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  1. I couldn't find this through a search here so I'll post it
  2. Black Lunatic Threatens Mass Exodus Of All Black People If Trump Wins
  3. CLINTON CONFUSION: Hillary unsure whether to get on plane or or in car on tarmac
  4. Happy Hump Day America
  5. Boston Globe Writer Warns Belichick and Brady to ‘Brace for Blowback’
  6. Samantha Bee: White People Ruined America!
  7. Despondent Democrats Bring ‘Therapy Dogs’ to Capitol Hill After Trump Victory
  8. Cher Says If Trump Wins "I’m Gonna Have to Leave the Planet"
  9. Send Lena Dunham to Vancouver
  10. Bay Area cities considering taxes on video streaming services
  11. Lena Dunham Blasts Self-Hating White Women with ‘Violent Privilege’ for Voting Trump
  12. More Therapy Dogs
  13. Lena Dunham won’t move to Canada despite Trump win,
  14. Stress Expert: Media to Blame for Left’s Post-Trump Freakout
  15. Ultrasound Requirement for Abortion: 'Could Be Compared to a State-sanctioned Rape
  16. Michael Moore Accuses GOP of Poisoning Flint and Dems of Neglecting Blacks
  17. Twitter Allows ‘Rape Melania’ to Trend After Site Explodes with Trump Assassination T
  18. NBA Players Say They Won’t Visit Trump White House After Championships
  19. Black CNN host shows her racism on camera
  20. Black Lives Matter Protests Black Woman’s Backed-Up Sewer Line
  21. Medal of Honor recipient cannot attend the Marine Corps birthday ball even if invited
  22. Mayor De Blasio Calls For More Anti-Trump Protests
  23. Climate change action 'unstoppable' despite Trump: U.N.'s Ban
  24. Lena Dunham Begs Paul Ryan: Please! No Bannon!
  25. Glenn Beck: Steve Bannon ‘Is A Terrifying Man’
  26. Duke offers sex toy 'demonstrations' at 'after-hours location'
  27. It’s Not Fair: Liberals Say Stop Congratulating Engaged Couples
  28. Media List of “Fake” News Websites Includes: Breitbart, Infowars, Zerohedge, Twitchy
  29. Meathead Rob Reiner Calls Donald Trump A Moron
  30. Feminist Wants To Send Menstrual Blood to Mike Pence
  31. Lena Dunham Asks Rocks for ‘Guidance’
  32. Black Friday Shopping
  33. De Blasio Senior Adviser Ripped for Posting Photo of Sister Holding ‘F**k Whiteness’
  34. Kerry: 'Overwhelming Majority' of Americans 'Know Climate Change Is Happening'
  35. Burnt American Flag Hung as ‘Art Installation’ at U of Dayton
  36. Rosie O’Donnell Shames Melania Trump For Posing Nude
  37. This speaks for itself...
  38. U.N. Secretary-General: Toilets Save Lives, Money
  39. Eight NBA Teams Won’t Stay at Trump 4-Star Hotels This Year
  40. Dear supporters of Donald Trump,
  41. Fabolous’ 39th birthday party had camels
  42. Yalies Rally for Legal Prostitution
  43. Denver Sheriff's Department Fined $10K For Not Hiring Non-Citizens
  44. Mindless Moonbat Idiot
  45. Dumb: Psychologists Warn Parents Against Dangers Of Lying To Kids About Santa Claus…
  46. OSU Diversity Officer Apologizes For Terrorist In Facebook Post, Urges Sympathy
  47. VIDEO: American University Students Prefer Castro Over Trump
  48. Dutch bishops ‘update’ words of the Our Father
  49. Mexico: Trump's border wall would harm the environment
  50. Transgender Airmen Can Now Seek Temporary Exemptions
  51. Red light cameras and the “anti-poverty” argument
  52. Canadian Media Argues: Cities Need To Get Ready For SEX In PUBLIC PARKS
  53. Kerry threatens support for UN action against Israel
  54. Comfort Tent and Crayons for college students: Real Live Announcement!
  55. Sanctuary campus supporters willing to ignore other laws
  56. Lib Woman Gets Pregnant, Blames Republicans For Not Giving Her Birth Control
  57. Anger Mounts Against United Airlines Over Extra Fee to Use Overhead Bins
  58. Congressman Calls Fox's Tucker Carlson A Russian Agent On Prime Time Television
  59. U.N Develops Cow Flatulance Equivalency Table
  60. Gangsta Shoot-Out Mannequin Challenge Gets Dumbass Arrested For Illegal Gun Possessio
  61. Good News, Kids: Drag Queens A’Comin’ To School
  62. Naval Academy Launches Indoctrination Courses in Safe Spaces and ‘Transgender 101’
  63. Vatican Calls on Priests to Be ‘Highly Sensitive’ to Climate Crisis
  64. After 9 Consecutive Years Without a Budget, McConnell Now Worried About “Trump Defici
  65. LeBron sports safety pin on SI sportsman of the year cover
  66. There’s An Actual Trauma Center for Millennials to Figure Out Their Lives
  67. Horrible Liberal Actress Exploits Alan Thicke’s Death To Slam Trump
  68. Liberals Now Want Parents to Buy Non-Gender Specific Christmas Gifts For Kids
  69. Black Lives Matter Boycotts Black-Owned Business For Being White Supremacists
  70. Reed College Dean “ashamed” after leftists shout down Gay Director of Pro-Trans film
  71. "Happy holidays" now politically incorrect?
  72. SR 1398 – Texas School Board Votes 6-1 to Remove Charlie Brown Bible Verses
  73. Former Stasi Secret Police Informant Unfit to Lead Internet Censorship Taskforce
  74. Category: The Check Is In The Mail
  76. NYT Columnist Says Trump May Hope for Terror Attack
  77. BAFTA to Block Awards For Films That Aren’t Diverse Enough
  78. Man Tries To Use Trump As A Defense For Hitting Someone With A Brick
  79. Michael Moore Speaks To "Fellow Americans" While They Sleep.
  80. MTV Video ‘2017 Resolutions for White Guys’ Airs Laundry List of Grievances
  81. Lena Dunham: “I still haven’t had an abortion, but I wish I had”
  82. Whoopi Goldberg: I’m More Qualified to Be President than Donald Trump
  83. Homelessness is apparently now a human right
  84. Dunham: My abortion comment was from my “delusional girl” persona, you know
  86. Convicted Murderer Patriots Star Aaron Hernandez Says Russians Hacked His Phone
  87. Prince Charles Urges Brits To Think Of Muhammad This Christmas
  88. Three Years Ago, Obama Signed a Law Allowing the Fed to Take over the Entire Media
  89. Feds say Florida man threatened Trump in Facebook posts
  90. Two Christmas Songs From Rush Limbaugh
  91. Militant snowflake: new insignia for social justice warrior
  92. Salon.com:A Christmas Story Is Racist
  93. Zuckerberg’s Amnesty Org Asks For ‘Love’ Messages to ‘Immigrants’
  94. CAIR’s Hooper: US Muslims’ 'Mental Health Issues' Cause Them to Fake Hate Crimes
  95. Cynthia McKinney: every candidate for Congress must sign a pledge to support Israel
  96. Charlie Sheen Calls on God to Kill Donald Trump
  97. Idiot Comedian Attacks Deceased Debbie Reynolds,
  98. Chaps my hide
  99. Former NSA Employee Behind Russia Wikileaks Conspiracy Theories
  100. Charlie Sheen: 'C'mon, Ted Cruz, in 4 years we can unseat' Trump
  101. Obama's expuslion of Russian diplomats includes a CHEF.
  102. NY Times’ ‘condescending’ hot take about Texans
  103. P.C. Pandering Could Produce Hilarious Results for NYPD Headgear
  105. France Outlaws Spanking Kids, Bringing Ban Total to 52 Countries
  106. Comedian Rob Schneider Under Fire for Making Paella in a ‘Disrespectful’ Glass Pan
  107. Philly Democrats Pass $3 Tax on a $6 Sugary Drink
  108. Colin Kaepernick Wins Len Eshmont Award for Disrespecting America
  109. Response to Islamic Truck Attacks: Kill Switches for Trucks
  110. University of Wisconsin–Madison’s Men’s Project Seeks to Eradicate Toxic Masculinity
  111. High School Ditches 'Stallion' Mascot, Says It's 'Sexist'
  112. Why I Married Myself
  113. Documented Liar Dan Rather Scolds Media About Telling The Truth
  114. From the files of I saw a hacker on TV once
  115. Transgender "Man" Suing Catholic Hospital
  116. John Kerry Exit Memo Claims Al-Qaeda ‘Shadow of What It Was’ Before Obama
  117. BBC Gradually Discovers Terror Truck Had Actual Driver Behind the Wheel
  118. Kerry -Trump Moving U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem Would Cause Mideast ‘Explosion’
  119. London Students Demand University Drop White Philosophers Like Plato, Kant
  120. Ryan Gosling’s Golden Globes speech about wife Eva Mendes wasn't cute, it was sexist
  121. New Hampshire Wants to Respond to Election Hacking by Banning Russian Vodka
  122. Trumpophobia Made This Liberal Scared That His Plumber Was A Nazi
  123. Feinstein Tells Sessions It ‘Not His Job’ to Prosecute Hillary
  124. Whoopi Goldberg Says Right-Wingers Have Kept Her From Making a Living
  125. It’s the Outside of the Bubble That Is the Bubble
  126. Cop-Hating Congressman Goes to Cops to Complain About Theft of Cop-Hating Painting
  127. White Privileged Ashley Judd Scolds Internet On The White Privilege Of Emojis
  128. Rosie O’Donnell Calls for Martial Law to Delay Trump Inauguration
  129. U2 CANCELS Release Of New Album In Protest To Trump
  130. Lawmaker calls for action after human feces found at Honolulu war memorials
  131. A real moonbat comment--any thoughts?
  132. Lauer Admits to Weeping Over Biden Award
  133. NBA will consider shortening games due to millennial attention spans
  134. Paul Krugman: It is “Patriotic” to Call Trump “Illegitimate”
  135. NAACP Pulls Out Of Feminist Protest Because Of Too Many White Women
  136. Moonbats Neuter God at Divinity Schools
  137. Inaugural Rioters in their own words
  138. A new twist on an old way of defrauding the government
  139. A Liberal Hollywood Moron Allegedly Converted To Islam. Guess Who?
  140. Michael Keaton Struggles to Say ‘President-Elect’
  141. The popularity of Canada's Prime Minister
  142. Church Nixes Trump’s Name Because It Triggers Trauma
  143. Mark Zuckerberg is suing hundreds of Hawaiians to protect his 700-acre Kauai estate
  144. German inventor creates 'anti-rape underwear' following a spate of sex attacks
  145. Climate Alarmists Warn Fewer Picnic-Perfect Days Thanks to ‘Global Warming’
  146. Environmentally Friendly Plants to Grow From Moonbat Ammunition
  147. Shocker! Hillary pal arrested for Trump assassination plot
  148. Hahahahahahaha.....Hahahahahahaha!!!! So A Snowflake Does Make A Sound...Hahahahaha
  149. SNL Writer: "Baron Trump Will Be America's First Homeschool Shooter"
  150. Liberal Head explodes
  151. Michelle Obama Portrays Herself as a Sex Symbol–Is Instantly Humiliated
  152. Michael Moore at Anti-Trump Rally: ‘We Are Here to Vow to End the Trump Carnage!’
  153. Dishonest Media Tries To Show Sparse Crowd At Trump Inauguration Among Other Lies
  154. Women March Against Trump – Then Leave Trash Heaps for Someone Else to Clean
  155. A prominent member of the Women's march
  156. In “What’s Racist NOW?!” News: Tipping Your Waiter!
  157. A job for Bernie Sanders that’d make everyone happy
  158. Coercive Homosexual Spin the Bottle at Oklahoma Daycare Center
  159. Democrat Sets Fire to Trump Supporter’s Hair at Inaugural Protest
  160. Lush Cosmetics Features Gay Couples In Valentine’s Day Ads
  161. Michigan Man Whose Drug Sentence Commuted By Obama Is Shot Dead
  162. Teacher "Shoots" Trump And Yells "Die!" In Front Of Her Students
  163. Pelosi's Off Her Medications Again.
  164. Six shot during vigil for gunshot victim in Chicago
  165. Moonbats Yelp That Building the Wall Would Cause Global Warming
  166. Lindsay Lohan Sends Blessings of ‘Love and Light’ to Syrian Refugees
  167. It's Pat!!
  168. So Sorry USA, we've been downgraded again!
  169. EPA Employees Given ‘Dealing with Change’ Counseling Post-Trump Win
  170. Just When You Thought The Depths Of Stupidity From The Left Couldn't Get Any Deeper
  171. Fla. Mayor tells Officer: ‘I didn’t know we were serving pig tonight’
  172. Highlights for Children Promotes Notion of Same Sex Parents
  173. Don’t Say ‘Mothers’ – It Offends Transgender People, Doctors Told
  174. Just when you think PETA can't do anything more unbelievably stupid.....
  175. Campaign to Replace ‘Standard Swedish’ With Migrant-Inclusive Accent Launched
  176. Chris Murphy says anti-Trump marches ‘were PEACEFUL without EXCEPTION’
  177. HRW’s Ken Roth Completely Humiliated On Twitter
  178. Robert Reich Accuses Breitbart News Of Organizing Berkley Riots
  179. California Moonbats strike again
  180. Sierra Club Chief: Abortion Is Key to ‘Sustainable Population’
  181. Sierra Club Funding
  182. Comcast Pays Employees To Protest Trump
  183. This Is Probably The Most Racist And Bigoted Thing I've Ever Read
  184. another U.S Company hiring refugees
  185. Talent Agency UTA Cancels Oscar Party, Will Hold Refugee Rally Instead
  186. Latest Men’s Fashion at New York Fashion Week
  187. Bitter Rosie O’Donnell Posts Photoshopped Bannon Pic in Bid for ‘SNL’ Gig
  188. Sweden Builds Camel Park to Help Integrate Migrants
  189. Mexican Immigrant Designer Debuts ‘F*ck Your Wall’ Underwear
  190. Teen Vogue Publishes An Article On What To Buy Your Friend Who Just Had An Abortion
  191. New Transgender Doll Modeled After Reality Teen Star ‘Jazz Jennings’
  192. Amazon Won’t Deliver Cowgirl Costume To Chicago Residents … Guess Why?
  193. Parents Outraged :Michigan School Teachers Caught Playing ‘Kill, F***, Marry’ Game
  194. Big Government Wastes Money Paying People to Eat Asparagus and Then Sniff Their Pee
  195. Progressive Revision of History
  196. Connecticur 3 billion dollar debt Legislators work hard on problem
  197. The face of evil.
  198. Millennials: The Dumbest Generation in History?
  199. And it continues
  200. Maxine Wright on Abortion
  201. Thug Armed With Assault Rifle Threatens To Murder Man For Having Trump Bumper Sticker
  202. Swedish court approves of child marriage
  203. NAACP requires photo ID to attend anti voter ID protest march
  204. Dem Lawmaker Complains Taxpayer Is Paying For Trump’s Unhealthy Diet
  205. Media Hype Has Illegal Aliens Too Scared To Steal Welfare Benefits
  206. Roommate wanted: No Trump supporters
  207. When Did Cindy Sheehan Become A Trump Supporting RINO?
  208. Struggling Toward Menstrual Equity
  209. The Ultimate Safe Space: Fake News Site Reports on World as Though Hillary Won
  210. Dakota Pipeline Protesters Love The Environment SO MUCH, They Burned Down Their Camps
  211. George Clooney Says Donald Trump And Steve Bannon Are ‘Hollywood Elitists’
  212. ‘Scientific American’ Blames Climate Change for Oroville Dam Crisis
  213. Congressman Reprimands Father of Teen Killed by Drunk-Driving Illegal Alien for
  214. Governor’s Mansion ‘Queer Dance Freakout’ Protests ‘Bathroom Bill’
  215. Kamala Harris argues against O-care repeal, exposes Dem failure instead
  216. After Time In Prison, Jesse Jackson Jr. Still Gets $138,000 Per Year
  217. The Old Gray Mare calls for sedition
  218. Leslie Jones Rips Trump: ‘We Got a Pig in Office’
  219. White Men Should Pay 5% Extra In Taxes Because They’re Privileged
  220. Hollywood dentist booted from flight following anti-Trump comment
  221. Eyebrow Specialist Flown in From Australia for Oscars
  222. Feminist Warns That SpaceX Will Nuke Us With Rocks Dropped From The Moon
  223. Bette Midler-Trump Said ‘More than 4,000 Shot in Chicago’ – but Only 762 murders
  224. Proposed Connecticut Law to help huge defiicit
  225. Maxine Waters: ‘I Was a Millennial Once’
  226. Crazy Woman Attacks Chicken Truck Because She Is A Vegan
  227. Global Warming Is the Main Cause of Biological Extinction’
  228. Actor Riz Ahmed: Lack of Diversity in TV and Movies Could Push Teens to Join ISIS
  229. Oui on peut!
  230. California Wants To Pass The Dumbest Law Of All Time
  231. Illegal Poetry
  232. Children’s Coloring Book Called ‘The Adventures Of Toni The Tampon.
  233. Judges Stop Firing of Terrible Teachers on Grounds That It “Shocks the Conscience
  234. Melbourne Installs ‘Female Traffic Lights’ to Promote Gender Equality
  235. Now Equal Pay Is A Human Right?
  236. What if Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Had Swapped Genders?
  237. Air Force Says Words Like ‘Boy’ and ‘Girl’ May Be Offensive
  238. Samantha Bee Mocks Brain Cancer Patient at CPAC For Having ‘Nazi Hair’
  239. Plano lab employee headed to prison after inappropriately touching 6 teenage patients
  240. LibTard confronts Spicer at Apple store
  241. Do Apes Deserve ‘Personhood’ Rights? Lawyer Heads to N.Y. Supreme Court to Make Case
  242. How Moonbats Plan to Stand Up for Women in Sweden
  243. Connecticut Kennedy Thinks State Should Own Your Organs
  244. Daffy Democrat Introduces Bill to Levy Fine Against Male Masturbation
  245. Texas bill would fine men $100 each time they masturbate
  246. Why Hungary Must Not Defend Its Border From Islamic Invasion: Vojvodina Blind Mole
  247. Fat Women Bigger Threat to Patriarchy Because They ‘Physically Take Up More Space’
  248. LA County sheriff to spend $300k on gold belt buckles for deputies
  249. Seattle Anti-Landlord Measure Takes Tyranny to Surreal Extremes
  250. Michael Savage attacked