouncy On Conservative Punk?
  22. I feel phsyically ill and completely outraged
  23. Douglas Brinkley: Obama has already confirmed his place of greatness
  24. DU hypocrisy (AGAIN!)
  25. White House: Fox News Is 'A Wing Of The Republican Party'
  26. I am very worried about a Palin candidacy
  27. A darker side of Columbus emerges in US classrooms
  28. It could happen.
  29. Global Something?
  30. Fox News Lashes Back
  31. Have you ever noticed that Libertarians....
  32. My son enlisted in the Navy
  33. Their most moron poll yet!
  34. Wee Willies Wedding went wonderfull Wednesday???
  35. When do the riots begin?
  36. Just 30 days away from media orgasm!
  37. Finland makes 1Mb broadband access a legal right
  38. Yahoo Sez $39k-49k Pay Is A "Good-Paying Job." Really?
  39. It's ABOUT FU****' TIME!!!
  40. Chronically homeless will live in apartments
  41. Sounds like Faux News is a co-conspirator in the balloon hoax
  42. Mr President, do know how many people lived on ramen noodles to get you elected?
  43. So whats the deal, did they find water on the moon or not?
  44. Major food fight over a retirement community
  45. Fuck you Mary Landrieu
  46. We need to bring back that 90% tax on the highest incomes
  47. Stop blaming racism
  48. I found it!
  49. Check-in thread for those of us that want prosecution of BUSH/CHENEY era criminals
  50. How Hilton may fare under Venezuelan government's control
  51. How Are Drone Attacks Different From Bush's Assassination Squad?
  52. The Audacity of Bullshit
  53. TSA on the move.. they now have swat teams..coming soon to your town..
  54. Dr. Dre: "Man ... fuck Rush Limbaugh."
  55. Kucinich Will Be a Guest on C-SPAN, Washington Journal
  56. Obama was a great campaigner, Now I yearn for him to be a great President.
  57. This has gone far enough!
  58. I am angry but not sure how I want to deal with this parenting issue of sorts
  59. Reminiscing: The Use of Air Force One
  60. Lowering the voting age to 16?
  61. A sane question from the DUmp with infighting over healthcare reform.
  62. Is there anything greater then the human beings of planet earth?
  63. So, if breast feeding in public is okay, what about breast-pumping
  64. I Made A Terrible Mistake This Week..........
  65. Bill Moyer calls for reinstitution of the Draft
  66. The Winner of the 3rd Annual The Late H. Lee Atwater Award for Republican Evil is...
  67. Poll question: I voted for Barack Obama and...
  68. Guns Forum: Should a landlord be allowed to prohibit tenants
  69. Now I know why the Republicans only worked four days and did very little work
  70. So Cheney committed perjury
  71. Anyone up for a kamakaze mission at the DUmp?
  72. Torture flight' plane spotted in Birmingham
  73. Auto registration checks scaring immigrants(criminals)
  74. Republicans aim for rival health plan in House
  75. UP Is Off It's Meds Again...
  76. "The White House: Let Conservatives Win... (For Now)"
  77. Are RePukes Really Gonna Strut Over a Couple Gubernatorial Races
  78. Poll question: Let's speculate wildly about Fort Hood
  79. DU = Islam good Christians bad
  80. Kucinich: Yeah...I'm a moron.
  81. The GOP should just drop the pretense and vote tomorrow wearing white hoods and robes
  82. Democratic Underground is looking for volunteers to serve as moderators
  83. So I called the local mosque tonight and told them....
  84. private cruise boat to Cuba
  85. Man charged with drunken driving after 911 call about pot theft
  86. George W. Bush visits Fort Hood, wounded soldiers
  87. How to End Wars
  88. We've Got The Votes!
  89. OK....calling all of our Psychics!!!
  90. DUAC Marches On!!!
  91. Dear God...more DUAC!!!!
  92. See a threatening RW net posting?- SAVE IT BEFORE IT GETS PULLED
  93. The HCR bill as it stands right now (as passed by House) is UNCONSTITUTIONAL
  94. Is the $25,000 fine and 6 month imprisonment true?
  95. The McDonald's down the street has their Flag at half-Mast. (Puke)
  96. nance greggs, greenbriar, will pitt
  97. New "V" Series is Right Wing Propaganda
  98. Obtained: In Letter To Pelosi.....
  99. Obama should pass an executive order abolishing insurance companies!!!
  100. If He Fits in this Well, Let Them Have Him!
  101. 10 Reasons to Abolish the Death Penalty
  102. About half an hour ago, John Mohammed, the DC sniper, was pronounced dead.
  103. DU has new babysitters
  104. Why are they so ANGRY?
  105. Mosques seized in US
  106. One for Linda Numbas.
  107. OPERATIONMINDCRIME gets the granite nap
  108. greenbriar...A brush with death!!!
  109. Help us Catapult our parody "Going Rouge: Palin Rogue Coloring Book" past Palin Media
  110. DU adbot strikes again!
  111. The Bush and Pope Conspiracy
  112. Slavery, abortion and civil war
  113. Army keeping media from Palin event
  114. Forget the right-wing family members -- how do you deal with the holidays?
  115. When You Find Out A Friend Is A Teabagger...
  116. DUmmie compares Palin to F'ing an animal!
  117. Climate sceptics claim leaked emails are evidence of collusion among scientists
  118. The Health Care Tax
  119. Cafe Press "Assasination" ??????
  120. God I love this economy... losing my job after a few months
  121. Climate Depot: Everything You Need To Know About 'ClimateGate'
  122. It's Deer Huntin Time!!!!
  123. They finally tombstoned me
  124. Fort Hood shootings-- the official story stinks to high heaven
  125. I Hate Republicans
  126. Taterhead must need money.
  127. Please consider a Tofurkey this season
  128. Here it is, updated for 2009: A Republican's Christmas Prayer
  129. awwwwwwww poor pabs could not help his fudgepacker friend
  130. Andre Shepherd - deserter or Hero
  131. Could we please stop posting FALSE STORIES on DU?
  132. Time to exclude churches from tax exemption
  133. Anyone having any second thoughts on NOT impeaching Bush/Cheney when it mattered?
  134. In case you missed it-Palin in the news
  135. 4365+
  136. This American Will Not Support Obama's Escalation....
  137. An american conservative is someone who believes that
  138. cleveramerican was nearly killed by drunk driver last night.
  139. On this day of Thanksgiving here's a really thankful DU'er, NOT
  140. Here's a friendly reminder of the policy on criticism at DU
  141. Can the Democratic Party become the Party of Lincoln?
  142. regarding trolls from other sites
  143. I hope you all noticed that Obama pardoned a WHITE TURKEY!
  144. Classic DU Projection
  145. Australia Plans to Kill 6000 Thirsty Camels Invading Town
  146. Hacked climate emails called a "smear campaign"
  147. You are losing me, Obama.
  148. Will you be ashamed?
  149. george w. bu$h* allowed osama bin laden to escape
  150. Underwater mortgage? Walk away, law school prof says
  151. A first in DUmmyland
  152. Make no mistake: GOP is paying trolls to "Blog Attack"
  153. do you support escalation of the war against Afghanistan?
  154. So, How Long Have You Been (Currently) Unemployed?
  155. Are you watching our President tonight?
  156. Did Obama say he was going to get bin Laden during his campaign
  157. How many of you are pissed off at Obama
  158. "Best of" from The Dungeon
  159. mike_c being a douche.
  160. Newt Gingrich praises Obama on Afghanistan
  161. Osama Bin Laden Is Dead !
  162. Dear Conservative Republican lurkers...
  163. I burned my Chicago tapes/cds ....
  164. I just snapped at an employee
  165. Peace of Mind in America is gone.
  166. So, the XeIA was killing people in Katrina NOLA?
  167. The Nation -The Afghan Pipeline You Don't Know About
  168. A silent coup d'etat has already happened in the US--DKos
  169. Navy Christens Newest Virginia-Class Submarine Missouri($72 Mil under budget)
  170. $10 an hour with 2 kids? IRS pounces
  171. Gates: "Exit Afghanistan in 2011? Just Kidding, Chumps!"
  172. Rachel discusses a new anti-health care ad that plays the race card.
  173. I'm not sure that I understand the nature of the Democratic Party anymore.
  174. Some 9/11 fun.
  175. This is Troofer
  176. At least with Bush we knew in advance that he was a dick.
  177. Did the GOP get Michael "Stepin Fetchit" Steele from rent-a-negro.com?
  178. 9 Years laters, DUmmies still crying.
  179. Vote Early & Often for the DUmmies of 2009
  180. Hey, homosexuals from DU, look at this!!
  181. Perhaps the argument should not be focused on whether there is or isn't global warmin
  182. So I am standing on the sidewalk with a guy from Carlyle Group
  183. So the guy in front of me is carrying a Glenn Beck book...
  184. Would you support a DU ban on climate change denialist posts?
  185. Infighting in the DU is delicious.
  186. Franken Puts Traitor Joe In His Place! [video]
  187. The Politics of Democratic Underground
  188. Earth on track for epic die-off, scientists say
  189. Copenhagen is an absolute fucking disaster
  190. Let's all take a little trip back to September
  191. I just got my premium notice.
  192. The scales are slowly dropping from their eyes
  193. Peace Grannies Invade Brooklyn's Target Store
  194. Thats a new low
  195. No defense for the indefensible.
  196. Boy Rescued From Costco Gun Safe
  197. I smell treachery....
  198. Loyal Democrats check in!
  199. March 20, 2010. March against War in DC
  200. The "LoZoccolo" account you see on the conservative message board isn't me.
  201. If no Republicans vote for this...
  202. God I hate this country.
  203. Are they this stupid on purpose? Must be.
  204. The Lady and the Snake
  205. DU shows "christmas spirit" to soldier posting from Afghanistan
  206. Merry Christmas DUmmies!
  207. Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory on truTV
  208. It's a Trap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  209. Ex-CIA Operative Warns of Terror Attack
  210. Top DUmmies of the Year: 2009
  211. So WTF does not letting you get out of seat in last hour of a flight accomplish?
  212. What would folks here say if Obama invited Limbaugh to the Whitehouse for a meeting?
  213. Mary Matalin just said Bush "inherited" the worst terrorist attack ever
  214. After eight years we finally have an adult in the White House.
  215. Anybody else see how they made fun of Obama on Dr. Who last night?
  216. DUmmies shown the light, scatter like rats.
  217. It was disconcerting to see what a mini-freeper my little 7th grade cousin was.
  218. The "underwear bomber" story fails the smell test
  219. I lost a very dear friend...
  220. davidswanson...moron.
  221. who would you like to see go away in 2010?
  222. "Dump Rat:Release The Bomber, Wishes Plane Would Have Been Destroyed."
  223. May God damn George W Bush and the Republican Party.
  224. Phone points illegal border crossers to water
  225. What is this other site that "cannot be named"
  226. "The #1 Film Of The Decade"
  227. Morning Teh Stupid from SoCalDem
  228. I Ask CU For A Favor - OPERATIONMINDCRIME Here.
  229. Truthout: Iraq Veteran Finds Sanctuary in Canadian Church
  230. We are not cheerleaders for the Democratic Party Ė we are the Democratic Underground.
  231. If you didn't call for Impeachment of Bush and Cheney, please don't complain...
  232. BREAKING NEWS: Rush Limbaugh was rush to the hospital in Hawaii.
  233. DU descends into insanity.
  234. Is Anybody Out There Watching Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory Show?.....
  235. How is it that a puny, mediocre mind like Limbaugh's can make $50 million per year?
  236. DUmmie makes an ass of himself, other DUmmies tell him.
  237. It is just not possible to support Sarah Palin without being either ignorant or disho
  238. To coin a phrase "Dummies lie, DUmmies lie all the time".
  239. The New Homeless: Aspiring Web Developer Ends Up on San Francisco's Streets
  240. This photo doesn't inspire anger in me. It inspires white-hot motherf**king RAGE.
  241. Is Fox gone?
  242. Obama was warned about a terrorist attack and he did nothing to stop it.
  243. The freepers are calling the bombing on christmas 12-25
  244. Avatar" Sonnabend's bouncy tale
  245. DUmmies have battered wives syndrome.
  246. Strange Days Indeed
  247. Davidswanson bloviating again - Shooting Hancuffed Students
  248. It takes a lot to knock me backwards..but it has officially happened.. a friend is a
  249. White House Adviser Briefed in October on Underwear Bomb Technique
  250. For DUers