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  1. Boycott The Voters!
  2. Hey CU Fucktards!
  3. Thom Hartmann gets his Azz handed to him
  4. Woot! To Kankyu on 13+ posts!
  5. Lefty Teens Promise Not To Bang Conservatives
  6. Dictator Opens Commie Store.
  7. AARP Kisses Ring, Thanks Senate.
  8. Kerry Floats Plan to Visit Tehran
  9. The Latest Advice From the Eco-"Terror"(Zealots): Eat Your"Dog".
  10. DCCC: Obama 'more aggressive in fighting al Qaeda' than Bush
  11. How a Dem cuts the deficit
  12. Soldiers are not heroes (Prepare for Hate)
  13. Historian: Lincoln gay claim a hoax
  14. Lefty-psycho oberman!
  15. GOP Behind Xmas Airline Terror Sez Lefty Talker.
  16. Audiences experience 'Avatar' blues
  17. MLK Menu Outrages Some, Black School Official Pushes Back!
  18. A little health care irony
  19. Climategate: The Truth Hurts When It Hits You in the Head
  20. Olbermann has apologized to Scott Brown!
  21. John Edwards Goes to Haiti, White House Silent
  22. Scientologists 'heal' Haiti quake victims using touch
  23. Democrats need to learn the blame game
  24. After Three Months, Only 35 Subscriptions for Newsday's Web Site
  25. Book Report: ‘The Politician’ By Andrew Young
  26. Shut the F*%k Up, You Motherf*%kers!
  27. Ridiculous Academic Research.
  28. Obama Bashes Vegas - Part Deux.
  29. Obese Filmmaker To Receive Tax Credit For Anti-Capitalist Doc.
  30. Brigadier General McChinPube Busted In Houston.
  31. NBC's Todd: Fox News Trying To 'Undermine' MSM
  32. White House mocks Sarah Palin from podium
  33. NYT OpEd: Iran With a Nuke Bomb is a GOOD THING!
  34. Blitzer Ignores Obama's Sinking Poll Numbers
  35. ACORN slated to get nearly $4 billion in Obama's fiscal 2011 budget
  36. Forced Unionization
  37. Another case of TSA overkill - FIRE THE BASTARD. >:(
  38. Global Warming Threads
  39. Smooth Slider Percy Jackson and the Demigod in the White House
  40. Five Wacky Ways Libs Want to Fight Non-Existent Global Warming
  41. Left demands censorship of Kennedy miniseries
  42. Study Finds Public Fed Up With College Costs.
  43. Dem Analyst Attempts Chuckle At Dem Catholic For Ashes.
  44. What do Liberals do when they don't reach the goal post?
  45. Salm: Dick Cheney should be tried as a war criminal
  46. Olbermann Still Playing the Race Card
  47. Brain-Dead in Berkeley
  48. Boise State Cultural Center Director: "Shut the #### up, Whiteboy"
  49. You might be a liberal if......
  50. Humane Society Faces RICO Suit (Con Game is Over).
  51. School's Reaction To Forgotten Lunch Disappoints Mother
  52. Judge Orders New York City to Move Mentally Ill Out of Large, Institutional Housing
  53. New charge on dinner tab is in bad taste
  54. "UK Five Year Old's Guilty of School Yard Hate Crimes !"
  55. Yakima kindergartner expelled for making a gun with hands
  56. Doc Fires Insane Preggo Lefty.
  57. Weir Waves Napolitano's 'Right-wing Extremism' Report To Brand Bedell
  58. Media Bias 101: What Journalists Really Think -- & What the Public Thinks About them
  59. Senate Staffers Warned to Stay Clear of Drudge Report
  60. Illegal Aliens "Come Out" In Chicago.
  61. The Obama Moratorium: No offshore drilling while he’s in office
  62. She's back!
  63. "Artist" Dressed Baby As Hitler.
  64. What Liberals consider art...
  65. Teh Stupid Is Strong With This One
  66. Is anyone out there? How to survive in the Socialist States of America
  67. Conservatives Mentally Defective Sez Prof
  68. Dutch prisons use psychics to help prisoners contect the dead
  69. Universities encourage students to enroll in food stamp program
  70. State-Run Media Conspire on Racist Tea Party Attack
  71. Cheats Gaming Mass. Health Care System.
  72. More Kluxer Accusations From Dems.
  73. Time for the Federal Government to Round Up Republicans for Reeducation
  74. Celebutards Blackball 'Oprah' Tell-All.
  75. 80% Of Green Jobs Stimulus Money Going Overseas
  76. MAUREEN DOWD is so out of touch she's comparing the RCC to Suadia Arabia.
  77. The Censorship Agenda: Obama Bans "Islam"
  78. Barack Obama, Talking Crap II: This Time It's Crap
  79. False Racism Charge Too Much For One Man: Suicide.
  80. White House Science ‘Czar’ Tells Students: U.S. Can’t Expect to Be Number One in Scie
  81. Obama: We're still working on our democracy
  82. Democrats want anti-Bush loyalist for GAO director
  83. Tea Parties vs. Hard-Left Protests
  84. "Crash The Tea Party' Guy Is Media Teacher Under Investigation.
  85. A teachers union in NJ issued a memo that hinted at the death of Gov Chris Christie
  86. Reporter comparing Palin to Larry the Cable Guy: 'It's a Good line'
  87. Evolutionary Psychologist: Liberals More Intelligent Than Conservatives
  88. FDA: No Salt For You!
  89. Another polar rescue must send chills down spines of alarmists
  90. Study: Celebutard Endorsements Do Not Help Political Candidates
  91. ABC: 'Mostly Peaceful' AZ Protests vs. 'Very Ugly' Tea Parties
  92. Daley: Send gun industry lawsuit to World Court
  93. Boycott AZ Iced Tea!
  94. Immigration protest set for Diamondbacks-Cubs game
  95. Arizona's Illegal Catch.
  96. Obama's Crap Talking
  97. Boulder man hopes to stop Gulf of Mexico oil spill with meditation
  98. CBS Affiliate Threatens GOP Candidate for Mentioning Dem's Bank Failure
  99. Police shoot dogs in front of children during a raid, confiscated 1 gram of marijuana
  100. New national service grads face dim job market
  101. US university introduces electronic monitoring of student attendance
  102. Code Pink...Rove...oh boy
  103. Michigan Students Take Blacks Only Field Trip
  104. New Fat Police Target Kids
  105. AG Blasts AZ Bill; Admits He Can't Read 10 Pages Of Law.
  106. Woody Allen: “It Would Be Good If Obama Could Be a Dictator for a Few Years”
  107. UC Berkeley Asking Incoming Students For DNA
  108. When Passengers Spit, Bus Drivers Take Months Off
  109. NY Dems Try To Impose Trick-Shooting Law On Cops.
  110. Kerry To Americans: Y'all Are Stupid.
  111. Anti-Palin Author Living Next Door Threatens To Call Police On Reporter
  112. Energy bar maker told her product is 'candy,' subject to tax
  113. Washington Post frets that world events keep interrupting Obama’s vacations
  114. Rep. Lamar Smith Blasts Media for Ignoring Stories
  115. AZ State Legislators Team W/Mexican Counterparts To Challenge SB1070 in Int'l Court
  116. Virgin Mary with a Hand Grenade=Art
  117. And They Vote Too
  118. Obama lies about oil accessibility
  119. Google Hit Me With A Car.
  120. Cook County approves Arizona boycott, then awards Arizona co. red light contract
  121. To be gay and racist is no anomaly
  122. Paul McCartney: Lay Off “Great Guy” Obama
  123. L.A. Schools To Teach AZ Law 'Un-American'.
  124. White men Can't Jump But Black People Can't Hear (Or Read).
  125. Solar panels could be a threat to aquatic insects, new research shows
  126. Study: Wind Farms = Bird Killers
  127. Marine: Union bullying me to pay $500 (Thug Alert)
  128. Teacher Loses Battle With 'Provincial' Parents.
  129. "Warning Label" Added To Historic Documents.
  130. ICE to open new line of Illegal Alien Resorts . . . .
  131. With Revolutionaries 'Looking On,' Teachers Take Kids on a Protest Trip to Arizona
  132. Why the Far Left Hates Baseball
  133. Noted Cokehead Princess Leia Turns To Dark Side.
  134. EPA classifies milk as oil - NO JOKE!
  135. Souter happy to shape our Constitution
  136. Belgian nurses admit killing without consent
  137. Olbermann Quits Daily Kos After Being Bashed For Criticizing Obama's Oil Speech Read
  138. Behar: Prayer 'Takes the Place of Thinking'
  139. Study Finds Liberal Bias in College Summer Reading Lists, Stirring Debate
  140. Lib Dem County Supervisor Showcases Geography Fail
  141. The things you see when your out without a gun.
  142. E-mails reveal Post reporter savaging conservatives, rooting for Democrats
  143. Biden: We Can't Recover All the Jobs Lost
  144. Reporters Caught on Tape Mocking Palin Speech
  145. Drug Laws Unfair To Minorities
  146. Sheryl Crow Caws Over Tea Party.
  147. Florida school district bans Bibles on Religious Freedom Day
  148. Freeway Flag UPDATE: Governor Criticizes Removal
  149. Behold the Power of Palin...
  150. New indoor tanning tax unfair, salons say
  151. S.F. considers banning sale of pets except fish (PETA Plan)
  152. The Most Open-Minded President: Photo of Obama meeting with Top Taliban reps
  153. Obama talks kid's growing pains
  154. 10 Similarities Between Ultra-Conservative Republicans and Nazis
  155. New Media Craze -- 'Eco-Theology'
  156. Every time without exception....
  157. Lower taxes equal more jobs.
  158. FDA Doesn't Want Black People Smoking.
  159. "deficits don't matter"
  160. The GD debate.
  161. Major Media Companies Side With Phelps to protest Funerals
  162. More JournoList Media Manipulation of Politics.
  163. 4 of the past 5 Presidential elections...
  164. Sen. John Kerry skips town on sails tax
  165. 59% favor Public Option
  166. Stimulus vs.Bush tax cuts.
  167. Investigation finds Palin abused her power
  168. Picture of you thread.
  169. Economists prove BO bailout worked
  170. Ed Schultz Assails GOP For Tax Lies
  171. Funny Thing These Liberals Are
  172. I Need Cheap Slave Labor.
  173. Has Wei Wei Morphed
  174. What does the NRA have against Obama ?
  175. Bush violates law to pass Medicare Part D
  176. Supermodel Demands Mandatory Breastfeeding.
  177. Ed Schultz: Wall Street Treats American Workers Like Roadkill
  178. The Bush Crime.
  179. Anger mounts over Michelle Obama's £150k Spanish holiday bill... footed by taxpayers
  180. Presidential approval in Australia
  181. Cost of wars hidden, till now.
  182. Dumb Thread Jacking by Satanicus
  183. Wealthy Still Get Tax Cut Under Obama Proposal On Bush Tax Cuts
  184. Good Article From World Socialist Web Site
  185. Regulate Yoga?
  186. SF To Ban Happy Meals?
  187. Facing Ethics Charges, Rep. Waters Points Finger at Bush Administration
  188. Another Satanicus attempted hijack.
  189. Private sector jobs , heading in the right direction ?
  190. A hypothetical situation.
  191. Vast majority of USA wanted a public option in 2009
  192. Muslim Employee: Disney Banned Head Scarf
  193. Russell Simmons Blames Christians For First WTC Attack?
  194. Democrats Hold Financial Advantage Over GOP
  195. Beaverton's 'Crash the Tea Party' teacher resigns as his dismissal loomed
  196. Satanicus, time for you to respond to a couple more things you dodged.
  197. Brad Pitt is 'willing to look at the death penalty' in bizarre rant against BP
  198. The MSM: Closed-Circuit TV for the Ruling Class
  199. Beck plans invasion of nation’s capitol - ROTFL!
  200. Tea Partiers headed to DC: watch out for unsafe areas - A Guide
  201. Democrat win = hope. Republican win = fear.
  202. Comparing Democratic and Republican tax plans
  203. Apparent ABC Employee in Confrontation with Ground Zero Mosque Protestor
  204. 'Vapor trail' leads to Paris Hilton's Vegas arrest
  205. Glenn Beck Rally Draws Questions About Crowd Size
  206. Sen. Landrieu: Beck 'preaching a gospel that never has existed'
  207. Everything You Need To Know About Markos Moulitsas’s New Book In One Sentence
  208. U.S. Wasted Billions Rebuilding Iraq
  209. NYT's Zernike Slams an 'Angry' White, Male, Reactionary Tea Party Movement Mired in t
  210. Sharron Angle Opposed Aid To Katrina Victims
  211. Overwhelmingly White Media Criticize Conservative Rallies as 'Overwhelmingly White'
  212. 52% Of GOP Think Obama Sympathetic To Imposing Sharia Law
  213. Black book section at Wal Mart
  214. NAACP, Others Start Tea Party Stalking Site
  215. The Great Divergence - Income Inequality and the new gilded era
  216. Letter to the citizens of the United States of America
  217. "I want it built on Ground Zero. "
  218. Sociology class
  219. Do you know who this Socialist Revolutionary is?
  220. What are the merits and principles of Libertarianism?
  221. OK, I Believe There Be Sock Puppets About
  222. Science Czar Says He Would Use ‘Free Market’ to ‘De-Develop the United States'
  223. What are the merits and principles of Liberalism?
  224. ABC Fired Anchor For Reporting On Obama
  225. The World's Best Countries - An Interactive Graphic Chart
  226. Health insurers drop coverage for children ahead of new rules
  227. Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs: Proceed with Caution
  228. Chanting “USA” at a football game is now offensive to Muslims
  229. UN issues report on IDF/Flotilla incident - Shocking news
  230. Democrats guess wrong on health care
  231. More Than 250,000 British Toddlers Labeled Racists
  232. Living in the End Times: Financial crisis, capitalism, big government, socialism
  233. CNN replaces its US chief
  234. Interesting animation: global capitalism, charity, failure of 20th century communism
  235. Democrats’ woes stem from uninformed voters
  236. Behar Claims Tea Partiers ‘Don’t Believe in Any Govt At All, Zero,’ Taxes Not Increas
  237. Albert Haynrsworth Says Contract Doesn't Make Him A Slave To Team
  238. UN 'to appoint space ambassador to greet alien visitors'
  239. Council slaps ban on mother-in-law jokes for being 'offensively sexist'
  240. Che T-Shirt in an Army Gym???
  241. CNN's Sanchez fired after calling Stewart a bigot
  242. Glenn Beck on Socialism. Sarah Palin was the most Socialist of the 2008 candidates??
  243. Religion: What's better? Saving your own soul or trying to save others'?
  244. Frito-Lay sends noisy, 'green' SunChips bag to the dump
  245. Judge Bars Major Witness From Embassy Bomber Trial - B/c He Was Tortured
  246. Tea Partiers ‘Comfortable With White Privilege,’ Liberal Analyst Claims
  247. Palestinian Children Violently Attack An Israeli Settler - Several Rocks Hit Vehicle
  248. Tea Party Favorite - Ohio GOP Congressional Candidate - Nazi Reenactor
  249. A Lesson in Liberal Finance
  250. Dem congressman's ad brags: 'He voted with the Republican leader 63% of the time'