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  1. Wounded Warriors & President Bush
  2. Eagle on guard duty
  3. Captain America's Harley-Davidson
  4. Walter Reed closing after more than 100 years of treating wounded troops
  5. DoD panel calls for radical retirement overhaul
  6. Free Backpacks Loaded With School Supplies Available to Military Family Students
  7. Army Charged Wounded Vet For Medal
  8. the last bomb
  9. A hero who faced a tragic end.
  10. TF-77 vietnam
  11. Albert Brown, oldest survivor of World War II Bataan Death March, dies at 105
  12. remembering the brave
  13. Any Retirement Changes Won't Affect Serving Military
  14. Adopt a Soldier : Real Americas Cares For Our Troops
  15. Yankees Star Nick Swisher to Have Honeymoon ... in Afghanistan
  16. Why did you?
  17. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Guarded Despite Hurricane
  18. Obama hails 9/11 generation of US warriors
  19. the Iowa finds a home
  20. At Ease!
  21. Ocean of Fear - Worst Shark Attack Ever
  22. Michigan Soldier Killed by Explosive in Afghanistan
  23. Silver Star venerates D-M officer's sacrifice
  24. Battaglia Takes Oath as Chairman's Enlisted Advisor
  25. Veterans, where and when?
  26. remember the Cole
  27. Happy Birthday Marine Corps!
  28. Happy Veterans Day 2011!!!
  29. Walking Through That Door
  30. Marching Band Armed Forces Salute
  31. New Battle of the Bulge photos released by Life magazine...
  32. 5 Of the Most Badass Non-Human Soldiers Ever
  33. pin ups visit denver VA Hosp
  34. former nurse at Bastogne finally recognized
  35. Traverse City airman killed by IED
  36. 25 Homecomings
  37. The Warrior Song - Leviathan - Preview
  38. My town lost a hero
  39. ole lady's start trip to scrap yard
  40. the life belt
  41. For All -Current, Past & Future
  42. A&E Herb Heilbrun & John Leahr
  43. Honor Roll
  44. Somewhere On A Beach In Cape May New Jersey
  45. AmPat Officially Retired!
  46. 'the Big E' makes final voyage
  47. I have a question about Military Citations
  48. Hand Salute!!
  49. Ollie North's US Troops speech
  51. USS Iowa heads for the barn
  52. Faker in the Wire!!!
  53. Remains of 12 S. Korean Soldiers Return Home from N. Korea
  54. Remembering: LCpl Stephen F. Johnson, USMC
  55. Marvin Hume - God Bless Him
  56. With gratitude
  57. Best Photo I Saw This Weekend
  58. Vietnam opens 3 new sites for war remains search
  59. Nancy Visits With Ronnie
  60. This is what honor looks like
  61. For some reason, something magically appeared in my throat when I watched this
  62. Happy flag day
  63. USS Texas (BB-35) Springs Massive Leak
  64. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
  65. ANG announces C-130 crash victims
  66. Marine Doing 1 Million Push-Ups to Raise Money for Wounded Warriors Gets Challenged
  67. Ride Across America by wounded warriors
  68. DOD will unveil website to combat Stolen Valor this week
  69. Words Not Needed on Military Values
  70. Film Honoring World War II Veterans Aims for World-Record Premiere
  71. Rock Steady Cadence
  72. Tuskegee Airman Julius Jackson, LTC (RET), Jumps with the Golden Knights
  73. Walgreens still excluded from accepting Tricare
  74. Daddy's Poem
  75. Honoring a fallen Hero
  76. strap on the De Havilland Mosquito
  77. True dedication and honor.
  78. Dying Navy Vet Get's Final Wish
  79. Travel ideas for Veterans Day ... and Doomsday
  80. Veterans Day 2012
  81. This National Guard Soldier Gives A New Meaning To Hero
  82. From Philadelphia to Fallujah
  83. Bravo!!
  84. Soldier Who Lost 4 Limbs In Iraq, Has Double-Arm Transplant
  85. Sgt Reckless
  86. Vietnam/Laos, 1946-1962 - Some history...
  87. Lawsuit Accuses California U. of Pa. of Bias Against Hiring National Guardsman
  88. Dad's Vietnam Pictures
  89. Doolittle Raiders hold final reunion
  90. RIP COL George "Bud" Day (MOH & POW)
  91. Thank you to Delta Airlines
  92. GI Joe & Lillie
  93. Burial at Sea - by LtCol George Goodson, USMC (Ret)
  94. Charging the beaches...
  95. Nicholas Oresko Nation’s Oldest Medal of Honor Recipient, Died
  96. rumors of V-J day
  97. Armistice Day, November 11, 2013...
  98. Vietnam War Era Music
  99. COL HUGH (SLIP) SLATER USAF/Ret January 2, 1922 - November 26, 2013
  100. One of my favorite people.
  101. Admiral Chester W. Nimitz WWII Diary To Be Released Online
  102. Times Square Kissing Sailor Died
  103. Former Vietnam POW and U.S. Senator Jeremiah Denton Dies at 89
  104. Arizona VA boss accused of covering up veterans' deaths
  105. Flight of Honor
  106. This is
  107. Welcome to the fleet, Coast Guard Cutter Kathleen Moore!
  108. Another Poser.
  109. Possible poser
  110. The two longest continually-active regiments in the Army . . .
  111. Herb Heilbrun & John Leahr
  112. To ALL of our Veterans
  113. Cops push veteran around!
  114. update of points of contact for VA benefits
  115. The last of the “Original 29″ Navajo Code Talkers Dies
  116. One of the Last D-DAy Veterans - John Kessler
  117. Veterans helping veterans: Coalition honored for services
  118. Another Poser Busted
  119. Military Scammer. Spot The Errors
  120. Project Vigil
  121. Congress Finally Provides Student Vets With In-State Tuition
  122. VA scrambles to create private care alternative for veterans
  123. Not One Word Spoken
  124. A Whopper of A Poser... And Maybe a Couple Big Macs Too....
  125. One Lucky Guys' Wife...
  126. September Happenings
  127. Veterans in Ludlow helping homeless veterans in the Pioneer Valley
  128. Senator Sam Nunn, US Coastguardsman
  129. International Army Ration Packs Show Us What Soldiers From Different Countries Eat
  130. Poser Facing Jail Time
  131. Thank you, Big Brother
  132. Veterans' Breakfast
  133. Birthday Cake for the USMC!
  134. In Flanders Fields
  135. As we honor those who have gone before.....
  136. Mansions!
  137. Purple Hearts Might Be Awarded In Domestic Terrorism Cases
  138. LOWELL STEWARD: 1919-2014
  139. Hymn to the Fallen
  140. 100 years ago this Christmas
  141. What 2015 Will Bring
  142. smoked !!!
  143. REUNION!
  144. This Jose’ with WTF in the field.
  145. Trucking Industry to Hire Vets
  146. Snow Day
  147. curse of the devil
  148. Harry Potter Pins, $5
  149. Japanese Sign Final Surrender
  150. Home Makeover
  151. National Cemetery on Memorial Day
  152. US Coast Guard
  153. USCG Plaque
  154. remains of Marines found on Tarawa
  155. Procession for Skip Wells
  156. 2015 Western Great Lakes Coast Guard Reunion
  157. Happy Birthday, US Coast Guard!!
  158. 25 Facts About the Coast Guard
  159. Honor flight at Reagan
  160. Mysterious bag in attic yields 1960's era items (Attn: SR - FLA)
  161. Standing Guard
  162. When I die...
  163. I salute ALL veterans
  164. Brigadier General F E Peterson - RIP
  165. 2015 Coast Guard Reunion
  166. Weekly newsletter of the Fleet Reserve Association
  167. Are you aware of this tradition?
  168. Remembering #528
  169. Happy Birthday Leathernecks!!!!
  170. 11/11
  171. The Beach Patrol and Corsair Fleet
  172. NV has new legal program for service members
  173. Hooray for the Coast Guard!
  174. Capt. Ed Freeman, USAF
  175. Flyover
  176. Bumps in the Road?
  177. Stranger Helps Evicted 90-Year-Old Veteran Buy Back Home in Time for Holidays
  178. No words needed
  179. Obama says, "No Christmas cards to our military"
  180. A Different Christmas Card...
  182. The Military - Then and Now
  183. WWP
  184. 'Murderer' etched into Henderson veteran's truck
  185. Our Proud Veterans!
  186. The Story of Those Who Dress Fallen Warriors for Eternity
  187. Do You Remember These Men?
  188. Bill honoring female pilots sent to Obama
  189. Ok so my weekend was weird
  190. armed forces day
  191. Coast Guard Reunion
  192. mansions of the lord
  193. Simulating being a cutterman in the USCG
  194. Memorial Day
  195. When Wyler came back
  196. Internet Campaign Draws 200 People to Funeral of WWII Veteran with No Known Relatives
  197. Change to Amedd insignia?
  198. Army Vet. Shoots Bald Eagle From Tree Top.
  199. My Status!
  200. Returning to duty - the USS Arizona
  201. United States Coast Guard
  202. Coming Out Time!
  203. On this day 7 years ago
  204. Soldier of 3 armies
  205. For our veterans all
  206. On 75th anniversary, U.S. veterans recall Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor
  207. A Soldier Died Today
  208. LT Dan
  209. You could have heard a pin drop.
  210. This is a good spot to share my Tribute album
  211. Humor the best medicine for any ailment
  212. LT General Hal Moore - RIP
  213. Personal
  214. Service Acronyms
  215. Score one for U.S. Marine Corps veteran Alex Morales
  216. RIP Guy Taylor Sr.
  217. Nine still flying
  218. Semper Paratus — Always Ready
  219. RIP oldcoastie1
  220. Staff Sgt Reckless
  221. Who was the worst Soldier you've ever had?
  222. A Soldier Died Today
  223. Private Eugene Appleby, killed and MIA during WWII, finally returns home
  224. House Committee Votes to Form A New 6th Military Branch
  225. Another hero gone
  226. Veterans Day 2017
  227. MOH Recipient Marine Corps Col. Wesley Fox Dies at 86
  228. The ‘Huge Debt of Gratitude’ Owed to Vietnam Vets
  229. New Video About USS Arizona Survivor/ Pacific Bomber Pilot
  230. Expedition locates USS Lexington
  231. Paul Allen and the USS Helena
  232. Chicago soldier killed in Korea finally being laid to rest
  233. MSG (Ret) Milton Lockett Jr. 1935 - 2018
  234. Sept 23rd 1968
  235. To the Vietnam Veterans
  236. Semper Fi
  237. Veterans Day
  238. Go in Peace Chief Chavez
  239. A nice story about vets finally going home
  240. oldest living Marine veteran in the Houston area