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  1. Liberal Prof: "Instead Of 'Merry Christmas' Say 'Happy Federal Holiday'"
  2. WaPo Cartoonist Depicts Ted Cruz's Children As Monkeys
  3. UC San Diego defunds funding satirical paper because of this article:
  4. The Coddling of the American Mind
  5. Councilwoman publishes personal info of critics of BLM
  6. I Have Found Stupidity And His Name Is Bernie Sanders
  7. Muslim ACLU Official: ‘I Emphatically Refuse’ to Condemn Islamic Terrorism
  8. New York Can Fine You $250k For ‘Misgendering’ Somebody
  9. SJWs Accusing Old Navy Of Mocking The LGBT Community
  10. 7 Reasons You Should NOT Participate in Operation Christmas Child
  11. Mississippi Councilman calls for rocks and bricks to be thrown at police
  12. Is cultural appropriation the bogeyman it's made out to be?
  13. Student Who Criticized College Race Protests Gets Death Threats
  14. Prof Claims ‘Black Men Dying’ Due to Whites not ‘Policing’ Their Imaginations
  15. "Santa is really a woman" (Father Christmas - The Fiamengo File Episode 20)
  16. State of the DU Union address
  17. Texas Man Handing Out Cards Outside Of Businesses Who Support The 2nd Amendment
  18. USC requires students to detail sexual history
  19. Black students demand segregated spaces from white students
  20. Is This the Most Ignorant Thing a Pundit Has Ever Said?
  21. UCSB to Host Discussion on Safe Spaces for Fat Gay Men
  22. Wow...Um...Wow
  23. “RAPE Lasts For Minutes, Death Is Forever. You DON’T Need A Gun”….
  24. Lawsuit Demands "In God We Trust" Be Removed From U.S. Currency
  25. College to devote an entire month to 'whiteness'-shaming
  26. Northwestern University’s president defends ‘safe spaces’
  27. Facebook will delete your criticisms of Muslim "refugees" and call you "extremist"
  28. NARAL chastises Bernie: Don't say mothers should spend more time with their babies
  29. Harvard Fellow Claims ‘Bigots Stealing Feminism’ After Migrant Sex Assaults in Europe
  30. Huh? Glenn Beck Tells Iowa Crowd He Prefers Bernie Sanders Over Donald Trump
  31. How to Caucus in Iowa
  32. Danny DeVito comments on Oscars diversity controversy: 'We're a bunch of racists'
  33. Remember the woman who brought a turkey on the plane as a service animal?
  34. Feminist Study Concludes: You’re Racist if You Don’t Have Interacial Sex
  35. Columbia Student Says Having White Men As Professors Is A “Microaggression”
  36. We're getting the band back together! Hillary invokes VRWC tonight.
  37. Student Sues College For Alleged Injuries Suffered Playing Tag
  38. NFL To Force Teams To Interview At Least 1 Woman For An Executive Position
  39. New Ken dolls boast dad bods and receding hairlines
  40. SF Cops Under Investigation For Turning Illegal Alien Convict Over To ICE
  41. NARAL Politicizes A Super Bowl Commercial
  42. ABC’s ‘Black-ish’ to Take on Police Brutality Against Blacks
  43. UC System Sets $5 Million Aside for Illegal Immigrant Financial Aid
  44. University-funded Sex Week features chance to win free vasectomy
  45. My poor San Diego: disgusting liberals' "style guide" banned "Founding Fathers"
  46. Student Op-Ed: Trying to Give a Classmate a Ride Is Rape Culture
  47. Kasich's "war" on Ohio's abortion clinics.
  48. “I don’t want to have a baby with some random girl.”
  49. Today’s Freshman Class Is the Most Likely to Protest in Half a Century
  50. Is Your Shampoo Promoting Discrimination Against Women?
  51. Is this your vision?
  52. Kirsten Powers Said That College Is A Basic Human Right
  53. Five Pieces of Valentine’s Day Advice from Social Justice Internet
  54. The prof who wanted "muscle" at Mizzou SCREAMS at police
  55. Glenn Beck: God Brought About Scalia’s Death So America Would Vote For Ted Cruz
  56. University of Iowa puts trigger warning on campus crime alert
  57. PETA cancels 'Greased Pig on Ice' protest
  58. Black Lives Matter meetings run afoul of library's policy
  59. Huh?
  60. Hillary Clinton: White Americans 'Need to Recognize Our Privilege'
  61. Fox to develop Muslim sitcom to fight Islamophobia
  62. Petition: Deport Man From Texas Because His Article on Tacos Was ‘Cultural Appropriat
  63. College students boo Caitlyn Jenner for Republican views, white privilege
  64. ‘Snow penis’ erected during snowstorm reported as ‘bias incident’ at U of Michigan
  65. The View's Raven Symone To Leave U.S. If Republican Is Nominated
  66. The intolerant student Left has even turned on me, a lifelong civil rights campaigner
  67. Hillary Clinton Doesn't Know The Difference Between Constitution & The Declaration
  68. NY Moves To Allow Illegal Aliens To Teach In Public Schools
  69. Black people don't need to explain why they are voting for Hillary.
  70. Sen. Patty Murray repeats the FALSE 1 in 5 rape statistic at a hearing for Ed. Sec.
  71. Fun fact my .............
  72. AAUP Asks Mizzou to Rescind Termination Notice to Melissa Click
  73. I Find this disturbing
  74. Two other items for the members reading pleasure ?
  75. ‘Mattress Girl’ Is Back, This Time With A Robot That Talks About Rape
  76. Missouri allows Muslim couple to have "Jihad 1" license plate
  77. 6 Marriage Traditions That Reinforce Rape Culture
  78. Such a deal -I wished i woked for the VA
  80. GWU Student Ass'n forced into "diversity training" for not hosting Hasan Minhaj
  81. State Dept: Saying "Merry Christmas" to a Jewish person is "microaggression."
  82. Why is the U.S Afraid of granmothers and three year olds
  83. Hillary Says She’ll DEPORT Terrorists
  84. Our government at work
  85. Did you know that Mali was one of the "great civilizations of the world"?
  86. Bill Ayers Part of Trump Protest
  87. Rachel Maddow: It is ‘impossible’ to call clash at Trump’s Chicago rally an accident
  88. Obama mocks Trump's business ventures: 'Has anybody bought that wine?'
  89. Teen Intruder Shot & Killed. His Family Thinks He Should Have Been Able To Steal
  90. Fields and Shapiro get Megyn the Kelly on their side
  91. The problems in Chicago continue
  92. St. Louis Post-Dispatch Blames Chicago Fracas On Trump Supporters
  93. Our representatives at work
  94. Mayor of Los Angeles Creates TRANSGENDER ADVISORY COUNCIL
  95. Muslim Staff REFUSED to buy or serve bacon to patients at nursing home
  96. Pakistan: Leading Muslim groups say law protecting women from abuse ‘un-Islamic’
  97. Criticize vegetarianism? That’s ‘harassment’ according to a New Jersey school board
  98. Albuquerque activist group calls university’s official seal racist
  99. No more Air Soft Guns
  100. Eagles are Making Wind Turbines Safer for Birds
  101. Obama WH Addresses 'The Diaper Divide';
  102. Previously Deported Illegal Aliens from Guatemala Charged in Rape, Beating
  103. Muslim Migrant Gangs Leave Severed Head On Amsterdam Street
  104. Islamic savagery in London: Muslims flay their skins
  105. Who would ever think this is possible (lol)
  106. Virginia man admits to conspiring with ISIS terrorists, faces up to 20 years in priso
  107. 7-year-old N.J. girl pimped out at party by stepsister and gang-raped: cops
  108. Islamised School That ‘Banned’ Girls With Jiggly Breasts From Tennis Named UK School
  109. It's not just Chris Rock
  110. "All bodies are good bodies" is "transphobic" (because transsexual hate their bodies)
  111. House Terrorism Chair: Our Strategy Against ISIS Is a Complete Failure
  112. Journalists Punched, Kicked, And Rammed With Car In Sweden’s ‘Little Mogadishu’ No-Go
  113. Black Lives Matter Representative Repeats Spoof Lie As If Trump Said It Himself
  114. 2 arrested after shooting caught on video in Detroit
  115. Professor requires students to read his sexual fantasies
  116. BSNBC Pundit: "More Gun Control Would Have Prevented Brussels Terror Attack"
  117. College Professor Called 911 Because She Saw ROTC MEMBERS ON CAMPUS
  118. Post-Jihad Gesture Theater: Je Suis Sick of It
  119. State Department: ‘This Isn’t About a Religion’
  120. College Students Left Feeling ‘Afraid’ and ‘In Pain’ After Seeing This On Campus
  121. Jared Loughner Suing Gabby Giffords
  122. Galleria at Sunset cancels circus amid controversy
  123. Emory Students Get ‘Emergency Counseling’ After Pro-Trump Messages Appear on Campus
  125. Hashtag: We Are Neville Chamberlain
  126. The Latest Victim Of Progressives’ Identity Politics
  127. Cameron urges Christian leaders to 'reach out' to Muslim communities
  128. First sexual assault charge filed over Cologne New Year's violence
  129. Guard at ‘terror target’ Belgian nuclear site killed, access badge stolen
  130. Muslim shopkeeper who wished his ‘beloved Christian nation’ a Happy Easter is stabbed
  131. Gun used to shoot 3 Chicago cops traced to sheriff's deputy
  132. Suicide bomber targeting Christians kills 65, mostly women and children, in Pakistan
  133. North Korea Proves Your White Male Privilege Is Not Universal
  134. Belgian police break up street protests as attack investigation widens
  135. What a Man Started Shouting at Brussels Attack Memorial Prompted Boos All Around
  136. Kerry Wouldn't Tell Friends or Family, 'Don't Travel to Europe'
  137. Greater Majority of Domestic Terrorist Attacks Are Not by Muslims’
  138. Strategies for Disrupting Illegal Firearms Markets: A Case Study of Los Angeles
  139. PEZ Easter Egg Hunt Canceled After Parents Cause Chaos
  140. Sharpton compares Obama to Jesus Christ
  141. More Idiocy Out of Portland
  142. Pittsburgh News Anchor Fired For Telling The Truth
  143. Snowflake Nation: 45% of College Students Now Receive A's
  144. EXCLUSIVE: Unhinged Janesville Teen Admits “I Deserved That” After Getting Maced
  145. Chicago police union hires officer who killed black teen:
  146. Where’s the lane? Self-driving cars confused by shabby U.S. roadways
  147. Gang rape hoaxer “Jackie” refuses to testify;
  148. Jake Tapper Slams Obama For Lecturing Media On How to Do Its Job
  149. Taxpayers Are Footing Bill for Solar Project That Doesn’t Work
  150. Did you guys know that Ninento had a feminist pedophile supporter working PR?
  151. Massachusetts: Another Virgin Mary statue defaced, “Allah” painted in Arabic
  152. Fla again - skim milk ain't natural
  153. Migrant Passengers Gang-Rape Girl on Student-Cruise For 1,700 School Kids, Swedish Me
  154. White House Scrubs "Islamic Terror" From French President's Translated Remarks
  155. Trump MOCKS reporter who claimed campaign manager battered her
  156. Foreign fighters are evading Europe's security net
  157. White Privilege Month on Campus: Speaker Defends Black Rapists (VIDEO)
  158. Integration Is NOT THE ANSWER to Muslim Terrorism
  159. Don’t Tell John Kasich, But His Medicaid Expansion Could Cost Taxpayers $27.5 Billion
  160. World figures deny wrongdoing as ‘Panama Papers’ turn spotlight on tax evasion
  161. Congress Investigating Obama Admin Deception on Iran Nuke Deal
  162. This is how you know you have a Jesuit in the Vatican....
  163. Iran Warns Obama and the United States to Back Off
  164. Smart Power: Iran Isn't Really Honoring the 'Spirit' of Our Nuclear Deal, Obama Says
  165. CHRISTIAN BAKER Has Home Damaged and Son Threatened with Rape After Refusing to Bake
  166. Senators Reward Office for Civil Rights Power Grabs With Budget Increase
  167. California Cross Returns, for a Time, to Haunt ACLU
  168. Can we admit that some transsexuals are really psychologically ill?
  169. Form Being Handed Out To Florida School Kids Asks Them To Calculate Their Privilege
  170. Leftist Flips Out On Rick Scott At Starbucks
  171. Leftist Groupthink in Academia
  172. Justice Bradley says voters rejected personal attacks, newspaper narrative
  173. Iraqi Migrant Lies Down in Street Blocking Traffic=> Demands Free Home for His Family
  174. 1 In 4 American College Students Wants To Crush First Amendment If Someone Is Offende
  175. Colorado preschoolers learning about same-sex couples, gender issues
  176. Man escorted from easyJet flight after passenger said she did not feel safe
  177. Allen West: Europe Admits Taking in Jihadist Trojan Horse We Warned Them About
  178. Army Chief of Staff Opposes Private Weapons for Protection on U.S. Military Installat
  179. Dad Stops Armed Intruder’s Assault on 16-Year-Old Daughter
  180. Previously Deported Illegal Alien May Face Charges for Killing Texas Firefighter, 2 C
  181. Former Defense Secretaries Openly Slam 'Inexperienced' Obama White House War Microman
  182. We won't be bullied by big business hypocrites
  183. Swiss finance minister offers defense for rich caught up in Panama Papers
  184. Obama Jokes About His SCOTUS Pick: “Yeah He’s A White Guy”
  185. Students play ‘Jews vs. Nazis’ beer pong; one side has a swastika, other a Star of Da
  186. Federal government awards UM $500,000 to research microaggressions
  187. CNN's Lemon: Religious Liberty is 'Code for Discrimination'
  188. No Gap Between Political Correctness And Insanity
  189. Obama relents in fight over Fast and Furious documents
  190. New Sesame Street Muppet In Afghanistan Promotes Girls’ Rights
  191. Remember the woman who yelled at Rick Scott?
  192. Is this professor recommending the genocide of whites?
  193. University of Toronto alters bathroom policy after two reports of voyeurism
  194. Feminist who "shouts her (herpes) status" teaches 7th graders who call her "sex lady"
  195. Arizona college imposes fee to fund scholarship for illegal immigrants
  196. Warning: White People Singing Rihanna Could Cause ‘Micro Aggressions’
  197. When a Progressive Culture Goes off the Rails
  198. Holy Bible on list of 'challenged' books at libraries
  199. Students beat and bullied me for being white
  200. Dartmouth Believes Everything Southern Now Is Racist
  201. 19 year-old Kurdish Female Fighter
  202. Keith Olbermann is dumping his Trump Palace apartment
  203. NBA should move All-Star Game out of North Carolina
  204. Hate Hoax: Syrian Refugee in Bingen am Rhein Spray-Paints Swastikas, Sets Fire to She
  205. Bill Nye: Throw ‘climate deniers’ in jail
  206. DePaul University bans chalk for student safety
  207. Rachel Dolezal plans to write a book
  208. NumbersUSA: Bipartisan Sentencing Reform Bill Will Release Criminal Aliens
  209. Brawling Drug-Addled Gays Allege Hate Crime
  210. Outgoing NY Times Ombud 'Won't Miss' Their Failure to Be Liberal Enough
  211. Senator Says U.S. Needs Gun Control Laws to 'Protect Ordinary Citizens'
  212. Charles Manson follower, killer Leslie Van Houten, approved for parole
  213. Remember the black college girl who assaulted the white kid for his dreadlocks?
  214. Obama’s Security Advisor: ‘Promoting Sustainable Development’ Will Help 'Defeat ISIL'
  215. Mom Drops Major LOGIC BOMB on Transgender Bathrooms
  216. State Dept. Gives Pakistan Pass on Religious Freedom Violations-
  217. SF to require Lyft, Uber drivers to obtain business licenses
  218. L.A. plan would demand Airbnb hand over information so city can track down illegal re
  219. “Prepare for a challenging year ahead as you’ll be raped in your first semester"
  220. Predator who claimed to be transgender declared dangerous offender
  221. 2 bands cancel North Carolina concerts over new LGBT law
  222. Mother Tells Congress: Illegal Immigrant Killer Was Released on Bond That Was ‘Less T
  223. Baltimore Teen’s Death Threat-Laced ‘F**k Donald Trump’ Music Video Goes Viral
  224. Pulitzer Announcement Errors Exemplify Press's Failure to 'Get Facts Correct'
  225. FAKE HATE? Gay Pastor Says Whole Foods Sold Him Cake with Gay Slur But Whole Foods Bl
  226. 6,500 soldiers in the streets of Paris as migrants turn Metro station into war zone
  227. Rep. Kristi Noem: IRS Is Rehiring Employees Fired for Misconduct
  228. YouTuber Walks into Women’s Bathroom Dressed as ‘Transgender Female’
  229. Customers Take Out Would-Be Criminal
  230. The Daily Caller needs to pick this up
  231. State Dept. Spokesman: Debating Alleged Saudi Links to 9/11 Is ‘A Fool’s Errand’
  232. Sheriff Clarke: 'Best Thing About Obama Presidency Right Now Is It's Coming to an End
  233. Hoyer Okay with Biological Men Using Women’s Restrooms
  234. Exclusive: U.S. students given SATs that were online before exam
  235. Not so Minnesota Nice: Minneapolis shootings up 85% over 2015
  236. Bernie Sanders Was Asked to Leave Hippie Commune for Shirking, Book Claims
  237. Curt Schilling Commits More Thought Crime on Social Media
  238. Hate Hoaxer guilty
  239. Update on the Hate Cake
  240. Federal Park Ranger Mocks Founders, Constitution ... While Leading Tour of Independen
  241. Police: Trump bumper sticker triggered vandalism
  242. Obama Admin Awards $270K to Controversial Islamic Charity
  243. NOT the Onion: Parents Place Classified Ad For Women’s Studies Tutor For Their Son
  244. Speier and Nadler Argue Unborn-Baby-Parts Probe Could Cause Lives to be Lost
  245. Top Dem wants J. Edgar Hoover’s name erased from FBI building
  246. Sheriff: Obama Policies Allow Illegals ‘To Remain and Commit More Serious Crimes’
  247. Solar developer SunEdison in bankruptcy as aggressive growth plan unravels
  248. Not A News Story
  249. Academic Paper: Men should be allowed in women's bathrooms because...SUICIDE
  250. State Department Office Removed Benghazi Files After Congressional Subpoena