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  1. Democrats push Obama to “follow through” on hiring more convicted felons
  2. Campus pro-abortion display: Baby-shaped cookies with heads broken off
  3. UWisc profs: Black students have ‘post-traumatic stress,’ need ’emergency mental heal
  4. Orwellian,’ ‘ghettoization’: Criticisms mount against UConn’s dorm wing for black mal
  5. Black students demand segregated spaces from white students
  6. Target: Continuing to Deny Natural Order … with New Transgender Bathroom Policy
  7. IRS Can Track Your Cell Phone, but Leaves Billions in Taxes Uncollected
  8. 7 Enviro Predictions From Earth Day 1970 That Were Just Dead Wrong
  9. Prof Who Won't Recommend a Pro-Gun Student Is Everything That's Wrong with Academia
  10. Army Celebrates Earth Day Under Commander in Chief Obama
  11. At Milo Yiannopoulos Protest, Prof's Hassling of Journalists Backfires After She Call
  12. New report says three liberal cities account for half of murder hike
  13. Secrecy: As Hillary Refuses to Release Speech Transcripts, New Details Emerge
  14. Harvard Law Anti-Semite Revealed: No Surprises
  15. Total Failure: Debt-Ridden Spanish Solar Energy Company Files For Bankruptcy
  16. Pope Francis reneges on offer to take in Christian refugees
  17. New Orleans Mayor Wants MORE Gun Laws They Know Will Do Nothing To Stop Crime
  18. Kids Play in Backyard While Mom Does Dishes. An Investigation Ensues
  19. Man charged in triple shooting: ‘I don’t give a f
  20. Did Harvard Investigate Conservative Students?
  21. National Enquirer Tries Linking Ted Cruz to JFK’s Assassination
  22. 18 spectacularly wrong predictions made around the time of the first Earth Day, 1970
  23. Jerry Falwell Jr. Responds to Liberty University Debate Boycott Due to 'Islamophobia'
  24. Target
  25. Where's the outcry as Detroit kids die?
  26. Turkey seizes all Christian churches in Diyarbakir
  27. Obama Declares America ‘the World's Second-Largest Source of Climate Pollution’
  28. Idiot of the week award
  29. Non-binary” student in England tells Obama she literally has no rights
  30. Melissa Click claims "racism" in Chronicle of Higher Ed
  31. Anger as council officials say UK city is ‘too multicultural’ to celebrate St George’
  32. This is how kids get shot
  33. Employee For Watchdog Who Tracks Where City Workers Reside Lived In Burbs
  34. Obama: 'We Are Fortunate to Be Living in the Most Peaceful...Era in Human History'
  35. Gov. McAuliffe to Ex-Cons: ‘I Want You Feeling Good About Yourself and Voting’
  36. Obama WH Aims to 'Improve Outcomes for Justice-Involved Individuals'
  37. More than 500 pounds of explosives stolen from train
  38. Video Shows Milwaukee Teacher’s Aide Attacking Student
  39. Cecil Richards: fight for abortion equals fight against racism
  40. Prince & Chemtrails
  41. Moonbat Tech: eCool Refrigerates Beer Envirosensitively
  42. EXCLUSIVE: Kerry, Heinz Family Have Millions Invested In Offshore Tax Havens
  43. Are You Ready For The Anthony Weiner MOVIE?
  44. Sickening’: Art Piece Featuring ‘Jesus Crucified to a Dartboard’ Causes Furor at Rutg
  45. State Dep’t Spokesman: Phrase ‘Boots on the Ground’ Has Reporters ‘Wrapped Around the
  46. The Horror! Climate Change Is Making The Weather More Pleasant
  47. Liberals / libertarians express fears over automated license plate readers
  48. Megyn Kelly
  49. Believing in two genders is a ‘hate crime’ under police investigation at Catholic col
  50. NC State repeatedly discriminated against, hindered Christian student group, lawsuit
  51. San Francisco Looking to Ban Doing Business With Companies in Anti-LGBT States
  52. U.S. plots with United Nations to expand Syrian refugees from 10,000 to 200,000
  53. VA agrees workers can engage in armed robberies if it’s on their own time
  54. Question Insanity: What to Ask Progressives
  55. U.S Department of Guilt
  56. Turbo Share
  57. U.S. Military Conducting 'Knock' Operations to Warn Civilians of Imminent Air Strikes
  58. DOJ, HUD Dole Out $1.75 Million to Pay For Jobs, Housing for ‘Justice-Involved’ Youth
  59. U.S. Has Not Told Panama, Costa Rica to Stop Flying Thousands of Illegal Aliens Close
  60. George Takei Blasts Cruz For Picking Fiorina With Brutal Harry Potter Reference
  61. Why DU votes dim
  62. Chris Christie Rocks Out At Bruce Springsteen Show
  63. College deletes article calling its female students ‘pretty’ after complaints of sexi
  64. Why ICE Released — and Didn’t Deport — Over 1,000 Illegal Immigrants Convicted of Mur
  65. Kenya Builds Wall Along Somali Border to Keep Al-Shabaab Jihadists Out
  66. Hate Hoax Graffiti at Maryland’s Salisbury University
  67. Colorado Court Approves Re-education Camp for Christian Baker
  68. Harvard dean is scapegoating male-only clubs to save his own skin, club leader charge
  69. Coming soon from Hollywood: A comedy about Reagan’s battle with dementia
  70. Failed college wind turbine investment produces roughly 100 to 1 negative ROI
  71. Redefining "Use of Force"
  73. North Carolina arena pays price for 'bathroom bill'
  74. BC students demand change to ‘Eurocentric’ core curriculum
  75. Elementary Children Molested At School, But The Suspect Hasn’t Been Removed
  76. Migrant Rapes Girl, Douses Her In Lighter Fluid — Liberal Judge Offers Nice Gift
  77. Farmer Sprays Manure At Actress Emma Thompson During Fracking Protest [VIDEO]
  78. Another Hate Hoaxer
  79. MUSLIM MIGRANT living in Platte County, MISSOURI threatens to KILL family that sponso
  80. In Dramatic Reversal, Army Retains Green Beret Who Roughed Up Child Rapist in Afghani
  81. US Marine Court-Martialed for Posting Bible Verse on Her Desk
  82. Brother of San Bernardino Terrorist Arrested – Sham Marriage and Immigration Violatio
  83. New Ambassador Wants to Help Mexicans to Avoid Deportation After Committing Crimes
  84. Great news: One of six F-35s capable of alert launch in Air Force test
  85. Transportation Secretary: Interstate Highway System Targeted Black, Low-Income Neighb
  86. Mizzou Race Relations Committee Releases Series of Anti-Racism Videos for ‘White Peop
  87. NFL Draft Watcher? Johnny Manziel Is Your Fault, Says NY Times Front Page
  88. Muslim Sees Little Sister At Door, Grabs Knife When He Hears What She Says
  89. A thought for today
  90. The Liberal Press - Christmas
  91. Larry Wilmore's Comedy Routine at the WH Correspondents Dinner
  92. COMMENTS ARE NOW CLOSED’: Illegal Alien Convicted of Murder After Stabbing Father of
  93. In Seattle, the trash man can’t poke around in your trash anymore
  94. Five Migrants Caught Sexually Assaulting Teen Boy In Sweden
  95. Migrants set up camp outside The Ritz: Men and women swig from vodka bottles in broad
  96. New Credit Card
  97. Mother of children chained outside San Antonio house found in California
  98. How Bad Was the Reagan Movie Script?
  99. Grand jury indicts 3 black students who claimed to be victims of racial attack
  100. Great moments in education: The French teacher who doesn’t speak French
  101. Bloomberg booed for criticizing college 'safe spaces' in commencement speech
  102. Turn About Is fair Play
  103. Conservative black scholar disinvited to speak at Virginia Tech over concerns of pote
  104. It brings back the UCSD noose incident: the Clemson Bananas are questioned by student
  105. Watch the fun ladies at PCC discuss "Whiteness and Feminism"!
  106. Feds Arrest Multiple Deportee Sex Offender in Utah
  107. AP Uses Soldier's Death to Smear His Grandfather (See Update)
  108. Oakland Police Issue P.C. Apology for Cinco De Mayo Drunk Driving Warning
  109. Guilt Advisory System
  110. Houston School Officials Call Police After Student Tries Buying Lunch With $2 Bill
  111. Refugee Jumps Girl To Rape Her, Immediately Realizes What She Trained To Do
  112. German Politician Vows To Arrest Citizens Criticizing Refugees, Wishes He Didn’t
  113. Rep. Diane Black: DOJ 'Worried About the Hurt Feelings' of Felons and Convicts
  114. Black Students at Cornell Want Mandatory Diversity Training for Faculty
  115. London Expected to Elect First Muslim Mayor
  116. French Police Use Tear Gas to Force Migrants From School
  117. The irony of using Title IX to defend the endangerment of women
  118. Cinco de NO-NO: Students warned ‘don’t use Spanish disrespectfully’
  119. Final Obamacare Calorie Rule Includes 171-Word Definition of Menu
  120. Don't Go to Chick-Fil-A, Mayor De Blasio Tells New Yorkers
  121. Obama signs 'Anti Cultural Appropriation Act'
  122. EU Leaders Extend Border Controls; Merkel Warns Against ‘Nationalism’
  123. Pope Francis tells EU to tear down migrant walls
  124. As Clemson U. refuses to identify banana bandits, talk of hate-crime hoax mounts
  125. Privilige Check
  126. Dress Uniform Medal For Bowe Bergdahl
  127. Cinco De Mayo
  128. Clearly masculine-looking guy claims discrimination: wants to use womens' locker room
  129. It was a weapon of math instruction
  130. And we wonder why college men are confused....
  131. Top Egyptian Official Blames the Rise of Radical Islam on ‘Tom and Jerry’
  132. Blood-Smeared Milo Protest Girl Given ‘Dignity Award’ by Rutgers
  133. Court orders dad to start treating his 11-year-old daughter as a boy
  134. Now We Can't Use The Terms "Felon" Or "Criminal" To Describe Criminals
  135. Refugees Beat Girl For Being Blonde, Police Tell Her Why They Won’t Arrest Them
  136. London’s Iconic Red Buses To Declare ‘Glory To Allah’
  137. ‘It’s Like a War Zone’: TV Crew Forced to Flee Migrant Youths
  138. UK Equalities Chief Who Popularised The Term ‘Islamophobia’ Admits: ‘I Thought Muslim
  139. Whites Need Not Apply: BBC Advertises ‘Black, Asian, Or Minority’-Only Positions
  140. Alleged Human Smuggler: I Kept 300 Illegal Aliens in Apartment
  141. Pentagon report reveals confusion among U.S. troops over Afghan mission
  142. Soldiers Reduced to Stealing Goats for Food in Socialist Venezuela
  143. Bleeding Heart Liberal Learns What Happens When You Let Refugees Move In
  144. After Trump chalking, university forces students to take ‘minority culture’ class to
  145. 7 Movies in Which Gun Control Awards Chair Brad Pitt Glorified Gun Use
  146. Burning Down Schools in South Africa’s Utopia
  147. Muslim Rapes 2 Girls & Demands ‘Human Rights,’ Judge Has Perfect Response
  148. Scripps Students Object to Commencement Speaker, Madeleine Albright
  149. Cameron’s Latest Desperate Threat: Vote Remain Or Get World War III
  150. Hungry Venezuelans Hunt Dogs, Cats, Pigeons as Food Runs Out
  151. Celebrate Cinco de Mao
  152. NPR Accuses Trump Of “Playing The Man Card”
  153. George Clooney: U.S. Not Taking in Enough Syrian Refugees, We Need to ‘Do More’
  154. Trannies using women's bathrooms is not about Jim Crow
  155. EPA immediately yanks study showing weed killer doesn’t cause cancer
  156. Attacker made 'politically-motivated comments' in deadly Germany train
  157. 3 women caught at O'Hare allegedly carrying $3 million in opium
  158. Obama's pledge of 2012
  159. College Tells Frat Not To Use Face Paint As It’s ‘Cultural Appropriation’
  160. Minnesota professors defend “offensive, uncivil” free speech: Sensitive students can’
  161. No more barbacues in Portland
  162. Identification needed
  163. Vanity Fair Writer Disappointed Capt. America Isn't Gay
  164. The trend toward punishing students for unpopular affiliations and opinions
  165. Report: Wendy’s to Roll Out Self-Serve Kiosks by End of 2016, as Wage Increases Squee
  166. Illegal Aliens Sentenced For Beating Elderly Minnesota Farmer to Death
  167. Gang Member 12 Hours Out of Jail Arrested for Rape in L.A. Public Park Restroom
  168. Bill Otis: ‘Complacency, Forgetfulness, Short-Sightedness’ Driving Republican Support
  169. End of US: Liberals set to make this America’s first SANCTUARY STATE
  170. He Allegedly Threatened to Kill Trump and His Family, Vowed to Not Get Caught — Here’
  171. Mr. Earnest at work
  172. I know its not snowing but in case someone wins the lottery
  173. Pay Gap: Feminist professor chooses family over tenure--and then complains
  174. Fox News has become CNN
  175. Venezuela president declares emergency, cites U.S., domestic ‘threats’
  176. White House Suggests ‘Just Putting Up Curtains’ Will Protect Privacy in Transgender L
  177. Scotland’s Muslim Minister, Linked To ‘Glory To Allah’ Bus Ads Group, Swears Into Par
  178. Students Report Bathroom Peeper at University of Georgia
  179. Shoppers Hold Man Accused of Choking, Molesting 8-Year-Old Girl in Store Bathroom
  180. Chicago Gangs Murder Honor Student Featured in CNN Documentary ‘Chicagoland’
  181. College Students Can't Explain The Difference Between Man And Woman
  182. Ralph Nader Calls Clinton ‘Militarist,’ Will Win Nomination by ‘Dictatorship’
  183. Obama doesn’t think rapists, armed robbers, drug dealers are criminals
  184. Affirmitive Action For Black Serial Killers
  185. Milwaukee Public Schools Budget Includes $470K FOR BLACK LIVES MATTER
  186. Travel Warning 3 slain near beach in troubled Mexican resort of Acapulco
  187. Islamophobia Causes Global Warming!
  188. Nancy Pelosi: Investigating Planned Parenthood for Selling Baby Parts is “UnAmerican"
  189. Truck with 15 Illegal Aliens Stopped by Barrier at Texas Navy Base
  190. Previously Deported Illegal Alien to Stand Trial for Murder
  191. Black Male Hillary Supporter Publicly Beats Woman for Supporting Bernie… But Trump Su
  192. BBC says it is 'too Christian' and vows to make more Muslim, Sikh and Hindu programme
  193. Fired professor Melissa Click says ‘I was not as polite as I should have been’
  194. Just 3 Years Ago, Salon Extolled Economic Miracle in Socialist Venezuela
  195. Congressman: Classified Details of Iran’s Treatment of U.S. Sailors Will Shock Nation
  196. Huffington Post calls on Christians to recognize Muhammad as a prophet
  197. Professor: Mark Ruffalo an ‘A-List Actor, F-List Scientist’ on Flint Water Crisis
  198. Report: Tesla Used Illegal Foreign Labor to Expand CA Plant
  199. New York City promises to FINE people for not using ‘ze’ or ‘hir’
  200. With U.S. Troops Already in Libya, U.S. Now Supports Arming the Fledgling Government
  201. Three Hate Hoaxes disproved
  202. Sorry I missed one hoax
  203. 22 Percent of Resettled Refugees in Minnesota Test Positive for Tuberculosis
  204. Legal Expert Slams NYC Human Rights Commission Guidelines on Gender Pronoun Use — and
  205. Pakistani Man Caught at Texas Border, Lied to FBI
  206. Massive Brawl Breaks Out At Busy Chicago Intersection
  207. California Decriminalizes Shoplifting, Shoplifting Doubles
  208. County Commissioners Prohibit Citizens From Saying Officials’ Names During Public Mee
  209. North Carolina School Board Votes to Stop Naming Valedictorians Because It’s ‘Unhealt
  210. Ferguson ‘Activist’ Arrested For Human Trafficking, Prostitution For Allegedly Pimpin
  211. Black Abortionist Thinks the Real Reason Pro-Lifers Oppose What He Does is Racism
  212. Salon Continues to Push Normalization of Pedophilia
  213. Irish anti-immigration group invites Fortress Europe to meeting
  214. Veterans Group Claims City Of Chicago Is ‘Muscling’ Them Out Of Their Facility Near P
  215. Coming To A WORLD Near You
  216. Grandmas for Abortion: New Group of Grannies Encourages Women to Abort Their Babies
  217. Polymouth President
  218. Illinois State Workers, Highest Paid In Nation, Demand Up To 29% Wage Hikes
  219. Mizzou hunger striker who mocked women and the poor wins Ford ‘Courage Award’
  220. Target sues Chattanooga girl's hero
  221. Four killed, 90 injured in Baghdad’s Green Zone riots: hospitals
  222. Tax-Funded Art Museum in Virginia to Exhibit Painting Mocking Catholic Mass
  223. Ten Reasons Why Glenn Beck Is Wrong About Facebook’s Bias Against Conservatives
  224. Student protesters disrupt pro-Israel event — exit paths blocked, people ‘feared for
  225. Professor sues Christian college after she floated ‘economic sanctions’ for its LGBT
  226. Louisiana set to make targeting police a hate crime
  227. Jack Nicholson and Target Policy
  228. Justice Involved individual
  229. Illinois high school refuses to let Marine walk for graduation over dress code
  230. The embarrassing Republican arguments for saving AFFH
  231. VA Secy Says Disney Doesn't Worry About Lines So Why Should They?
  232. New York Times Reports on “Boy” Who Has Periods
  233. Documents: Somali citizen tried to run over border agents in southern Arizona
  234. Quarter Of Students Say Ban UKIP, Three Quarters All ‘Offensive’ Speakers
  235. Oh my: Portland State University snowflakes stage die-in to disarm campus police, say
  236. Doctor Slimed by House Dems in Anti-NFL Report: ‘The Congressional People Never Calle
  237. REPORT: Migrants Committing Disproportionately High Crime In Germany While Media And
  238. Mob of women attack Victoria’s Secret employee in Miami Lakes
  239. Woman finds man hiding behind tanning bed at gym, police say
  240. Two Dangerous Parasites
  241. ICE to Open Facilities For Transgender Illegal Aliens
  242. Trump Runs Ad About Bill Clinton's Sex Scandals, NBC Calls It "A New Low"
  243. Ryan Puerto Rico ‘Rescue’ Bill Could Be Windfall for Hedge Funds
  244. Socialist Venezuela Goes Bust
  245. New York City is about to become a lot more disgusting
  246. DePaul Professor Calls Free Speech ‘Delusional’
  247. MSNBC’s Brian Williams: We Used Nuclear Weapons Against Japan ‘In Anger’
  248. Washington State U. WOMAN Was EXPELLED After a Man Accused Her of Assault
  249. Spanish TV anchor called "racist" at Cal State Commencement; trashes Trump
  250. Join the club: Northwestern plans to end freedom of association for most student grou