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  1. Muslim JC Basketball Player Removed from Team After Shooting Baskets During Anthem
  2. Danica Patrick Retiring
  3. NFL Quarterback Jameis Winston Accused of Grabbing Uber Driver’s Crotch
  4. ESPN’s Van Pelt Rips Boycotters, ‘You’re So Dumb That I Can’t Even Pray For You
  5. NBC Announcer Al Michaels Blames Trump for Plunging NFL Ratings
  6. Ratings Fall for Nearly Every NFL Pregame Show
  7. Raiders’ Marshawn Lynch Sits for U.S. Anthem , Stands for Mexican Anthem
  8. NFL Considers New Rule to Keep Team in Locker Room During Anthem if Protests Continue
  9. New NFL Policy on Low Attendance! Just Put a Tarp Over Empty Seats!
  10. NFL Attempting to Buy Off Kneelers BUT There’s a Problem
  11. Titans' Rishard Matthews to support Colin Kaepernick with custom cleats Sunday
  12. Eagles Malcolm Jenkins to end National Anthem Protest
  13. Giants’ last anthem kneeler: If you don’t like my protest, ‘don’t come’
  14. Colin Kaepernick FINALLY Gets Job Offer to Play Quarterback
  15. Colts/Bills Game Tickets Selling For $4.00
  16. Seattle Seahawks Player Goes Nuts, Nearly Climbs Into Stands to Attack Fans
  17. Payback: NFL Team Hit by Fan Lawsuit Over Kneeling
  18. NFL Network Exec Deletes Twitter Account After Graphic Conversations With Porn Stars
  19. NBC Encourages National Anthem Protests at Super Bowl, Vows to Televise Kneelers
  20. Group Cries RACISM Over Oakland Raiders Hiring of Jon Gruden
  21. XFL Set to Return
  22. Ravens Player with Contract $12 Million Contract, Arrested for Stealing Phone charger
  23. NFL Reportedly Pressuring Oakland Raiders to Sign Kaepernick
  24. Super Bowl Ads 2018
  25. NFL commissioner: League could consider rule on anthem protests in offseason
  26. Congrats to the Eagles!!!
  27. Indianapolis Colts Player Edwin Jackson Among 2 Killed In Indianapolis
  28. #34 - Times 3
  29. ‘I Don’t Want to Live in a World Where Colin Kaepernick Is Not in the NFL
  30. The Return Of Tiger
  31. Seattle Seahawks Dump ‘Pain In the Ass’ Activist Michael Bennett
  32. Eric Reid: NFL teams won’t sign me because anthem protests
  33. Jobless NFL Star Says He’ll NO LONGER KNEEL During Anthem
  34. Michael Bennett Facing Felony Charge for Assaulting Elderly Paraplegic Woman
  35. Stephen A Smith Defends Michael Bennett in Injuring Elderly Paraplegic
  36. The Masters, 2018
  37. FS1’s ‘Undisputed’ Calls Out the Ravens for Signing RGIII Year
  38. Seahawks Cancel Meeting with Kaepernick - He Refuses to Stop Anthem Protests
  39. NFL Players Want ‘Special Rights’ No One Else Has to Protest Flag on the Job
  40. Two Transgenders Blow Out Girls In State Meet
  41. World Cup 2018
  42. The U.S. Open, 2018
  43. Stephen A Smith: Sosa’s New Skin Color ‘Points to His Guilt’ on PED Usage
  44. Jags’ Marcell Dareus Sued for Alleged Sex Assault, Transmitting STD
  45. Get the salt lick ready
  46. Is there a surfer in the house?
  47. White Sox blessed?
  48. A great ESPN moment
  49. Anyone thought about a CU Fantasy Football league?
  50. World Series 2018
  51. Remember Infamous NFL Draft Bust JaMarcus Russell
  52. Offsides
  53. Yeaterday was the anniversary of the Heidi Bowl
  54. Harold Baines, Lee Smith elected to Baseball Hall of Fame
  55. Antarctica Crossing
  56. Harris makes Immaculate Reception
  57. Josh Gordon committed multiple violations of substance-abuse policy
  58. Al Michaels throws hands up at controversial call: NFL just making it up
  59. Barstool Sports Founder on Actor's Quip About Brady's MAGA Hat: 'Easy Excuse' to Hate
  60. RIP Coach, ya did good
  61. Another nail in the NBA coffin
  62. Notre Dame Scandalized