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  1. Harvard professors including Steven Pinker file resolution against punishing male-onl
  2. MSM under the Microscope
  3. ESPN’s Daft Columnist Howard Bryant Found Racism in the Oddest Place
  4. Life in the Childish States of America
  5. COLUMN: Never Trump? Don’t stop there! Never anybody!
  6. DePaul President Likens Campus Protesters of Milo To D-Day Soldiers
  7. Channel 8 News Tulsa more interested in PC than veterans
  8. Aziz Ansari, Kerry Washington: 'Every Industry is So White'
  9. Curt Schilling: Michael Moore 'A Hating Waste of Flesh'
  10. Facebook Signs European Union Pledge To Suppress Loosely Defined ‘Hate Speech’ And Pr
  11. What an illegal immigrant did to get nearly $30,000 in benefits will make your blood
  12. Louisiana rep causes outrage by implying Declaration of Independence is racist: Polit
  13. VIolent Black kids, no charges; white kids do graffiti, hard time in jail?
  14. "If you are a cis-het white guy your opinion is not as valuable..."
  15. Breaking: Milo at UCLA--SJWs out in force; cops called in to calm them down.
  16. Black Race Bailers: Killing Gorilla Was White Privilige
  17. Katie Couric: On second thought, I can see why that highly deceptive edit in our gun-
  18. 1,037 Syrian Refugees Admitted in May: Two Christians, 1,035 Muslims
  19. Like Cologne’: At Least 18 ‘Very Young Women’ Sexually Assaulted At Music Festival
  20. 3 Men Break Through Border Security In Front of Breitbart Texas, Washington Journal
  21. Poland revives extradition hearings for Roman Polanski
  22. Bill Kristol’s 3rd Party Candidate: White Working Class Communities Deserve to Die
  23. Gender Bending in Elementary School Bathroom
  24. U. Georgia apologizes for giving Ludacris $65,000 and box of condoms for 15-minute pe
  25. Obama Warns Global Warming Could Create A ‘Devastating’ Hurricane Season
  26. SportsCenter Host on Ray Rice: We Need To ‘Reprogram the Way We Raise Men’
  27. Senator questions why feds paid Cornell scholar to let bees sting his penis
  28. Defense Department falls prey to campus-style ‘gender-neutral’ political correctness
  29. Obama Cites Scripture To Defend School Bathrooms Rule
  30. WATCH: Vigilantes Tackle, Cable-Tie Abusive Migrant Shoplifter
  31. Environmental Protection Agency Continues to Stonewall Office of Inspector General
  32. California poised to adopt ultra-leftist K-12 history curriculum
  33. 'Will & Grace' actress Debra Messing apologizes for UCLA-shooting selfie (Sort of)
  34. Ex-NFL Punter Blames NRA For UCLA Murder-Suicide
  35. Blind man sues McDonald’s for refusing drive-thru service
  36. Gibberish or Not Gibberish?
  37. help for oir fight against terrorism
  38. UC Irvine College Republicans to hand out baby pacifiers to students in campus ‘safe
  39. RI Official: Flying American Flag From Firetrucks Makes Firefighters Look Like ISIS
  40. School District Bans All Flags, Including Old Glory
  41. Cops: Victim Battered With American Flag
  42. Planned Parenthood CEO: ‘Get In Good Trouble’ Like Eugenicist Sanger
  43. Chris Matthews: Hillary Speech a ‘Masterpiece,’ ‘Exquisitely Written’
  44. UCLA Shooting Immediately Sparks Calls for Greater Gun Control
  45. 9-year-old banned from wearing Donald Trump hat to school
  46. District Attorney: Armed Citizen Performed ‘Public Service’ by Killing Robber
  47. Senseless in Seattle: College Dean Ousted For Saying Title Of Book
  48. Protester Chases, Tackles Trump Supporter After San Jose Rally, Brags on Twitter
  49. EBT Card Rage
  50. Google Removes App Used to Identify, Track Jews Online
  51. Vox editor: If Trump comes to your town, start a riot; Update: Vox suspends Rensin
  52. Forestry Company Sues Greenpeace Under Anti-Mafia Law For Conspiracy
  53. New York City ad campaign supports transgender bathroom rights
  54. Donna Brazile: ‘Race Is Part Of Our DNA. It Is Our Original Sin As A Country’
  55. Massachusetts House Overwhelmingly Passes Bill to Abolish Biological Sex
  56. Clinton Laments Income Inequality While Wearing $12K Armani Jacket
  57. As DOD Celebrates LGBT Pride Month, 'There Continues to Be Progress' on Transgenders
  58. San Jose Police Chief
  59. NYC Spends $265G To Urge People To Use Restroom Of Their Choice
  60. ''We are afraid'' - Swedish schoolchildren's desperate letter to the principal
  61. Mother of Zika baby born in New Jersey says she flew to America to seek treatment aft
  62. Corker: Resignation of Whistleblower Who Exposed Peacekeepers' Child Sex Abuse 'Damni
  63. Bangladeshi Minister Says Jews Secretly Behind Wave Of Journalist Killings
  64. Philadelphia To Impose Tax On Sugary Drinks
  65. Female Moonbat Lays Open Preacher’s Head With Metal Bat
  66. Intelligence Community Holds ‘Getting Inclusive,’ ‘Boots to Rainbow Suits’ Breakout S
  67. In our brave, new world, the proper use of English is now a microagression
  68. UK Students To Learn Gender Is Only Limited By ‘Imagination’ [VIDEO]
  69. DC Councilmember: Should Minimum Wage be $50 an Hour?
  70. Zootopia
  71. The "Green" environment
  72. FBI found hundreds of classified files on Petraeus biographer Broadwell’s computer
  73. Forget Manipulative Editing — Katie Couric’s Team Likely Violated Federal Law Read mo
  74. Our (Il)Liberal Elite Ruling Class
  75. An Interestin Question
  76. Meet ‘Generation Snowflake’ – the hysterical young women who can’t cope with being of
  77. Activist Demands Reparations for All ‘Fat, Black’ Women Read more at: http://www.nati
  78. ACLU Lawyers Blame ‘Christian Right,’ GOP For Orlando Terrorist Attack
  79. Victor Keith
  80. Mizzou's Melissa Click's dissertation: "Martha Stewart is racist"
  81. Brian Williams: You Can't Find A Republican With A Flashlight Right Now
  82. Thoroughly dishonest San Diego Union Trib puts Orlando with "mass shooting" list
  83. Omar Mateenr? Take your pick: toxic masculinity or gay.
  84. Political correctness
  85. Hillary's Coat
  86. House Democrats: First Amendment Doesn’t Protect Global Warming Skeptics
  87. Drexel law prof. blasts 'outdated,' Second Amendment
  88. Abortion Activist Blames Orlando Shootings on Pro-Lifers
  89. McConnell hell bent on losing senate!
  90. DHS Sec: Right-Wingers Pose Same Threat As Islamic Extremists
  91. Orlando Shooting
  92. Gun-Free zones
  93. The no-showering challenge: why we should all take part
  94. NY Daily News reporter somehow survives firing varmint rifle
  95. The Orlando Shooting Launches a War on Christianity
  96. Gun Contro
  97. Mizzou Race Activist Hijacks Vigil for Orlando Terror Victims
  98. If You Lose One Sense
  99. Oxford University Special Snowflakes: These Essays Are Killing Us
  100. Rep. Moore: Drug Tests For Tax Filers With Itemized Deductions
  101. Feminist Says She Doesn’t Feel Bad About Toddler Killed By Alligator Because She’s ‘S
  102. Jezebel upset Turkey cancelled "gay pride" parade; attack Bible
  103. Feminist Moonbattery Thread: The Collection
  104. fast guns
  105. Chronicle of Higher Ed writer compares gay bar to a church!
  106. 8 year old girl with an AR-15
  107. Iranian Cleric: ‘Improperly’ Dressed Iranian Women Cause Climate Change
  108. A question about equal treatment
  109. ESPN To Give Mizzou Football Team Humanitarian Award For Black Lives Matter Strike
  110. Illinois measure would create advisory council for Muslims
  111. Police tell people targeted by robberies: Fight back with an umbrella
  112. God's Country
  113. http://www.memritv.org/clip_transcript/en/5525.htm
  114. PC Europe Now Blaming Women for Provoking Muslim Rapists
  115. Georgetown U. president promises to ‘make amends’ for school’s role in slave trade
  116. WaPo: America Can’t Declare Economic Independence Because Not Enough Whites
  117. " ...looking forward to paying taxes. "
  118. Hawaii becomes first U.S. state to place gun owners on FBI database
  119. Woodrow Wilson Center: ‘Giant Number of Refugees’ Are Result of Climate Change
  120. Michigan State police department dedicates unit to protect and defend — against bias
  121. Is a Federal Government surplus ever a good thing?
  122. Mizzou Interim President: Only “Bitter, Angry” People Didn’t Support Race Protests
  123. new school books
  124. Democrats’ Benghazi Report Mentions Donald Trump 23 Times For Some Reason
  125. Pope says Church should ask forgiveness from gays for past treatment
  126. ‘Super Racist’ Pool Safety Poster Forces Red Cross to Apologize
  127. Anti-Trump Open Borders Advocate Zuckerberg Buys Hawaii Property – Puts Up Wall
  128. Charlie Rangel Found Guilty on 11 of 13 Ethics Violations
  129. Spoiled College Grad Demands New Dress Code at Job, Gets the Boot
  130. Why police were called to a South Jersey third-grade class party
  131. Taking Kids to Church Violates Their Human Rights
  132. Anti-Cop Race Activist DeRay McKesson Lands Job With Baltimore Schools Making $165,00
  133. D.C. Will Fine You For Calling A Transgender Person The ‘Wrong’ Pronouns
  134. CA AG making more 'headlines'?
  135. Another Boring at work
  136. Don’t Touch Me’ Wristbands to Stop Migrant Sex
  137. Navy Evaluates Commanders Based On Climate Change Views
  138. Muslims Offended By People Saying ‘F*ck ISIS’
  139. Inventor of “Microaggressions” Term Says Liberals Are Misusing His Research
  140. Media Silence On Oregon Killer
  141. 5 New Radical, Crazy, Insane, Nutball, Lefty Things
  142. New York Public Radio Apointee
  143. Students ‘Depressed’ And ‘Traumatised’ By Brexit Say They Will Fail Exams
  144. UC Berkeley Student Columnist Maggie Lam Attacks the “White Devil,” “Skinny White ...
  145. Hello Racist’ Website Launched To Expose Alleged Racists On The Internet
  146. top colleges do not require students majoring in history to take U.S. history
  147. Cosmo: Global Warming Causing Shark Attacks!
  148. Matt Damon calls for U.S. to ban guns
  149. How high schools indoctrinate students
  150. Canada PM Pushes Gender-Neutral ID Cards
  151. If you like salt and pepper you hate gays
  152. Principal said teachers who stop student cheating are engaging in ‘discrimination’
  153. Anti-gun prof calls for shooting up NRA, ensuring 'no survivors'
  154. Yawn, yet another hate crime hoax
  155. We are not crybabies’
  156. BLM Shutting Down Major Cities.
  157. Professor Who Called For Shooting Up NRA Under Investigation
  158. Transgender Male Athletes Fear ‘Ridicule’ For Seeking Slots in Olympic Women’s Races
  159. OBAMA AG LORETTA LYNCH: No Civil Rights Investigation re: Dallas
  160. Don’t say ‘step’ because it’s insulting to people who can’t walk
  161. Student summoned to dean’s office for ‘required Administrative Meeting’
  162. YouTube Uses Anti-ISIS Policy to Pull CounterJihad Video.
  163. Facebook Says Cartoon Of Police Officer Being Murdered Doesn’t Violate Policies
  164. Idiot Al Sharpton BLAMES POLICE for Dallas ambush killings!!
  165. The Left Wants to Ban Old People from Voting
  166. Cecile Richards: Alton Sterling shooting proves blacks need ‘reproductive justice’
  167. Coming Soon: Punitive Tax on Meat
  168. Sand sculpture of busty Cape Cod mermaid draws complaints
  169. Law?,’ Give Them Space to 'Work it Out'
  170. Conservative Activist Jailed After Pulling Gun on Gang of Thugs Trying to Kick His A$
  171. Phoenix City Officials Do Not Allow “Western” Themed Event Because It “Glorifies” Gun
  172. Some Illegal Aliens Enjoy Food Stamp Advantage Over U.S. Citizens
  173. Obama: "It's Easier For A Kid To Get A Glock Than A Book Or A Computer"
  174. Talking About Racism Is Racist?
  175. Jeb Bush: ‘Conservatism Temporarily Dead’; Pope Border Mass Fueled Trump
  176. Ebony Magazine Editor: Hate Crimes Can’t Be Committed Against White People, Cops
  177. 9 /11 One of the greatest events in history ?
  178. Venezuela: Chavista Says 35,000 Seeking Food Went to Colombia ‘for Fun’
  179. Cancer surgeon not sorry for clipping cop with car
  180. Hillary’s ‘Elderly,’ ‘Probably Just Didn’t Understand What She Was Doing’
  181. Democrats propose restrictions on kids' access to guns
  182. Black Lives Matter Angry Dead ‘White People’ In France Stealing Their Limelight
  183. Mindless Moonbat Idiot
  184. WA Restaurant Tells Police Officers They Can’t Eat There b/c people don't like cops
  185. Just Hours Before Islamist Truck Terror, Hollande said Populism Is the Real Threat
  186. All-White Black Lives Matter Protesters Try to Block Road – Fail Miserably
  187. Following your kids off campus to police them? Campus PD says "no"; Fed says "yes"
  188. Pentagon issues sex change manual, allows extended time off for process
  189. Al Sharpton Sued For Allegedly Stealing $16K From Arizona Man
  190. #BlackLivesMatter activist: We need a military coup if Trump wins POTUS
  191. Republican Senator: The GOP MUST Purge Trump Supporters
  192. Beck: If Cruz Endorses Trump There Is No One in Washington I Can Trust
  193. Black Lies Matter: Pokemon Go is Racist
  194. University of Oklahoma under scrutiny because ‘housing is assigned by birth gender’
  195. LAWSUIT: Feds want to punish special-ed kids
  196. MSNBC Analyzes Terrorism
  197. Black athletes called athletic center ‘Plantation,’
  198. Protesters Throw Urine At Each Other At RNC
  199. Another Liberal Threatens A Coup
  200. California: 1st State To Teach LGBT Curriculum — to Second Graders
  201. Leslie Jones: RACIST
  202. Laura Ingram Accused Of Giving The Nazi Salute After RNC Speech
  203. Moonbat Tech: Hyundai’s E4U
  204. Donald Trump ‘Orchestrated the Boos’ for Ted Cruz
  205. Obama ridiculous
  206. Moonbats Want Us to Pee in the Shower
  207. obligatory global warming exploration ship stopped by sea ice thread
  208. Kerry: Climate Change as Dangerous as Terrorism
  209. This Should Put to Rest Any Doubt The MSM Read From The Same Playbook
  210. Philidelphia Mayor on Trump and his supporters
  211. DNC E-Mails Refer To Hispanics As "Taco Bowls"
  212. Student op-ed laments ‘lack of attention to race issues’ in new ‘Ghostbusters’
  213. Employee suspended for ‘hate crime’ of believing in two genders beats the charges
  214. The Wikileaks Hacked DNC Emails were “Tampered With” (VIDEO)
  215. Facebook Calls WikiLeaks Block ‘An Accident’
  216. Sarah Brown Doesn't Want To Get It Right On Campus Assault: Young Men No Rights
  217. Media Spins Ansbach Suicide Bomber as Victim
  218. "Mike Nifong in a Skirt" runs her ugly mouth against judge, police
  219. Matthews: My Producer Was ‘Teary-Eyed’ During Hillary’s Speech
  220. U.N. Official: U.S. Founded on Land Stolen From Indians
  221. Obama, Hitler, And Exploding The Biggest Lie In History
  222. Hillary Clinton Lying for 13 minutes straight.
  223. Navy to Name Ship After Harvey Milk
  224. Astounding Secret Revealed
  225. Venezuela has a new 'forced labor' law
  226. Sargon of Akkad: This week is Stupidity.
  227. USAID Paid $5.2M for Afghan Industrial Park
  228. John Kerry Strikes Again
  229. Newspeak Dictionary Update: Delete “Christian”
  230. Apple Makes Us Safe by Replacing Pistol Emoji
  231. Good News! Feminist @sondosia ‘Probably Won’t Be Having Children’
  232. Gay Hookup Ads on DC Metro ‘Conform with Our Board-Approved Ad Policy’
  233. Howard Dean: ‘I Don’t Consider Iran to Be a Muslim Country’
  234. Student punished with mandatory diversity training for ‘All Lives Matter’ tweet
  235. Merced College hired private eye to see if any faculty involved in letter
  236. University of Idaho students can now earn academic credit playing Pokemon Go
  237. Cult Of Harambe Demands White House Name Warship After Cherished Gorilla
  238. Restaurant Owner Refused Service to Those Who Believe in Right to Bear Arms
  239. This you gotta see...
  240. How the Invention of the Alphabet Usurped Female Power in Society and ...
  241. Student informs school he was being falsely accused, school investigates him
  242. ALL Families Deserve Access to Healthy Food
  243. Call for Federal Government to Ban Gadsden Flag as Racist
  244. Says Program to Dissuade Jihadis Failed. So They TRIPLE Its Budget
  245. HuffPo Publishes Story On “Significant Similarities’ Between ISIS And the NRA
  246. American Girl Wins Gold In Shooting, Predictable Leftist Responses Follow
  247. While Protesting Guns, Anti-Gun Activist Accidentally Breaks Gun Laws
  248. CNN Anchor Didn’t Want Michael Phelps to Carry Flag – Asked Him to Let Muslim Carry
  249. Belgian Prime Minister , Says Machete Attack ‘May Be Terrorism’
  250. Clock Boy suing Irving, TX ISD