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  1. Waiting for Armageddon
  2. I'm more convinced than ever that there is a vast right wing conspiracy
  3. A personal experience with the health care system this week.
  4. Did Limbaugh fake a heart attack?
  5. The US spends as much on it's military as all of the rest of the world combined
  6. Not A Poll: What is Your World's Biggest Problem?
  7. Just saw Avatar
  8. Since it's clear that overpopulation exacerbates many problems,
  9. adoption bouncy
  10. Welcome me to the Loners group......
  11. My country has gone insane.
  12. I need to tell you all something
  13. Family Secrets:All Your Worst Fears About The Bushes Were True
  14. Good job, George, you fucking speck of a human being.
  15. At some point you just say you are done. And I am at that point.
  16. If the republicans ever did get back in power.. this country would be a hell on earth
  17. Most retarded Bouncy of the year
  18. CBS Literally Faked The Moon Landing
  19. TRUTH! DUmmies sunlight.
  20. Video from the Ady Gil Shows it was Rammed Deliberately....
  21. Re Nance Greggs
  22. Poll: Should people be allowed to use food stamps to buy alchohal?
  23. DUmmie calls for death of US Sailors
  24. Pelosi...on New Report That Health Reform Will Create 4 Million More Jobs Over the Ne
  25. Scott Ritter: "There is no “war on terror” for America to fight"
  26. I don't get it. Why is the government going to tax me for HCR to correct
  27. Stupid...
  28. DUmmies waking up (some of them anyhow)
  29. American health care rocks! I mean sucks rocks.
  30. It was the GOP that forced Lott out, not the Dems
  31. The MSM trying to make the Democratic Party look racist! They better be careful!
  32. If Rush had said Obama was "light skinned" and "with no Negro dialect"
  33. Harry Reid and Republican Hypocrisy
  34. Harry Reid is a piece of sh*t,
  35. Fat Butts May Be Healthy
  36. Sarah Palin reminds me of a flighty girl flitting about in search of her one true lov
  37. "I'm a communist. I think we'll disagree, don't you?"
  38. Haiti's real deal with the devil
  39. is sending aid to Haiti socialism?
  40. Rush Limbaugh Boycott: Where is the public pressure?
  41. bobbolink hates Glenn Beck...
  42. I thought you were representing a Democratic Society
  43. Haiti's Exiled Former President Vows to Return
  44. So I get this email from my boss:
  45. The American people scare the hell out of me.
  46. No help in sight as the hellish stench of death grows
  47. Scott Ritter is a scumbag.
  48. Rush Limbaugh. How can we make him go away?
  49. What the hell is so funny about Haiti that you have to SMIRK?
  50. It would be an abomination for a rethug to sit in Teddy Kennedy's seat
  51. “Bush Was Responsible for Destroying Haitian Democracy”–Randall Robinson
  52. Neb. bill would tie welfare benefits to drug tests
  53. Cindy Sheehan leads protest at CIA, Cheney's house
  54. Sickening Irony--Haiti earthquake came on Rush Limbaugh's birthday
  55. The Supermarket survivors - will they be arrested for looting?
  56. Guess what??? Diebold machines to tally Mass. race
  57. Best of: Actual military support from DU.
  58. Cyrano Opens Mouth, DU Shoves Foot In
  59. The Scum of the Earth
  60. I just don't see how the Republican Party can survive
  61. For some posting on DU, the U.S. is simply the Great Satan, the prime evil
  62. How much has Sarh Palin donated to the Haitian relief efforts?
  63. Omen For Prop 8 Battle?
  64. What Bush Did to Haiti
  65. We win a massive victory last November. And if Brown wins tomorrow
  66. DUzy nominations?
  67. Adbot strikes again! :-)
  68. Diebold rules
  69. I'm so sick of this "It's the people's seat" crap.
  70. Only 35 minutes left in the Obama Administration (posted at 7:35)
  71. WBZ reporting 56% Brown 43% Coakley with 9 of 2100 precincts reporting.
  72. In tough times people like candidates who appear to stand for something....
  73. AP...Brown wins (Blame it on Obama)
  74. Xultar has a good OP about the MA election
  75. Willy nails it again
  76. Hey Dummies!!!
  77. It ain't over till it's over I REFUSE to fucking concede
  78. I can't believe this was said in DU!!!
  79. One last thought before I smash things and yell a lot...
  80. Rejoice, fuckwits, we're officially "underground" again.
  81. I would like to apologize to all the DUmmies....
  82. Calling people "teabaggers" and making fun of pickup drivers didn't work out too well
  83. Poll question: Did Democrats lose by being too progressive or too corporate?
  84. Poll question: The real lesson from tonight's loss is
  85. Martha Coakley claims voter fraud- a day before the elections
  86. Whooh...Here's a smart DUmmy....I didn't know they even existed..
  87. Wee Willy "I was wrong"
  88. Hey, lurking DUmmies, here's another present for you
  89. Pab Sungenis discusses running for Congress
  90. A FB Debate I am having has turned ugly
  91. More Ads to the DUmp!
  92. Rate Obama's first year as President.
  93. Game Over. Canada here I come. Democracy is dead, Fascism Rules
  94. My e-mail to John Edwards
  95. Good god! What is happening?
  96. Been Fun Voting ... Been Fun Caring ... Been Fun Trying To Help Those Who Need It
  97. Air America Ceasing Live Programming This Afternoon
  98. We heard the tea-baggers would be the death of the GOP
  99. The Magistrate.
  100. Kennedy seat loss has driven DU mad
  101. I am so ... DONE
  102. Has any decision by the Roberts court similarly expanded rights for actual people?
  103. Universal Democratic Underground Thread
  104. The DUmp excretes class. Well... not really.
  105. "Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?"
  106. Word a Constitutional Amendment that Precludes ...
  107. Answer to message on DU, posted to "freepers"
  108. Well Dummies, it's a year later
  109. If you were to leave the U.S., which country would you go to and why
  110. Why do things have to get this MONUMENTALLY AWFUL before people WAKE UP...
  111. I just saw a damn ad for young women joining the military
  112. The DUmmies want to write songs about obama.
  113. davidswanson dreaming again...
  114. Pssssssssssssssssst there's a new
  115. Nobody gives a F--K about bin Laden's 'latest tape' anymore
  116. Why are Republicans so good??
  117. I did not vote for Obama to play nice with the Thugs.
  118. I voted for Obama.
  119. as long as health insurance cos. remain in business
  120. A devastated country full of young men with no jobs
  121. How to Squander the Presidency in One Year
  122. We at DU are out of touch
  123. Anti-Chavez channel removed from cable
  124. BWAH!!!!: "White Supremicist" arrested in NJ With Weapons, Map of Military Base...
  125. I believe I may be even more depressed under Obama than I was under Bush*
  126. How's that tax revolt going, teabag ...?
  127. Chris Matthews, you are not a joke anymore. You are a racist.
  128. x-marine accused of murder running for congress in NC
  129. "U.S. Congress should be very seriously looking at impeaching justices Alito and Robe
  130. DUmmie Sherman A1 play armchair general.
  131. DUmmies accuse someone of lying, without proof of course.
  132. DUmmies forsake 2000 and cry about stolen 2004 election.
  133. No question that the GOP are fat ignoramuses compared to Obama but...
  134. DU still blames Reagan for everything
  135. Racist DUers (what other kind is there?) this tea party guy . . . omfg
  136. 6,000 face loss of prenatal care (where is the outrage of pro-lifers?)
  137. Humans are Inherently Stoopid
  138. A Special Message To My Fellow Unemployed DUers: Don't Stop Looking
  139. Ronald Reagan was the worst president in our History
  140. Apparently...we are worried.
  141. Mongolian herders move to cities as snowstorms kill livestock
  142. "BAD MOON RISING" wolf-moon next weekend
  143. Obama Approval Index jumps 10 points in 2 days on Rasmussen
  144. Colbert got his iPad!!
  145. Some freepers just came to my door
  146. Norman Lear, Huffington Post: "Dear Rush..."
  147. Tomorrow is Groundhog Day..
  148. CIA Interrogation Tapes DESTROYED!!!
  149. A few words about civility and how we moderate the DU discussion forums.
  150. WTF is happening to Americans?
  151. Waaahhhhh, I don't like the way this poll looks
  152. Hasselbeck blurts out the truth: GOP opposed to open trial because of fears that...
  153. Brown to get Kennedy's office space
  154. On the whole "BFEE" thing...I don't buy it.
  155. Well, I'm not going to run for Congress this year.
  156. Banking Bouncy
  157. This should be interesting once it grows.
  158. Bush, Cheney and the Great Escape
  159. I was an operative for the CIA
  160. Good News! DUmmy gets a job!
  161. Why are the top Twelve out of Fourteen Posts on DU's Latest...about Sarah Palin?
  162. Time to place Sarah Louise Palin under arrest.
  163. Who is the stupidest? sarah palin or g.w. bush?
  164. I will not be watching the Super Bowl and here is a detailed reason why
  165. Gerard Alexander: Why are liberals so condescending? (DU proves they are idiots.)
  166. How to Counterbalance Focus on the Family on Superbowl Sunday
  167. Tim Tebow / Focus on the Family Super Bowl Ad
  168. Hawaii may delay payments to Quest health plan
  169. OK..where the hell am I supposed to go looking for a job?
  170. Here There Be Monsters (a personal story about bullying)
  171. DU is acting especially juvenile tonight
  172. Seriously. Did the Republickans lose on purpose in 2008?
  173. Sen. Kaufman: Palin backers 'don't follow what's really happening' in U.S.
  174. Ok, I'm sitting her(sic) watching the idiot box
  175. The long, drawn out end of the American Empire
  176. Skinners Fund Raiser
  177. DUmmies Pwned.
  178. What? No Bouncy?
  179. The Cleverness of Bullies...
  180. I'll donate $20 in the name of the poster who names my Raygun anniversary counter-bs
  181. Someone here used to post traffic #'s for the DUmp
  182. Your health insurance horror story for today
  183. Obama upsetting more DUmmies.
  184. DUmmies take political quiz, claim they're perfect.
  185. 99.999% of the job postings out on careerbuilder.com, hotjobs.com, monster, etc. are
  186. who here is talking about a civil war?
  187. It's time for a minimum vacation law
  188. Has Pres. Obama said anything about helping the homeless?
  189. ** Free Food Free Camping ** Starting March 13th
  190. 12 year old brutally murders pregnant step-mom, DUmmies defend.
  191. And now they're rioting in Vancouver...
  192. CNN: Why France Is Best Place To Live In World (No. 1 Reason? Guess, Go On)
  193. Local news reported that the Olympic Luge accident was result of human error.
  194. Cut working week to 21 hours, urges think tank
  195. Army decides not to Court Martial, DUmmies claim responsibility
  196. Fuck you George W bush
  197. Skinner, why don't you use the actual donation totals in your donation meter?
  198. I've been unemployed since October, 2009.......
  199. We need to eradicate the idea of assimilation from our thought in this country
  200. Recite the scripture or you don't get a star. Suggestions needed!
  201. The Real reason the left supports and promotes abortion?
  202. DUmmies show what disgusting pieces of shit they are.
  203. Why vote? It only encourages them.
  204. DU'er speaks sense, DUmmies attack.
  205. Obama kills Afgan Civilians
  206. My Valentine of 35 years....
  207. Fox News - it's everywhere!!@#$!@#$!@#$
  208. Freepers call for obstructionism and armed revolution
  209. More Homeless Americans Living in Cars and Campers
  210. Thank you Katrina - you know how to destroy
  211. 18.6 Million Empty Homes In America, 3.5 million homeless
  212. Christian orginization says "people of all faiths or no faith are welcome". I beg to
  213. ROTFLOL ALERT: CNN Profiles the Teabaggers: Rich White Christian Males
  214. Bouncy time
  215. I just found out about the crash. Was this guy a teabagger?
  217. Our public schools should teach children union activism.......
  218. Obama Spanks Boner at WH Meeting. Boner Cries
  219. White guy flies a plane into a building and it isn't terror, WHY THE @#@## NOT!?!
  220. anyone know of progessive boards where peace is still popular?
  221. I think DU should shut down the September 11 forum
  222. Austin IRS building still standing....
  223. So a guy comes to my door yesterday and knocks
  224. This is how movements start. The act of resisting becomes the resistance.
  225. If any doubters remain about what they would like for us, follow the CPAC saga.
  226. The DU 'fear factor'
  227. What kind of plane is this?
  228. Loaded guns allowed in National parks on Monday
  229. Fact, Our Government is Broken
  230. I have never beeen prouder of my 13 year old son than I am today.
  231. Millions of Unemployed Face Years Without Jobs
  232. Why didn't the IRS Building fall down?
  233. Patriotism dilemma: What should Americans wear at the Olympics?
  234. The true definition of Conservatism....
  235. Racist liberals
  236. How come Republicans can just make crap up and people believe it?
  237. Could DU hire a DU lobbyist? Would we want to?
  238. The Mirage Crumbles
  239. Liberals and atheists are smarter than other people
  240. Code Pink protester: Blackwater official threatened to kill me
  241. Scott Brown wore $750.00 pink leather shorts on his first date with his wife
  242. Congressman Weiner on Kos:The Republican Party is a wholly owned subsidiary
  243. Arizona Legislature passes measure for Obama: Show Birth Certificate and Prove Citize
  244. A new bouncy: Slam Dunked A Tea Bagger Tonight
  245. Message to President Obama from Cindy at the Peace Camp
  246. Carlos/RagingInMiami trying to cheat to win a contest & promote blog
  247. It's utterly frustrating
  248. Sen. Durbin Destroys Republican Arguments on Malpractice Reform
  249. Up Or Down. - So What Are You Going To Do? - 25 Feb 10
  250. The Unemployed are ORGANIZING! (yay)