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  1. Our Dopey Friends Still Love Reagan
  2. I Got the First Bouncy!!!
  3. First Wee Willie Thread on the updated site!
  4. While We Were Away...
  5. DUmmies turn on Queen of The Moonbats (McKinney)
  6. Marines Plan Urban Combat Training In Indiana Cities
  7. * at the Air Force Academy graduation ceremony - pics
  8. A question for DUers? (Or are we relevent)
  9. DUmmies defend teen drunk driver
  10. It only took 3 posts
  11. DUmmies on Sarandon Threat
  12. Call a Wahmbulance on this DUmmie
  13. "Lies and Arrogance Killed My Nephew"
  14. Does anyone think Obama should go to Iraq? I have a better idea.
  15. Death Penalty Hillarity
  16. My nephew has to pay 300.00 a month to eat while serving
  17. Poo-flinging DUmp monkey deletes posts from YouTube video
  18. DUmmies Get Their Spin Ready For Mrs. Obama's Alledged "whitey" Comments
  19. Katrina freeloaders being kicked out of FEMA trailers. DUmp monkeys sad.
  20. what is it going to take to get the NeoCons out of the public once and for all???
  21. Wonder if he requested a white doctor
  22. Here is UP for the first time on the new CU!
  23. In a bad economy,...
  24. Today is a good day to metaphorically spit on Reagan's grave - give 'em your eulogy h
  25. 78% of the US population believe in angels
  26. Paging LibraryLady
  27. No sympathy for the SUV
  28. this is truely AMAZING !!!!!!!!
  29. LOL What happened to OBAMA being the new politician... MMMMM
  30. I won't salute the flag, or stand during the anthem, am I unpatriotic?
  31. DUmmies try to advise $kimmer re: Hillary
  32. Walldude gets fired (thanks Mau) - From the Wayback machine
  33. Obama Pal Rezko convicted of corruption (DUmmies silent)
  34. Obama Scares Joe Lieberman-DUmmys Orgasmic
  35. Jury acquits Marine of covering up Iraq killings
  36. Lanier plans to seal off rough ’hoods in latest effort to stop wave of violence
  37. Some politicians want people to vote on Gay Marriage and that's fine...
  38. Confronting Right Wing Christians: Is it worth it or are we going about it the wrong
  39. Rant and a question
  40. DUer pwns himself on ratings
  41. FIFTEEN THINGS John McCain Underestimates
  42. Wanna gag?
  43. Someone needs to find a DUmp photo thread
  44. What was Said between Obama and HRC?
  45. What would Bushco hope to ACCOMPLISH by attacking Iran?
  46. DU predicts Obama/Kucinich ticket!
  47. DainBramaged stumbles
  48. Remember kids: you can't be a respected member of DU if you're a YEC*
  49. What's the difference between the Jews and the Iraqis?
  50. 285 K jobs lost in May
  51. Remember 2004?
  52. How many people here believe that some of the school shootings have been government f
  53. Not just the rich--hating the MIDDLE CLASS now!
  54. Atheist wants special license plate
  55. straightjacket realises that you CAN get medical care WITHOUT insurance.
  56. My girlfriends freeper husband has cut her grocery shopping money
  57. While driving into town (we live in a rural area) with my son
  58. How have the DUmp monkeys responded to the arson of the TX governor's mansion?
  59. Will abortion funding sink health care reform?
  60. City tests tornado sirens to annoy Greenbriar (Bush's fault!)
  61. DUmmies Want To Take Away McCain's Disability Payment
  62. Dennis Quixote ride again....
  63. If you like getting raped and mutilated and sold for parts, you must love multination
  64. cindy sheehan
  65. Okay, the election wars are beginning. The health care propagandists
  66. exactly what constitutes a windfall?
  67. Does DU Know??
  68. WHY ..... (best of)
  69. Does Free Republic have a lounge? What do they do in there?
  70. Speaker Pelosi Must Be Removed For Her Illegal Position on Impeachment Investigation
  71. Friendswood (TX) principal fired for trying to educate
  72. New DUmmy Outrage At FoxNews
  73. LOL Who in thier right mind beleives anything posted on DU
  74. Need A Screen Capture Fast- DUmmies Projecting Again
  75. Terminated my friendship with the lady over Obama
  76. So.... the media officially sucks...
  77. bush in in the same league with Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot- Over 1 million dead
  78. Can't Win? Cheat! It's the DUmmy Way!
  79. More Hating on Christianity
  80. Tim Russert dies of heart attack....
  81. If Dick Cheney dropped dead today how would DUers react?
  82. Rev. Dunce wants to destroy NBC
  83. DU mods, 2004 vs. 2008
  84. "Enough nonsense here-- the WTC towers were nuked"
  85. Correct me if I'm off the mark here, but isn't the key witness in the Libby trial...n
  86. Chimpeachment!
  87. “If They Bring a Knife to the Fight, We Bring a Gun”
  88. Here's the perfect answer to "conservatives" who say Obama went to an "Islamic" scho
  89. The Russert Tap Dance Has Begun (sort of)
  90. Re: Tim Russert - There's a sickness among a segment of DU
  91. They now ask us to remove our hats during the National Anthem at Sporting events.
  92. Strange talk with a RW patient and epiphany therefrom:
  93. My first OP will be my last, in honor of Tim Russert
  94. A Malicious Prosecution in my Family
  95. I Need DU Help for an Upcoming Argument with my Rethug Stepmom
  96. The Mother Of All Bouncie Stories
  97. Can You Hear the Chisel?
  98. From the wayback machine: "...AND A COP JUMPED OUT OF THE BUSHES..."
  99. More troop lovin' at the DUmp.
  100. Military judge dismisses charges in Haditha killings
  101. Searching For The True Source Of A Bogus Story
  102. Fox News Is A Menace To Society
  103. TIT Sightings
  104. Hey, guys...DU banned me, but for no apparent reason
  105. Even Cindy McCain doesn't trust John, otherwise their would be no prenup.
  106. wiseguy doesn't like recent Florida polls...
  107. Breaking: House Dems Go Along With White House On Telecoms Immunity
  108. To hear this message in English, press one-Sick of this?
  109. Is it okay to post a general thank-you to DU and DUers here?
  110. Who are we?
  111. DU crop circle thread, very funny
  112. $kimmer grovelbots for Obama
  113. My 73 year old Dad, a former Republican, now Obama supporter (BOUNCY)
  114. What's with this adbot?
  115. DU FrenchieCat THE Obama SHILL
  116. Another, "I'm Leaving the USA" thread...
  117. Call the Whaaaaaambulance!
  118. DU photographer convicted of failing to show sufficient respect to police...
  119. Skinner is losing it!
  120. DU this poll about Obama/McCain
  121. 'Steel Yourself' for the California NewlyWeds !
  122. DU is so predictable
  123. Frenchie Cat's new rant to save her BO
  124. How widespread is the "Fox News Default" at Holiday Inns & other hotels?
  125. DU's Pope died, they celebrate his legacy of hate
  126. DUmmies, look what GOP.com has put online
  127. ]Rove's Strategy for MI: Depress Muslim Turnout for Obama
  128. Seditious , Dangerous, And Traitorous Dummys Say John McCain Was Never Tortured
  129. Supreme Court Bans Death Penalty For Child Rape Cases... Dummies Party
  130. I Put My Carter Hating RePuke Boss In His Place: So much fun!
  131. Supreme Court strikes down DC handgun ban (DC V. HELLER)
  132. Obama is a total replay of Bill Clinton, without Bill Clinton.
  133. Are You Guys And Gals Behind This?
  134. Would the Chimp indeed be arrested if he set foot in a foreign country?
  135. I was molested in a movie theater
  136. For all the closet Repubs who use the term "far left" on this board--
  137. Okay, where ARE the celebrities to benefit the Iowa flood victims?
  138. DU I gotta know this
  139. Just bought the material to freeway blog for around $5.00
  140. Frenchie Cat tries to divert attention from FISA: "McCain is soooo boring that..."
  141. This is the message that could sink McCain
  142. Elite? You Bet! And I Don't Care
  143. "NYT: Obama Supporters Take His Middle Name As Their Own"
  144. What about McShame's treason in 1968?
  145. Jeebus, we're screwn. Republican father and son in Maine
  146. DUmmies' Joe Horn Crying Towel Thread!!!
  147. Wesley Clark did nothing wrong.
  148. DO NOT make McCain a "victim"
  149. Fucker Carlson sticks up for Swift Boat Vets like a little schoolboy
  150. Watching, hoping everyday, for bad news...
  151. Hey Skinner, wanna really piss the Right off?
  152. Du Idiotic Rebut Of Drill Now Push
  153. Texas Toast brags about his Democratic Advertising career
  154. TV debate on Global warming
  155. Some more DUnial
  156. Some DUmmies who actually understand some corporate econ
  157. The New Mod are in
  158. Skinner:If you want to be taken seriously at DU, it helps to prove your bona-fides.
  159. DUmmies Trash McCain's Time As POW
  160. Repubs start attacks against Dem voters
  161. Best Undergroundpanther Ever!!!!
  162. Bouncy poll
  163. liberalbitch slips up and tells where she works at.
  164. Randi Rhodes Mugging II
  165. DUmmie Challenge
  166. Finally, A Law Coauthored By Obama
  167. obama steps in it with the abortion crowd.
  168. Senator Jesse Helms dies
  169. They Want to Start Purges...
  170. How very appropriate...
  171. You had to know this was coming...Barack is being LYNCHED!
  172. Rate-A TIT tale.
  173. NYC Pride 08: Couple of Pictures
  174. Christian Right attacks Obama calls him "the abortion President" - offensive images
  175. Rumor has it in DC that it will be John Kerry for VP
  176. Obama says despite shortcomings of Bush administration, impeachment is not acceptable
  177. Fragile Unity at DU is already starting to unravel
  178. Pay Attention to Me! Whaaaaa!
  179. Wanting to end dependence on foreign oil is a racist position.
  180. Does anyone know where that story about Monica Conyers
  181. Wingnut "loses it" in public (BOUNCY)
  182. My years supply of freeze dried food is going on the truck for delivery tomorrow!
  183. Daily Kooks
  184. A Good Day to say "Goodbye".
  185. jgraz calls for the death of President Bush.
  186. Bouncy father
  187. People need to learn to accept the fact that Spanish is the language of the Western h
  188. Anti-Bouncy
  189. The DemocraticUnderground is the Marine Corps of discussion boards.
  190. Presidential candidate Obama to sponsor Cup car at Pocono race
  191. Stinky just confronted a major Rightwing Asshat!!
  192. NADER TO LIMBAUGH, GET OFF WELFARE (oh this is good)
  193. Tony Snow 1955 - 2008.
  194. DUmmies get reality check
  195. Anyone have a mole theyd like to burn?
  196. even Republican Members of House Judiciary Call for Impeachment out of Duty to the Co
  197. Don't worry, TominTib is on the case....
  198. The Stoopid is rampant
  199. Breaking! Fox showing pictures of McCain being tortured!
  200. The Baby Killers Are Back
  201. "Why I am supporting Obama-in case anyone cares"
  202. More compassion from TIT and the DU Vulture set.
  203. "Why Exactly is it Bad to Speak Ill of the Dead?"
  204. Netroots shafted by Reid, Pelosi and Emanual.
  205. Has The New Yorker lost it's freaking mind???
  206. DU project: proposed Activist Corps action - need your ideas
  207. DU shows their immense knowledge of the military
  208. What do we do about bloggers who admit to "working" DU? (i.e. - deception)
  209. The KO Conspiracy
  210. DU believes political cartoon is actually a magazine cover
  211. Thats it, enough tip toeing...I will say it.
  212. Kucinich Says UFO Wants to Speak at Impeachment Talks
  213. Your employer didn't pay sh*t for your benefit
  214. Hey, foreigners! Do any of your countries have a pledge of allegiance to your ...
  215. RaginginMiami is back! (Found Guilty)
  216. Repugnant Email "The Frog Theory"
  217. New Magazine
  218. Unique business aims to spread solar power (Shocking! Baffling!)
  219. Need someone very good with numbers
  220. Madokie Needs To Wipe His Chin After This One...
  221. DUmmies still having hard time facing reality
  222. Send Karl Rove To Jail - Petition Here
  223. Despite all the promises...no manual recount in close elections in Florida.
  224. Dear President-Elect Obama,
  225. N-Word Bouncy
  226. Think about this for a moment before you dismiss it as a crazy idea
  227. Little help here....Ted Kennedy and the Chappaquiddick incident.
  228. BREAKING: Willie Nelson agrees to Farm Aid-type event in support of Impeachment
  229. Does anyone else get the feeling Bush isn't packing up
  230. Woman charges w/ making terroristic threat for objecting to "Piss on Obama" bumper st
  231. Another DUmmie who doesn't want everyone's vote to count
  232. Raven: Everybody Is Picking On My Baby Will Pitt!!
  233. BBC reporter just said "President Obama*"
  234. Dobson in Radio Hall of Fame. Has it hit the DUmp yet?
  235. Iowa citizens(?) try to arrest Rove
  236. DUmmies: Surge is a failure
  237. So I went to my supermarket yesterday
  238. DOJ Lawyers: "Lunatics Had Taken Over The Country" They Feared Cheney
  239. What happens if you can't pay your car payment and credit cards?
  240. The DUmmies speculate on the future
  241. It's head splodin' time: Fox is pool feed for Denver
  242. Weekly Duer
  243. Novak Hospitalized With Brain Tumor
  244. How the mighty have fallen!
  245. Scientology ad on DU? WTF?
  246. Michelle Obama makes Best Dressed List
  247. The Impeach chanters love BO, but hate Pelosi?
  248. Are repubs more inclined to shoot those they disagree with than liberals?
  249. Holy shit, my neighbors are insane Republicans.
  250. Breeze54 Has people laughing at her,