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  1. Three Blind Mice
  2. Secret Service Employees"
  3. Preachy Environmentalism, and Multiculturalist Pageantry of Rio’s Opening Ceremonies
  4. Media Photoshops a "crowd" for Hillary
  5. Civilization Causes 'The Patriarchy'? Fire, Alphabets Called Sexist
  6. To protect illegal women-only lounge,
  7. Wealthy Swedes Asked To Give Up Their Country Homes For Migrants
  8. Equality Chiefs Want ‘Migrant Quotas’ For Top Jobs In Germany
  9. Socialist Hero Bernie Sanders Buys $600K Summer Home
  10. Democrats making Death Threats (real ones!)
  11. Was Genghis Khan history's greenest conqueror?
  12. NC Parents Outraged Over School’s ‘Gender Unicorn’
  13. Even Solar Energy Can Be Racist
  14. Wells Fargo Won’t Do Business With Online Knife Sellers
  15. Sexual assaults in Sweden blamed on Hot Weather
  16. Academia Softens the Next Target by Eroding Resistance to Pedophilia
  17. Middle Schoolers Quizzed on Words 'Popo, Bling Bling, True Dat'
  18. Daily Beast ‘Grindr-Baiting’ Story Sparks Outrage for Outing of Gay Olympians
  19. NFL won’t allow Cowboys to wear decals honoring fallen police officers
  20. Weiner At It Again
  21. You just paid $40M to run monkeys to death on treadmills in Texas
  22. Nancy Pelosi claiming to get "obscene phone calls" because of DNC hack
  23. No, Slick Willy, Email issues are very EASY to understand...
  24. Black Lives Matter Leader Arrested Multiple Times for Impersonating Police Officer
  25. Students will carry dildos to protest new campus-carry law in Texas
  26. German President Booed, Attacked; Claims "The People Are The Problem, Not The Elites"
  27. Petition wants HS principal fired for pushing academics
  28. Moonbat Professor Of Law: Stand Your Ground Laws Are For Nervous White Men…
  29. Removing Foxes From Endangered List Results in 20K Word Regulation
  30. ESPN: ‘Disappointing’ That Black NFL QB Cam Newton Doesn’t Think Everything Is Racist
  31. Theft Suspect Trashed Store For 10 Minutes
  32. Kim Jong-Un’s Latest Pitch: Hungry? Eat Your Pets
  33. Common Sense Gun Laws
  34. Merkel says refugees didn't bring Islamist terrorism to Germany
  35. JOE BIDEN Welcomed to Serbia With MASSIVE RALLY FOR TRUMP
  36. CNN’s Jake Tapper Lets a Little Too Much Bias Slip
  37. Porn star teaches UCLA students how to have sex
  38. O’Reilly GOES OFF on Glenn Beck
  39. Obama Nat Security Adviser Susan Rice: The World Is Better Than Ever
  40. For White People Who Want to Attend #BlackLivesMatter Protests
  41. Refugees sue Pennsylvania district: ‘Did not find the school that I deserved’
  42. Actual Quotes From This Year’s Animal Rights Conferences
  43. New Gun Control Idea: Take Guns from Senior Citizens
  44. Obama irks La. flood victims with memo warning them not to discriminate
  45. NostraBeckus Returns! Glenn Predicts ‘Absolute Bloodbath’ from Bannon; Trump Campaign
  46. 2 Fatal Newark Shootings Mar City’s 24 Hours Of Peace Celebration…
  47. NYC Cab Drivers Will No Longer Have To Know English To Be Lic
  48. Johns Hopkins prof: Don’t have kids
  49. Even more instances of voter fraud
  50. “Trump wants GOP to court black voters — then slams voting rights for felons”
  51. Black Lives Matter: Kim Kardashian’s Hair is Racist
  52. Public Radio Enraged Over Dead ISIS Fighter Who Was Collecting Welfare
  53. ‘F*** Them Cops’: New York Fire Captain’s ‘Double Life’ Exposed
  54. Business Owner Allegedly Accepts $5 Million In Food Stamps, All Fraudulent
  55. Public university hosts blacks-only student retreat – to promote inclusion
  56. MSNBC ‘Why Is It So Important’ for Obama to Visit Louisiana? ‘It Costs a Lot of Money
  57. A Bright Red Valentine From Rosie O’Donnell to Those Who Cherish Human Life
  58. State Department Warns Travelers To Avoid Iran Due to Kidnapping Threat…
  59. Green Party Nominee Wants To ‘Explore’ Disarming Police Officers
  60. CNN's Rye Reminded of Slavery by Trump's 'Make America Great Again'
  61. Today's Kerryism
  62. #StopWhitePeople Trends On Twitter — Backfires On Social Justice Warriors
  63. Roseanne Barr Says Hillary ‘Will Be The Death Of Israel’
  64. The 7 Dumbest Things That Offended Liberals
  65. Chicago Police Board: Remove Requirement That Police Complaints Must Be Truthful
  66. San Diego Libs Love the Idea of ‘Tax Breaks for Minorities’
  67. Every British TV Show To Be Monitored for ‘Diversity’
  68. U of Iowa professor: School mascot is too scary
  69. Daily Show tries to alter Trump's words, forgets about time stamp!
  70. Questions about the Clinton foundation "not legitimate" re: Hillary Clinton
  71. Rapper King Yella Shot While Filming Music Video
  72. NBC Lectures Father of Murdered Family Over Support of Death Penalty
  73. Iowa Department of Corrections Panders to Pervs With New Gender Dysphoria Policy
  74. NY Times Rages Against Texas AG Opposing Obama's Transgender Bathroom Dictates
  75. EPA Withheld Key Info On Post-Spill Funding To Gold King Mine Culprit
  76. Looks like the VA actually does fire people… if they blow the whistle on the VA
  77. Gender-neutral bathroom signs threaten our 'safe space,' UNC students complain
  78. Baltimore Co. Public Schools revises grading system,
  79. College Campus Lunacy
  80. France Overturns Burkini Ban
  81. Puerto Rican woman and Black Man accused of stiffing Latina waitress--sort of....
  82. Do You Prefer Ma’am or Sir?’: New DOJ Video
  83. Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post: Import Foreign Workers to Replace Spoiled Americans
  84. Colin Kaepernick explains why he will not stand for national anthem
  85. Talk of regulating Louisiana’s freewheeling Cajun Navy makes waves
  86. Women To Go Topless On Sunday To Protest Laws That Discriminate Against Female Breast
  87. Muslim student to sue school for ‘trauma’
  88. Atheists Sue Pa. State Legislature For Right To Lead Opening Prayer
  89. Stanford Deletes Page On “Alcohol Safety” After SJWs Call It Sexist
  90. Barbra Streisand claims she will relocate to AUSTRALIA if Donald Trump beats Hillary
  92. Jaden Smith’s Clothing Line: For ‘The Boy That Wants to Wear a Skirt’
  93. Justice Department Wants Employers to Ignore Expired Work Permits
  94. Carlos Danger Name Generator
  95. "Huffington Post TERMINATED Me For Questioning Hillary's Health"
  96. Bill Clinton: Rebuild Detroit with Syrian Refugees
  97. 'Media Would Do Us All a Service If They Didn’t Cover' Terrorism as Much
  98. New York City Lists 31 Official Genders
  99. Finding Humor in Islamic Terror
  100. Democrats propose ban on salary inquiries
  101. Minnesota gun buyback program lands with a thud
  102. Phila Eagles Myke Tavarres says he will sit out Nation Anthem then retracts statement
  103. Progressive UND students get social justice-themed housing option
  104. Singer Chris Brown Locked In House, Saying “F*ck Police, BlackLivesMatter”
  105. Time to start contacting these loons....
  106. Feds Spent $911,056 Studying The Drinking Habits of Lesbian Couples
  107. Government-Manufactured Military Helmets
  108. Leftist ‘Journalists’ Attack Angel Moms Whose Children Were Killed By Illegal Aliens
  109. Pope Francis: Global Warming a ‘Sin,
  110. Black Teen Assaults 5-Year-Old Girl, School Defends it as Normal Behavior
  111. Fired Mizzou Professor Melissa Click Joins Gonzaga Faculty
  112. Odell Beckham Jr. Not Interested in Lena Dunham, is ‘Perhaps Gay’
  113. Weiner offered job at Moonlite Bunny Ranch
  114. Lafayette College Prof Goes on Hunger Strike After Being Denied Tenure
  115. College Students and Gun Knowledge
  116. College Republican posters vandalized while anti-cop BLM display remains
  117. Donald Trump Is A "Threat" To The Way Of Life
  118. Jorge Ramos Wants to Moderate Trump-Clinton Presidential Debate
  119. Hillary Clinton Apologized to Saudi Arabia for US Women Wearing Bikinis
  120. Chicago Teachers Want To Teach Black Kids About Police Brutality
  121. Why is college so expensive? Racism!
  122. $15.00 per hour is racist
  123. JetBlue Bakes Cake In Honor Of Terrorism-Enthusiast Che Guevara
  124. Special snowflakes at Burning Man attack other special snowflakes
  125. Amy Schumer Is Going to “Move to Spain” If Trump Is Elected President…
  126. Tampons coming to men's rooms at Brown University
  127. Guardian: Global Warming Is ‘Racist’
  128. Ann Coulter Attends Roast for Rob Lowe – Hollywood Elites Call Her a C*nt 19 Times
  129. Religious Liberty,’ ‘Religious Freedom’ Code Words for Intolerance, Homophobia
  130. National Press Club Shuts Down Alt-Right Press Conference
  131. Georgetown Slave Descendants Want A BILLION Dollar Reconciliation Fund
  132. Georgetown Makes Students Do Walk Of Shame To Atone For Slavery
  133. MSNBC’s Joy Reid Thinks Russia Is Still A Communist State
  134. Penn State students, you can have a personal chat with Chelsea for $2700
  135. Time Mag. Celebrates Startrek
  136. How 9'11 would be reported today
  137. WABC-TV Ch. 7 in NYC Reports "Hillary Clinton's DEATH"
  138. Donald Trump Jr shared this on instagram I thought it funny with Hillary's connection
  139. German women are encouraged to wear sneakers - to run away from rapists
  140. MILO Takes On Lesbian Hate Crime Hoaxes At Texas Tech
  141. Bill Maher: ‘I’d Vote for Dead Hillary’ Over Trump
  142. Harry Reid Calls Trump Fat In Response To Media Scrutiny Of Hillary Clinton’s Health
  143. Florida Dem: Hillary Clinton “Under No Illusions That You Want To Have Sex With Her"
  144. County Orders Girl to Get $3,500 in Permits and Insurance to keep Lemonade Stand Open
  145. Merkel Demands German Firms Hire Unqualified Migrants Quickly
  146. WaPo: Hillary Clinton, ‘Style Icon’
  147. Feds Give $5 Million to Help Troubled Baltimore Youth with ‘Yoga, Mindfulness
  148. Hispanic Activist Criticized Trump’s Mexican Rapist Comments
  149. Zuckerberg’s Bid to Tear Down Neighboring Homes Rejected by City of Palo Alto
  150. Chinese farmers take over former white-owned farms in Zimbabwe to cash in on tobacco
  151. Few foreign leaders attend international summit in Venezuela
  152. This is your brain on drugs....
  153. Navy Requires All Sailors to Undergo Transgender Education by July 2017
  154. Swedes Must Integrate With Migrants’
  155. Changing America by Changing Its People
  156. Jesuit High School Bans Alumnus for Criticizing Tim Kaine
  157. John Kerry Wishes Media Wouldn’t Cover Bad News
  158. I can't tell you how THRILLED I am that Cow Flatulence is now regulated in California
  159. Obama: Submit to World Government
  160. Universities offer segregated back-to-school events
  161. You can't keep a good Weiner down
  162. Washington Post Concludes: Minnesota Terror Victims Statistically Insignificant
  163. 22yo Afghan Child Rapist Gets Only 2-Yrs Jail Due to 'Severe Detention Sensitivity'
  164. Mass. High Court: Blacks Have Special Right To Run From Cops
  165. Kerry Thanks ‘Warriors for the Planet’ As Paris Climate Accord Nears Implementation
  166. Transgender former Navy SEAL says TSA humiliated her
  167. Cal State U Sponsors Ball Pit For Students To Play In And Talk About Hurt Feelings
  168. No Rioting ?
  169. Anthony ‘T Dog’ Weiner now attracting the attention of NYPD’s Special Victims Unit
  170. Trevor Noah: We’ve never actually tried to repel terrorists with signs, you know
  171. The Feds Now Run a Bureaucracy That Regulates Sex
  172. Climate Alarmist Professors: Vote Hillary or the Planet Will Fry!
  173. The Media’s Female African Chess ‘Prodigy’ Is Actually Nothing Of The Sort
  174. Media demanding that ballplayers who criticize Charlotte rioters be cut by their team
  175. U.S. Attorney subpoenas Anthony Weiner’s phone and other records
  176. LA Police Union: Police Commission Wants Cops To Run From Armed Suspects
  177. Black Lives Matter’ course now offered at GVSU
  178. A History of John Kerryisms
  179. Young People Question the Importance of the Constitution
  180. College students who openly support Trump censored, threatened, bullied by professors
  181. Man awaiting trial on guns and drug charges, arrested again
  182. Asylum spray’ handed out in Denmark by far-right party ‘to ward off migrant attacks’
  183. Speech code overrules U.S. Constitution, Arkansas Tech tells libertarian students
  184. NYC Launches New Programs to Quell Criticism of Islam
  185. Maryland high school moves to genderless homecoming court
  186. Student columnist: ‘Pockets are sexist’
  187. Teen defends the 2nd Amendment, school orders psych evaluation
  188. Kerry : If you don't pass TPP, that will be bad because I said you would
  189. Wonder Woman Is Queer, According to Her Comic Book Writer
  190. Prosciutto Nuovo--no "Speck," all "Veggie"
  191. Academic Trade Paper: Colleges should let Black Lies Matter mobilize on every campus
  192. Trump's Sons Kill a Triceratops
  193. Thug Threatening to Kill Donald Trump Over Food Stamps For His Mama
  194. Housing board grants rent relief to tenants on extended absences
  195. Is your dog’s Halloween costume sexist?
  196. Howard Dean: It's Trump's Fault That I Lied About Him Using Cocaine
  197. Iraqi Transportation Minister: Iraqis ‘Launched Spaceships 7,000 Years Ago’
  198. The robot takeover of the VA has failed… for now
  199. DiCaprio: ‘If You Do Not Believe in Climate Change,
  200. 5 Stories The Mainstream Media Ignored While Reporting On Kim Kardashian's Robbery
  201. Criminal Background Checks, Citizenship Requirements Barriers to Police-Force
  202. NBC’s Ron Allen Thinks Climate Deal Is ‘Designed to Stop’ Storms
  203. Metallica Drummer Lars Ulrich Threatens To Leave US If Trump Wins
  204. Hillary Tells Bankers: ‘My Dream Is Open Borders’
  205. Experts said Arctic sea ice would melt entirely by September 2016 - they were wrong
  206. Salon: Pope Francis ‘Not So Cool After All’ After Slamming Gender Ideology
  207. Climate Change and U.S Landmarks
  208. Kerry: Time for war-crimes tribunals for Assad — and maybe Putin, too
  209. Global Warming Again
  210. Saving the world: Germany votes to outlaw the internal combustion engine
  211. Merkel warns of 'brain drain' in Africa amid refugee influx
  212. Out-of-shape officer candidate uses friend to take physical test
  213. Man Tax
  214. Clinton Staffer Says I Could “Grab [Her] Ass” and Not Get Fired
  215. Noted Strict Gun Law Advocate Kim Kardashian Ramps Up Armed Personal Security
  216. National Park Service Explores 'LGBT History and Heritage
  217. Anarchists Call for Museum to Tear Down Statue of ‘Racist’ Teddy Roosevelt
  218. Jessica Leeds: FAKE Trump groping story PROVEN; Leeds a Democrat activist
  219. NBC: Did you hear about our big secret operation against Russia?
  220. New scandal! Trump is heterosexual!
  221. Canadian activist demands Cleveland Indians logo be banned tonight
  222. President Obama calls for a plan to deal with extreme space weather
  223. Inflating a Union Protest Rat is Not Manual Labor
  224. Canada: We didn’t know that refugees had so many children
  225. EPA Porn Watcher M********** on the Job
  226. New White supremacy Symbol Needed
  227. Billboard Targets Illegal Immigrant Population in Texas
  228. Failure to find a sexual partner is now a DISABILITY says World Health Organisation
  229. PC Police ‘Concerned’ that ‘Large-Breasted, White’ Wonder Woman Sends Wrong Message
  230. Florida Man Suing City After Police Mistake Doughnut Icing for Meth
  231. Merkel: Worried about Islamisation? Just Sing Christmas Carols
  232. Progress
  233. We Want Armani and Hugo Boss: Migrants Demand Designer Clothes
  234. Sweden Bans Christmas Street Lights; To Avoid Offending Muslim Migrants?
  235. Centrist’ UKIP Leadership Candidate Suzanne Evans ‘Delighted’ Christians Criminalised
  236. Hollywood Attacks the Messenger as FBI Probes Clinton Emails
  237. Mom Dresses Her Son Up As Hillary Clinton For Halloween
  238. Republicans mentally rape Dem voters with Hillary scandals
  239. Another Emigree from Hollywood
  240. DOJ Wanted ‘to Prosecute Tea Party Groups’ Told the FBI to ‘Stop Investing Clintons
  241. Bono Named One of Glamour Magazine’s ‘Women of the Year’
  242. YouTube Censors PragerU Video on Left-Wing Censorship
  243. James Carville's Spiral Into Madness: It's An FBI-GOP-KGB Conspiracy!
  244. Roger Waters: 'National Trumpism' Just Like Hitler's 'National Socialism'
  245. WaPo Editorial Urges Giving Children the Right to Vote
  246. NBC Affiliate Accidentally Posts Election Results A Week Early: Hillary Wins
  247. conservatives should look in the mirror
  248. White Supremacists Plan To Suppress Black Vote By Giving Them Malt Liquor And Weed
  249. If you wanted to steer us away and say that we are misinformed...
  250. Cher Is Leaving The Planet If Trump Wins