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  1. " They Thought They Would Win "
  2. Minor league Yard Goats offering yoga with goats
  3. Victims Would Have Been Raped ‘By Somebody Else’ if No Muslim Abusers
  4. Beyonce’s veganism promotes ‘discrimination,’ profs warn
  5. Asian students guilty of 'colorblind racism,'
  6. Climate Change May Have Helped Spark Iran’s Protests
  7. Cher Calls Trump The Antichrist Because He Won’t Help California Even Though He Did
  8. New York City sues major oil companies, says they contribute to global warming
  9. TSA Detains ‘Terrorist’ College Student For Flashing A Finger Gun
  10. Are skirts the next men’s fashion trend?
  11. Haiti’s Flag Now Proudly Flying Over the Connecticut Governor’s Mansion
  12. Comic Convention Bans Christian Conservative Actor Kevin Sorbo
  13. Switzerland rules lobsters must be stunned before boiling
  14. Pussy Hat Now Discriminatory
  15. New Edict in Hollywood: Only the Disabled Should Portray the Disabled In Movies
  16. Pelosi Judges RuPaul’s Drag Queen Competition on VH1
  17. Don'r drop your soap
  18. Gay Man Cries ‘Hate Crime’ After Calling Black Man The N-Word
  19. Senator criticizes Trump: ‘I will not be lectured by a five-deferment draft dodger’
  20. CNN: Undetected Asteroids Could Threaten Earth During Government Shutdown
  21. It’s Now Racist And Sexist To Pay Blacks And Women A Lot Of Money
  22. Video shows teacher strip naked, chase students at elementary school in Calif.
  23. State Dept spending $592,500 to 'explore gender identities of boys and men
  24. National Endowment for the Humanities Wastes 100 Percent of Its Funding
  25. Conan O’Brien at Luxury Resort: ‘Haiti Is a Beautiful Country’
  26. Gina Rodriguez Slams Academy Over ‘Lack of Latino’ Oscar Nominations
  27. A tweet from Jack Posobiec regarding a hotel in Haiti
  28. Enviros Push Meat Tax
  29. In california, Illegal aliens are ok. Soda straws will send you to jail...
  30. Celebrities Express ‘Horror’ over Trump Cuts to U.N. Agency for Palestinians
  31. ESPN’s Molly Qerim: The XFL Keeping Politics Out ‘Feels Divisive’
  32. Snowflake Says What?
  33. California Woman Sues Walmart for Racism over Products in Locked Cases
  34. Reverend Al Gore: The Survival of Our Civilization Is at Stake Here’
  35. No Lackin Challenge YouTube craze goes horribly wrong
  36. Chelsea Clinton - ‘Women’s Reproductive Health Rights Are Connected to Climate Change
  37. 'Black-Queer-Owned' Brewery In ‘Beer City’ Says It Closed Because Of 'White Supremacy
  38. Whites Who Practice Yoga Contribute to ‘White Supremacy’ and ‘Yoga Industrial Complex
  39. Michael Moore: "We must also cleanse our American soul of our white male privilege."
  40. ESPN’s Kellerman Calls for Notre Dame to Ditch ‘Pernicious’ Fighting Irish Mascot
  41. American Civil Liberties Union Mad That Trump Said The Word “American” In SOTU Speech
  42. Maxine Waters Demands ‘Explicit Content’ Warning When Trump Appears On TV
  43. Black Professor Argues Blacks Should Be Classified As Disabled Because Of Racism
  44. Virginia proposes porn watching fee to prevent human trafficking
  45. Rensselaer Professor Attributes Plummeting Alumni Donations to Racism, Sexism
  46. Pelosi can't remember who's President...
  47. Nice Shooting There Tex
  48. Trump’s Invocation of National Anthem at SOTU a Form of ‘Racial Pornography’
  49. A cross between Mindless Gibberish and SJWs
  50. Anything for SJW's to be angry about in the Super Bowl commercials yet?
  52. High School Cancels ‘Hunchback of Notre Dame’- White Student Cast as lead
  53. Democrats Slobbering over The Great Red Hope!
  54. M-I-L-L-E-N-N-I-A-L-S
  55. Prof claims ‘there is no such thing as black racism’
  56. Justin Timberlake Super Bowl Halftime Performance Embodies ‘White Male Privilege’
  57. Lawmakers push for legislation to deter people from eating Tide Pods
  58. Millennial Uses Hunting Trap to One-Up the Tide Pod Challenge
  59. The Mute speaks again
  60. The Mute Speaks Again Part 3
  61. : DOD Admits $80 Million in M1 Abrams Tanks Ended Up With Iran-Backed Militias
  62. Black US Olympian Cries Racism When White Woman Is Chosen As Flagbearer
  63. Criminal Mastermind
  64. Couples ice skating competition during the Olympics discriminates against fat women
  65. Prof ‘Replaced’ After Flunking Student For Calling Australia A Country
  66. Since there is not a forum for Fake News/Lying Media...
  67. Queer Feminist Fight Club Wants To 'Bring Down The Patriarchy.'
  68. Haiti Is Great Already
  69. All Hell Breaks Loose at CA School b/c Asian Student's Science Project on IQ and Race
  70. Criminal mastermind
  71. MPs Wear Islamic Veils in Parliament to Promote ‘World Hijab Day’
  72. If CNN existed in 1936: "Hitler's sister steals show with style"
  74. Macy’s to launch a clothing line geared toward Muslim shoppers
  75. Why one Philly elementary school is paying kids not to fight
  76. Liberals Fantasize About Dying In Mass Shootings To Promote Gun Control
  77. Actual responses to a man whose daughter was murdered in the Florida school massacre.
  78. Nicole Wallace: We're Only Talking About Parkland Because White Kids Were Killed
  79. Reporter uses school shooting to make a case for abortion
  80. Moonbat Washington Post admits that Russians used Post's own articles as propaganda!
  81. USA Today’ Sports Writer Pushes for Same-Sex Couples Ice Skating at Olympics
  82. Kamala Harris Says We Cannot Live In A Country Where Our Babies Are Slaughtered
  83. Efforts to Colonize Mars Driven by ‘Male Entitlement,’ ‘Patriarchy’
  84. Dominatrix hosts ‘BDSM 101’ for Valentine’s Day at UCLA
  85. British Horse Racing is ‘Too White’, Industry Told
  86. Louisiana High School Bans Student Following Hysteria Over ‘Gun’ Symbol
  87. CNN Officially Calls on Public to Quit Bullying Parkland Mass Murderer
  88. Pistons’ Van Gundy: The NBA’s One-and-Done Rule Is ‘Racist’
  89. NJ Proposes A Bill To Allow Prison Inmates To Vote
  90. Suddenly there is a Confederate flag flying’ in Seattle’s Greenwood area –
  91. Miss Know-It-All Didn’t Even Graduate From Middle School
  92. Another political mastermind
  93. NYC must pay $180G to 3 Muslim women forced to remove hijabs for mugshots
  94. Caged Gorilla Statue Determined To Be Racially Insensitive
  95. Leftist Freak College Student Blames ‘Toxic Masculinity’ For Florida School Shooting
  96. Armed Teachers Will Shoot Students of Color ‘At a Higher Rate’
  97. Woman Opens Fire in Theater Over ‘Black Panther’ Seating Dispute
  98. New billboard in Pensacola calls NRA a terrorist organization
  99. Sex to boost film career is 'not rape': Weinstein lawyer
  100. Segregation at Comic Con: No Straight, White Males Allowed at Parties
  101. Celebrity Hypocrites Wear Orange Pins In Protest For More Gun Control
  102. Tis is what I call diversity - a new hit show on CBS
  103. Anti-Gun Leftist’s Plan For Dealing With An Armed Robber Is Simply INSANE
  104. The ancestor of modern man gets to see the world today
  105. Rachel Dolezal Is Back, and Still Black
  106. Criminal mastermind
  107. Residents of Liberal Utopia California Will Soon Be Drinking Recycled Sewage Water
  108. Canadian Climate Minister Urges Attention to the ‘Gendered Impacts’ of Climate Change
  109. Maxine Waters Drops 2020 Bombshell, Instantly Proves She’s High On The Crazy-Meter
  110. Sally Field Gets Her Wish
  111. UK police run like cowards, leave woman screaming alone with a hammer wielding psycho
  112. Senate Candidate Wants To Arm The Homeless With Shotguns
  113. Sean Penn Wrote A Novel In Which He Fantasizes About Assassinating Trump
  114. Jim Acosta gets....well, you'll see....
  115. Real Russian collusion Story
  116. White Men Like Guns Because They Are Racist
  117. Democrat Lawmaker Blames Bad Weather on Jews ‘Controlling the Climate
  118. High School Students Allegedly Suspended for Snapchat Photo of Visit to Gun Range
  119. France Proposes Criminals Monitor Online Hate Speech as Part of Community Service
  120. Mandatory social issues literacy quiz for millennials
  121. Washington Post Argues that Spin Classes Are ‘Too Thin and Too White’
  122. Student Threatened With Rape for Supporting Traditional Marriage – At a Catholic Col.
  123. Superintendent Says Students Are Armed with Rocks In Case of a School Shooting
  124. No Keith Ellison, McDonald’s Isn’t ‘Clear-Cutting Forests’ to Graze More Cattle
  125. Parkland Student: Wearing Clear Backpacks Infringes on Constitutional Rights
  126. Planned Parenthood Demands Pro-Abortion Illegal Alien Transgender Disney Princess
  127. Dem Lawmaker: We Don't Want To Confiscate Guns, We Want To "Seize" Them
  128. More wisdom from a Hollywood illiterati
  129. Middle School Student Suspended For Drawing Stick Figure With Gun
  130. Holy Cross Theology Professor Says Jesus Was a ‘Drag King’ with ‘Queer Desires’
  131. Clinton errand boy to become Professor at George Mason University
  132. What This Guy Thinks You And Your Family OWE HIM Will Disgust You,
  133. Jeb Bush Blasts Trump Family: My Kids ‘Actually Love Me’
  134. Larry King: Second Amendment Was Created to ‘Ward Off Slave Uprisings’
  135. The very, VERY stupid Jeremy Bauer-Wolf
  136. This country is so screwed!!
  137. Yale Guest Speaker Virgie Tovar: Being Fat Is a Revolutionary Political Act
  138. Youth Anti-Gun Movement Is Deemed To Be Racist
  139. Chelsea Handler Brags That Her Body Guards Don’t Carry Semi-Autos Or Kill Children
  140. Gloria Allred Withdraws As Lawyer For Trump Accuser
  141. Easter Warning: Climate Change Threatens Bunnies
  142. Former Venezuelan VP: Supermarkets Would Be Full if People Didn’t Eat So Much
  143. Alyssa Milano Under Fire for Blaming YouTube HQ Shooting on NRA
  144. Oakland and San Francisco suing oil companies for "Climate Change" $$$
  145. Eight Members of Iran’s ‘Women’s’ Soccer Team Are Men Awaiting Sex Change Surgery
  146. Russian Bots Are Supporting Laura Ingraham
  147. CA Think Tank: Single Family Homes are Racist!
  148. Voices from the LEFT- Speak Up and Speak Out
  149. Black Parkland Students Gripe That White Activists Are Hogging The Show
  150. Twitter’s CEO Just Shared A Post Calling For a 'Civil War,'
  151. London's Mayor Declares Intense New 'Knife Control' Policies
  152. A Foster Care System for the Homeless Could Ease the Housing Crisis
  153. Five Men Claiming to be Transgender Women Will Compete as Females in Boston Marathon
  154. Oregon governor received a large donation from Soros and refused ND to the border
  155. Labor Union Calls For Boycott Of Companies Using Self-Checkout Kiosks
  156. Britain’s Knife Control Campaign Just Got Way Funnier
  157. Children Treated for Stab Wounds in England Rises 60 Per Cent
  158. School Arms Teachers With Miniature Baseball Bats To Stop Mass Shooters
  159. Pride Parade Bans Drag Queens Over Fears They'll Offend Trans People
  160. Los Angeles painting city streets white in bid to combat climate change
  161. BLACK DEMOCRATIC SENATOR Calls Black Bank Teller A “House N*gger”
  162. Charlize Theron Says America Is So Racist She May Have To Leave
  163. The Left Dirt Diggers have been busy!!
  164. 'Creepy' Chick-fil-A slammed by 'New Yorker' writer from Brooklyn
  165. Indiana Joan? Spielberg Says Time for Female Lead Character In Film Serie
  166. Stanford Professor: Dungeons and Dragons Perpetuates Systems of White, Male Privilege
  167. VIdeo: NJ Prof drops F-bomb at conservative student
  168. D.C. City Council Member Blamed Snow on Jews
  169. Churches make a pledge in the name of social justice: - stop calling the police
  170. Black students crash actor's speech; white actor virtue signals-donates speaking fee
  171. Fresno State’s Randa Jarrar: I Hate the White Patriarchy, but I Still Suck wh.......
  172. Illinois Democrats Push to Reward Schools That Hire Therapists Instead of Armed Guard
  173. " Tip-Toe, Through The Feces... "
  174. Amy Schumer And Ellen Degeneres Are Sorry For Being White
  175. Talcum X :Cops Were Racist Because They Didn’t Kill Waffle House Pyscho
  176. Wave of Campus Race Hysteria Hits DePauw University
  177. More Academic Brilliance
  178. ESPN’s Jemele Hill to Adidas: ‘Sign Colin Kaepernick Now, Forget the NFL’
  179. Fresno State Won’t Fire Morbidly Obese Professor Randa Jarrar
  180. ‘Refugee’ Spared Prison After Strangling, Sexually Assaulting Woman
  181. Penn State says wilderness is too risky for outdoors clubs
  182. Transgender Inmate in NC Prison Sues for Right to Practice Witchcraft
  183. Face facts: The LGBTQ movement wants to destroy Christianity
  184. Disney To Sell Multicolored Gay Mickey Mouse Ears At Theme Parks
  185. Now Those Tiny Bottles Of Hotel Shampoo Are Racist Too?
  186. Oregon State student taken to hospital after jumping from 5th floor dorm room
  187. Homeless man breaks into California governor's residence
  188. Migrant says he ‘accidentally’ raped a Belgian woman: “I wasn’t myself that day”
  189. Masculinity is a mental health issue ... at University of Texas??
  190. Sneaker thieves tried to sell ‘Air Jordans’ minutes after robbery
  191. Scottish Man in Custody for Carrying Potato Peeler in Public Place
  192. Dr. Phil chimes in about Kanye West
  193. U.N. Chief: Iran Nuclear Deal ‘an Important Diplomatic Victory’
  194. Hawaii Bans Sunscreen Believed to Kill Coral Reefs
  195. UC Berkeley:‘Hard to defend’ free speech of conservatives who ‘incite’ liberal studen
  196. Don Lemon: If Trump Isn’t Racist, ‘He’s Certainly Racist-Adjacent’
  197. Since Kids Are Failing Math And Reading, Leftists Want To Teach Them “LGBT HISTORY”
  198. Democrat Dingus Introduces Bill To Ban Archery Classes In New York
  199. Clinton jokes that she thought about leaving US after Trump won
  200. Dalla Burn Victim with Violation for Not Mowing Lawn While He Was in the Hospital
  201. Autistic student in Conroe ISD arrested for playing with 'imaginary rifle"
  202. CNN Wag: Either Venus, Serena Williams ‘Would Have Pummeled’ John McEnroe
  203. Police threaten to ARREST Facebook users who mocked them over a post
  204. Virtue-Signaling Leftist Worth Millions Reneges On Housing Refugees, Houses “NONE” In
  205. The Truth About Virtue Signaling
  206. Batty Barbara Streisand Predicts Doom Over Iran Deal Pullout
  207. Los Angeles officials blame systemic racism for rising STD rates
  208. “Are straight black men the white people of black people?”
  209. ‘Star Wars’ Writer: Lando a Sexually Fluid ‘Pansexual’
  210. Liberal Lunatic Would Rather Have His Daughter Raped By MS-13 Than Date A Republican
  211. Syracuse area parents seek court action to get 30-year-old son to move out
  212. NFL Team To Host First Ever LGBTQ Summit
  213. Ex-Obama Official Says NO School For Kids Until Gun Laws Passed
  214. According to James Clapper, FBI plants informants in political campaigns all the time
  215. UK Considers Banning ‘Body Shaming’ Ads Featuring Thin Women
  216. Marco Rubio Says Kaepernick Deserves NFL Job
  217. Reparations Happy Hour:’ Each minority attendee gets $10 from white Portland donors
  218. Celebs Give World Leaders Their Marching Orders On Gender Equality
  219. Group Claims Hollywood Not Gay Enough, Wants LGBTQ Characters In HALF Of All Movies
  220. Criminal mastermind
  221. Syracuse area parents seek court action to get 30-year-old son to move out Pt 2
  222. Students from 14 CA universities demand FREE abortion in rally...
  223. Guess what nutbag Prof--fired from Drexel-- is now at NYU and is still spewing hate?
  224. Stupid April Ryan has now crossed the line into defamation and slander
  225. Knives are too sharp and filing them down is solution to soaring violent crime, judge
  226. Vegan Extremists Threaten to Fire Bomb Butchers as Activist Attacks Increase
  227. Why College Campuses Can Be Minefields for Some Comedians (HBO Video)
  228. What's his DU name...
  229. Crazed liberals find Obama era photo of illegal aliens held in cages, blame Trump
  230. California Mayor Proposes $1,000 for People Considered ‘Most Likely to Shoot Somebody
  231. After Dems Offer Parkland Kids Internships, They Get Accused Of Ignoring Black Kids
  232. ACLU Concerned With Constitutionality Of ‘Smart’ Electricity Meters
  233. An Impressive Pedigree
  234. Obama — Just Too Good for Us
  235. Cher: ‘Scott Pruitt Deserves to Be in Prison’
  236. Woman named Crystal Methvin gets busted with crystal meth
  237. NFL 'Should Play Negro National Anthem To Make Amends For No-Kneeling Policy'
  238. Al Sharpton Attacks Oxford University For Not Admitting Enough Black Students
  239. Latest higher ed debate: Are there differences between women and ‘trans women’?
  240. Feminist course questions if science can be ‘objective’
  241. Twitter Finally De-Verifies Louis Farrakhan After ‘Satanic Jew’ Rant
  242. Feminists Want to Rename Female Body Parts... Were Named by Men
  243. Study Claims It’s Racist To Question Global Warming
  244. Pope Francis: Immigrants Provide ‘Enrichment’ to Society, Not ‘Threats’
  245. 12-year-old Halifax boy who doesn't like salad called 911 — twice
  246. HuffPo Calls For Gays To Give Up Eating At “Queerphobic” Chick-fil-A
  247. Kamala Harris’ tweet about domestic abuse and guns is just a HOT MESS
  248. Feel-good story! Samuel L Harris insults POTUS, then gets accused of "homophobia"
  249. University of California, Santa Barbara Website Advocates Small Children Watching Por
  250. BSNBC Goes To "Concentration Camp" Looking For Caged Children, But...Oops!